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Trump calls Clinton a ‘liar’ over video claim

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Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump addressed supporters at a campaign rally on Monday in Grand Rapids, Mich. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

WASHINGTON » Donald Trump on Monday accused Hillary Clinton of lying when she said the Islamic State group used videos of his comments about Muslims to recruit militants.

The Republican presidential front-runner also took to Twitter to demand an apology from his leading Democratic opponent.

“She’s a liar!” Trump told more than 6,000 people at a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He also said Clinton was “crooked” and “not a president.”

During Saturday’s Democratic debate, Clinton said Trump had become the Islamic State’s “best recruiter” and said, “They are going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists.”

There was no evidence to back the claim, and a spokeswoman later said, “She didn’t have a particular video in mind.”

Still, Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon, asked on Monday by MSNBC if Clinton would apologize to Trump, insisted, “Hell no.”

During his rally on Monday at Grand Rapids’ DeltaPlex Arena, Trump used crude language to portray Clinton as someone who constantly loses, citing her race against Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination in 2008.

“She was favored to win and she got schlonged, she lost,” he said.

He also mocked Clinton for returning to the debate late following a commercial break. “I thought she quit, I thought she gave up,” Trump joked.

He later seemed to acknowledge reports that she got delayed waiting to use a restroom: “I know where she went. It’s disgusting, I don’t want to talk about it.”

Trump argued that he is the last person Clinton wants to run against in a general election.

“Ask Jeb Bush if he enjoys running against me,” he said of the former Florida governor who has been struggling to gain traction despite a massive early fundraising advantage.

“Ask Lindsey Graham, did he enjoy running against Trump?” he said of the South Carolina senator who on Monday announced his departure from the race.

Trump also defended the kind words he’s been exchanging with Russian President Vladimir Putin, brushing off criticism that he has been too kind to the Russian president.

“That’s like a good thing, not a bad thing,” he insisted. “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get along like with people?”

And he made clear that he is opposed to the killing of journalists, after appearing to brush off concerns about Putin’s record on a Sunday morning news show.

“I don’t like that, I’m totally against that,” said Trump. “By the way, I hate some of these people … and some of them are such lying, disgusting people, it’s true. But I would never kill. And anybody that does I think would be despicable.”

102 responses to “Trump calls Clinton a ‘liar’ over video claim”

  1. koolau says:

    I’m not a Trump supporter, but he has legitimate questions on Clinton’s track on Benghazi, her denial responses on security e=mails as Secretary of State, etc. It’s a spooky thought if both end up in the General Election. The bigger question is, what has this nation’s psych come to when these two lead in their respective party’s poll?

    • Pocho says:

      Why would anyone vote for a person with a track record on lying to the public? Trumps’s proven himself business wise and do we really think he could do more harm to the US citizen than President Obama and Hillary?

      • Boots says:

        Are you talking about the Donald? lol Didn’t the Donald win a new award for the most lying? But yes any republican would do a lot more harm to America than President Obama and Hillary. After all they have renounced republican values so that today Deficits don’t matter. Why anyone would vote for such a bankrupt party is beyond me.

        • Pocho says:

          Please list The Donald’s lying for us. How do you compare an Elected Official who’s been voted into Office to serve the people vs. a business man on that? Either you don’t or won’t come to terms of her lying ways because of your Politics, that’s the bottom line. Hillary has a track record in serving the Country, what has she done but lie to the General Public?

        • Pocho says:

          What political party does the current President represent who practically doubled the US deficit in his 2 terms? Obama wanted and ran for the Presidency, he fixed nothin! Obama LIED about ObamaCare, costs is up, are all able to keep their medical providers, etc., States ditched their signup programs, Racial tensions has turned for the worse, etc., Iran’s non-compliance testing it’s missle having no consequences, Kerry writes a letter to Iran the new Visa program can be skirted, etc.. Somethings WRONG! We Need To Make America Great Again.

        • FARKWARD says:

          “Pocho says” : “How do you compare an Elected Official who’s been voted into Office to serve the people vs. a business man on that?” NEWS FLASH :
          The wife of the 42nd President of the USA is not an “Elected Official”, and Secretary of State of the USA is also not an “Elected Official”. Most important Hillary Clinton only serves her own ego and financial needs…
          Personally, I’m more curious to further explore Hillary’s Lesbian “AFFAIR” with Yoko Ono–when Hillary was in College…

        • Pocho says:

          I also give you that wanting to be PC. Hillary served the US public, who paid her salary? to lie

        • Keonigohan says:

          You best quit drinking the KOOLADE..and take off your TIN FOIL HAT..and last but least your HIGH HEELED BOOTS.

