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Typhoon Jebi leaves destruction, 11 dead in Japan

One of Japan’s busiest airports remained closed indefinitely, a day after the strongest typhoon to hit Japan in 25 years flooded a runway, toppled huge cranes, flipped cars on their side, damaged historic shrines and caused at least 11 deaths as it swept across part of Japan’s main island. Read More

North Korean parade a tricky prelude to inter-Korean summit

As North Korea prepares for a massive parade Sunday featuring thousands of goose-stepping soldiers and lots of scary-looking missiles, some potentially capable of reaching the U.S. mainland, worry is rising in South Korea that a tentative, hard-won detente is starting to slip away. Read More

Stranded people leave flooded airport after typhoon in Japan

People stranded at a flooded offshore airport overnight returned by boat and bus to the Japanese mainland Wednesday after a typhoon swept across part of Japan’s main island. Read More

Japan hit by strongest typhoon in 25 years; 8 dead

Jebi, reportedly the strongest typhoon to make landfall in Japan since 1993, headed north across the main island of Honshu toward the Sea of Japan. Read More

Businesses shuttered as historic Typhoon Jebi lands in Japan

Typhoon Jebi made landfall in western Japan on Tuesday, the strongest tropical cyclone to come ashore in Japan in 25 years, and has picked up speed as it bears down on one of Japan’s most densely populated areas. Read More

Brazilians see metaphor for their struggles in museum fire

Firefighters dug through the burned-out hulk of Brazil’s National Museum on Monday, a day after flames gutted the building, as the country mourned the irreplaceable treasures lost and pointed fingers over who was to blame. Read More

Judge orders Amsterdam stabbing suspect held 2 more weeks

An investigating judge ordered an Afghan asylum-seeker held for a further two weeks on suspicion of stabbing “with a terrorist motive” two American tourists at Amsterdam’s main railway station. Read More

Firefighters try to save relics as fire engulfs Rio museum

A huge fire engulfed Brazil’s 200-year-old National Museum in Rio de Janeiro, lighting up the night sky with towering flames as firefighters and museum workers raced to save historical relics from the blaze. Read More

Myanmar court sentences Reuters reporters to 7 years in jail

A Myanmar court sentenced two Reuters journalists to seven years in prison Monday for illegal possession of official documents, a ruling met with international outrage that will add to condemnation over the military’s alleged human rights abuses against Rohingya Muslims. Read More

Trips across Mediterranean fall, but risks rise, reports U.N. refugee agency

The U.N. refugee agency says people smugglers are taking greater risks to ferry their human cargo toward Europe as Libya’s coast guard intercepts more and more boats carrying migrants, increasing the likelihood that those on board may die during the Mediterranean journeys. Read More

Rights group says Yemen bus strike was ‘apparent war crime’

An airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition fighting Yemen’s Iran-aligned Houthi rebels in Yemen that killed dozens of people last month is an “apparent war crime,” an international rights group said. Read More

Pope Francis’ accuser turns up pressure with more accusations

The archbishop who accused Pope Francis of covering up a cardinal’s sexual misconduct has escalated his offensive with new, detailed accusations that put increasing pressure on a pontiff who the archbishop and his supporters say has misled the faithful and should resign. Read More

Hope and caution in North Korea as Kim Jong Un shifts gears

Hope and caution in North Korea as Kim Jong Un shifts gears MOUNT CHILBO, North Korea >> Tanned and wearing a swimsuit, So Myong Il walks to the barbecue pit and throws on some clams. Read More

19-year-old Afghan citizen allegedly attacked Americans in Amsterdam

A 19-year-old Afghan citizen had a “terrorist motive” for allegedly stabbing two Americans at the main train station in Amsterdam, city authorities in the Dutch capital said today. Read More

Amsterdam police study possible terror motive for stabbings

Police investigators in Amsterdam included an extremist attack as a possible motive for the stabbings of two people at a busy railway station Friday as authorities in the Dutch capital reported that a suspect shot by police is an Afghan citizen. Read More



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