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Police arrest 2 suspects in robberies of Kalihi grocery store


    Honolulu police and CrimeStoppers released images of two suspects in the robbery of the Y-7 Grocery and Liquor store on May 13.


    Honolulu Police and CrimeStoppers released security camera images of three suspects in the robbery of a convenience store on Gulick Avenue in Kalihi Monday.

Two juvenile males, including the teenager who held a 76-year-old woman in a choke hold, turned themselves in to police Tuesday night after surveillance photos of the suspects caught robbing a Kalihi grocery store were released this week.

Police said the two teenagers are suspects in separate robberies of the Y-7 Grocery and Liquor store on Gulick Avenue.

The first robbery occurred on May 13 at 9 a.m. Three masked men entered the store and threatened the 74-year-old male owner with weapons, demanded money and then fled. One of the men, who was seen on video wearing a red bandana, turned himself Tuesday.

On Monday, three men robbed the same store at 6 p.m. One of the masked suspects held the female worker in a choke hold until she passed out. That suspect also turned himself in to police Tuesday.

The stores’ surveillance video shows another man taking money from the cash register while a third acts as a lookout.

The victim remains hospitalized with injuries to her head.

Police are trying to determine if the two robberies are connected. The suspects were arrested on suspicion of robbery. If charged, their cases will be handled Family Court because they are juveniles.

Police are still seeking other suspects.

Anyone with information that can help police find the suspects is urged to call CrimeStoppers at 955-8300 or by *CRIME from a cellphone.

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    • One news report indicated that they are Samoans. I am so sorry for the hard working Samoan community that these boys will be made to represent them. Sad.

        • Cultures evolve at a slow pace, and I hope that whatever culture these teenagers are from that their culture will establish a shaming factor that discourages this type of behavior.

        • If they are indeed Samoan males then the Samoan community needs to put these juvenile thugs back in line like they once did in Samoan village life. The village chief would not tolerate this type of behavior. If you refuse to admit that these street animals are using their size and intimidation in lieu of intellect and humility then you are just as much of the problem. The once proud but humble Samoan race must fix this problem in the context of the family unit. Lack of respect for authority is the mitigating force here.

  • Please put these animals away from the public before they kill someone. They have a tendency to seriously hurt weaker people without any regret, it’s only a matter of time before they make the next step to beyond just hurting someone. They do not deserve freedom.

    • If they are old enough to do the crime they should do the time. What I saw in the video is attempted murder.
      These men are like a pack of rabid dogs , and rabid dogs get “put down.”

  • Glad these thugs at least had the sense to turn themselves in. I’m more concerned with how their victim, that elderly woman, is doing.

    • twitter6, Yes, but I have a hunch – local born, local raised. Just awful. Terrible. Coward acts of violence. Hopefully, something good will come of this.

  • Two that surrended, squealing. They appear too be gang members….. posted selfies on instagram.Should be interesting once all of them are rounded up.

  • Next to the victim, what is really sad is how much money did they expect to get, and they going split the proceeds three ways – they should be put in jail for being extremely dumb.

    • After dropping the lady he held in a choke hold, thief only grabbed the liter bottle of Mountain Dew he had on the counter. I guess he got what he came for.

      • Grocery stores need to do more security and surveillance as I have seen several youths (usually on mopeds or bikes) who are stealing drinks from stores (put under their tshirts). Be on the lookout when SEVERAL suspicious teens/youths walk in at once and go different directions in the stores!!!

  • This is the worst kind of garbage that would beat seniors. There should be a special place in hell for them. Unfortunately, they won’t be in jail for long and they will have a long career in crime. Personally, I think they should be dumped in shark infested waters.

  • They only gave up because they knew they were on video.. They figure they will be charged as juveniles. They should be charged as adults and charged with kidnapping. ( Held against her will)

  • Due to the seriousness of the crime and that the victim was elderly and suffered serious injury….family court should waive jurisdiction and have these suspects bound over to circuit court to stand trial as adults…..

    • I agree that consideration should be given to charging these goons as adults. if these “teenagers” are 17 or older, they should indeed be charged as adults.

    • Agree. They need to be tried as adults, the picture of their faces in the news AND their full name released to the public. The level of violence these two have shown could have easily killed this 76 year old woman and from e video both are beyond rehabilitation. This was clearly attempted murder using a chokehold from behind of an elderly woman and both must be tried as an adult as there is no way any have decent judge following basic application of our laws of a civilized society could see it any other way. Other than a BS argument made by a defense attorney, there is zero chance these animals can ever be rehabilitated. Minimum 20 years at the Arizona prison and then deal with this animal when he is about 37 and then when he is released he will end up murdering someone but at least he cannot murder anyone for the next 20 years.