        • PoiDoggy says:

          @Pocho; “Trump’s proven himself businesswise”? Yes, his companies have gone bankrupt four times! That’s not a man I’d trust. If you do a google search on “Trump lying” you’ll get a lot of results. Politifact dot com lists many of them: “We’re practically not allowed to use coal any more. What do we do with our coal? We ship it to China and they spew it in the air.” (Mostly false; Coal usage is slipping, but it’s still the biggest source for U.S. electricity); President Barack Obama “wants to take in 250,000 (people) from Syria.” (Pants on fire; not even close); “Says crime statistics show blacks kill 81 percent of white homicide victims.” (Pants on fire; totally wrong stats); The unemployment rate may be as high as “42 percent.” (Pants on fire; that figure is way off the charts). There are five pages of them so I can’t list them all.

        • Keolu says:

          Boots putting up the strawman again. The fact is that Hillary lied. Secondly, Hillary broke the law with her email account. Third, Hillary has accomplished nothing in her time in office.

        • Boots says:

          Pocho, have you not seen http://www.factcheck.org/2015/12/the-king-of-whoppers-donald-trump/

          From the article: He stands out not only for the sheer number of his factually false claims, but also for his brazen refusals to admit error when proven wrong.
          He is by no means the only one telling whoppers, of course. Once again this year there are plenty of politicians, in both parties, who hope voters will swallow their deceptive claims. Hillary Clinton, for one, said she was “transparent” about her use of a private email server, when in fact she wasn’t. That was one of the bogus claims she made about her unusual email arrangement while secretary of state.
          But Trump topped them all when he claimed to have seen nonexistent television coverage of “thousands and thousands” of Muslims in New Jersey cheering the collapse of the World Trade Center towers on 9/11 — and then topped himself by demanding that fact-checkers apologize for exposing his claim as fantasy. And that’s only one example.

        • mikethenovice says:

          Trump lies so much that he believes in his own lies.

        • choyd says:

          Keolu, you do realize that Firiona stated in the same debate that Hillary achieved nothing and yet Fiorinia wanted to double down on the sanctions on Iran that Hillary was instrumental in getting our allies to enact? How can she have no achievements yet have those exact achievements stated as the GOP candidate’s official policies?

          Hillary has no achievements, yet the GOP is copying what she did literally word for word as their own platform. Uh Huh. Want to tell me how that is a logical position to take?

      • bsdetection says:

        Here’s one of Trump’s lies: he tweeted a series of inaccurate murder statistics from the “Crime Statistics Bureau — San Francisco.” The bureau doesn’t exist and the statistics were fabricated. It appears the numbers were manipulated to perpetuate racism against African Americans. For example, the graphic claims that 81% of white murder victims s are killed by blacks. The actual percentage, based on the latest data from the FBI, is 14 percent. The graphic showing the bogus statistics was discovered to be taken from a neo-Nazi blog published by someone who uses a swastika as an avatar. Trump defended his use of the racist and bogus statistics by saying that the source is “highly respected.”

        • Pocho says:

          Well The Donald only got what he reads. So you pointed out a Neo-Nazi blogger erroneous post. NO comparison to Hillary’s LIES who knew the truth about her emails and Benghazi! There is a Difference

        • Dawg says:

          TRUMP is a disaster in motion…he can’t even admit his weight and lack of a moral compass. By the time he is done with the US he will be a trillionaire!

        • Boots says:

          And what specific lies are you referring to Pocho? I am just tired about phony conservatives complaining about her emails. BFD. And just what lies did she make about Benghazi and out of curiosity did you complain about GW;s 13 attacks on embassies? Oh, I know. No Americans were killed, just those foreigners. Love your hypocrisy and consistency.

        • choyd says:

          Remember, Hillary always lies, but Trump never does.

          That’s the no information voter party line and they’re sticking to it.

          In serious commentary, the fact that we even have those two monkeys as our options is depressing. Neither is fit for the office and honestly, only Rand Paul is an adult in the GOP contest. The rest are children pandering to the no information, fear and emotion based voting bloc. Even Kasich has abandoned being an adult to pander.

          This should be a Sanders vs Paul election. But it won’t be. Because America deserves the terrible politicians it votes for.

      • thos says:

        Boots says:” any republican would do a lot more harm to America than President Obama and Hillary. After all they have renounced republican values so that today Deficits don’t matter.”

        Then why did Republicans agree to sequester spending caps in the run up to the debt level increase of 2011?

        The fact that anyone would vote Republican is beyond you is hardly probative. As you have so often demonstrated there is a great deal that is beyond your modest comprehension. LOL yet?

