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Clinton says Trump will ‘make America hate again’

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  • ASSOCIATED PRESS Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a campaign event at Truckee Meadows Community College, in Reno, Nev. today.

MANCHESTER, N.H. >> Hillary Clinton said that Donald Trump has unleashed the “radical fringe” within the Republican Party, including anti-Semites and white supremacists, dubbing the billionaire businessman’s campaign as one that will “make America hate again.”

Trump rejected Clinton’s allegations today, defending his hard-line approach to immigration while trying to make the case to minority voters that Democrats have abandoned them.

The ping-pong accusations come as the two candidates vie for minorities and any undecided voters with less than three months until Election Day. Weeks before the first early voting, Trump faces the urgent task of revamping his image to win over those skeptical of his candidacy.

In a tweet shortly after Clinton wrapped up her speech in the swing state of Nevada, Trump said she “is pandering to the worst instincts in our society. She should be ashamed of herself!”

Clinton is eager to capitalize on Trump’s slipping poll numbers, particularly among moderate Republican women turned off by his controversial campaign. “Don’t be fooled” by Trumps efforts to rebrand, she told voters at a speech in Reno, saying the country faced a “moment of reckoning.”

“He’s taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over one of America’s two major political parties,” she said.

Trump tried to get ahead of the Democratic nominee, addressing a crowd in Manchester, New Hampshire just minutes before Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton is going to try to accuse this campaign, and the millions of decent Americans who support this campaign, of being racists,” Trump predicted.

“To Hillary Clinton, and to her donors and advisers, pushing her to spread her smears and her lies about decent people, I have three words,” he said. “I want you to hear these words, and remember these words: Shame on you.”

Trump tried to turn the tables on Clinton, suggesting she was trying to distract from questions swirling around donations to The Clinton Foundation and her use of her private email servers.

“She lies, she smears, she paints decent Americans as racists,” said Trump, who then defended some of the core — and to some people, divisive — ideas of his candidacy.

Clinton did not address any of the accusations about her family foundation in her remarks. Instead, she offered a strident denouncement of Trump’s campaign, charging him with fostering hate and pushing discriminatory policies, like his proposed temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States.

Her speech focused on the so-called alt-right movement, which is often associated with efforts on the far right to preserve “white identity,” oppose multiculturalism and defend “Western values.” Discussions about the alt-right movement became the subject of a Twitter war Thursday, with people on both sides of the debate tweeting under the hashtag #altrightmeans.

“#altrightmeans we don’t want to kill you we just want you to go away,” tweeted one person.

“#altrightmeans white supremacy. That’s all Alt Right is. Another code word for white supremacy. Nothing more nothing less,” another tweet said.

Clinton’s campaign also released an online video that compiles footage of prominent white supremacist leaders praising Trump, who has been criticized for failing to immediately denounce the support he’s garnered from white nationalists and supremacists, including former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke.

Trump, who also met Thursday in New York with members of a new Republican Party initiative meant to train young — and largely minority — volunteers, has been working to win over blacks and Latinos in light of his past inflammatory comments and has been claiming that the Democrats have taken minority voters’ support for granted. At rallies over the past week, the Republican presidential nominee cast Democratic policies as harmful to communities of color, and in Mississippi on Wednesday he went so far as to label Clinton “a bigot.”

“They’ve been very disrespectful, as far as I’m concerned, to the African-American population in this country,” Trump said.

Many black leaders and voters have dismissed Trump’s message — delivered to predominantly white rally audiences — as condescending and intended more to reassure undecided white voters that he’s not racist, than to actually help minority communities.

Cornell William Brooks, president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, told C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers” Thursday that Trump has not reached out to the organization for any reason. He added that Trump refused the group’s invitation to speak at its convention.

“We’re going to make it clear: You don’t get to the White House unless you travel through the doors of the NAACP,” Brooks said. “More importantly, you don’t get to the White House without addressing the nation’s civil rights agenda.”

Before the meeting in New York, several protesters unfurled a banner over a railing in the lobby of Trump Tower that read, “Trump = Always Racist.” They were quickly escorted out by security as they railed against Trump for “trying to pander to black and Latino leaders.”

“Nothing will change,” they yelled.


Lerer reported from Reno, Nevada. Jill Colvin contributed reporting from Washington.


Reach Lemire on Twitter at and Lerer at

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  • “We’re going to make it clear: You don’t get to the White House unless you travel through the doors of the NAACP,” Brooks said. Gosh and here I thought it was the Clinton Foundation. Live and learn.

