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Your aging brain: Is it ‘use it or lose it’?

When you work your brain over a lifetime, your mental decline starts from a higher state. Read More

Countdown to Retirement: A Five-Year Plan

Follow this plan to financially prepare for retirement. Read More

Health Options: Short-term gains can cause lifelong losses when fighting fat

Winning any competition is about success at the end of the game. The same strategy applies to healthy weight loss if the goal is to lose fat rather than just weight. Read More

Bypassed Generation: Grandparents raising kids born to addicts

Like millions of grandparents across the country, Marci Worthington is raising the child her own could not. Read More

Positively Young: Create deeper connections with family at Christmas

For many, it’s been a lot of work to get to today. Taking Christmas photos, sending cards, finding the right gifts, delivering them, hosting and attending parties, decorating the house and more. Read More

Older patients have stories, too

Whatever the cluster of second-year students at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York expected to hear from an 82-year-old woman — this probably wasn’t it. Read More

Thriving Kupuna: Don’t let arthritis aches slow you down

As you age, activities that used to be effortless — walking, knitting, picking up keiki — may become difficult due to stiff, swollen, painful joints. Read More

Train lovers forge lifelong friendships through rail travel

They’re aboard because they love trains: The pilot from New Orleans, the computer consultant from New Jersey, the retired tax lawyer from Florida, the computer accounting consultant from Queens, N.Y., and his mother, the retired corporate executive, the computer scientist from Florida’s Space Coast. Read More

Book helps boomer couples keep love alive

By now it’s a known fact those of us who call ourselves Baby Boomers are not going quietly into the night. Read More

Column: Knock. Knock. Don’t open your home to scams

Kupuna should follow the same advice they give to grandchildren: Don’t talk to strangers Read More

Will we ever cure Alzheimer’s?

There is still so much we don’t understand about Alzheimer’s disease and who will develop it Read More

Apple watch monitors falls, track heart rhythms

An Apple Watch may be the right gift for grandma Read More

Positively Young: Overextending yourself can turn you in to a grinch

Learning to say ‘no’ to others can help make the season merry for all. Read More

Thriving Kupuna: Simple steps can help elderly manage stress

Just because there are fewer stressors, doesn’t mean you won’t have stress. Read More

Column: Five steps for Social Security success

Check your online Social Security profile regularly to screen for errors and see what tools can help you. Read More

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