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‘SOS’ in sand leads to rescue of injured hiker on Kauai

An “SOS” drawn in the sand led to the rescue today of two hikers stranded overnight on the Na Pali Coast Trail on Kauai.

A Coast Guard MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew was conducting a training mission near Kalalau Beach when the overheard a radio conversation mention the “SOS” written in the sand, the Coast Guard said.

The crew diverted from their training mission and spotted two people on Kalalau Beach waving their arms.

The helicopter lowered a rescue swimmer who found one of the hikers had an ankle injury that prevented him from walking. Both hikers were hoisted aboard the helicopter and taken to Lihue Airport where paramedics were waiting. The hikers were in stable condition.

The hikers were rescued about 9:30 a.m.

7 responses to “‘SOS’ in sand leads to rescue of injured hiker on Kauai”

  1. SueH says:

    Just wonderful…..The radio conversation apparently overheard by the Coast Guard Dolphin crew was most likely from the many tour helicopters in the area who were apparently “too busy flying their valuable tours” to be distracted by hikers in distress needing rescue for medical attention…..Nice going helicopter tour operators….way to help out.

    • NanakuliBoss says:

      It’s a $$$$ mess out there with all these mainland transplants screwing things up. Bet the injured was a mainland tourist. That plane crash, also a mainland transplat.

    • TigerEye says:

      How in the world do you know what their “conversation” was about or how long it was going on before it was overheard? Were you listening in on a scanner?

      For all you know what the conversation went something like:

      “Hey, I see an SOS on Kalalau Beach, over.”
      “Really? Where, over.”
      “This is Coast Guard XXXXXX. What did you see….?”

      Nowhere in this story does it say anything that points to any negligence on the part of the tour pilots. Geez.

      • klastri says:

        You’re right. But as you know, it’s always best to criticize people from a position of absolute ignorance. SueH is very well practiced at that.

        • SueH says:

          Up yours klastri. I’ve only been a pilot for 42 years and flown that coastline more times than you’ve been dragged out of bars. Go ahead and keep slammin’ those beers and making up more of your blithering comments….

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