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Trump attacks Clinton’s record, calls her ‘world class liar’


    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton walked with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of Calif. as they arrived for a meeting with the House Democratic Caucus, today, on Capitol Hill in Washington.


    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke at the Trump Soho Hotel in New York today. Trump’s address at his hotel in New York’s SoHo neighborhood marked his official opening salvo against Hillary Clinton, the prospective Democratic presidential nominee, in the general election.

NEW YORK » Donald Trump launched a broad rebuke of his presidential rival Hillary Clinton Wednesday, accusing her of being “a world class liar” who personally profited from her tenure at the State Department. “She gets rich making you poor,” Trump said.

Seeking to steady his campaign after a difficult stretch, the presumptive Republican nominee cast himself as the White House candidate best positioned to address Americans’ economic interests.

“This election will decide whether we’re ruled by the people or the politicians,” Trump said during an address at his hotel in New York’s SoHo neighborhood. He made his arguments in a pointed yet measured tone, less loud and strident than has been typical in most previous campaign speeches.

Yet his remarks included erroneous statements and distortions about Clinton’s record, and he frequently referenced sources of information that have been widely questioned, including the book “Clinton Cash” by Peter Schweizer.

The speech marked an opening salvo against Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, in the general election campaign. It came as the real estate mogul faced growing questions about his readiness not just for the presidency, but for the campaign he will need to run to get there.

Trump made a direct appeal to supporters of Clinton’s primary rival Bernie Sanders, urging them to help him fix a “rigged system.” He also argued his trade and immigration policies would be more beneficial than Clinton’s for blacks and Hispanics, two groups that have overwhelmingly voted for Democrats in recent presidential elections.

Still, the central goal of Trump’s speech appeared to be uniting the Republican Party and appealing to people who may be skeptical of him but vigorously oppose Clinton. He unleashed a grab bag of Republicans’ favorite criticisms of Clinton, including her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, her response to the deadly 2012 attacks on Americans in Benghazi, Libya, and accusations that she and former President Bill Clinton profited from their family foundation.

“Hillary Clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency,” Trump said.

Some of Trump’s charges come from Schweizer’s book, which has been criticized for failing to provide evidence of direct connections between business dealings by foreign interests, sometimes involving the Clinton Foundation, and decisions by Clinton when she was secretary of state.

The Republican candidate also argued that Clinton’s opposition to a massive Asia-Pacific trade pact was an example of her political opportunism, noting that she had worked on the agreement while at the State Department and has previously backed free trade accords. And he took aim at her immigration policies, saying her call for providing those in the U.S. illegally with a path to citizenship amounted to “mass amnesty.”

Trump’s remarks came one day after Clinton launched her own blistering attacks on her White House rival. She moved to undercut Trump’s argument that his business record would help him create jobs as president, arguing instead that he had been “reckless” with his companies and “shouldn’t have his hands on our economy.”

Trump also tried to turn Clinton’s strengths into negatives. He spent much of his speech trying to undercut her foreign policy record, highlighting her early support of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, which she now says was a mistake, and linking the policies she promoted at the State Department to the rise of the Islamic State terror group.

“The Hillary Clinton foreign policy has cost America thousands of lives and trillions of dollars and trillions of dollars and unleashed ISIS across the world,” Trump said.

Trump’s speech came on the heels of his firing Monday of campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, a controversial figure who was seen as an impediment to efforts to build out a more robust campaign organization. A new fundraising report released hours after Lewandowski’s firing underscored how much ground Trump has to make up: he started June with just $1.3 million in the bank.

Trump allies cast Lewandowski’s firing this week as the start of a new phase for the campaign. Paul Manafort, the campaign chairman and Lewandowski’s internal rival, signaled on a conference call with aides that a rapid staffing expansion would be coming soon.

Tennessee Republican Sen. Bob Corker, who has been seen as a potential vice presidential pick, said he was “pretty excited” to learn of the changes.