        • Keonigohan says:

          Boot’s TIN FOIL HAT is too small thus squeezing his empty skull..less of a vacuum resulting in his/her spew.

        • Boots says:

          Poor Thos, already forgotten what your hero said. lol Remember a top republican named Dick Cheney?

        • choyd says:

          You mean spending caps they immediately tried to break by legislating military funding through special channels to bypass the budget?

          You really must love the taste of fail since you keep coming back for more every day.

        • choyd says:

          Apparently Thos has never heard of the “Overseas Contingency Operations” fund that the GOP in 2013, 2014 and 2015 tried to turn into a permanent slush fund to bypass sequestration. Why did they agree? Because they had no intention of ever following it.

          You should be the last person insulting others given your demonstrated gross ignorance of virtually every topic you post on.

          It is amusing how you accused me of not knowing much about SDI and then ran like the coward you are after I named specific reasons that SDI doesn’t work.


          Don’t insult people until you have your own house in order. And right now, your proverbial house could be on those hoarding shows.

        • NanakuliBoss says:

          Benghazi? Senate hearings? Lynch committees? Lol. Nothing criminal came out of this because there was Nada. Stop with the self masteration. Your eyes will get cross. Let me see while GWB was pres.,,237 embassy deaths? No hearings? Whattttt…..

      • DiverDave says:

        Could this newspaper have printed a worse picture of Trump? Come on, do they print such awful pictures of Hillary? Talk about media bias!

      • Dawg says:

        I am going to pray for your misguided soul…One dumb okole-puka!

      • allie says:

        Trump is an entertainment figure. Hillary is deeply flawed, as all the candidates on both sides are, but as a hawkish centrist, she is hardly a radical. I will have to vote for her just to protect what little I (we) have left.

        • choyd says:

          Trump doesn’t lie. Nor has he ever gone bankrupt. That’s the no information fear party line and we’re sticking to it. We also refuse to use Google to research.

    • Pocho says:

      It seems Home Land Security/safety is on top of Republican the voters list of concerns and what they want done. The Democrats and even the Republicans who now run both Houses are accepting the dangers that comes with the MidEast migration. As some suggested the terror in the US is now the norm! and you add that to the gang bangers crime in the likes of the US ghettos like Chicago, Detroit and elsewhere. The US Government is BROKEN! because of being Politically Correct, not wanting to hurt peoples feelings, etc. ARE you satisfied with the new norms of the US today?

    • Keolu says:

      I didn’t think the US could do worse than O’blunder until Hillary announced she was running for president.

    • Jiujitsu_Fighter says:

      I’m a Democrat and can’t support Hillary because she won’t admit her failure in Libya. Also her debate was boring and uninspiring. She’ll just be “Obama Part 2”.

        • Jiujitsu_Fighter says:

          I would’ve supported Joe Biden as a candidate. I don’t feel safe with Hillary as Commander In Chief. She’ll get steamrolled in a debate with Trump.

        • choyd says:

          Jiujitsu_Fighter, only to those who don’t care about actual policy and want sound bites.

          Trump has no actual policies. He’s literally winging everything. Which is funny that those who criticize Obama for no plan are backing Trump who has no plans. And people wonder why I think people are dumb.

          As for Trump, you want someone who devotes hours to twitter fights because he has incredibly thin skins and a vindictive nature? How safe will you be with him?

          As much as Hillary has her problems, she does have actual concrete plans. Maybe not good ones, but at least there is some hashed out notions to them. Trump has sound bites. Pretty much everyone other than Kasich and Paul have sound bites. There is very little actual thinking or maturity going on outside of Rand Paul’s office.

    • choyd says:

      “The bigger question is, what has this nation’s psych come to when these two lead in their respective party’s poll?”

      Simple. Americans, or at least a large portion, have become emotionally driven dumb people who feed off things that give into our most baser instincts. Furthermore, many, particularly in the right still operate under the idea that America is all powerful and can do and force others do to what she wants (which never actually was a thing). Thus they see the world changing in ways that no one can stop and think that those at the top are responsible because they’ve somehow lost America’s omnipotence. This of course is insane, but rationality has been largely lost in the GOP since Ford left office.

      As for the left, they see the absurdity that is the Clown Show and double down on Hillary when they should be looking for a better general election candidate. Webb for example doesn’t have the baggage. Their fear of the GOP (which in many cases is legitimate given that some GOP candidates are openly jocking for WWIII) pushes them towards what appears to be a strong candidate in their eyes. Democrats in some ways need to be more like Republicans and value loyalty a little less. Just because Hillary is waiting in the wings doesn’t mean she deserves a Coronation.

