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Nobody’s perfect

    Melody Youngs before, left, and after the makeover.
    Richele Silvestre before, left, and after the makeover.

  • Rie Miyoshi before, left, and after the makeover. Rie Miyoshi wears a white beaded top ($99.99) with gathers around the waist. The details add a feminine touch to her lean, boyish figure.

  • Tracy Flores wears a moderate scoop neckline dress ($39) in sturdy fabric that helps keep her bustline modest. Flores aims to work her way up the corporate ladder, and the unstructured look she had been wearing as a new mom wasn’t helping.

  • Black is concealing but the clingy tank in Melody Youngs’ “before” photo didn’t hide her rounded belly. She masks a round opu with a top ($19.99) that’s knotted in the front, creating soft folds that skim and camouflage the tummy. A pencil skirt ($19.99) creates a slender line and accentuates beautiful legs. Shoes are $15.

  • Richele Silvestre wears an animal print top ($12.99) and skirt ($12.99). The combination of small print, V-neckline from the button-up top, and pencil skirt form a sheath-like silhouette that helps to elongate her petite frame. Her “before” ensemble was boxy and made her look heavier than she is.

  • Rie Miyoshi’s boyish figure is enhanced by a peplum top ($14.99) that flares, giving the illusion of more feminine curves. Her skirt is $19.99 and shoes $34.99. Her “before” ensemble cut her in half, with the V-neck top elongating her torso and wide pants shortening her legs.

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