“I think that what appears to be occurring over the last 24 hours is a movement in a direction that I think could be very, very positive,” Corker said.

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  • Hmmmn, the Donald calling HRC a liar–laughable. This is the same man that has documented bold face lies to both state NJ regulators and bankers, that he would never use “junk bonds” to finance his ill-fated casinos, and then boom, a year later, and a ridiculous 15% interest rate, which all but doomed his casinos, he was well on his way to four bankruptcies totaling a half-billion dollars.

    Voting for trump, is like a chicken voting for KFC.

    • Occasionally I agree with boola and this is one time. Trump is a dangerous man. Hard to figure how on earth he ever became a candidate let alone the finalist. Bizarre man having a good laugh at America’s expense.

      • it’s private business. What do you think of Hillary in public office using a personal server knowing the rules not too? That’s playing with Gov. secrets. Come on now. What about the Clinton’s accepting money from Countries that would treat women like your self as 2nd Class citizens or even worse as 3rd world people? Get real! or is it that your not a woman at all? Crooked Hillary does one thing but states another or she can’t defend that point at all.

        • Allie, I have yet to hear the Clintons less Hillary explain the money their Foundation/she receives from Countries that treats women like 2nd class citizens. What’s your take on that? Can you come up with excuses for your Democratic Nominee?

        • hiLIARy DELETED 32,000 emails…all was on chelsea’s wedding stuff…SERIOUSLY!

        • Pocho, Are you voting for Trump who claimed that Ted Cruz’s father was part of John Kennedy’s assassination and still believes President Obama is not an American citizen? Also he wants to invite Kim Jung Un to the White House. Get real

        • money, if we can assume you’re voting for Clinton, then whatever denigration you hurl at Trump’s supporters becomes equally applicable to yourself. If, on the other hand, you support neither of these catastrophes, then join a growing cadre of voters preferring integrity over dark comedy.

        • boolaakanaka,

          they private business, if it’s illegal sue TheDonald and if there are lawsuits he’s still not in jail. Hillary held a Public Office representing US Citizens and jeopardized our security using a personal server, she’s now being criminally investigated by the FBI. Remember Hillary said this investigation from the start which was NOT a criminal investigation by the FBI but just fact finding which just recently turned into a Criminal Investigation! Open your eyes and ears, enlighten your mind that only wants to accept what YOU want to accept. You don’t like Trump or you HATE Trump royally, don’t vote for Trump. But to vote for a person who was entrusted as the SOS of the US and having her go around the law with a personal server is NUTS, are you saying the personal server was legal to use as communications for her Public Office seat? Your in Denial and so the denial of her or their foundation accepting money from Countries known to treat women lesser than a male. Wake up, believe the facts, stop hiding behind your Political Lines, please

        • Pocho, it is rather obvious that you don’t have a fundamental idea on how bankruptcy works, how it is underwritten and how costs are passed back. Moreover, we are not talking one bankruptcy, or even two or three, but FOUR.

          It’s not just changes in the bankruptcy code and interest-rate regulations that benefit the wealthy. Real estate developers like Trump have also benefited from a welter of special subsidies and tax breaks squeezed out of pliant local legislators. Trump has the unique distinction of being the first developer in New York to receive a public subsidy for commercial projects under programs initially reserved for improving slum neighborhoods.

          Referring to how he managed to win a 40-year tax abatement for rebuilding a crumbling hotel at Grand Central Station—a deal that in the first decade cost taxpayers $60 million—Trump quipped, “Someone said, ‘How come you got 40 years?’ I said, ‘Because I didn’t ask for 50.’” Trump’s success at getting such deals is better explained by a 1980s study by Newsday, showing Trump had donated more than anyone else to members of the New York City Board of Estimate, which at the time approved all land-use development.
          Trump sparred with Jeb Bush in the second GOP debate last Wednesday night over Trump’s alleged lobbying for casino gambling in Florida. “You wanted it and you didn’t get it because I was opposed to casino gambling before, during and after,” Bush charged. “I’m not going to be bought by anybody.” Trump responded: “I promise if I wanted it, I would have gotten it.”