  • Don’t worry folks, this is Hawaii. The family judge will pat them on the head, and then apologize that the “system” failed these two kids. Maybe require the DOE to give them extra tutoring, and/or give their families money so that they have the financial means to address their disappointing behavior at home — such as being able to pay for self-esteem classes so they can fell better about themselves. Or hiring a behavior coach to guide them socially. Or maybe extra money so the kids can go to therapy to get over the “stigma” society has put on them after their arrests. Really, the story of these two kids breaks my heart. The victims of the violent robbery? Who cares about them, this is Hawaii.

  • You could probably commit a mass murder in the State of Hawaii and as long as you are a juvenile, you would never have to fear being prosecuted as an adult. What a wonderful world we live in! Glad I moved to Texas a few years ago.

  • Our soft judicial system will set them free after a couple of years if that at all. I’m all for a little local justice; no police, no judicial system. Take them out of the gene pool.

  • People who think they can commit crimes today better wise up and not do it. Surveillance cameras are everywhere and everyone has a camera (even video) in their phones. You will be recognized and arrested in a matter of a few days.

  • If these people are convicted i say send them to jail and if their not from Hawaii deport them back to where they came from after they serve their time.
    Hope the lady recover soon.

    • My psychologist friend thinks the money is only secondary. The feeling of power and the rush of adrenaline of having someone completely at one’s mercy is what really gets the rocks off.

  • They should be tried as adults. They’re obviously a menace to society. I’d be interested in an audit of Family Court’s treatment of the juveniles to see how many times they’ve done similar incidences without facing incarceration. If they’re able to hide behind juvenile justice, then their parents who are responsible for their action should be sued and forced to pay compensation to the store owners.

  • At least they were smart enough not to rob an ABC store in Waikiki and endanger any tourists! The penalty would be much worse! Can’t scare away the geese that lay the golden eggs!!!

  • I wonder if the parents came here for a better life and better education for their kids………..more better to stay in their homeland and live the island style?

  • I hope these parents wake up and smell the coffee – they raised loser kids who go on to become loser adults. But don’t worry, courts will go easy on them and the jails will let them out early because of overcrowding…it’s a wonder anyone with the choice would want to live in Hawaii anymore….AND Trump might be the next President? Where’s my plane ticket?

  • If people such as these are allowed to escape justice and continue to victimize the young, elderly and the defenseless……then no one will ever be safe…….

  • Let this store owner carry a gun. These young punks are just punks. How would like it if some one did what they did to their parents? What a lose money. Send them back to their country. I sure you know what I mean.

  • 220lb “juvenile” choking out an elderly woman. Whats the argument here? They are too young to be held responsible? Too young to understnd that this behavoir is wrong? Forget it, big boy jail, long time please.

  • It pained me to watch the video and see what they did to the 76 year old owner. Do not let these worthless punks get away with it! Try them as adults and let them suffer the consequence. Show them the same mercy as they did the lady they put in a choke hold.

  • These kids need help. At their ages, they will soon become full fledged criminals. Make an example of them in court so others will not follow. Screw the policy of innocent until found guilty, they’ve already admitted to the crime. Prosecute and punish, simply no respect for authority as well as people. Shame on them. What kind of parents do they have to allow them to feel so entitled so that they go out and rob people instead of earning what money they need? Did it start at home? I bet you with parents that feel that they are entitled to everything too at the public’s expense. Shame.

  • Don’t know for sure but they probably needed money to buy drugs. Drug users are usually unemployable for obvious reasons so they frequently turn to property crime, sometimes violent, to support their habits. Not to worry though. Once our idiot politicians figure out a way to hand it out via food stamps or EBT cards the property crime epidemic should cease. Also would like to know if Barry Hussein had 3 sons would they look like these thugs?

  • Don’t let this be a “Catch and Release”…go after them. Assault against elderly should be a felony…by the way isn’t it there a Federal law on crimes against elderly?

  • A few decades ago–parents and relatives would take care of such acts by juveniles and not just by talking but by acting–families would mete out their on justice before any public officials–I hope these punks get the “HOUSING–POLYNESIAN–KALIHI” type of retribution they deserve before they even go to court…And then try them as adults and throw them in OCCC where the can get Bu*** t ripped–throw away the keys and let them rot

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