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Secret Service stops man flying drone near president’s motorcade

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President Barack Obama tips his hat to the crowd after finishing a round of golf at Mid-Pacific Country Club during his family vacation on Monday. At right is Obama’s friend Greg Orme.

The Secret Service stopped a man who briefly flew a drone near the president’s motorcade Monday as the president and his friends were returning from golf at the Mid-Pacific Country Club.

News media pool video, shows the presidential motorcade leaving, followed by what appears to be an agent talking to the man and the drone on a bench next to him. The pool video continues with a brief glimpse of the president’s golf game.

In a written statement, the Secret Service said the man was “completely unaware that the Presidential motorcade would be transiting the area of operation and immediately complied with law enforcement requests to cease and desist. No charges were filed.”

The FAA issued flight restrictions for the area around Kailua, where the president is staying during his vacation, that includes no flying of drones.

25 responses to “Secret Service stops man flying drone near president’s motorcade”

  1. oiwi808 says:

    Maybe the Star Advertiser could allow us to READ this story instead having an ad block it so it cannot be read.

  2. lee1957 says:

    Albert Einstein lives in Lanikai!

  3. Masami says:

    Before the President arrived for his vacation the nightly news mentioned that for the duration of his stay the island of Oahu is a “no fly zone for drones”. Guess this guy doesn’t watch the news?

  4. aomohoa says:

    Wow, now I can see why it is costing millions of dollars so the president can have his Christmas vacation here.

  5. Mahalo says:

    Called SA they may move the ad by tomorrow.

  6. mikethenovice says:

    At least have a ribbon sign on the drone welcoming the President of his stay here.

  7. BigIsandLava says:

    Take his toy away. Too dumb to fly a drone anyways. let him get away and soon drones be buzzing the POTUS like flies.

  8. Cellodad says:

    I thought the information that I read via SA and saw on TV news was pretty clear and straightforward. Do not fly drones around the President of the US. I get that. Brah, by the way, don’t argue with a member of the President’s personal protection detail. Just don’t.

  9. HanabataDays says:

    That SS guy is chunkier than the local. Looks like he’s already been to too many luaus.

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