Wednesday, October 7, 2015         

New York Times

A major scandal is erupting in the multibillion-dollar industry of fantasy sports, the online and unregulated business in which players assemble fantasy teams with real athletes.

For what NATO's secretary-general described as a "long time" and Russia's Defense Ministry characterized as just "a few seconds," a Russian fighter jet violated Turkey's airspace on Saturday, increasing tensions and raising concerns about Russian aggression beyond mere saber rattling.

Twenty-year-old Marc Beckwith was in Room 16 of low-slung, mansard-roofed Snyder Hall, preparing for his computer lab. Cassandra Welding, also 20, was slipping into the lab room just as a familiar figure was slipping out.

With alarming frequency in recent years, thousands of U.S.-trained security forces in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia have collapsed, stalled or defected, calling into question the effectiveness of the tens of billions of dollars spent by the United States on foreign military training programs, as well as a central tenet of the Obama administration's approach to combating insurgencies.

Anger at the political establishment has overtaken the Republican presidential race, embodied in the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont still flies coach to his campaign events, sometimes taking the middle seat. He has not run any commercials, instead saving his money for a media blitz this winter in Iowa, New Hampshire and the Super Tuesday states.

The Supreme Court added 13 cases to its docket Thursday, including ones on international terrorism, racketeering, judicial bias in a capital case and the free speech rights of government employees.

Jose Armos, 28, a paramedic who lives in Miami, looked so young that, when responding to 911 calls, he seemed to add to some patients' distress.

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