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Tonight’s “Hawaii Five-0” has been hyped for several weeks now because of special guest star Sean Combs as NYPD Detective Reggie Cole, and I have to say the hype has been worth the wait. The music video tie-in of his song “Coming Home” probably gave me the entire story breakdown as well as an impressive view of Combs’s great ability to play the anguished and misunderstood cop.

But it’s not like we haven’t seen these emotions all season with our Five-0 Team, as anguish and misunderstanding definitely plague our fearless four. Between McGarrett and his quest to answer the questions of the Champ Box, and Chin Ho and the obvious misjudgment of his character by the HPD and his family, we can see that the theme of misguided assumptions has been a thorn in Five-0’s side. We can even fit Danno in with the overall lack of confidence in his ability to understand Hawaii and for being the seemingly glaring “outsider.” All of this sets them apart. Well, especially Danno. He gets picked on all the time for his love of ties and his dislike of the ocean, but I’ll bet we’ll get a shaka and see him sporting some slippers soon enough.

But for the most part, the theme of tonight’s episode would be punishment. Cole has been separated from his family by his undercover work, and then horribly punished for betraying the head of a known mob family he has infiltrated. His real family — his wife murdered, his son traumatized — is severely punished for his actions. And that brings us to the title of tonight’s episode, “Ho‘opa‘i” which according to the CBS website means “close to heart.” And if you think about what happened in tonight’s show, we can make many references to people and actions being close to heart. Cole has his family close to heart and his actions hit McGarrett and the Team close to their hearts. But according to my Hawaiian language expert T. Ilihia Gionson, “ho‘opa‘i” means “to punish.” As in, “we punish our children because we want them to grow into good industrious men and women — because we love them, and we hold them close to our hearts.”

All deep and very appropriate symbolism for this episode. In Hawaiian, we call this kaona — the hidden meaning or concealed reference to a person, place or thing. Kaona is usually used in Hawaiian poetry and mele, and as many of you know, we Hawaiian poets and songwriters love to use words that have a double meaning within our writing. So Gionson is right in seeing this as “the mainland detective who is on a mission to punish the people who hurt him and his family. So Ho’opa’i as “punish” works.” But Cole’s mission is also close to his heart. He wants peace for himself and his son, and he wants his secret life to end. The actual translation of “close to (the) heart” is “Pili I Ka Pu‘uwai,” yet I think “Ho‘opa‘i” does work — for the episode we saw tonight. In more ways than one.

The way that Cole finds peace however, is brutal and deadly, as several bad guys are shot and more than one family is torn apart by their actions. Cole loses his wife and almost his life, and the big bad guy — Mob boss Jimmy Cannon played by Keith David — loses his own son, perhaps not during the episode, but in the end to an ultimate betrayal. And in lieu of a “Book ‘em, Danno” we got a “The injection, Richard, you hear me?” I think he heard you, McG. Betrayals, revenge, punishment, all actions we saw tonight, and definitely a good representation of “ho‘opa‘i.” It was a another episode of “Hawaii Five-0” that reminds us that crime is usually about punishment, but sometimes the punishment comes much too close to the heart.

It was interesting to hear Sean Combs’s song “Coming Home” at the start and end of the episode. It definitely played a major role in tonight’s episode. Not only did it lend itself well to the action and add the to the soundtrack, but the lyrics tell another part of the story. “I’m coming home/
I’m coming home/
Tell the World I’m coming home/
Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday/
I know my kingdom awaits and they’ve forgiven my mistakes.” Lines like McGarrett’s, “I answer to God and to the Governor, neither of whom are going to help you right now” and Cole’s, “Now you got heaven and you got hell, you got one chance to tell me the truth, and God can hear you,” are more reflection of the symbolism of the lyrics — the kaona behind the writing. It was nice that in the end, Cole does find some peace, found a home with his son, and perhaps found some forgiveness for his mistakes. In the end Cole came home, and after so much punishment, he is deserving.

Actors Kwesi Boakye, left; Selita Ebanks, center and Sean Combs, right.