          Indeed, Trump is a poster child for how big money buys the laws it wants. “As a businessman and a very substantial donor to very important people, when you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do,” Trump told the Wall Street Journal. “As a businessman, I need that…”

        • is claiming bankrupcy illegal? lol, Hillary used a personal server while as the SoS when there’s rules not too! I guess rules are made to be broken and nothin’s wrong with that. Can’t you do better?

        • And the business was not private, it was a business that needed both explicit authorization from the state of Nj, and was tethered to a highly regulated evironnment. Trump is documented to lie to both the gaming commission and bankers….

      • Allie, Mr. Trump became a candidate and won the GOP Primary because Americans are sick and tired of Pres. Obama, Ms Clinton, and the Liberal Democrats destroying our Country. At the least, Mr. Trump will make America Great Again. This morning was a start for the GOP Presidential campaign.

        • Needs to be remembered that the Donald is not yet the republican nominee but assuming he does become the nominee, it just shows that republicans are sick and tired of the republican establishment. Republicans have done nothing to better this country since Eisenhower and the rank and file republicans are getting tired of it. As for the Donald making America great again, wake up. The Donald will not make America great again, he will only crash the economy by practicing Voodoo.

      • RSYmoney, wasn’t there a picture that depicted Cruz’s pops with the assasinator? is it illegal to think so. How can one in their right mind denounce a thought such as that you describe and not accept what Hillary did as a Secretary of State using a personal server? What’s more dangerous a thought that led to nothin vs. a fact of History on Hillary’s part? INSANITY comes with Politicking is my guess. No common sense at all. Hillary has a History in Public office and Trump has a history in business, I’d hold Hillary no different than a Catholic Priest, a law enforcement officer, anyone that serves the public supposedly in good faith. Hillary is no worse than a HPD officer or for that matter any cop that do crime or a Catholic Priest that… .

    • Nice try. However, Clinton is the most well documented liar to ever run for the presidency. Regarding her mishandling of highly classified material she’s down to lying about her previous lies.

      And nothing trumps (see what I did there) her lying to bereaved family members about the cause of their loved ones deaths at their funeral (regarding Benghazi).

      No, Clinton appears to lie reflexively, automatically, and badly in that she is so transparently not telling the truth. It’s a habit bred from years of the Clinton modus operandi— say anything, do anything, get away with it. Just the kind of characterless, amoral figure we need to lead the country.

      • hiLIARy has American Blood on her hands…and she blamed it on a VIDEO. That’s all that’s needed to be said…she is a World Class LIAR.

        • Actually, the murderers who were arrested for the crime blamed the video. The congressional committee agreed with that.

          Good thing that you (and perhaps you alone) know the Real Truth! Great analysis!

        • She is a World Class LIAR and here you go lying again. We know the real truth as do the families of the deceased that she lied to. Lying crooked HiLIARy

        • Well, gooolleee. Of course we should take a terrorist at his word on motivation for the Benghazi attacks. Why, oh, why would someone who hates us enough to kill us want to cook up a lie that would shift the blame for his murders?

          Sarc off. Clinton told her own daughter (and officials in Egypt) close after Benghazi, that the assault was a terrorist attack. The administration knew that wasn’t the case and lied repeatedly about it.

      • Winston, you need to get checked by a medial doctor. You obviously have forgotten about your hero, G W Bush. lol Loved his statement that no one ever anticipated terrorists flying planes into buildings or that the budget can be kept balanced by using Voodoo economics. Those plus all the other lies he told qualifies him to be the most documented liar to ever have existed.

        • whut? I thought we were talking about Trump vs. Clinton??? However, there seems to be no time limit on dragging up something about GWB. Wonder if there are shots/meds for Bush Derangement Syndrome yet? Probably not. Given Clinton’s glaring flaws, reflexive dishonesty, and in your face incompetence, I suspect ole George Bush is going to get quite a workout in the next couple of months.

