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In the Lineup


In the Lineup: Surfers hold surprising range of day jobs

A brain surgeon, sewage engineer, a Hawaiian Airlines pilot – you name it. You can meet a wide range of people at the beach, especially when the waves are great. Read More

In the Lineup: Point Panic bodysurfers need to speak out against threats

Now that we were numerous, the bodysurfers were able to get the surfers to leave; they are supposed to stay Ewa of a boundary buoy. Read More

In the Lineup: More than gender determines winners in surf

You get attached to a place where people know you and are more likely to share waves. Read More

In the Lineup: Pro surfer Carissa Moore reflects on waves and life

As she surfed her way to first place at the inaugural Surf Ranch Pro Sept. 9, the three-time world champion’s maneuvers were as flowing and rhythmic as lines of music. Read More

In the Lineup: Lou Rosof is gone, but love lives on

On the last Sunday in August, the evening sun illuminated a folding chair in its usual spot on a front lawn. But Lou Rosof wasn’t there. Read More

In the Lineup: Local surfers, sea creatures and others ride out the storm

In Waikiki, crowds of locals were catching waves and throngs of tourists bobbed in the ocean despite the hurricane warning. Read More

Hurricanes plus age pose challenges for surfers

To be honest, it wasn’t just my sinus infection or the tide that was making me hesitate: It was age. Read More

Surfers sustained by dreams in and out of waves

In any given year, standout Pipe surfers who aren’t on the professional world tour or haven’t amassed enough qualifying points to enter the elite Pipe Masters championship might be chosen to compete in the Pipe Invitational in December. Read More

Knowing limits crucial for surfers

Surfing, like any dangerous sport, is about knowing when to stay within your limits and when to push them. Sometimes, the limits win. Read More

Surf meet rules should place public above commercial concerns

The City and County of Honolulu’s draft revised rules governing permits for surf meets on Oahu’s North Shore may not seem to concern those who don’t live or surf there. But controlling shoreline usage for this vast stretch of our island impacts us all. Read More

Groms aren’t the only surfers hopping on others’ rides

Summer on the South Shore of Oahu means the surf’s exponentially more crowded. Read More

How to choose a reef-friendly sunscreen that also protects skin

You don’t have to be a brain coral to know that sunscreen washes off. On any sunny day you can see it glistening in the waters of Waikiki and Hanauma Bay, and even in the wilder waves of Makapuu you can smell and taste the stuff. Read More

Surfing encounter evokes grandfather’s love

Sometimes the dead send messengers. They can take any shape — people, birds, dolphins, dragonflies — but the message is the same: Remember me. Read More

Trying different spots, surfers navigate new social networks

The summer’s gotten off to a promising start, with a series of late-spring swells. Hopes for an epic season on the South Shore are high. Read More

In the face of humiliation, perseverance is key

School’s out, so a pack of groms materialized on the inside at the Suis surf break off Diamond Head on a recent weekday morning. Read More

Bodysurfers brace for city’s new contest rules

There’s simply not a lot of wiggle room for competition in the water on Oahu’s North Shore. Read More

Cherish Mom by taking time to connect, make memories

Today is Mother’s Day. Have you called your mother yet? If you haven’t called, texted, wired flowers, bought a gift or made reservations for brunch, tea, dinner or spa, don’t panic. Take a deep breath and remember what Mom loves best: togetherness. Read More

Junior surfers star in big and small waves

Like understudies who catch a lucky break, teen surfers stole the show on the North Shore this spring after the established stars of the World Surf League moved on to Australia and other stops on the championship tour. Read More

Pro golfer Tiffany Joh shreds on land and water

When she took up surfing six years ago, pro golfer Tiffany Joh discovered there’s more than one way to shred. Read More

Rogue surf instructors flout regulations with students

Unlike an uncle who teaches a kid for free, surf schools on Oahu must have a commercial use permit. In addition, every individual who’s teaching surfing in the waters between the Diamond Head Lookout and Kewalo Basin must have an operator permit. Read More

Caldwell seeks kupuna input on surf contest reform

A surfer himself, Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell wants to balance the interests of competitive and recreational surfers when seeking to revise the city’s current permitting rules. Read More

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