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Robert Johnson, 100, left, is believed to be the last living member of Adm. Richard Byrd’s pre-World 
                                FLORIDA TIMES-UNION / TNS
                                War II polar expeditions. Above, he sits in the shade outside his Jacksonville home during his 100th birthday celebration near a photograph that shows him at age 19 at the wheel of the USS Bear.
Memories of Antarctica still vivid for centenarian

Robert Johnson, who turned 100 in early July on a hot and sunny Florida day, barely hesitated when asked what he’d do if given another chance to go to Antarctica, the land of eternal ice and snow that he first journeyed to as a teenager. Read more

Many tools available to help smokers kick the habit

Dear Savvy Senior: I understand that COVID-19 hits smokers a lot harder than nonsmokers, but quitting at my age is very difficult. Does Medicare offer any coverage that helps beneficiaries quit smoking? — Must Quit Read more

Check-in calls, monitoring systems keep tabs on mom

Dear Savvy Senior: Can you recommend any services or technology that help me monitor my elderly mother who lives alone? Since the coronavirus pandemic started last March, my sister and I have noticed that my mom’s health has slipped a bit, so we would like to find something that helps us keep tabs on her when we’re not around. — Concerned Daughter Read more

Organization works to protect keepers of language, culture

As the pandemic affects the Oglala Sioux Tribe in South Dakota, one local community organization is doing everything it can to help people stay at home, fearing that the pandemic could take a disproportionate toll on an elderly population that maintains the language and culture of the tribe. Read more

Stretching can improve health in variety of ways

Dear Savvy Senior: Can you offer some good stretching tips for seniors who are staying home during the pandemic? I’ve gotten so stiff and achy in recent years that I have a hard time doing basic activities like bending over to tie my shoes. — Stiff as a Board Read more

Tribune News Service
                                The city of Oak Ridge, Tenn., has yet to decide on whether and when to open its pool this year, but swimming is good cardiovascular exercise and is easy on the joints and bones. Sally Pasley, left, and Tara Nave pose before swimming laps at Oak Ridge Pool’s Senior Day, during an earlier year, before the pandemic.
Workouts for older adults provide slew of benefits

Staying physically active comes with a whole host of health benefits for older adults, from maintaining healthy bones, muscles, and joints to potentially helping to reduce high blood pressure, according to the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Read more

State handles your assets if you die without a will

Dear Savvy Senior: What happens to a person’s possessions if they die without a will? I’m almost 60 years old and have never gotten around to making one, but the coronavirus crisis has made it a priority. — Will-less Willie Read more

                                A person working on a laptop.
Video-calling options are often easy to use

To help connect you and your mom virtually, there are various products on the market that offer simple video calling for seniors who have limited ability or experience with technology. Read more

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