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Clinton acknowledges some voters’ dislike of Trump isn’t enough for her to count on them


    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Phoenix Awards Dinner at the Washington Convention center, in Washington on Saturday after receiving a Phoenix award.

WASHINGTON » Hillary Clinton made a direct appeal to young voters to get “off the sidelines” and behind her candidacy with an unusually personal address Monday, conceding she has to overcome doubts that they — and others — still harbor toward her even as they also reject her Republican opponent.

Speaking to 300 students at Temple University in Philadelphia, Clinton, who closely guards her personal life, acknowledged the difficulty of transitioning from a supporting role and service in non-elected offices to advocating for herself as a candidate. She still does not enjoy “doing some of the things that come naturally to most politicians, like talking about myself.”

But she shared the lessons she has drawn on throughout her life, particularly from her mother, that inspired her lifelong passion to help children and families, which she said would also be the “passion of my presidency.”

“I can’t promise you’ll agree with me all the time, but I can promise you this: No one will work harder to make your life better,” she said. “I will never stop, no matter how tough it gets.”

The address was part of a larger effort by Clinton’s campaign to refocus on substance rather than a daily tit-for-tat with Donald Trump. Clinton said the election “shouldn’t be about birth certificates or name-calling or stunts to get on the cable news,” a reference to Trump’s pronouncement Friday that he now believes President Barack Obama was born in the U.S., after years of perpetuating the lie that Obama was born elsewhere.

“We can’t get distracted when the media or my opponent turns this election into a circus,” she said before launching into the prose of governance — her plans to expand broadband access, install half a billion solar panels and build a new electric grid.

Her address revealed the degree to which Clinton’s challenge goes beyond persuading voters to reject Trump and to persuade them to overcome cynicism or frustration with politics and with her that may lead them to vote for a third-party candidate, or not vote at all.

“I know that with Washington paralyzed by big money and partisanship, the gap between the change we want and the progress that politics should deliver can look like a chasm,” she said. “I also know that even if you’re totally opposed to Donald Trump, you may still have some questions about me. I get that. And I want to do my best to answer those questions.”

Campaign officials concede that enthusiasm for Clinton among the millennial generation is not where it needs to be for her to win in some battleground states, and that the speech is part of an effort to ramp up engagement with young voters.

“This generation is the most diverse and resilient generation of our lifetime, and they inspire and challenge us to be better,” campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri said. “That is why Clinton will not only make the case against Trump, but she wants to earn their vote by making the case on why they should vote for her.”

That engagement includes campaigning on Clinton’s behalf by surrogates like Obama and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who have enjoyed stronger support with younger voters in their campaigns.

Clinton was interrupted by applause as she noted her work with Sanders, her erstwhile opponent, on a plan to make public college tuition free for some and debt-free for everyone.

She also drew an extended ovation as she condemned Trump, citing his “long history of racial discrimination in his businesses,” promotion of social media messages by white supremacists and his lead role in advocating the so-called “birther” conspiracy against Obama.

“We have to stand up to this hate. We cannot let it go on,” she said. “And when we do that, we send a clear message: America is better than this. America is better than Donald Trump.”

But the speech — one of several planned over the coming week meant to offer voters a fuller picture of Clinton’s vision for the country — appeared likely to be overshadowed by the response to weekend bombings in New York and New Jersey and the apprehension of a suspect.

The former New York senator and secretary of state, echoing an earlier statement, called the events a “sobering reminder that we need steady leadership in a dangerous world.”


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  • Politically correct will not solve today’s problems. People are tired of the standard politician clone. Hellary shows no fiery emotion or anger towards the violence and infiltration of illegal immigrants and terrorists. How will you protect us and provide a better quality of life? Your interests do not involve the people along the border nor our military spread out thinly across the globe. You are correct that hate of Trump is not the greatest issue.

