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Delta bans rude pro-Trump passenger for life, gives refunds


    A Delta Air Lines jet sits at a gate at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, in Atlanta, on Oct. 13.

ALLENTOWN, Pa. >> Delta Air Lines is banning for life a passenger who rudely professed his support for Republican President-elect Donald Trump and insulted those who didn’t on a flight to Pennsylvania.

CEO Edward Bastian says in an internal memo dated today that the airline is also refunding the cost of tickets for other passengers on the Nov. 22 flight from Atlanta to Allentown.

A video posted on Facebook by a passenger shows a man standing in the aisle, yelling and insulting supporters of Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The man asks loudly: “We got some Hillary bitches on here?”

Referring to Trump’s victory, he says: “If you don’t like it, too bad.”

The Atlanta-based airline had previously apologized over it, and Bastian says the passenger shouldn’t have been allowed to remain on the flight.

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      • Sure … let’s all embrace an international criminal organization that steals and releases state secrets and other private information. What could happen?


      • Why do you think the Russians did what they did to help Trump win?

        The Russians are not our friends; they are our enemies. Why did they want Trump to be in charge? NO, it wasn’t because they want to help the USA. They don’t want America to be great. The Russians want to Make America Suck Worse than Ever.

        What’s your “educated” theory on why the Russians helped Trump?

        • Trump would never ride bareback with Putin on a russian stallion. Putin has physique. Trump got man tits. If they do. BAREBACK MOUNTAIN 2/ Russian Tundra

    • This looks like someone who has been holding it in too long. A lot of people hid their support for Trump for fear of being labeled a racist, sexist, misogynist and whatever they called Trump. Call him anything you want. I just want the economy and immigration fixed. I’m so tired of watching people with a cart load of premium food paying with an EBT card while I stand their budgeting my family’s meal to make it to the next payday.

    • Why are Trump fans gloating over “their win”? Why are they insulting people who voted for someone else? We are still Americans, who now share the same president-elect. Shouldn’t you be convincing Dems that they’re going to be happy once your hero saves the country?

      Trump fans, would you like to disprove the critics who said Trump is divisive? Would you like to demonstrate how Donald will make people in this country happier? Because if people are fighting over petty things, it would be difficult to make this country “great.”

      Since you “won,” shouldn’t you be happy? Because it doesn’t seem so.

      • “What’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander”?
        You memory is not good…very very short. You, klastri, ikefromeli, boots, BSdetection, TigerEye, NanakuliBoss, Keaukaha etc etc…all the BS you folks tossed in our faces. O & you guys devisive…nawww!
        Friendly advice…”If you can’t take it DON’T DISH IT”.

        Trust us Deplorables…WeThePeople ARE HAPPY!
        Thanks to you people & O & Crooked Nasty hiLIARy WeThePeople have the WH, House, Senate….SCOTUS selections.
        You & your party are in TOTAL DISARRAY….all of your own doing!

        Wanna join us..the TrumpTrain have room for everyone!
        January 20, 2017 #MAGA

        • NanakuliBoss…true, bs is one thing..but who’s doing the violent rioting/protesting with filthy signs? Not Conservatives.

        • NanakuliBoss…one more thing..YOU are of the worst..picking on children! You one punkazz buggah!

        • Are you a Russian bot? It’s amazing that you would refer to Hillary as a liar when almost every statement from your hero proves he’s a pathological liar. It’s a cult-like devotion you have to your leader when you dismiss all of the evidence indicating your divine one is a lying, narcissistic bully…or maybe it’s what small handed people want to emulate.

      • MillionMonkeys asks:Why are Trump fans gloating over “their win”?

        Nope, Mega-Monk, it ain’t “their win”. It is a win for all NORMAL, patriotic Americans who want to help make the country great again – – which certainly includes Democrats, Independents, as well at those of every ethnicity, religious belief and background.

        It is in fact OUR win, we the people. And yes it is a cause of happiness.

        • So you, thos, are the arbiter of what is “normal” and those who did not support Trump are what, freaks of nature? And sorry, Trump supporters gloating over his win are making it clear that what he really meant is “make America white again”. If you are happy that a racist, misogynistic bully is in the White House, what does that make YOU?

    • And I’d want a Dem nut kicked off a plane for ranting about “Trump bitches.”

      There’s no excuse for that kind of behavior. None.

      People are so hateful and mean. It’s disgusting. And very depressing.

      And Delta didn’t kick him off…just looking up flights last night. Another good reason not to take Delta!