  • The President cannot turn a blind eye. That would be obstruction of justice. This is the transfers of money Loretta Lynch covered up among other things. Also known as aiding and abetting in a felony crime. RICO. Big trouble in Washington DC.

    As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well.

    Shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One, Mr. Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.

  • From now till Election Day all you will hear is garbage coming out of that sow. I’ve never seen a lady with such a filthy mouth. She’s got nothing going. She’s accomplished nothing but enrich herself and turn the Middle East into a disaster. She’s a habitual liar. She’s played every marked card in the deck. I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t more assassinations of campaign operatives. She gets elected I’m moving to Hawaii.

  • no its Obama who wants to make America hate again and Hillary will keep it going. Obama invites al Sharpton the black supremacist to the white house 50 times already since he has been president, so its Hillary and Obama that makes America hate again. anybody can see that.

  • Who the heck is she kidding??? Since Obamma took office, there have been more race riots, discriminations, immigration issues than any other President and what does Clinton think will happen WHEN SHE TAKES OFFICE??? Geezus, so many people don’t believe this pathological liar who will say one thing and do the other……I mean, she should look in the mirror first before making crass statements about Trump….

      • And of course there have been more “race riots” under Obama, then say … in the 1960’s. There folks always show their excellence in American History.

        This is how these people think. Not one single brain cell in their skulls.

        • You are correct. I recall one of the worst offenders of racism in the 60’s . Mayor Richard J. Daley. Democrat machine in Chicago. By the way Hillary growing up in that period in the suburbs of Chi town learned how to create a machine very similar to what Daley had and how he controlled the city and African Americans on the south side. Then came the opportunist like Jesse Jackson who found they could make a fortune at the expense of the poorest among us. While Martin Luther King preached freedom and togetherness and not being judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Where all God’s children Black men and White men, Jews and Gentiles will be able to join hands and sing. Free at last. The Democrat mentality turned that pure thought into a divisive money making separatist mentality. Pitting Blacks against whites. Obama used the South side to gain political advantages the same way Jesse Jackson did. and what became of the South side? We all know. It has become the murder capital of the US with gangs and drugs. Did you ever wonder why you never heard the name Jesus Christ come out of the mouths of Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson? Hmm? Yes Hillary learned well in that period of time. I see many Saul Alinsky similarities to what was termed communism in the sixties and socialism in the 2016’s. Many a failed society was led to the slaughter with the leader slipping and dodging to make him/herself look reasonable to the people. I’m not saying Trump is the best answer but I am willing to say these lifetime politicians have got to go before it’s to late.

        • just upset klastri (aka Kurt on Kauai, aka kauai). You spoiled his day.

        • berrygood – You certainly are fixated on poor old Saul Alinsky.

          Did you get that reference from Fox News, or the Daily Caller?

        • I’m only curious about Saul Alinsky due to the fact that he was the subject of Hillary’s Senior thesis. Rules for Radicals in which Alinsky dedicated it to Lucifer, seemed to have a great influence on Hillary at the time. Later she worked at Berkley for a leftist law firm and tried to correspond with Alinsky. How proud Lucifer must be of her now. It’s always interesting to find out who people really think rather than believe the political nonsense that is rolled out for the masses

      • And, here Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies reminds us of the huge cost of resettling each refugee to your town or city. It is far less expensive to find safe places in the Middle East for the Syrians, says Krikorian.

        Safe zones!

        In fact, Donald Trump has remarked in the past that he would like to see “safe zones” established where refugees could be protected until the conflict is over in Syria. I’m thinking one such safe zone could be in Saudi Arabia!

        Maybe Trump could make a deal with the Saudis who at present do not take care of their fellow Muslim refugees (a fact that we have chronicled over the years) to establish a safe zone in the kingdom.

      • Well, ike, “” tells one story. The ongoing sub 2 percent GDP tells another. Things would stay on track with Hillary. Donald? Who knows.. Gary? Best shot overall, but a shrinking possibility..

  • By any measure blacks have seen their gains they enjoyed under GW Bush reversed under Barry Hussein, who by the way is the nation’s 44th white president. We can only expect this disturbing trend to continue under a Clinton presidency. She will continue to pander (condescend) to people of color by demonizing Mr. Trump who doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. Meanwhile the elite, wealthy, hyper- educated white democrats will use their white privilege to keep blacks in their place.

