comscore Cash & Carry Kapolei is a one-stop shop for Asian goods, products, and more
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Cash & Carry Kapolei is a one-stop shop for Asian goods, products, and more

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Cash & Carry Kapolei

Cash & Carry Kapolei
Photo by Anthony Consillio

By Kyle Galdeira

With its mission of providing new flavors and trends for customers to enjoy, while also adding value for shoppers, Cash & Carry Kapolei aims to serve as stewards of the local community.

Cash & Carry Kapolei store manager Jason Enomoto got his start in the wholesale Asian food business back in 1995 and has continued to build relationships and work with vendors purveying an array of intriguing products over the past three decades. Enomoto has brought his lengthy experience in the industry to Cash & Carry Kapolei, and customers benefit as they are treated to the latest and greatest products available at the best prices possible.

“My years of wholesale experience in the (Asian) food industry, and the resulting contacts I’ve made in the retail industry, has given me the confidence and ability to fulfill my current duties and to make this store what it is today with the goal of bettering it as we grow,” Enomoto says. “We’ve been importing and distributing the most popular food and snack brands from the Far East over the past 30 years. We have strong relation-ships with several manufacturers, some of which will be highlighted in the future as our store’s customer base continues to grow.”

Located conveniently in the Kapolei Business Park, Cash & Carry Kapolei stocks an array of items that are popular with local residents, including Asian grocery and snack brands, food service items and even bubble tea supplies. Great deals and extraordinary value top the list when one shops at Cash & Carry Kapolei.

“We have decades of experience importing products from the Far East and have been introducing many outstanding popular brands, products and trends that Hawai‘i residents enjoy today,” Enomoto says.

“We want to share our expertise with customers so they can experience all the new and flavorful foods of the Far East. We offer good prices and a wonderful selection of Asian products at a great Kapolei location as there isn’t another similar type of store in the neighborhood. We make it so easy to purchase many different Asian items all in one location.”

Cash & Carry Kapolei is located at 693 Komohana St. and is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays-Fridays. While it is currently closed on weekends, stay tuned as the store plans on unveiling new Saturday hours soon.

Cash & Carry Kapolei
Photo by Anthony Consillio

“We understand that there is a whole world out there that many people haven’t been able to experience, and we want to do our part as an importer to introduce the best and most popular brands, products, flavors and trends from the Far East,” Enomoto says. “Who would have thought that ChaCha coconut-flavored sunflower seeds that are popular in Asia would also be one of our best-selling snacks in Hawai‘i? But they certainly are, and they’re available at Cash & Carry Kapolei!”

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