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The whole Chelada

About 25 years ago, a friend introduced me to a drink I love that many folks crinkle their nose at — until they try it: beer and tomato juice. Back then we called it red beer or bloody beer, and it was primarily a hangover remedy.

Recently I saw a tallboy can of something called Chelada at a Mexican restaurant. Budweiser now markets a combination of beer, Clamato juice, spices and lime. If you enjoy a Bloody Mary now and then, you’ll like Chelada. You can find it at Times, Safeway and other stores. Or just mix your own. — Dave Reardon

Way cool

Who knew a kitchen appliance could have such sex appeal? Americans seem to be catching up with Europeans, whose smaller, older buildings require space-enhancing design sensibilities. Long and lean at 70 inches high and a mere 24 inches wide, the GE GBC12IAX is about the same height as a standard fridge and has features most apartment-size units lack, such as a bottom freezer and ice maker. The bummer? It’s not Energy Star qualified. Even at that, and a $1,400-plus price tag, salespeople say they can’t keep it on the floor. Order it from Lowes, Best Buy and Sears. Cool, baby. — Ruby Mata-Viti

Crack seed royalty

Mangosteen is known as the "Queen of Fruits." Inside the hard, purple rind is a sweet and sublime white fruit with a mild flavor similar to lychee. The rind around the fresh fruit is usually discarded, but it can also be dried and preserved, like lemon peel, and it’s supposed to be good for the digestion.

The flavor is sweet with a hint of licorice, and like most crack seed, you can’t eat just one.

Dried mangosteen is available at Sun Chong Co., 127 N. Hotel St., in half-pound bags for $4.99. — Craig Gima

Happy housework

I love when people find a way to make something utilitarian fun. Brushing Beauties, a kitchen brush available at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $5.99, fits firmly in that category. The brushes come in a variety of "hair" colors and with different dresses, but each sports a friendly face that will make you smile while you do the dishes. — Donica Kaneshiro

Belated Halloween treat

Step aside Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin: The best Halloween TV tradition resides in Springfield. Yeah, yeah, we did Halloween last week, but "The Simpsons" always celebrates late with its much-anticipated "Treehouse of Horror" episodes. This year’s trilogy gets laughs from the get-go with a shout-out to "The Office" followed by parodies of "Jumanji," the Nicole Kidman thriller "Dead Calm" and, of course, "Twilight." Hugh Laurie guest stars, but see if you can guess who voices the Edward Cullen character — it’s not Robert Pattinson — when the show airs at 8 p.m. Sunday on Fox. Christie Wilson


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