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                                At top, Marna Clarke and Igor Sazevich decorated their home last Christmas, when he wasn’t feeling too sick.
Portraits of aging

A dozen years ago, at age 70, Marna Clarke had a dream. She was walking on a sidewalk and rounded a corner. Ahead of her, she saw an end to the path and nothing beyond. Read more

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                                Above, President Joe Biden shakes hands with Dale Haney, the chief White House groundskeeper, during a tree planting ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House. Biden and wife Jill recognized Haney, who has tended the lawns and gardens of the White House for 50 years.
White House ‘pet whisperer’

Presidents come and go, but one constant through 10 presidencies has been Dale Haney, the chief White House groundskeeper, who as of this month has spent 50 years serving the families — and many of their pets — who have called the mansion home. Read more

                                Rita Scanlon, 92, in Central Falls, R.I.
Money managers can help seniors with financial chores

Dear Savvy Senior: Can you recommend any services that can help my mother with her financial chores? My dad always used to handle the bill paying and paperwork, but he died in 2021, and Mom struggles to keep on top of things. And I don’t live close enough to help her on a regular basis. — Concerned Daughter Read more

                                Computer tech support scams prey on a senior’s lack of knowledge about computers and cybersecurity.
Be vigilant: Financial scams aimed at seniors on the rise

Dear Savvy Senior: What are the most common scams today that target seniors? My 75-year-old mother has been swindled several times over the past year, so I’m being extra cautious. — Paranoid Patty Read more

                                “<strong>I want to be slow fashion. I’m not going to have a stockroom with 100 pairs of jeans.”</strong>
                                <strong>Linda Rodin</strong>
                                <em>Designer, on planning to offer limited runs on her site</em>
You’re never too old for a miniskirt

Over tea and toast at the Cafe Cluny in the West Village of Manhattan, Linda Rodin lifted her palms to her face and pulled her features taut. Read more

                                Overall, older Americans didn’t fare well financially during the pandemic, and longer-term trends aren’t showing a better outlook. Juanita Brown, 77, at home in Galax, Va., lost her nest egg after caring for her ailing mother and struggling to meet the costs of her husband’s cancer care.
Poverty increasing among seniors

At the advent of Medicare and Medicaid in the 1960s, more than a third of older Americans lived in poverty. By 2020, the figure had fallen to 9.5%. But last year, even as the poverty rate sank for everyone else, it rose among seniors, to 10.7%. Read more

A look at likely changes to Medicare costs in 2023

Dear Savvy Senior: I’ve read that retirees will be getting a nice cost-of-living increase in our Social Security benefits next year, but what about Medicare? What will our Medicare Part B monthly premiums and other Medicare costs be in 2023? — Planning Ahead Read more

                                Cash is fanned out from a wallet.
There are ways to track down forgotten 401(k) accounts

Dear Savvy Senior: How do I go about looking for an old former company 401(k) plan that I think I contributed money to many years ago, but forgot about until recently? — Retired in Rochester Read more

                                Libbie Kaahu-Evans, left, and Dolores Nakamoto, who were neighbors in Leilani Estates are now sharing a home in Hawaiian Paradise Park.
Home sharing is growing trend among baby boomers

Dear Savvy Senior: I saw a news segment on television a few months ago about home sharing programs for seniors. I would like to learn more. I’m 68, divorced and am interested in renting out a room in my house to help make ends meet. What can you tell me? — Interested Boomer Read more

                                As a child, Meghan Shiffer lived with her grandmother Mary Ingraham for several years. Now the college student has returned to Ingraham’s home near Troy, N.Y. “My grandmother has always been one of my favorite people,” Shiffer said.
Generations share a special bond — and, sometimes, rent

A year ago Robert E. Elson began noticing a curious new array of beverages in the refrigerator of the condo he shares with his wife, Roni, on the Upper West Side: energy drinks and “different coffees that were totally alien,” recalled Elson. “And there were these different milks. Read more

                                Zebra doves warmed themselves on markers at the National Cemetery of the Pacific in Punchbowl on Tuesday afternoon.
How much does an average funeral and burial cost?

Dear Savvy Senior: How much does a typical funeral and burial cost today? My wife and I are interested in prearranging our funerals but would like to have an idea of costs before going in so we can plan and budget appropriately. — Planning Ahead Read more

                                An older customer pushes his Kroger shopping cart laden with purchases.
Getting help with rising costs

Millions of older adults are having trouble making ends meet, especially during these inflationary times. Yet many don’t realize help is available, and some notable programs that offer financial assistance are underused. Read more

                                Windward bound traffic is seen on Likelike Highway in Kalihi.
Make driving safer and easier with a few inexpensive gadgets

Dear Savvy Senior: Do you know of any car gadgets that can help older drivers? I drive a 12-year-old car and have arthritis in my neck, back and knees, which limits my mobility. I have difficulty looking over my shoulder to back up as well as getting in and out of the car. — Almost 80 Read more

                                A man smoking a cigarette.
Lung screenings can help with early cancer diagnosis

Question: I am 62 and recently had a physical. My doctor suggested that I should be screened for lung cancer. I used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day but quit about a decade ago. I’ve not had any problems, so I’m wondering whether this is necessary. What does screening involve? Read more

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