Redux Side Note:

McG explaining the ingredients of Spam completely burst my bubble. Kamekona is right — spam is the Hawaiian steak, the nectar of the islands. It is not a traditional Hawaiian dish — really, it isn’t — but we love it. Six million cans sold annually just in our little state tells of our love for the tinned meat. Yes, McG, processed pork parts, salt and meat stock — that’s what gives it the glaze — is a dish we can live off here in our lovely islands. Just look at Kamekona, does he look like he’s starving?

Personally I think I would have liked to see the scene where McG loses the bet and takes Kamekona to the water park, but maybe they are saving that one for another episode.


Wendie Burbridge is a published writer, playwright and a teacher of literature and fiction writing at Kamehameha Schools-Kapālama. Reach her on Facebook at and Twitter @WendieJoy.

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  • as we say every week, this was one of the best to date! it sounds redundant but its true. sean combs was excellent! i hope they will bring him back! steve’s moment with cole’s son in the closet and taking his hand/carrying him out of the house was touching. when cole asked him during interrogation if he had kids steve had a sad look on his face. kind of sad to know how steves path has taken him home but he is obviously someone who wants to love a family. spam is gross really really gross. we have scrapple in philly and its gross too! I just dont know how a person can ingest that kind of stuff. more power to ya if you like it but ill stick with fruit bacon and eggs! cole and mcgarrett had great chemistry to the point that for a breif second i forgot about all the bromance with danno. that is how powerful combs performance was. i have to say i was one of the complainers about all the guest stars cheapening the show but i stand corrected (alhough nick and vanessa, lame) peter and crew knew what they were doing on this one! the postcards thru the mail slot – were building up to something big here and its gonna be explosive in more ways than one. I am wondering if the governors assistant is tied into this some how. we havent touched on her yet and maby theyre saving her for last. would be a great twist to find her on wo-fat’s payroll, huh? whatever is going down its gonna be a fun ride! cant wait to see how it unravels! Taylor Willy needs a beefier role on the show. the comic relief is great but wouldnt it be awesome if he was able to do more? maby he would surprise us all with his acting chops! thank you steve for wearing a swim shirt last nite im sure millions of women were disappointed but im sure the make up crew got a well deserved break from coveing up his ho-stamp—lol.
    great work wendie!!! loved it!

    • Hey I love the bromance between Steve and Dano – there were plenty fun moments when they are together. Sure Sean Coombs was fantastic but I wouldn’t want him to be a 5th cast member. I want our Five-0’s to shine on their own. Sean Coombs did a fantastic job but more appearance would be more fun especially if its an intense action episode like last night but not on a regular basis. It would never work. He’s too strong a personality two tough seals and three cops might be cool but it would change the show too much.

      As for the shirtless Steve – never mind that we know what a hot body he got but talk about resourcefulness he even suran wrapped his cast so that it wouldn’t get wet when he went for a swim nothing stops him does it? As for the surprise in the kitchen, loved that scene. Kamekona is adorable but yes, I too would love to see more development jsut a little more from our shave ice guy!! But he still somehow makes Steve uncomfortable but Steve is warming up to him, he likes his friendly face around his sister. But Kamekona is good for comedic moments after an intense start of a show. I always have a smile when we see him.

        • Of course I don’t want Jenna in there either. But the four should still remain as is. No 5th member needed. Remember Peter Lenkov said their 5th cast member was the island, Hawaii. I don’t think they have plans to have number five on the show since the fab four’s chemistry is what carries the show. If however they really wanted a number five for Five-0 then Sean would be the best pick but I think they would want to be close to the original characters, and since he’s characer is called Reggie Cole and non native Hawaiian, it wouldn’t wor,k but it would definitely be nice to see lots more of him as agent Reggie Cole. I would much rather have agent Cole help McG team up to go after Organized Crime and take down Wofat instead of agent Kaye!!

        • Totally agree with you Val, no fifth member ! There’s enough to deal with the 4 of them, altogether and as couple partners. Many combinaisons to be explored !

      • How the hell did he manage to put the extra tight swimming suit on with his cast ?? ^^

        Thanks Wendie, the blog is very interesting as always !