    • Jiujitsu_Fighter says:

      Trump will absolutely crush Hillary on Benghazi and her email failures. I would have more respect for her if she admitted her mistakes.

  2. bsdetection says:

    Another Trump lie: he saw thousands of people in Jersey City celebrating 9/11

    • Pocho says:

      It happened didn’t you read the news! He exaggerated the amount of people, I give you thatt

    • thos says:

      I would be willing to bet that if we had video coverage inside most mosques in America, there would be little doubt of the celebrations that took place on 9/11. The Donald has the better part of this – – and many other – – argument(s). No wonder his poll numbers are so commanding.

      • choyd says:

        Uh Huh. let me guess, you don’t know any muslims eh?

        Furthermore, the people who were documented celebrating….were Israeli Nationals who didn’t understand what was going on. But hey, they all look alike right? Just like all Asians look alike to you?

      • TigerEye says:

        Yes, thos, I’m sure you would be willing to bet on unprovable factoids that you’ve pulled from somewhere above your seat cushion — doubtless, the source of your vast knowledge.

        • choyd says:

          It’s the same place that Thos gets his knowledge that victims of sexual assault are actually the criminals. Ask Thos to say that rape is a crime. He can’t and won’t do it. He’s already demonstrated he can’t and won’t at least 6 different times.

    • PoiDoggy says:

      If there had been anyone “celebrating” 9/11 it would’ve been all over the news, and I’m sure the folks “celebrating” would’ve been killed outright by an angry mob!

      • Ronin006 says:

        A day to two following the attacks on 9/11, all TV news media showed large crowds of Muslims celebrating in the streets of capitals and large cities in Muslim countries. Trump may have been in New Jersey when he viewed them and simply mistook the locations as being in New Jersey. Honest mistake, no doubt.

  3. wn says:

    I’m beginning to admire anyone who stands their ground. Take a step back and put yourself in a position where someone makes a statement that is a “lie”…or if you want to be “politically correct” (which I am getting darn sick of) an “embellishment” of facts. I would call them out. Enough is enough…cut to the chase and be clear on your position, don’t pussy foot around…then move on.

  4. Keonigohan says:

    HRC is a born LIAR! And those who refuse to see that got their heads in the…..sand.

  5. Dawg says:

    Make no mistake…Trump is for TRUMP and don’t forget it!

  6. mikethenovice says:

    Ever since the price of oil tanked last year, the drill, baby, drill of the Republicans have no real agenda. So what’s left is to bash each other.

  7. MoiLee says:

    The Donald is RIGHT! But “At this point what difference does it make!”. We all know this! Pants on Fire Hillary is a Liar! No big secret there!
    I would rather have Donald Trump in the White House,than having another round of “Billy Bob” chasing after the new interns in the White House….. AGAIN! Are we all that INSANE?….well not all of us.Ha!ha!ha!..
    So as a reminder? No more! Bushes and Clintons too. OK?

    During last weekend Democrat Debates. Why did it take Hillary so long, in the restroom,that Assistant Huma Amedin had to chase her down?? You’re going to get a kick out of that one, when you find out.

    Oh! The RNC campaign manager said “Hell No” Hillary will not be apologizing to Donald Trump!
    See…This is what i mean & one of problems i have. With this administration,and when Hillary was on board… No one is willing to accept their mistakes or admit when they are Wrong! Like i said in the Past “SORRY” or I made a mistake are Big words for me. Works wonders…Everybody makes mistakes.

    Yes! Donald you are Right Again!! No more Career Politicians AND as POTUS….Let’s make America Great Again! IMUA

  8. NanakuliBoss says:


  9. Cellodad says:

    Take a step back and look at the situation. The American voter faces a possible choice between Clinton and [insert name of clown} or even Trump. Is this a choice? One of the failings of a two dominant political party system is that it can break down in just such a manner. We can see that the two party system can lead to a polarization of opinion on issues that are not really this or that questions but involve shades of gray.

  10. Ronin006 says:

    Hillary routinely lies unless she is under oath. That is when she has a memory loss and frequently replies “I don’t recall” when responding to questions which could be incriminating if answered truthfully or to avoid being charged with perjury for lying under oath.

  11. engineersoldier says:

    Schlonged? How many of his supporters understood what that meant?

  12. wrightj says:

    Well, that only leaves us with Ted Cruz.

  13. surfingcop says:

    Trump calls a spade a spade.

  14. clum56 says:

    We sure don’t need a Liar as our president. He’s a real Benedict Arnold of the 21st century. It’s too bad that we Barack can not run for another term..

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