          Prediction: In your never ending attempts to change the subject from Hillary, with the Bush alibi soon to be worn out, you’ll eventually be left with “Clinton, So Much Better Than Hitler”.

          Gotta face the fact that you’re stuck with one of the two worst candidates in our history.

        • Winston, it was not me who made the statement: Clinton is the most well documented liar to ever run for the presidency. Considering the amount of lying that generally goes on in politics, I just oppose saying anyone is the most.

          I know GW is a touchy subject. Well lets look at your new hero, the Donald:

          Sure looks like the Donald is no pillar of truth. lol

        • Did Cheney expose sensitive classified material on an unsecure system? I doubt it. That’s the issue.

          Did Cheney obstruct justice by deleting emails while under investigation? I doubt it. That’s the issue.

          Did Cheney lie to the public in an attempt to cover up his use of an unsecure system. Again, doubtful.

          Did Cheney knowingly transmit classified information on an unsecure system? Probably not.

          Did Cheney’s aids strip the classification markings from sensitive material then transmitt via unsecure systems? unlikely.

          Did Cheney continue using an unsecure system after a hacking attempt?

          Did Cheney’s deletion of emails threaten national security? Doubt it.

          Bottom line: Clinton is guilty of all of the above. Unworthy of high office.

    • Oh, my. A businessman changes his strategy on financing a project, has a couple of failed projects out of many successes. —- STOP THE PRESSES!!!!! OMG! (squared)

      A Secretary of State crafts a policy which leads an entire country to become a failed terror state hemorrhaging refugees?— Ho Hum. No big deal. Price of doing business. Nothing to see here. Move along.

      • Winston, you entirely wrong, his whole act, especially the successful businessman is yet another ruse and optic he places out for public consumption. Moreover, I dare you to refute any of the following.

        In 1974, Donald received an inheritance of a little over 41 million dollars. Now, let’s fast forward 42 years or so. It has been recently reported that his actual net worth is closer to 170-175 million, no small sum by any metric. However, given the amount he started with, any pillock off the street could have made more money. Even the most mindless investment of a compounding passbook account, at the minsicule return of 3.8 annually, and you would have over 200 million dollars!!!?!

        Brilliant, far from it, in fact, given basic market thresholds like the S&P, which would have made him at least 400 million, on his original 41 million (see the S&P average since 1974, over 13%), he is basically a failure. Now, refute anything I have said…chirp, chip, silence
        , I’m waiting.

        • Look, choyd. You can change your handle, but not your vacuous mode of thinking. Trump, compared to Clinton, is a raging success and paragon of virtue. Note the word “compared”. Means relative to. As in “relative to Clinton’s massive truth problem and record of ineptitude/corruption, Trump is a model citizen.

          Also, your facts are wrong on the Donald’s net worth—Forbes puts it at $4.5 billion.

        • Winston, don’t be a sheep–look into the actual numbers available and it just does not add up.

          The financial disclosure form showed Trump adding fresh debt of at least $50 million, though a campaign news release said Trump is using increased revenue to reduce his debt, which is now at least $315 million and possibly more than $500 million. The disclosure also suggests that Trump sold fund assets to raise as much as $7 million in cash and individual securities to raise up to $9 million more.

          A billionaire does NOT sell assets to raise just 7 million and also place securities in a leveraged position. Never happen, not once for a man of the purported worth, makes no sense at all.

          Finally, in 1974, if you placed all of that 41 million in a S&P index fund, you would have still made MORE than the fictional 7 billion you quoted. Please business genius my culo…..

        • Don’t be a bollocks. Cash flow. Fixed assets. A plethora of reasons for illiquidity.

        • But the reason is….he didn’t have liquidity to begin with……sir bullocks.