        • That’s a very good question Cecile. lol!! Maybe that’s why Kamekona was cooking breakfast in the first place!! Steve would need help to get out of his tight wet suit…and oh I would have loved to see Steve’s face when Kamekona offers to help. It would be so hysterically funny.

    • Joey, I think you’re right! There was a chemistry, or maybe just a bonding, between Steve and Reggie, and I feel it was probably because the two of them are so much alike, personality-wise! Steve seemed to know exactly what Reggie would do next, undoubtedly because it’s exactly what he would have done under similar circumstances. Except for the part about he (Steve) would go by the book – “what book? War and Peace? Minus the Peace?” I don’t think there was any less bromance between Steve and Danny. I think, if anything, it’s just evolved to new heights. The boys meshed in their actions – very smooth now – they know what to expect from each other, and now respect each others abilities completely. They might still bait each other, but it’s not anywhere near as agressively as in earlier episodes.

  • WendieJoy,

    Once again, you have regaled us with an illuminating article delving deep into the spirit behind this latest episode. I was someone not too excited about the prospect of Sean Combs appearing, but after seeing the music video and his performance I changed my mind. I have only seen the 2nd half of the episode so far ,so I’ll have to go back and not only look at it in full but now I will have the Hawaiian viewpoint to watch it with!

    I just love learning about the language and culture from your posts about this great show!
    Looking forward to our next podcast together, too!

    A hui hou!
    Dana In Vermont

    ‘Hawaii In Vermont’ podcast of the new Hawaii Five-0

    • Oh Hi Dana – I heard the pod cast with Wendie – it was awesome. Loved it – so much detail and info…and love hearing more about the pronounciation of some of the Hawaiian words, have difficulty in spelling them let alone pronouncing them correctly …but learning as much as I can and listening to you both can tell u love the show as much as we do. So appreciate what you both have done. Mahalo.

  • Great review Wendie! Very insightful and I love reading the Hawaiian view of the episode.

    As for the meaning of the title, it’s possible CBS made a boo boo. For the May 2nd episode, here’s what’s on the CBS press release: “Ho’ohuli Na’au” is Hawaiian for “Close to Heart.” Sooooo unless 2 different phrases mean the exact same thing…..I’m thinking the press people are as confused about Hawaiian words as the rest of us mainlanders. 😉

  • I am willing to go along with these themes Love & Family, Betrayal & Justice, all of which came full circle in last night’s ep.

    The worst act of betrayal was the FBI Agent Allison Marsh’s thoughtless actions which could have prevented that awful tragedy on the beach in the early hours. She had a job to do but her own family emergency got in the way. She should have found an agent to cover for her in her absence and send out three agents and not two but she chose not to, thinking that a few extra time would be enough to deal with her problem, as a result two good people are dead. She also betrayed her ex through various sources to prevent him from leaving the country and had him locked up instead. She may have wanted to protect her daughter but she chose the wrong way to do this and as punishment Wendie maybe her punishment will be that she will have to live with what she did to Reggie’s family for the rest of her life and maybe that’s why Reggie gets the job offer to work for the FBI, a desk job so that he could make up for the time he lost with his young son.

    Another bad act of betrayal is greed, FBI agent who accepted a large payday to kill an innocent woman, deprived a young boy of his father – this act of betrayal cuts close to Steve’s heart. Remember any references of any boy losing his father, gets Steve moving into action. Nothing would stop him or Five-0 from seeking justice, they would go through walls to seek it.

    When Steve found the terrified child hiding in the closet, it was probably a moment that was a lot different from the elevator scene in “Ohana” – he wasn’t paying attention to the terrified boy when he loaded his gun and Danny said to Steve – “you have a wonderful way with kids” – well not this time. Not this time. – GREAT BLOG WENDIE!!!

  • Hi Wendie,

    Another awesome blog about another awesome epi. Love Diddy’s song and it did fit perfectly. Also gotta say this episode probably had the most memorable lines of the whole season!

