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HPD officers hurt while responding to fracas

Three Honolulu police officers were injured early this morning near Chinatown while responding to an argument on Beretania Street.

The incident was reported at 2:50 a.m. as an argument between a 28-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman.

The first responding officer was hit in the face, police said, and then the suspect allegedly attacked two other officers who arrived to assist in the arrest.

The woman tried to help the suspect and was arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest and obstructing government operations.

The male suspect faces three counts of first-degree assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, abuse, several outstanding bench warrants and parole violations.

Police did not release information on the condition of the three officers.

13 responses to “HPD officers hurt while responding to fracas”

  1. samidunn says:

    If you assault a police officer you should get mandatory jail time.

    • mikethenovice says:

      Yeah! Mandatory of one whole hour in jail, that is.

    • allie says:

      In North Dakota is is very rare for a man or woman suspect to assault a policeman or woman. It seems all too common out here. I do think the courts need to treat these assaults as felonies. It is or should be a serious matter.

      • pohaku96744 says:

        Allie, COPs are for the weak. People in Morth Dakota are strong and independent, they don’t need COPs. Met some people from that State, they have different view of the US, actually refreshing.

  2. pohaku96744 says:

    What a bunch of bozo the clowns. COPs on the outer Islands have to handle situations like this by themselves. What happened to all that specialized equipment they purchased to level the playing field.for small cops, women cops. What waste of tax payers money. Now we have to pay the medical bills for.these clowns.

    • Poipounder808 says:

      So I guess you were an eye witness and saw exactly what happened. I suppose if the suspects were hurt during the arrest you would be crying brutality…SMH.

      • pohaku96744 says:

        No, did not , I can read. The assessment made on what the reporter wrote. He got that from the suspects bookings. We spend thousands of dollars to outfit COPs to protect the public. They cannot even protect themselves. Yeah suspects should have gotten lickens, no problem with people that want to fight COPs. They do so at their own risk.

        • pohaku96744 says:

          But COPs crying….weak, that’s why they get no respect.

        • Poipounder808 says:

          Who said the cops were crying? If they got injured they have to document what happened not only for court proceedings to justify the charges but for health reasons. What if these guys were chronics and had hepatitis or aids?

      • Poipounder808 says:

        By the way, how many incidents do you think occur where officers diffused situations and took combative suspects into custody without getting hurt…just didn’t make the news. You make a lot of assumptions based on a very non specific account of what happened.

  3. Tahitigirl55 says:

    Frank Delima song – Babooze, Babooze.

  4. mikethenovice says:

    Cops in Iraq do not get hurt. They just arrest them and have them stoned the very next day. No more crime after that.

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