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Space station photo shows Mauna Kea in afternoon light

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NASA EARTH OBSERVATORY NASA released this image of Mauna Kea taken from the International Space Station on Nov. 1. The image has been cropped an enhanced to improve contrast.

NASA’s Earth Observatory released a stunning picture of Mauna Kea, taken in the late afternoon, from the International Space Station last month.

The afternoon light and angle of the photo accentuates shadows, cinder cones and the white domes of the observatories along the crater rim, giving the photo an almost three-dimensional appearance.

The observatories appear as small white dots on the rim of Mauna Kea.

NASA posted the photo on its Earth Observatory website as its image of the day on Monday.

It was taken on Nov. 1 at about 5 p.m. as the space station passed over Hawaii.

The astronaut, a member of the Expedition 45 crew, used a Nikon D4 digital camera and an 800-millimeter lens.

4 responses to “Space station photo shows Mauna Kea in afternoon light”

  1. Waokanaka says:

    Wow, you can actually see the “violation” of Mauna Kea by the imperious scientists, huh ??
    NOT !! The Hawaii Supreme Court justices that voted to negate a PERFECTLY executed environmental statement should be impeached. No wonder Hawaii has such a horrible reputation for doing business in. Rather than honor a legal document, the justices cower because a couple hundred rabble rousing vagrants raise a stink. Nice going Supreme Court, way to display your legal incompetence !!!

  2. MakaniKai says:


  3. thevoiceofhawaii says:

    How about including a link to the photo next time so people can download.


  4. cojef says:

    The Russians as well as our government are in a position to look in through our windows a snoop their hearts content. Nothing is sacred, even the the grounds claimed by the demonstrators. Having said that, fanaticism included.

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