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Rail officials unveil Honolulu Airport station design

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 04:25 p.m. HST, Jul 16, 2014

Rail leaders unveiled the site and design for the Honolulu Airport station on Wednesday, which is expected to be one of the most heavily used along the transit line once it opens.

The airport station will be built in a central location, nestled between the airport's International and Overseas parking structures and the lei stands, with bridges connecting to both parking structures.

The elevated transit line guideway will snake its way between the International structure and the lei stands, according to the early designs.

Construction on the station is expected to run from 2015 to 2017. It will overlap with the state's overdue $739 million renovation of the airport, which started last year and is also expected to run into 2017.

Rail officials said Wednesday that they'll coordinate with state transportation officials to make the construction as least obtrusive as possible to passengers and airport employees.

The station is slated to open in 2019. Once it starts running, officials said, it will provide passengers a way to dodge traffic and a better level of certainty that they will catch their flight.

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Skyler wrote:
Heavily-used... by whom? Travelers going to Ala Moana with all their luggage? lol.
on July 16,2014 | 03:46PM
Bumby wrote:
Make sense. Those tourist who wants to save money may just get to Ala Moana and catch the trolley to Waikiki. Most likely a single traveller and not much baggage. How much is a cab from the airport to Waikiki?
on July 16,2014 | 05:34PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
$39.95, $49.95, or $59.95, depending on if u wear a Ro*lex or not.
on July 16,2014 | 06:04PM
Mythman wrote:
uber changes the old equation
on July 16,2014 | 06:52PM
PoiDoggy wrote:
A-8 taxi is a flat fee to Waikiki of $35. That's what I recommend to visitors.
on July 16,2014 | 07:23PM
Wazdat wrote:
on July 16,2014 | 08:10PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
"The station is slated to open in 2019. Once it starts running, officials said, it will provide passengers a way to dodge traffic and a better level of certainty that they will catch their flight." That passage from the article does not make sense either, because if people are willing to come to Waikiki, they have dough and those people will catch cabs to and fro TheAirport.
on July 16,2014 | 11:10PM
PMINZ wrote:
I can just see the piles of Baggage at a Ala Moana bus stop waiting for a Trolley to load them on. LOL and rolling on the floor. Cause the bus cant fit it under the seat.
on July 17,2014 | 02:38AM
EMS wrote:
On a one day neighbor island business trip...take the park and ride from Kapolei...cheaper and faster than driving your car to the airport.
on July 16,2014 | 05:52PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Thanks Mr. Ambulance. Wimps at TheCity, who need to charge $4.00 per ride on TheTrain. Bet u TheCity will stick at $2.50 per ride.
on July 16,2014 | 06:06PM
kahuku01 wrote:
10% of Oahu or less, depends primarily on who will be flying out of the airport from the Ewa Coast.
on July 16,2014 | 07:57PM
MrMililani wrote:
Who are they kidding. This train goes from no where to a shopping center. Who on earth do they think will ride this disaster? It doesn't go anywhere near Waikiki which is where all the tourists are and why on earth would a local use it...
on July 16,2014 | 04:12PM
BluesBreaker wrote:
Not sure the folks in Kapolei and Ewa would appreciate calling their communities "nowhere." The train goes through the most heavily populated portion of island where 70% of the population and 80% of the jobs will be located. People living in the neighborhoods served by one of the 21 stations, including Waipahu, Pearl City, Aiea, Kakaako and many more communities, will be taking the train to the airport.
on July 16,2014 | 05:08PM
kahuku01 wrote:
BB: 70% of the population (more like 10%) and 80% (more like 10%) of the jobs (Kapolei and Ewa) are surely inflated and "many more communities" is just a matter of speech. You're trying very hard to justify something that really isn't there.
on July 16,2014 | 08:06PM
Kalaheo1 wrote:
The train doesn't go to Ewa or to Kapolei. If you live in either of those places, you'll need to tske a bus to your train.

The train is being built for powerful developers and they have already developed Ewa and Kapolei, which is why the train is going to a previously undevelopable parcel instead.

on July 16,2014 | 11:03PM
what wrote:
It's not too late to redesign.
on July 16,2014 | 05:15PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Many tourists will catch a trolley to Waikiki or transfer to number 8, Waikiki Beach and Hotels. Others will be awed by Bloomingdales and deposit their AmEx Cashier's Checks there, before proceeding via to their Hotels.
on July 16,2014 | 06:09PM
pridon wrote:
Luggage not allowed on busses if it doesn't fit under the seat, which is no much room.
on July 16,2014 | 07:57PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Hardly any seats on TheTrain I hear. On some trams on the mainland, they allow as much luggage as possible, only u got to get on and off reasonably fast. People don't like being held up.

