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Suspects in Kalihi corner store robberies turned over to Family Court


    Honolulu Police and Crime Stoppers released security camera images of three suspects in the robbery of a convenience store on Gulick Avenue in Kalihi on Monday.


    A frame taken from Y-7 Liquor & Grocery’s surveillance video Monday shows owner Ok Cha Kim being placed in a chokehold. She sustained head injuries from the incident. The store was robbed twice in one week. By Tuesday night, two teenage boys had turned themselves in to police.

Two teenagers, one of whom was allegedly seen on video choking a 76-year-old woman during the robbery of a Kalihi convenience store, were turned over to Family Court, while police continue to search for more suspects in two separate robbery cases.

The boys turned themselves in to police Tuesday. Their names were not released by police since they are minors and the cases will be heard behind closed doors in Family Court.

A 15-year-old boy, who allegedly held Kalihi convenience store owner Ok Cha Kim in a chokehold on Monday while his accomplices emptied her cash register, was charged with first-degree robbery.

A 17-year-old boy, who was one of three people who allegedly robbed the same Kalihi store on Friday, was charged with first-degree robbery.

On Thursday, police arrested another 17-year-old boy in connection with the Friday robbery. He has not been charged.

Police said three suspects were involved in Monday’s robbery. The 15-year-old boy held Kim in a chokehold, while another took money from the cash register and the third suspect acted as a lookout, police said.

Kim was treated at the hospital and was back at work Wednesday morning.

The same Gulick Avenue store was robbed Friday. Police said three suspects were involved. Initially, Crime Stoppers released pictures of two masked men who approached 74-year-old Yong Son Kim, the store’s co-owner, armed with a knife and a stick, and demanded money.

Anyone with information that can help police find the suspects is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 955-8300 or dial *CRIME from a cellphone.

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    • That might be a good idea in a parallel universe. Probably one in which the world is run by insane people. But, for better or worse, we live in one that is mostly ruled by logic and reason, so I don’t think we’ll be locking up the parents for a crime they didn’t commit.

      But, hey, maybe your dystopian nightmare might one day become a reality. Dream big!

  • I would’ve hoped that if these boys didn’t turn themselves in the Kalihi community would’ve hunted them down and do justice for what they did. They shamed their families and friends. Hope when they get incarcerated they get what they deserve. Especially the one who choked the old lady, shame on him. Kidnapping and and attempted murder.

    • The answer to your question (like most questions) lies within the mysterious, ephemeral realm known as “Google.” I know it’s a hard place to find, here on this wild ride we call the “Internet,” so let me just copy and paste this readily obtainable information for you:

      Discretionary Transfer: Juvenile court may transfer cases after amenability for transfer hearing of all children 16 and older who have committed felony offenses. Haw. Rev. Stat. § 571-22(a). Juvenile court may transfer cases after amenability for transfer hearing of all children 14 and older who have committed a class A felony offense, caused serious bodily harm, or had previously been adjudicated delinquent. Haw. Rev. Stat. § 571-22(b). Juvenile court may transfer cases after amenability for transfer hearing of all children alleged to have committed murder/attempted murder. Haw. Rev. Stat. § 571-22(d).

      • Richard, it may be a challenge for you, but a simple answer without the snide remarks will do wonders if you care at all about fellow readers according you any respect at all.

        • Actually, isn’t “it may be a challenge for you,” kind of a snide remark?

        • I liked Richards answer, it gave factual data on the law… The reporter/writer could esasily have done this

        • True, but he’s tired of dealing with the DOE failures like I am.

          The level of gross incompetence that is on display here every day is truly breath taking.

          Remember, we have people have argued that geology and astronomy are religions. That pollution is a democrat myth. That Obama controls the rain, I’m not kidding, they demanded why Obama wasn’t stopping the rain to stop the floods. One guy asked how we’d power an electrolysis plant despite the post he replied to specifically stating PV. The failure of our public education system is on display here every single day.

        • advertiser1,

          We’re still waiting for you to disprove you’re either a liar or willfully ignorant.

          Until you can, go away.

        • advertiser1,

          Actually, it’s the truth so far as YOU are willing to define it. Are you not a liar? Are you not willfully ignorant? until you can prove otherwise, your presence here is little more than trollish. (Cellodad, if I’m not mistaken, might recall the inaccurate and ignorant assertions you made on another thread.)

          I have to wonder whether your natural or adoptive parents were as slipshod and disreputable as you present yourself to be here.

        • Maybe ignorant, but not willfully so. Guess that means I get to stay. Besides, I know you would miss me. I know I would miss you. In fact I’ll add you to my Christmas card list. Although, if you keep giving me those great comments, you might get bumped up to a fruit basket, and if you are really good, a basket from Harry & David’s.

        • advertiser1,

          Look yourself in the mirror and see what a liar and and a willfully ignorant human being looks like. You can’t prove the silly assertions you made on a previous thread because the proof simply isn’t to be found. That you can’t admit so on even an anonymous comments venue like this tells everyone that your assertions are not to be trusted and that your character is disreputable.

        • Ah, there you go, fruit basket status. Unfortunately, I must go, so you will have to wait until tomorrow before you can earn the coveted Harry & David’s. I personally like the apples, but maybe pears are more to you liking. We can discuss further tomorrow.

  • How is he only being charged with robbery? Why is he not charged with at least assault? There is a strong argument for attempted murder as well. But only robbery? I don’t get it!

      • I was hoping for attempted murder.