    • roflmao
      Danny: “Don’t do that.”
      Steve: “Don’t do what?”
      Danny: “Put both on hands on the wheel like that. When you do that means something bad is about to happen.” Steve smiles. “Wait… Just give me a minute.” Danny click his seatbelt into place. “Okay.”
      Steve revs engine and proceeds to drive car through gate.

      • Speaking of Kool Aid at the risk of sounding really stupid I wanted to run something by you – just something that has really been bothering me a lot – its the “gifts” McGarrett has been getting in the mail lately – then something dawned on me. Mind u I could be wrong but what if we are all looking in the wrong places.

        Remember when McG received the photos last night? They were crime scene photos but last night was the first time I heard any references to a crime scene connection to the bomb explosion on his mother’s car. Were those the pictures of his mother’s car? That was the first time I heard it.

        I thought wait a sec…we have been getting clues from the writers who wanted us to know what was in the toolbox – MA6LT – remember Mamo was a witness and gave their dad a description of the man who put the bomb under mom McG’s car – of course we know it led to Koji Noshimuri.

        The post cards of Japan ended up with Jenna to analyse, the voice recorder not sure if she still has it or he does, and the key we never got the key back and the prev. episode he said he received a “match book” – what was that? It wasn’t in the toolbox I over anlysing here? I think maybe the “key” might be the missing piece for ep 24? Not sure. Its driving me crazy trying figure this out.

  • Wendie,
    As always a great post with excellent local comments. I agree that Sean did better than I expected, but I would not want him as a fifth cast member. Perhaps a guest every now and then, but I would prefer more development of the shaved ice man.
    On another note, I enjoyed the joint podcast you did with Dana in Vermont. Good stuff.

  • I agree with a lot of the comments. Sean did a little better than i thought he would be he’s still not a good actor. I hope he doesnt become a fifth cast member. I wish Kamekona had a bigger role or an episode wrapped around him. BTW, I LOVE spam, and spam and eggs along with anything spam comes with. I hope those who live in Honolulu will be going to the Spam Jam in Waikiki on April 30th. Aloha

  • Wendie! Excellent blog today! I love the way you delve into the title and discuss it’s meaning and whether or not it is correctly used for the theme of the episode! I so enjoyed Sean Combs’ “Coming Home.” It brought chills, both in the beginning and the end. I’d seen the video and the promos, too, so I knew what to expect, but still, to see Reggie reconnect with his wife and son ( who didn’t even recognize him) and then to witness the bursts of gunfire and Reggie’s reaction to his wife’s death, Heart wrenching! And at the end, when all was said and done, as the Five – 0’s turn back to their office, and Reggie and his son look at the seashell-shaped cloud, remembering mother and wife, with “Coming Home” in the background? Okay I admit it, I honestly teared up for the first time in this series.

    Sean Combs was better than I expected, but seems pretty one dimensional as an actor. Good at the action and has the ability to emote anger, but his tender moments left a lot to be desired – I think he was lucky that he had a great script to follow, and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t ad-libbing! IMO, only, of course.

    Thanks again for the chance to share my impressions here, Wendie!

  • Ok..I am going to try this again and see if it works. I don’t think you site likes me today LOL. As always Wendie, great blog. I love how you add the local color to every blog and discuss the meanings of the titles. Makes me feel more connected to the show and the island. Makes a great show even better. Great job.

    If “Ho‘opa‘i” means “close to heart” I can’t think of a scene that better shows that than when Steve found Kevin in the closet. Steve was so gentle, trying so hard to comfort that scared little boy. Kevin touched Steve’s heart, because Steve knew he had just watched his mother die. How heartbreaking for Steve to see himself in that little boy. Yeah, Lynnette, I shed a few tears there too.

    Another great episode. I know we say that every week and I don’t know how they manage to do it week after week. It only seems to get better. Thanks Wendie for making it even better!!!

  • Thank you for your blog, I agree with pretty much everything you said, Love the scene of McG breaking down the gate, he always makes look like it is so much fun doing that, and I love that before he left he took a piece of food in Cannon’s plate, nice touch! Also the truck chasing the bad guy was awesome and McG tells Reggie to take the guy, perfect, one of my favorite scenes was when McG found Reggie’s boy hiding, just love the look he gives, ahhhh I also liked the music, nice opening and also for the end, fitted really well with the scenes and scenery!