I wonder how TheTrain and it's driverless modules will figure that out? We don't want people being run over like that 70 year old Waikiki man who got run over by TheBus. That guy did something that only acrobats do: try to enter TheBus from the rear door for a free ride.

on July 16,2014 | 09:38PM
inverse wrote:
What is the policy for carrying luggage on the train. If the luggage does not fit underneath the train seat is it okay to place in the middle of the aisle or on top of other seats? If someone has a surfboard or golf bag in addition to their suitcase can they carry that on board the train?
on July 16,2014 | 04:32PM
turbolink wrote:
There's a bike rack on the end of each car. Seriously, do we need to worry about that yet?
on July 16,2014 | 04:47PM
BluesBreaker wrote:
There will be plenty of room for luggage. A train car is wide and spacious, not like a bus or an airplane. If you've ever been to the mainland or Vancouver, Canada, you know that rail transit passengers bring all kinds of things on board, including luggage, bicycles, strollers, wheelchairs--and there's plenty of room to accommodate them.
on July 16,2014 | 05:01PM
MrMililani wrote:
There will be plenty of room for luggage, etc. since there won't be too many people. Problem solved.
on July 16,2014 | 05:06PM
Mythman wrote:
and there will be a starbucks
on July 16,2014 | 06:54PM
localguy wrote:
Rail cars are set up to handle the shopping carts our homeless population will bring on board when they travel. Plenty of room for suitcases.
on July 16,2014 | 08:09PM
Kalaheo1 wrote:
Really? Can you show me where they will put their luggage? I didn't think so.

They don't even have enough sets on that awful train, much less luggage racks.

on July 16,2014 | 11:06PM
sailfish1 wrote:
Problem is how do people get to Waikiki from Ala Moana with all the luggage? The Bus does not allow any luggage. I also seriously doubt that the train will have lots of room for luggage.
on July 16,2014 | 11:24PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
They will put those items on TheRoof of TheTrain and pray. Lost luggage is the complete responsibility of the passenger and not TheTrain, TheCity, TheHART, BluesBreaker, NanakuliBoss, wiliki, OldDiver, or whomever answers first and/or gives the proper customer service reply. This is TheRecording for The99th time. Please stop all rail stories before you at TheHSA become rich beyond your means.
on July 16,2014 | 06:14PM
localguy wrote:
At the rail station just follow the homeless people and their shopping carts. Get on the rail car where they do. Inside rail cars space set up for shopping carts, surf boards, scooters, bicycles, suitcases. Not a problem.
on July 16,2014 | 07:22PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Maybe TheSecurityGuards will catch them before they go on board. That would slow down TheTrain though, which is not acceptable because SPEED is what people want, not getting sore legs from standing a long time.

Someone decided that TheTrain will not have much if any seats. Who is the one in charge of that? I don't think it was Ben Cayetano. Hey if u guys at HART make mistakes, please don't blame the former honorable Governor Benjamin J. Cayetano for EVERYTHING !!!!!!

on July 16,2014 | 09:45PM
what wrote:
The important thing is that all the big business special interests get their billions.
on July 16,2014 | 05:12PM
emelynnr wrote:
Just a guess, but maybe the Leeward folks that go on trips will use it. They will have luggage that will take them home??
on July 16,2014 | 05:35PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
TheKirk and TheNeil will need to mandate that some of their employees ride TheTrain because they very well know that their employees are TheVeryOnes that are causing TheMassiveTrafficJams PERIOD !!!!

Every year check out TheH-1 on Prince Jonah Kuhio's holiday, which is a State and a City holiday. Not a federal holiday. We notice TheH-1 running free and clear.

So TheKirk and TheNeil, if you two are STILL in office I hope you will, by Executive Order, implore enough of your Civil Service Employees to ride TheTrain, to and from Kapolei, Pearl City, Aiea and such.

If not then how could we live with your essentially Executive Orders to construct TheTrain in ThePlain of Oahu??

You do have a reprieve though: when and if TOD takes off, possibly before TheTrain's entire line is completed, you will be vindicated that you made TheRight decision to build TheTrain.

