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Rolling in toilet paper: Sheriff buys 24K extra rolls of TP

Officials in an Alabama county have a financial mess to wipe up after the sheriff’s department mistakenly ordered 24,000 extra rolls of toilet paper. Read More

Man wins lottery prize by picking Red Sox jersey numbers

A Massachusetts great-grandfather has won a $100,000 lottery prize by picking the jersey numbers of five members of the World Series-winning Boston Red Sox. Read More

Florida officers catch giant lizard that terrified neighbors

Florida authorities have caught a huge lizard that terrified residents of a suburban Miami neighborhood for months. Read More

6-foot alligator removed from hot tub in Kansas City home

Animal control workers who were called to an east Kansas City home encountered Catfish, a 6-foot alligator that its owner said is as “gentle as a kit Read More

Eat your heart out at New York’s new Pizza Museum

There is now a museum for pizza lovers everywhere that’s popped-up in arguably America’s pizza capital, New York City. The Museum of Pizza is dedicated to all things cheese and sauce, but there’s more to it than meets the tongue. Read More

Candidate’s own write-in vote will win an election

Just one write-in vote will win an election for a county post in western Michigan. Read More

Python presents slithery situation at Texas Goodwill store

A Goodwill worker collecting clothes and other items at a Texas sorting center was surprised to find an albino python clinging to the side of a bin. Read More

Rotting fish, maggots on menu at Disgusting Food Museum

Sheep eyeball juice. Bull testicles. Maggot-infested cheese. American root beer. These are among the items considered palatable or even regarded as delicacies in some cultures that the Disgusting Food Museum in Malmo, Sweden is serving up. Read More

White deer in New York call old Army depot home

The former Seneca Army Depot, about 57 miles southwest of Rochester, was the U.S. Army’s main East Coast munitions storage facility for six decades until it was decommissioned in 2000. Now it’s home to approximately 75 white deer. Read More

Baseball team’s name makes a stink, takes off like a rocket

A new Alabama minor league baseball team’s name is taking off like a rocket after making a big stink. Read More

100s of Oregon ‘witches’ paddle down river, minus the brooms

Hundreds of “witches” traded in broomsticks for paddles in Oregon during the last weekend before Halloween. Read More


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