  • I thought last night’s episode was just amazing. I have no idea how the creative crew keeps pumping out episodes that are better than the last, but once again, they have accomplished that by leaps and bounds. Everyone did such an amazing job. Sean Combs bypassed any expectations I had for him. I hope they bring ‘Reggie’ back again in the second season. Two thumbs way up for the crew, cast, EPs, and writers involved in ‘Ho’opa’i’. Just really amazing.

    • Good job Lisa!! I just think a lot of planning went into the writing of the script – think Sean Combs got himself a great spot on the show. I think he was terrific on raising the intensity level of the episode and lots of action packed scenes – just think that the scene with the two guns drawn was a bit over the top which is not what we normally see, that kind of agression on H50. But it was fun to watch all the racy action bits. I have a feeling Agent Cole might return to help McGarrett do some shake downs on Organized Crimes only if it affects Hawaii of course.

      But for now I’d much rather our “team” went solo on this!! Please no more big stars for a while, just too much hype going on. Let Team Five-0 continue to do their thing, and they do it so well.

    • Good job Lisa!! I just think a lot of planning went into the writing of the script – think Sean Combs got himself a great spot on the show. I think he was terrific on raising the intensity level of the episode and lots of action packed scenes – just think that the scene with the two guns drawn was a bit over the top which is not what we normally see, that kind of agression on H50. But it was fun to watch all the racy action bits. I have a feeling Agent Cole might return to help McGarrett do some shake downs on Organized Crimes only if it affects Hawaii of course.

      But for now I’d much rather our “team” went solo on this!! Please no more big stars for a while, just too much hype going on. Let Team Five-0 continue to do their thing, and they do it so well.

      • I agree Val – I want pure 5-0 for the last 3 episodes! I know Rick Springfield is coming in 2 weeks, but I don’t think that will be too obtrusive.

  • This was one of the best episodes of Hawaii Five-0, from start to finish. The primary actors were superb and special guest star Sean Combs did a wonderful job. The music and scenery were fantastic.

  • Thanks for the great review, Wendie. There is no one else out there who covers every episode of the show like you do and who provides so much insight.

    I thought Combs did a decent job but I agree with others here who prefer he not become a permanent addition to the cast. In fact, I liked the acting from all of the guest stars in this episode, from the young man who played Reggie’s son to the actor who played the ominous New York gangster. It was also nice to see a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Selita Ebanks, appear in this episode. (If her character had survived, I would have supported her as a permanent addition to the cast!)

    Hopefully this episode was an indication of how strong the show will finish its first season. I am still surprised that the show has not been officially renewed yet but I would be shocked if it doesn’t happen.

  • Another great summation to a great show! Thx for your insight into one of the best episodes offered. I also loved the comment by MCG: “I only answer to God and the Governor…” Also, the references Danny made regarding McG’s reading tastes in the “cargument” scene. Furthermore, I thought that Sean Combs was awesome. He’s a good actor, who I hope returns soon, I wouldn’t mind if he were permanent. The boy who played his son is quite the little actor himself. I was also touched by how McG was so gentle with the boy. Maybe Danno rubbed off on him…like Danno said McG rubbed off on Kono when she climbed the tree. The show was priceless!

  • Hey, Wendie — A tad late to the party, but wanted to let things ferment a while. 😉

    I was interested to see how the show’s core theme of family was worked into this episode and how it related to McG’s experiences. While he may not have kids of his own, as Reggie threw at him in that ages old “you don’t have kids, therefore you don’t understand unconditional love nor selfless sacrifice” cant (which I may get to at some point), 😉 he knows all too well what it’s like to be the son of a driven cop father who puts work ahead of family (and pays the ultimate price for it), and he knows all too well what it’s like to have his mother snatched away and his life turned upside down as a result. I think he saw a lot of himself in young Kevin, especially knowing now that his own mother’s death was no accident, and could see aspects of McGarrett Sr. in Reggie — and see him possibly making the same mistakes with his son.