        • Looks like you’re unteachable. Short of selling buildings, liquidity has to come from loans. Not having a billion in dollar bills sitting around means fully invested.

        • Winston, really huh? Between Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Stephen Swartzman (all legitimate billionaires) all subscribe to 10-20% of cash on hand liquidity. Pillock simp, you just got busted again…..

        • Listen up you waste of protoplasm, the guy would be nuts to sink his cash into a political campaign and create a cash flow bind for himself. So simple, yet beyond choyd.

        • Notice you left out Trump’s notable successes from that same article.

          However, my point is not to tout Trump as a paragon, but to compare him to the corrupt, lying, incompetent he’s running against. In that regard, at least he’s achieved something. Other than being Bill’s wife and failing as Secy of State, I can’t see anything Clinton has done, or done well.

  • World class liar is actually not a bad title as the Secretary of State delivering the “official” position of the United States telling the truth is not part of the job. The job is to tell the US’s position, our version of what has taken place.
    And no, it is not always the truth … any more that the official information we receive from other countries.

    • How can people be so blinded by Political lines. You don’t like Trump don’t vote for him, but to vote for a Liar as the Clinton’s are is like kids only hearing and believing in what they want to believe! Is it false facts Hillary having a personal server, is it facts she or their foundation accepts money from Country’s that treat women badly, etc.?

      • I am more concerned about the qualifications of someone to be president. Hillary may not be the best candidate around but she obviously is better than the Donald. Why would anyone vote for someone with Zero experience to be president of the United States? That is insanity.

        • Uh, why? Because Ms. Clinton has a demonstrated record of failure, error, and calamity as Secretary of State, that’s why. I’ll be more specific, the president’s major duty is execution of foreign policy, an area where the constitution gives him or her great autonomy. And that level of autonomy given a proven foreign policy failure is highly dangerous.

          Would Trump do a bad job? Maybe. Would Clinton continue her record of demonstrated misjudgement and failure? Why would a rational person expect not?

        • Peter, Mr. Trump will nominate Constitutional Originalist to the U.S. Supreme Court and all other Federal Courts. Huge impact for the next 50 years of the United States of America.

        • No doubt that Hillary has shown bad judgement in the past specifically with supporting GW’s war with Iraq and Syria. But a lot of that has to do with the propaganda politicians are buried in by the military industrial complex. Will the Donald be able to withstand it? Sorry, just don’t think so. In any event, I plan on voting either for sweet Jill or the Libertarian ticket. But being president is not an easy job and to elect someone with zero political experience is simply insane.

        • “Hillary has been allowed to get away with far too much for far too long, and it’s about time someone calls her out in a manner impossible for her to avoid. We the people deserve some answers.

          Whether or not you support Donald Trump, the one thing we can all agree on is that he’ll most certainly hold Hillary’s feet to the flame, and it’ll be super entertaining to watch her squirm under the weight of her own corruption.”

          [Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

        • bootie, your hint that you might vote Libertarian is actually the very first thing I’ve ever heard you say that I can fully support. If someone with such permanently attached partisan blinders as yourself can begin to see the only honest choice we really have, then hope doth indeed spring eternal..

        • Boots you said “Why would anyone vote for someone with Zero experience to be president of the United States?” Apparently experience is not a qualification! President Obama was elected with his only working experience as being a community organizer…whatever that is! Do you think President Obama did a great job with his vast experience?

        • Aoloa, Obama had tons of experience compared to the Donald. Obama was elected both to a state office besides US senator. The Donald wasn’t even class president.

        • kuroiwaj, How do you know that the Donald would appoint a Constitutional Originalist to the supreme court? One thing about the Donald is what he says and what he does are two different things.

    • These allegations come from a guy who gets all of his information from the National Enquirer and often resurrects conspiracy theories like they are facts. I bet Trump also believes the movie Independence Day 2 is a documentary and Hillary is actually an alien from outer space sent here to destroy humanity.