    • Sad that people are not tired of imaginary fears. Immigrants from Mexico is way down and I believe it is close to zero. So we are going to build a 50 ft wall along the southern border to protect us from this imaginary fear? As for terrorists, just remember only 4 people have died under Obama’s watch. Want to compare it to the previous republican president? The Donald would probably give us 3 9/11s plus who knows what.

      How will the Donald provide a better quality of life to the majority of people? By practicing Voodoo economics? Has been so successful in the past. (NOT)

        • Such an intelligent comment, obviously from a Zombie like republican. Well continue to support Voodoo and see where it will get you. At least you will have the support of Putin. lol

      • Bootski, “The Donald would probably give us 3 9/11’s”. Sad that YOU are not tired of imaginary fears. Priority for all Americans at this time should be the war on terrorism.

        • As someone once said, “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” One should never forget that the founding fathers of this country would probably have been considered terrorists and that Bin Laden at one time was considered an ally.

        • So the imaginary fear is now a “freedom fighter” by your definition? Our founding fathers of this country were terrorists? Are you sober?

  • there’s something repugnant about the female felon that is putting off many undecided and borderline democrat voters.

    despite a commanding advantage in campaign funding, an overwhelming national force of professional campaigners and flooding the media with attack ads against the combover, the female female felon finds herself losing the double digit lead she had in polls and in a virtual tie. it’s as if her campaign has fallen and can’t get up.

    the orange one’s natural showmanship and manipulation of her own fawning media has the female felon’s campaign bewildered as he polls evenly with the female felon.

    voters have sensed the pointed reluctance of the obamas as they muddle their way through boring repetitive campaign speeches for the female felon. even when the female felon delivers her campaign speeches in person the crowds are small, listless and uninspired. there are church bingo halls with more enthusiastic audiences.

    it’s no wonder why support for the female felon is evaporating as the combover continues to attract voters seeking a real outsider who will make america great.

    • The repugnant Clinton aura is substantiated when you review Obama’s remarks about Clinton from the 2008 campaign. As he states; “Hillary will say anything to get elected”. These are available on you tube.

    • Ah to think in such black and white terms. I wonder where it comes from? Perhaps the “liberal Press” who has done nothing but promote the Donald? First of all referring to Hillary as a felon is wrong considering the Donald’s history with Trump University and his foundation. Yes the Donald is a performer I will give you that. But do you really want a professional wrestler as president? This person has gone far beyond Jessie Ventura.

      I still think Hillary will win easily as there cannot be that many people who would go to the town Butcher for brain surgery. The Donald would continue the republican tradition of making the previous republican president look good. Just remember who this is folks and consider how could this be poasible?

      • Boots: too bad you don’t understand the difference between a career manager and a career politician. Perhaps that explains your ardent support for rail these past few years.

        • Too bad you have a double standard. Did you read the latest from the Washington Post?

          closing paragraph: For much of the political media, there’s a sense that the Clinton Foundation is a real controversy, despite the fact that there’s no evidence of actual wrongdoing. As it turns out, it’s her rival who has the real scandal.

          But go ahead and vote for the Con man. Putin will thank you for it. 🙂

        • The Washington Post? Rachael Maddow? Sorry to see you have such a slanted source for your political information. You should expand your news sources to get a broader perspective.

        • That’s it DPK, attack the messenger and ignore the content. I support rail as at one time I lived out in Mililani town, when my in-laws were still alive in Homewood Ill. We both lived the same distance from town but they had a train to get into Chicago. So much easier to use the train to get into Chicago, and a lot cheaper.

      • Black and white? Have your viewed Obama’s comments from campaign event videos on YouTube about Hillary from the 2008 election. His comments are identically the same as those of Trump’s today. They’ll make great Trump campaign commercials!

  • Hillary wants to install half a billion solar panels. I wonder if the company chosen to supply and install the solar panels will be owned by a person who donated heavily to the Democratic Party… Does Solyndra ring a bell?