        I didn’t know robbery is a more serious offense than assault. Looked it up. Makes sense now. Thanks!

      • sjean – isn’t “assault” an act which is like a threat and does not involve contact? Then isn’t “battery” an act which does involve contact? Can’t they also charge this guy with “battery”?

        • Under Hawaii law an assault can be defined as physical injury inflicted upon another person without justification (which may differ from the “classical” distinction between assault and battery). However, whether this juvenile is charged (and maybe later convicted) of felony assault depends upon whether it is reasonable that he knew serious injury was possible when he choked his 76-year-old victim. If so, and he’s convicted, he MAY face enhanced sentencing because his victim was at least 60 years old.

          But seriously now, it’s pretty unlikely the juvenile court will release him to be tried as an adult. In some other states maybe, but not here.

        • advertiser1,

          We all know your expert facility at cutting and pasting. Others here aren’t that lazy or can form their own thoughts and sentences.

          Don’t you have anything worthwhile to say of your own pertaining to this robbery by three juveniles? Is pointless sniping from the sidelines the only reason you’re here? Come on, tell the truth for once.

        • Nope, just sniping. What really is there to say about these reprehensible guys? You still didn’t cite your source. I ran your quote through a plagiarism program, and bang…

  • Should be tried for BOTH ROBBERY AND AGGRAVATED ASSAULT!!! Especially because it was just a little old lady and they choked her till they passed out. Should be tried as adults and let them serve time for awhile.

  • Why is the thug only being charged with 2nd degree robbery? Is assault, attempted murder included in that charge? Not!!! Terrible justice system. Great lesson to teach children.

    • I thought the same thing until I looked up robbery charge.

      Robbery is the crime of taking or attempting to take anything of value by force or threat of force or by putting the victim in fear.

      At common law, robbery is defined as taking the property of another, with the intent to permanently deprive the person of that property, by means of force or fear.[2] Precise definitions of the offence may vary between jurisdictions. Robbery is differentiated from other forms of theft (such as burglary, shoplifting or car theft) by its inherently violent nature (a violent crime); whereas many lesser forms of theft are punished as misdemeanors, robbery is always a felony in jurisdictions that distinguish between the two.

      • Thanks for clarifying. I read that after I posted my comment. Heard on Perry Show (no more Price) this morning, we should show support this mom and pop store and buy from them….and maybe bring her some flowers to show her there are still good people out there. Terrible they have to live with this type of fear.

        • good idea. This elderly couple are the salt of the earth. Their little store means a lot to the community and especially to those stuck in a horrible community with no real means to drive out to shop.

        • Yes, I heard that too but I missed hearing the name of the store. Does anyone know what store it is and where it’s located?

        • It’s at the top of the picture on this story..Y-7 Grocery store on Gulick Avenue, I believe.

  • Family court …they should keep a list to see if they stay out of trouble for at least 10 years ….do they? …it will be good for all concern …Lee Cataluna Please follow up if you can statics aloha

  • I’m saying these thugs committed a grown up crime, they should be tried as adults. That’s MY opinion. That’s why we have these comment sections to share our opinions. Not to get snarked down by others who think it funny to dismantle any opinion not in line with their own.

  • Disgusting kids owe the store. Court should make them paint the store, provide free labor and clean the community at a minimum. Face some real consequences.

    • Would you seriously want to engage someone who doesn’t care to do honest work to do home improvements where you live? Much better to have the kid cough up money from his college fund and give it to the store owners as restitution. Or, take it out of his allowance for video games, fast food, designer shoes or whatever.

        • advertiser1,

          If you’re convinced he doesn’t have a college fund – based solely upon what’s been reported here – are you not also a bigot and a racist along with your other fine qualities? Is that the point you meant to make with your trollish remark?

        • Actually based on what is report here I don’t see how any comment would be considered racist.

          Do you really think he has a college fund?

  • Because of the seriousness of the crime and the victim was elderly and suffered serious injury… Family Court should waive jurisdiction over this case and have these defendants bound over to Circuit Court to stand trial as adults…..


    • Their parents are probaby really upset that they got videotaped and subsequently had to turn themselves in. Their committing a crime is likely just part of their upbringing.

  • How close was the lady from dying…seconds, minutes? Cut off the blood to the head like having a stroke. Need she have more serious injuries or die for these !?*# heads need be tried as adults? Glad she recovered so far, but this could’ve been far worse. Hope there won’t be a next time for these punks to be remorseful when they repeat as an adult. Seriousness and circumstances of brutality should govern whether should be tried as adult.

  • second degree robbery? why isn’t he charged with assault? i would not be too quick to blame the parents. the families either turned them in or made them turn themselves in.

  • There is a good possibility these criminals are living in one of the housings. If so, they are a danger to the other residents. He and his family should be evicted and stripped of all their entitlements. If they are illegals they should be deported. That’s the only way.

  • Once the police have rounded up all the suspects…pending the disposition of their case…I hope that the judge will not release them either to their parents or on bail as they are a danger if allowed back into the community…..

  • I keep on seeing my mother like that when she got robbed by a meth head. That kid is going to a very unfriendly warm place after he dies. If I have any swing with the powers that be, it will be so.

  • Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?! Tried as adults is the only reasonable path this &$^$head should be on right now. I just can’t believe the prosecutor and this decision. Someone needs to grow some (you now what I mean) and do what is right here. Hawaii is such a messed up state.

    • No, Hawaii truly is a paradise– if you are a criminal. Best place on earth to be if you want to prey on the weak and helpless! Courts and politicians will do nothing.

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