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2 people seriously injured by falling tree branch in Waikiki

Two people were hurt today after a branch fell from a banyan tree at the International Market Place in Waikiki.

Paramedics took a 73-year-old woman and a man, who appears to be about 70, to a hospital in serious condition, according to an Emergency Medical Services supervisor.

The incident happened shortly before 4 p.m., the supervisor said.

Some International Marketplace vendors said the woman fell and hit her head on a sign when a tree branch, roughly 5 inches thick and 5 to 6 feet long, fell during windy conditions. The vendors could not say for sure if the branch hit her head.

Stella Mitsuka, a jewelry saleswoman, said, “I hear the branch fall down. It’s very loud. I think it was far it fell.

“She fell down, hit the sign. Husband came out of bathroom. He got scared and he fell and he hit the (door) frame.”

Mitsuka said it was the second time a large tree branch had fallen in the area. The other time was sometime last year, she said.

Another woman said a passerby helped the woman, who was bleeding from her head, by taking off his T-shirt, holding it to her head and staying with her until an ambulance arrived.

“It came down when it was windy,” said Rick Harmon, an activities salesman. “A lot of debris also came down.”

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