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Nike says its $250 running shoes will make you run much faster

Nike says the shoes are about 4 percent better than some of its best racing shoes, as measured by how much energy runners spend when running in them Read More

GM used graffiti in a car ad — should the artist get paid?

Graffiti is having a renaissance and is used by fashion labels and major corporations in their ad campaigns. But the law is struggling to catch up with changes in taste and culture, especially when it comes to the issue of when graffiti deserves the safeguards of a copyright. Read More

Coconut curry brings out best in shrimp

Every meal begins at the market — in this case, the fish market. The routine is always the same: Check what is on display, find the most fetching option and consider guests’ tastes (and the contents of your wallet). Then take the plunge. Read More

Colliders, sundials and wonder: When science is your destination

Arguably the world’s most famous science facility, CERN is such a popular travel destination that free tours are often snapped up within seconds of being released. Read More

Harry Potter doesn’t dance. But he sure can move.

Unlike the movie versions of the seven Harry Potter novels, “Cursed Child” does not employ computer-generated imagery, stunt people or elaborate special effects. Instead, the play’s magic, comes from motion. Read More

A Netflix experiment gives deserving comics their 15 minutes

So many stand-up specials are released these days that it is easy to miss how radically the art form has evolved. Read More

Thai kids found after 10 days in cave: ‘Eat, eat, eat’

After 10 days trapped in a flooded cave complex in northern Thailand, and after an enormous search effort that had transfixed Thailand, the missing 12 boys and their soccer coach had finally been found in Tham Luang Cave. Read More

San Francisco-based Ripple works to increase cryptocurrency use

Ripple, a San Francisco company that is rolling in money thanks to last year’s runup in the value of cryptocurrencies has quietly become one of the most valuable startups of the last decade thanks to the value of XRP, the digital token its founders created six years ago. Read More

5 tips for a luxury trip to Los Angeles on a budget

Southern California may be home to the glamour of Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean an upscale visit to greater Los Angeles is out of reach for travelers who don’t have big budgets, said Dan Ilves, a native Angeleno and senior vice president for leisure at TravelStore. Read More

Cities cut government contracts for immigrant detention as protests grow

In Texas, officials near Austin terminated a contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to detain dozens of migrant mothers who had been arrested and separated from their children. In California, Sacramento County ended a multimillion-dollar deal with ICE to keep immigrants jailed while awaiting hearings. Read More

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