on July 16,2014 | 06:26PM
PMINZ wrote:
Oh wow - you are correct ! Every time the Govt workers are off the traffic really goes down. Yep demand all Govt workers ride mass transit. And do it NOW don' wait for da Choo Choo.
on July 17,2014 | 02:04AM
Bumby wrote:
Hey SB reporta get da scoop and find out how much going cost to ride dis train?
on July 16,2014 | 05:36PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
HART has an idea however they don't want to scare us: the correct fare will need to be about $6.00 per ride or a little more, to justify TheTrain. Danny Boy won't do that though because that will infuriate NanakuliBoss.
on July 16,2014 | 06:29PM
jotobuddy123 wrote:
Beautiful and majestic are the words that come to mind when I see this photo. As a union employee working on the project, I get to see first hand how this magnificent venture will rise from concept to real world ridership. Thank you Star Advertiser for allowing the rest of Hawaii see in photo, and describe in word how wonderful this project is progressing. Go rail Go!
on July 16,2014 | 06:01PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Only one exclamation mark? Nice
on July 16,2014 | 06:44PM
localguy wrote:
Before you get too excited about the station, ask yourself: 1. Will construction make maximum use of materials like stainless steel, other metals highly resistant to salt air corrosion? 2. Will there be netting and anti bird spikes to keep the crapping birds under control? 3. Will energy sipping, long lasting LED lights be used? 4. For elevators and escalators, will there be a maintenance team on site the minute there is a maintenance problem? (Past experience has show weeks to months for maintenance to show up.) 5. Will there be a zero tolerance for graffiti on all rail cars and rail stations? (San Diego has one) I do not expect the stations to be that well maintained, soon to smell of urine, human and dog excrement everywhere, trash, roaches, usual Nei standard.
on July 16,2014 | 07:31PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
u smart.
on July 16,2014 | 09:46PM
what wrote:
Are you kidding? jtobuddy123 only cares about his paycheck.
on July 17,2014 | 01:24AM
jotobuddy123 wrote:
Anything wrong with that?
on July 17,2014 | 05:35AM
PMINZ wrote:
"majestic" ha ha, your opinion, mine is a pile of ugly concrete. To each their own.
on July 17,2014 | 02:41AM
iwanaknow wrote:
The cab drivers that leave from the airport will be mad for lost fares to Waikiki but if they hang out at Ala Moana they'll still have plenty of work?

This reminds me of Bay Area BART when they finally connected to SFO airport (it use to just go to Colma Station then you transfered to a bus to the airport)....the cab drivers were up in arms (plenty of "lost" fares) but the dust has settled and there are still plenty of cabs available at SFO day n' night........same thing will happen at Honolulu airport..................2019-2020 can't come soon enough for me.

on July 16,2014 | 07:18PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
Here's the difference: BART stands for Bay Area Rapid Transit. HART stands for Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transit. Honolulu forgot the "f", namely it needs to read HAFRT. Better to have named it Honolulu Area Rapid Transit.

Hawaii LOVES the word Authority. The authority of this and that and those and these. Well if that's the case, then the public can't have a say, and we all know what that means: Hitler and Marcos tried and failed. I hope we don't fail.

I have a stake in Hawaii. Although I was born in The Territory of Hawaii, as was my first sister as well as Daniel K. Inouye and George R. Ariyoshi, I am unusual in that some of you think that I ..... well I won't get into it.

on July 16,2014 | 10:18PM
false wrote:
Just remember - there is no contractor working on the 50% of the project from Aloha Stadium to Ala Moana because there are no finished construction drawings. When the drawings are complete, the city will go out to bid on this part of the project. If the bids come in over budget because construction costs are rising, the city has no mechanism to pay to finish this project.
on July 16,2014 | 08:14PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
TheCity will have a mechanism to pay for it: blame Cayetano again. If HART continues to play that same song that Cayetano has been a misery to them, they need to look in the mirror and see the face of Daniel Grabauskas, who has been loafing around on his hammock on the top of an expensive condominium in Waikiki.
on July 16,2014 | 09:51PM
HawaiiMongoose wrote:
This station will be "one of the most heavily used along the transit line"? Uh, no. The line doesn't go to Waikiki so tourists won't use it, and local folks who are traveling off-island aren't going to drag luggage onto the train. The users of the airport station will be primarily airport employees. Now if the City had kept the alignment on Salt Lake Boulevard -- putting the line within walking distance of about 30,000 residents -- then it would make sense to be talking about heavily used stations.
on July 16,2014 | 08:30PM
HonoluluHawaii wrote:
u smart
on July 16,2014 | 09:52PM
bengoshi wrote:
It doesn't seem to occur to many people here that plenty of folks work at the airport, and will use the train to get to their jobs from West Oahu and even Kakaako or Ala Moana areas. The airport station is most definitely not just for tourists. I am not particularly pro or anti rail, but having an airport station makes sense if we are going to have it.
on July 16,2014 | 10:21PM
PMINZ wrote:
What about the people that live in the Salt Lake area that need to go to work? They seem to be trown to da Wolves. Wait for a Bus - catch a train - exit train - wait for a bus ( again ) to get to work. Double their travel time and lengthen their travel distance, Yep now that is really good (not) planning.
on July 17,2014 | 02:47AM
A_Reader wrote:
Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought that the whole purpose and the entire pitch for the rail was to alleviate traffic and the primary target was commuters and the local community. What a Freeging sham.
on July 16,2014 | 11:59PM
PMINZ wrote:
Does ànyone remember how long the train doors were supposed to be open at stops? It comes to mind (since I ride 'The Bus' all the time), I see wheel chairs take usually two to ten minutes to load on 'The Bus' (some need extra tie down time) or will they just be loose on the train? To roll around. And the "Driver " straps them in. will that all be "Robotic" on the automated train?
on July 17,2014 | 02:35AM
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