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Moving to a senior living community

Kalakaua Gardens

Kalakaua Gardens

Moving to a senior living community is a big decision. Transitioning from living at home to a community that offers independent living, assisted living or skilled nursing care is not an easy decision for both seniors and their families.

Kupuna may need special care, but may be hesitant to make the big move because they prefer the familiarity of their own home. Many Hawaii families also struggle with the change. Oftentimes, both seniors and family caregivers will offer a simple explanation for remaining at home: “We’re not ready yet.”

That response is understandable. It’s difficult to leave a place that may hold precious memories. Seniors may also fear losing their independence. Caregivers may feel guilty for not being able to provide care for their loved one, even though their loved one will be able to receive quality care and attention from professionals in a senior living community.

Here are some tips to help with the transition:

Initiate a conversation
Rather than waiting for a sudden health crisis that requires hasty decisions, start planning early. Set time aside for an open, honest conversation to explore different options for care. Be realistic and welcome in-home care and assisted living as viable solutions.

Watch for signs
Is preparing meals or keeping up with housework or the yard becoming more challenging for your loved one? How about paying bills or taking medications? Is their health starting to decline or has there been a change in their outlook on life? These and other signs indicate that moving may eventually be the right thing to do.

Start searching early.
Start investigating options. Choosing a community before you need it helps to create a calmer, smoother transition for everyone involved. Go on tours. Visit different communities. Ask questions. Take notes. Start your homework with Kalākaua Gardens, is to help you thrive by maintaining your independence with supportive services. Call Kalākaua Gardens today at (808) 518-2273. Click the link below to find out more.

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