    Kids of his own or no, McG was impressively gentle, compassionate, and considerate with the terrified and traumatized little boy he found huddled under that blanket — reaching out to him, but letting Kevin be the one to actually grab his hand; picking him up and cradling him close to his body, busted arm or no, and telling him to keep his eyes closed, sparing him additional horror; kneeling down to be at Kevin’s eye level when promising to get him answers, and reinforcing his words with a gentle touch to his face. While he may’ve been a good bit older when he got the news of his mother’s death, in that moment, Steve’s right there with Kevin, and determined to get him the answers he’ll need — and to make sure he didn’t lose anyone else.

    While he didn’t agree with Reggie’s approach to the situation, Steve certainly could see where he was coming from, what was motivating him, and what landmines and pitfalls were in his path, and he and 5-0 worked their butts off trying to keep Reggie from running afoul of them.

    We also get a comparison / contrast of Danny and his way of balancing job and family against a McGarrett Sr. type, in that Reggie seems to be operating out of the same “job first” playbook as Pappy McG. Whenever Stave and Danny have a ‘cargument’ that involves parenting issues, Steve’s own experience is part of the underlying fabric — in this case, what would Danny do in this situation, versus what Steve would do, and what Reggie, and by extension, Pappy McG, have done. Danny would *want* to kill everyone responsible for such an attack, but he wouldn’t put himself in a position that would rob Grace of her one remaining parent; Steve claims he’d go by the book (yeaahhh, about that…) 😉 while Reggie — Reggie doesn’t seem to be thinking that far ahead, and Pappy McG handled the situation by banishing his kids, effectively robbing them of their family, their home, their sense of place and belonging.

    Finally… Reggie’s fallback position of “you don’t have kids, therefore you’re cluless.” Eh. That argument’s never held much water with me. So as a parent, it’s instinctive to totally, completely, and unreservedly love your child and be willing to do anything to protect and nurture that child. Got it, understood. There’s a flipside to that, though, in that it’s much, much easier to be that selfless, to give unconditional love like that, when you can point to instinct — when you *don’t* have to consciously make that decision — than it is when you have to look at someone and consciously decide you’re going to put their welfare ahead of your own, possibly to the point of sacrificing your life for them. Not only that, but to reaffirm that decision day by day by day. (I have an uncle who’ll tell you point blank that his close friends are more important to him than his extended family — he got to choose the former, while he’s stuck with and had no say in the latter).

    I don’t think it’s inaccurate to say that Steve would, and has, put those he loves ahead of himself — he’s used his relationship with the governor to protect Danny’s relationship with Grace from Rachel’s machinations, he’s stolen millions to save Chin, he’s lied to and obstructed the Feds to give Danny the time he needed to try find and stop his brother, and I don’t doubt for an instant that he’d take a bullet or throw himself on a grenade for Chin, Kono, Danny, or Grace, or Rachel, for that matter… it may be an offshoot of his SEAL mindset, but that willingness to sacrifice himself for others — loved ones, family, especially — is a part of who Steve McGarrett is down to the bone.

  • Bert, Val, Lynnette, Joey and everyone commenting along with Wendie, you guys do awesome commentary!!!

    I would love to refer to some of these comments in my next ‘Hawaii In Vermont’ podcast which Wendie graciously joined me for last week! I’m recording the next one with my mysterious co-host, Eli, this weekend on ‘Ho‘opa‘i’, the Sean Combs episode. I can mention the comments without mentioning names and just use initials, unless you say otherwise)

    You can comment further by emailing me if you like at

    Archived podcasts can be heard at the ‘Hawaii In Vermont’ blog at
    and more info can be gained at

    Wendie and I plan to do more of these together and I would like to invite more people to join in the podcast by calling in as a co-host or just leaving comments by Skype, which is free if you have it on your computer! Please let me know!


    Dana In Vermont

    Host of the 1st original podcast review
    of the CBS reboot of Hawaii 5-0
    ‘Hawaii In Vermont’ at

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