      • So, I can see you have not travelled Delta for a while. I too was once Anti-Delta, but, I had to take a flight back to the mainland in October, and I have to say was the best flight I’ve ever taken. They have done a lot to upgrade their entertainment services as well as a well run classy airlines.
        You may want to rehash your last statement as it is totally invalid.

        • @ klastri aka kurt on Kauai aka kauai…they must serve crow for morons like you?
          You still not over the P.E. Trump’s LANDSLIDE are you?

        • Keonigohan – You are unable to control your bizarre obsession mixing up the identities of people.

          You are a liar. You cannot write truthfully about anything.

        • @ klastri…you are of the Nancy Pelosi, Deb Wasserman Schultz, hiLIARy variety..born lying losers.
          Your BS from other websites are second to none.
          You have never had a prediction come true since I’ve seen your ridiculous posts from 3 years ago.
          You have stalked me ever since your “REPLY” to my post on the other website 3 years ago.
          You are the cancer that needs to be treated by dousing you with the only remedy there is…TRUTH.
          Now, as Clint Eastwood famously said…referring to your blessed O…”Go find an empty chair and Go F yourself.”

        • Yet videos showed the Democraps ranting( rioting, looting, beating, blocking traffic and harassing the police). Are we to believe our lying eyes or statistics monkey? Didn’t statistics say Hillary will win? True puppets.

      • Trump needs remedial trainING for his divisive hardcores. Trump won yes, move peacefully ahead. No need for revengeful” in yaw face”. Move foward.

  • Not to excuse rude and boorish behavior, but unless the guy started this incident just talking to himself, there must have been some sort of provocation. Given the brief half-life of stories like this we’ll never know what it may have been.

  • Seems a commonality among disruptive passengers is alcoholic drinks which in turned gave rise to this type of obnoxious and disruptive behavior….this passenger should have been removed from the aircraft as soon as possible….also the airlines should instill a limit on how many drinks served to passengers and a zero tolerance policy for this kind of behavior…….

  • Can Delta refuse service to this guy based on his political choice and sexual preference? I remember the government didn’t allow the cake people to not serve “certain” people but this is allowed. Government should step in an fine Delta until they allow service back to this guy. Maybe Delta needs to take some sensitivity classes to deal with everyones point of view and be tolerant of their sexual preference not just serve people that think and act like them. #MAGA

    • As long as he didn’t instigate or was involved in a confrontation or disturbance, no they cannot refuse service. What his personal beliefs are regarding Donald Trump or the LGBTQ community is nobody’s business otherwise.

      • He created quite a disturbance. You do that to a non-government transport corporation, you’re liable to catch a lifetime ban. It’s
        no different than getting a permanent 86 from your favorite sports bar. Bad behavior carries consequences.

        His beliefs, whether ranted fortissimo or held tightly in his swirling mind, are irrelevant because it was his actions and attitude that earned him the ban.

        • Hanabata,

          And your point is, what? Please make an effort to scroll upward and read what a specific post is responding to before going off half cocked and coming across as a twit. You do this quite a lot.

  • How about a ban on those 400 pound locals who sit next to you. Maybe they should pay for two seats instead of one since half of them end up in part of your seat which isn’t fun on a long flight to the mainland.

    • “400 pound locals” as opposed to who, exactly? Do you have a problem with obese people in general, or just “local” ones?

      Maybe next time you’ll be seated next to someone who has a problem with opinionated mainland transplants. Or, you could just stay on the mainland (where no one gets over 200 pounds).

  • Don’t let one rude and ill mannered person labeled the rest of decent people in this world. We have have these type in all walks of life and generation. To use him and his negative behavior as a tool to get back at others is as bad or worse than this sorry of a human being! Let us rise up from these type of conduct and embraces the good assets in all of us! We can start by discontinuing calling or insulting others in this forum! Being thankful for our blessings at all times and not just for a day in November! It takes just a minute or a day to lose all you love or possess and left with nothing but faith in your God!

  • Whether you supported Clinton or Trump, we ALL have to sit back and wait to see how everything turns out. Hurling accusations at either of them is useless as both seem to have done a lot that would be considered questionable over their lives.

  • Whaddaya do when some half-pint, pointy-headed, self-actualized,boo-rah, whats-it-to-yuh-buddy, pathetic imitation of a grown man gets on up in your aisle and makes a fool of himself? While antagonizing the other paying passengers?

    Well, you sure wouldn’t buy him a round, slap him on the back and holler “Yawl come on back anytime, y’heah?”

    Nicely done, Delta. Your mama raised you right.

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