  • Hillary lies . . . .. she can’t be trusted. I’m a democrat, but I won’t be supporting her especially after the Benghazi incident. ANOTHER DEMOCRAT FOR TRUMP1

    • I don’t consider myself a Hillary supporter but I will now vote for her as the Donald is a disaster. Benghazi? Wait until the Donald is president and we have 3 9/11s. Sorry voting for someone who stiffs young girls and gives him passes makes little sense. Are you going to the town butcher the next time you need brain surgery? Why then would you go to a con man for leadership?

  • hiLIARy the FIRST woman & sadly the WORST to run for The Office.
    Bet there are a LOT of dems who wish someone…ANYONE other than the UNINDICTED felon was running.

    • I would have loved Bernie to be the candidate or Elizabeth Warren. But I will accept Hillary and will vote for her as the Donald is just too far out to lunch. Talk about felons, what about the Donald who has Christie behind him? Now there is a pair. Wonder how many girls like the Freedom girls the Donald will stiff today?

      • As pointed out earlier, the “Freedom Girls” were being pushed by an over zealous manager that had no written contract with the campaign. I doubt that you were privy to the discussions, but working on verbal contracts will soon put any company out of business. Perhaps you would let a garage repair your car with no written estimate?

        • No I wasn’t. I just know that I would never allow it to come to a law suit. Oral contracts can still be valid. Yes I have allowed a garage shop to repair my car with no written estimate. I knew the owner and trusted him. Sure wouldn’t trust the Donald on anything.

        • You are obfuscating again. So Boots, would you trust someone that you didn’t know to fix your car with no written estimate/contract? But then again, you’ve been putting your trust in the clowns that have been running the rail project for years.

      • Boots, vote your conscience and pull the lever for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, then you will have a clear conscience that you did the right thing. The rest of us has to make sure HilLIARy never gets to the White House by voting for Trump.

  • The American way of life for its citizens maybe in jeopardy. The globalist and what they have done to infiltrate our politicians, media and the United Nations will need to be stopped. The American people need to start opening their minds to what is happening and understand what is being orchestrated by the globalist, who are behind Clinton and the last 4 presidents.

    Does not matter if they are democrats or Republicans, both have been infiltrated. They are destroying America with our leaders. Don’t bash one another that is exactly what they want. Confuse, divide, create hatred and violence. We the people of American need to start understanding what the agenda of the globalist are. Things have started in Europe. Main stream media is spinning the news and not reporting the truth.

    Those who do not believe please start researching and look around what is happening. Be careful to what is being fed to your mind.
    I hope that Trump is not a globalist or they try to turn him. Our freedom and rights can become a thing of the past. AND YES only time will tell what path the United States will be heading down.

  • what is that repugnant characteristic of the female felon that sticks like skunk spray to all who try to cover up for her?

    florida’s governor’s debate: governor c. christ explains why he’s voting for the female felon: “she’s . . . honest.” even as he says that he bites his lips as he fails to maintain a straight face. the audience erupted in derisive laughter and groans at the word, “honest.”

  • It is an uphill climb for Illary to make her case that she is the more qualified candidate when she could not even appear at a scheduled fundraiser today in the key battleground State of North Carolina. No explanation was supplied by Illary’s campaign as to the reason why she was a no-show. Illary appears to fading in more ways than one.

  • The perception is that those in Washington have a disconnect with the majority of Americans. They talk rhetoric but their actions show more often than not it is politically motivated.

    Their repeating rhetoric sounds like “more of the same”. We may have clean energy initiatives, but it does affect those who depend on coal. Climate change is real and we talk about doing things about it, but if half of our politicians refuse to accept climate change, people nod, shrug their shoulders, and hope that something gets done in Washington. More frustration. People struggle in parts of Pennsylvania, but they see nothing being done.

    States struggle with homelessness, but there is never enough money in our State coffers to deal with it. Infrastructure needs to be rebuilt, but people know that if we were honest about it, there is not enough money in our Federal and State coffers to deal with it without more debt.

    So, let’s hope that when politicians visit your hometown, it’s not just political, but it’s because they truly want to do something to help them long term. It would not hurt both presidential campaigns if they added “Stop the Disconnect” to their rhetoric.

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