    • I wanted to clarify..Barac huINSANE O is half black/half white…ut oh I think I just upset “someone” who’ll call me racist for clarifying o’s ethnicity…[closing my ears].

  • Crooked Hilliary,
    Forget about Trump.
    What are you going to do to make/hate America Great Again? How are you going to convince the American people that all this “Smoke” is an aberration? Where there’s smoke there is fire.
    You are a taker, not a giver. Name me one person you employ in Hawaii? One tax you pay in Hawaii? Anybody vote for you deserves what they get. Shame on you.
    Republicans, show the Nation. 4 electoral votes for Trump.

  • Mrs. Clinton gave a really good speech, during which she accurately described what the Trump campaign has done and what they are trying to do. Mr. Trump thinks he has no path at all to winning without inflaming the white supremacist, racist imbecile vote. You can read comments here to see how failed people respond to his dog whistle. It’s a national disgrace

    There aren’t enough angry white men to elect him. His supporters are trying every possible fabrication (who did the health scare work out for you?) to distract the voters from Mr. Trump’s deliberate racism. They’ve fabricated crimes that didn’t exist, and lie constantly about events that never occurred. Trump has no electoral college path to winning. Folks need to accept that they are in a small and shrinking minority of voters. The world has passed them by, and they are doomed to live in their anger, ignorance, and lack of power.

  • Crooked Hilliary Made America Hate Again, She drove a stake into the hotdogs and apple pies of America by fomenting racism and bigotry. Shame on you.

  • Hillary Clinton’s lawyers used a special tool to delete emails from her personal server so that “even God can’t read them,” House Select Committee on Benghazi Chairman Trey Gowdy said on Thursday.
    Gowdy (R-S.C.) said the use of BleachBit, computer software whose website advertises that it can “prevent recovery” of files, is further proof that Clinton had something to hide in deleting personal emails from the private email system she used during her tenure as secretary of state.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook

    • You can always see your own doctor provided you pay pay and pay some more. Obama has tried to reduce medical costs and make it more available and affordable by adopting Nixon care. He should have pushed a single pay system.

      • Could be that the republicans want to repeal it rather than fix it, idk. There needs to be a compromise, that’s all I know. Healthcare costs are skyrocketing; big pharma has the ill by the short hairs.

  • Voter Fraud Discovered In Florida!

    Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon, a California resident, committed felony voter fraud by illegally registering to vote in Florida, using the address of an abandoned house.

    • He learned from the D-rats. HiLIARY lied and four men died. The State Department revealed Benghazi related material was found in searches of the approximately 14,900 deleted Hillary Clinton emails recovered by the FBI that were sent to State as potentially work-related. LOCK HER UP.

  • He certainly tapped into something ugly. It’s frightening, and sad, to watch. Trump’s candidacy has made me feel something I never thought I would; I’m so glad my parents are dead so they What’s fascinating is the lack of elected Republicans who have come out today to defend him. Check the WA Post story today, “Here are the leading Republicans who rushed to defend Donald Trump on race.” (answer; zero). “There has also been no defense of the Republican nominee from his running mate. After a string of tornadoes in his home state, Gov. Mike Pence returned to Indiana. His tweets over the past day have dealt with the state’s recovery. His campaign Twitter account, which could easily have tweeted a link to a statement defending Trump, didn’t. He hasn’t tweeted there since Wednesday.”

    • Mr. Pence is keeping as low a profile as possible, as you pointed out. He’s watching his lifetime of service get swallowed up in the sewage stain of Mr. Trump’s ignorance, bigotry and racism. It’s a terrible way to end a career.

      • Klastri, for someone who hates liars, how do you stomach the pathology of Hillary Clinton? Aren’t you the least bit embarrassed by your hypocrisy?

        • No. The choice is between a qualified liar and an ignorant, bigoted, racist psychotic. I’ll take the liar every time.

  • ‘Will’? both of them are part of the problem. One is a flat-out warmonger, carrying on the shameful US tradition of resource-stealing and power tripping regime-change wars; the other knows how to stir up the bigots – though I must say there are plenty of those on both sides without all the external agitation, but thump brings out the best of ’em.

    • Let’s think! Thinking is important. If we do not think about the consequences of Muslim immigration we will become like Europe.

      There, fixed it for you.

  • Star Ad, it is apparent the owner of the company is for Clinton. Continue the lies. Start writing about their foundation and the reporting by many people, that the Clintons are murderers.

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