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Oahu sewer fees to rise 4 percent next month

By Associated Press

LAST UPDATED: 06:29 a.m. HST, Jun 21, 2014

Oahu sewer fees are going up next month to pay for infrastructure upgrades and other costs.

The city says the month base fee and usage charge will both increase 4 percent.

The monthly base fee will rise to $65.76 while the usage charge will climb to $4.08.

Honolulu Department of Environmental Services Director Lori Kahikina says the increases are necessary to pay for capital improvements, debt service and infrastructure upgrades.

Honolulu is making $4.7 billion in upgrades to its sewage and wastewater treatment systems as part of a settlement reached with the Environmental Protect Agency, the state Department of Health and environmental groups.

The city has agreed to make the improvements over a 25-year time span.

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honokai wrote:
These are compounding year after year. Ultimately, the people choose this by allowing the campaign manipulators to pick the politicians. Working class people need their own group representing their interests. That won't be found in the political parties because the campaign manipulators can own the parties too.
on June 21,2014 | 06:27AM
HD36 wrote:
true, a non union voting block of private sector workers.
on June 21,2014 | 06:37AM
honokai wrote:
Maybe this block could build some affordable housing too. Because the manipulators only seem to want to bring housing on line that is out of regular workers reach.
on June 21,2014 | 06:54AM
HD36 wrote:
Houses would be more affordable as government intervention in the market is eliminated. Specifically, if the Federal Reserve allowed a free market rate of interest instead of an artificial peg. Interest rates would rise. Housing prices would fall.
on June 21,2014 | 07:23AM
honokai wrote:
If interest rates rise, then housing becomes less affordable. When the 30 year is 3-4%, there is plently of people that will qualify to get into even moderately priced homes. The supply has been choked off. That is the problem.
on June 21,2014 | 09:30AM
HD36 wrote:
True, that payments would be lower but interest rates are going higher weather the Fed wants them to or not. Consider a spike over 10% like in the 80's. A conservative number actually. The payments would become too high for most people at today's prices, therefore price would come down. When rates go up and prices come down, the mortgages that banks hold at 4-6% would lose over 50% of their present value. People with ARM's would end up giving the house back to the bank. A wave of foreclosures would put downward pressure on an already propped up market. At some point though, a 10% mortgage on a $200K house would be cheaper than a 4% mortgage on a $800K house. Better yet, if you got the cash to buy it outright.
on June 21,2014 | 11:39AM
soundofreason wrote:
"Honolulu is making $4.7 billion in upgrades to its sewage and wastewater treatment systems as part of a settlement reached with the Environmental Protect Agency, the state Department of Health and environmental groups.">>> This would be from Muffi screaming that the sky is falling when the EPA mandated that these improvements get done and he said we could not afford to do it. Then he saddled us with rail......AND this.
on June 21,2014 | 07:32AM
CouncilmanBerg wrote:
One person, only one, voted to stop the sewer rate increases when they were devised- vote was 8-1....voters want sewer rate increases because they continue to vote for the politicians who advance them- so this effort of mine to reverse that trend- captured in this council hearing youtube snippet- to stop the increases sheds light on today's predicament- note, that if we had gone with BRT instead of rail, we would not have to raise sewer rates- for the rail is sucking the life out of every core city service to sustain itself- that is a fact= this is just the beginning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYDWGJbUziM
on June 22,2014 | 05:38AM
HD36 wrote:
Everything is going up, but that's what always happens when you increase the money supply by 400%.
on June 21,2014 | 06:40AM
lwandcah wrote:
Sewer fees constantly going up, roads in need of repair, water mains constantly breaking along with the sewers, and the ultimate money pit black hole the rail, and yet we have some clown saying we should think about moving Honolulu Hale to Kapolei?
on June 21,2014 | 07:22AM
serious wrote:
Well, stop complaining, what party has gotten us this? The Jones D party!!!!
on June 21,2014 | 07:40AM
kahuku01 wrote:
Just about everything that the city and state government controls, Oahu taxpayers have been hit for increases and they have every right to complain, especially when the city's rail system is sucking money from people that won't be required to use it. It doesn't matter what party has gotten us this, politicians are all alike whether their republicans or democrats. Instead of increasing the Sewer fee, the city should take the money from HART's contingency fund and slowly pay it back from the GET surcharge.
on June 21,2014 | 08:18AM
I think all you complainers should maybe consider running for office if it is all that easy to fix. JUST DO IT!
on June 21,2014 | 08:58AM
honokai wrote:
If a former governor with a high approval rating can be slandered the way he was by the manipulators, what makes you think regular folk would not to step up?
on June 21,2014 | 12:51PM
lwandcah wrote:
I did not vote for rail, and I did not vote for any of the clowns that are making stupid decisions.
on June 21,2014 | 09:14PM
Kalaheo1 wrote:

I wonder how this bit of bad news came to be in the Saturday edition, the lowest read newspaper of the week?

What happened Star Advertiser? Did you just find this out late last night? Or early this morning? Did Lori Kahikina call you at midnight to tell you?

I dread reading the Saturday paper, because that's where they hide the news of tax increases and the other bad news that they'd like buried.

on June 21,2014 | 08:06AM
Chennchina wrote:
Taken off the wire services. SA writers too busy going to McKinley book fair or checking out "The Pulse"
on June 21,2014 | 09:44AM
localguy wrote:
You need to blame the messengers, our dysfunctional bureaucrats who wait until very late Friday to bring this stuff up. Paper can only report after the information is released to them.
on June 21,2014 | 07:37PM
lima45 wrote:
Time to use public facilities to save on my water bill. First it's HECO now it's BOW. gotta get off the grid...
on June 21,2014 | 08:43AM
honokai wrote:
The base rate is $65. So it will cost you $65 for that first ounce of water.
on June 21,2014 | 08:49AM
kainalu wrote:
I compared our rates to those of family and friends in the states of Washington and Idaho. My water/sewer bill is more than twice theirs.
on June 21,2014 | 09:50AM
islandsun wrote:
Caldwell is jacking us just like his mentor Mufi did. Its not going to stop until people wise up.
on June 21,2014 | 10:18AM
sailfish1 wrote:
The sewer fees have gotten outrageous. We've been paying high sewer fees for many many years now and still it is not enough to fix the sewer pipes and wastewater plants. Combine this with the water system constantly needing fixes, roads needing fixes, high electric fees, homeless problems, parks in disrepair, government raises, UH repairs, etc. etc. how can we afford the 5-10 billion dollar RAIL???
on June 21,2014 | 12:17PM
honokai wrote:
A former governor was well of aware of this. He was trashed by the manipulators for coming forward to run.
on June 21,2014 | 12:52PM
localguy wrote:
Lets not forget our multi billon dollar pension money pit thanks to the greedy unions.
on June 21,2014 | 07:38PM
AFishOutofH20 wrote:
Again???????? No mo chance live Hawaii!!!!!!!!
on June 21,2014 | 12:34PM
blackmurano wrote:
When you see a State tax increase or a fee increase its coming from the Democrats who love to increase tax or fee and always find a reason why their doing it. Their already collecting thousands of dollars from our water bill that includes sewage so why they need more. My guess, and its only a guess, their using part of that sewage fund to pay for other projects for the city.
on June 21,2014 | 07:42PM
whoispang wrote:
Fasi would make the developers pay the difference to fix the system before they could build and improve the roads. Oahu needs to stop building!!
on June 21,2014 | 11:50PM
Thegame wrote:
There are no upgrades being done. BOW sits back and waits for a water-main to break somewhere, then they go fix it and send us the bill.
on June 22,2014 | 12:55AM
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