  • Trump’s campaign is a joke, and probably will declare bankruptcy soon like all the other business ventures that he has gotten involved in past. If he can’t even raise money when he has no competition from the Republican field, then there’s no way his campaign is going to survive until November. He has only around 30 staffers nationwide, and pretty much all of them are scratching their heads not knowing what’s going on with the organization. This is a preview of what the government will be like if Trump is ever elected president of the United States.

  • It’s possible that this year’s Presidential campaign will have more lies, BY BOTH CANDIDATES, in the next 4 months than have been told since Eve swore the apple was safe to eat and God said it was ok !!!

  • Hahaha… this is a classic case of the “the pot calling the kettle black.” (no racial overtones suggested here) Trumpf is well known for his outright and blatant lies about everything.

  • Despite all of this talk, Mrs. Clinton is going to win in a historic landslide. Hopefully, Mr. Trump will take down the Senate and House Republican leadership as well.

    Better days are coming!

    • If you define “better” as a country run by a lying, corrupt, incompetent in the back pocket of Wall Street contributors and who knows what foreign country due to Clinton Foundation bribes, then yes things are about to get much, much better.

  • if Hillary is a world class liar, than trumpy is a universe class liar. he lies repeatedly and when caught he claims that he was misinterpreted. he is not only a pathological liar but an ignoramus as well.

  • This is a strange election, we have two sides trying to defend two despicable candidates. The question is who is the most despicable and will do the most damage to America if they are elected, and you don’t need to think too long about it. The establishment candidate is HilLIARy, who is a documented pathological liar. She will continue the direction our pathetic president is going, the world is on fire, ISIS is having it’s way and carrying out missions in the US, the economy is slowing and Obama/Clinton thinks everything is fine. She must not ever be president, #NeverHillar!

  • OMG. Look at the Red Headed Carrot in a bad wig calling the kettle black. Trump is the worst candidate for President…ever! People who vote for him stand for ego and hate.

  • Trump is heading in a similar direction to his numerous bankruptcies with his campaign. As of May 31, it had only $1.3 million in cash, and a whopping $45.7 million in debt. Campaigns can’t really go bankrupt, as they’re pretty light on assets. But as the adage goes, campaigns don’t end—they run out of money. Trump has staved off that eventuality for now by shouldering a heavy load of loans.

    Trump owed far more to creditors ithan any other federal campaign committee in history, according to FEC records. While aggregate statistics aren’t yet available for May, he’s probably still at least toward the top of the list. No other major presidential campaign in the last eight years has saved so little or gone so deeply into debt. Hillary Clinton has more than $30 million in the bank and carries only $600,000 in loans; Bernie Sanders, he of the $27 donation, is debt-free and holds about $5 million in reserves.

    • Lots of facts. Completely irrelevant.

      Here’s what is relevant, the top four contributors to Clinton PACs:

      Soros Fund Management $7,042,700
      Euclidean Capital $7,002,700
      Pritzker Group $6,519,709
      Saban Capital Group $5,032,279
      Paloma Partners $4,107,900

      Hedge funds, major investment/capital management firms, etc., you get the picture?

      Clinton will be, already is, owned lock, stock, and barrel by these people, the epitome of the 1%. So much for “democrat party values”.

      • More telling. Rs will NOT give to Trump. Hey, it’s one thing with public at large, but when your own party says heck no–it’s not just telling, it gives you a snapshot of how folks feel about him.

        • You must be a professional point misser. I’m not arguing for Trump. I’m arguing against Clinton. Neither of them is worth a bucket of spit. Clinton is just worse by a nose. Do I need to explain the word “comparison” again.

  • Well, just like the old adages mentions: “It takes one, to know one” or “like, knows like” Besides look who’s talking about it, Donald Trump is just as bad as Hilary Clinton, and maybe even a little worse, as he continues to bombard the public with more falsehoods and outright lies than a republican policy strategist! Donald Trump has made is fortune on the misfortune of the American homeowner, and that is saying something, and it’s not a good thing!

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