comscore UH Manoa gets $1M for microbe research in Waimea Valley
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UH Manoa gets $1M for microbe research in Waimea Valley


    “We used to think that animals and plants were the major things, and now we know the vast diversity of the biosphere is microbial. That is the biggest change in our view since Darwin.”

    Margaret McFall-Ngai

    Leader in microbiome research and principal investigator in a new Waimea Valley project that will map its varied ecosystems and explore how they function


    University of Hawaii research technician Sean Swift samples the Waimea River for aquatic wildlife. He is accompanied by associate professor of botany Anthony Amend, left, and microbiologist Craig Nelson, right. Amend and Nelson are principal investigators on the new UH project exploring Waimea Valley’s microbiome.


    Chemical ecologist Joanne Yew, a principal investigator on the Waimea microbiome project, holds a field-collected container of vinegar flies from Waimea Valley. Researchers plan to use such flies as “lab rats” for experiments that gauge how changes in microbial diversity affect health.

Waimea Valley’s natural beauty has long drawn admirers, with its picturesque waterfall, flourishing botanical gardens and river pushing through sand dunes to a sparkling bay. Read more

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