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FBI: No charges against Clinton after new email review


    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton greets patrons at Cedar Park Cafe in Philadelphia, Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016.

PHILADELPHIA >> FBI Director James Comey abruptly announced Sunday that Hillary Clinton should not face criminal charges related to newly discovered emails from her tenure at the State Department, lifting a cloud of uncertainty that has shadowed the final days of her presidential campaign.

In a letter to congressional lawmakers two days before Election Day, Comey said the FBI has worked “around the clock to process and review a large number of emails” obtained from a device belonging to Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former congressman and estranged husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

Comey said the review has not changed the bureau’s assessment from earlier this year that Clinton should not be prosecuted for her handling of classified information at the State Department.

Clinton’s campaign welcomed the FBI announcement.

“We’re glad this matter is resolved,” Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton’s communications director, told reporters traveling with the campaign to Ohio.

Clinton was infuriated by Comey’s decision to alert Congress late last month that the FBI was reviewing new materials, calling it “unprecedented” and “deeply troubling.” The decision shattered what had appeared to be Clinton’s solid grip on the race and emboldened Republican Donald Trump.

Trump landed in Minnesota for a rally moments after Comey’s announcement. He made no direct mention of the FBI decision and continued to insist —without evidence — that Clinton would be under investigation during her potential presidency.

“She’s protected by a rigged system,” he said. “She shouldn’t even be allowed to run for president.”

The FBI began investigating the handling of classified material on Clinton’s private server in New York shortly after she announced her bid in April 2015. Last July, in an extraordinary public statement on an ongoing case, Comey announced he was not recommending criminal charges against Clinton and called the decision “not even a close call.”

But he also delivered blistering criticism of Clinton, calling her and her team “extremely careless” with her handling of national secrets.

Clinton had appeared to be heading for a sweeping victory before the FBI review, but Comey’s announcement blunted her momentum. Since then, national polls and battleground states have tightened, though Clinton still appears to hold an edge over Trump in the campaign’s last moments.

During remarks at a black church Sunday morning, Clinton urged voters to choose “unity over division” as she sought to close a caustic presidential campaign on an uplifting note. She warned that President Barack Obama’s legacy is on the line, part of her strategy to shore up black voters who may be less enthusiastic about her than the president.

“If we come together with the common vision, common faith, we will find common ground,” Clinton declared.

Clinton also planned to campaign alongside basketball superstar LeBron James in his home state of Ohio and appear in New Hampshire with Khizr Khan, the Gold Star father who delivered a stinging indictment of Trump at the Democratic convention.

Her high-wattage allies also fanned out across the country, including President Barack Obama, who was joined by musician Stevie Wonder at a rally in Florida.

As the campaign’s final weekend drew to a close, more than 41 million Americans had already cast their ballots in early voting.

Trump opened a furious day of campaigning in Iowa, the battleground states where he appears in the strongest position. He also planned to make stops in Minnesota, Michigan and Pennsylvania, three states that have reliably voted for Democrats in presidential elections, as well as Virginia, a state Clinton’s campaign believes it has a solid hold on.

Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told reporters Sunday that Trump planned to keep up the breakneck campaign pace through Election Day. After voting in New York Tuesday morning, Trump was expected to return to Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina and New Hampshire later in the day, Conway said.

The businessman was also facing criticism for a new ad that asserts the “establishment has trillions of dollars at stake in this election” and features photos of billionaire George Soros, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and Goldman Sachs chief executive Lloyd Blankfein, all of whom are Jewish.

The National Jewish Democratic Council said the ad’s use of anti-Semitic stereotypes is “shocking and dangerous.”

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      • Thanks for the link…love to see intelligent people who speak out and challenge preconceived notions about the way many people think. “(Obama) Yes we can! (After 8 years of Presidency) No we didn’t.”

        • And again, Comey is the FBI, he does not decide if charges are to be filed against Hillary as it’s the DOJ to decide. You’d thought Comey had learned the 1st time around but apparently he still believes he’s the decider. RIGGED system! Gov. employees that don’t know where the drawn line at. So, is Huma in trouble? or she goes scott free? INSANE FBI

        • I encourage everyone who wants to vote for Hillary to go to the polling place on November 9 to cast your vote. I am Ken Conklin, and I approve this message.

        • Ken, most of Hillary’s supporters can’t read so you will have to do an audio to get out the message.

        • Ronin, so who has been documented to be one of most undereducated and underemployed voting blocs in decades—that would be Trump supporters.

        • So Ken you will be voting for a candidate that has zero experience, has a thin skin, and is a patsy for Russia?

          May I ask why? Do you really want the stock market to fall under 7000 and unemployment to rise to over 10%?

        • These are the deep state’s likely options.

          1. Accept reality and revise foreign strategy accordingly. Given the high level of groupthink and the remnants of cold war philosophy, it is difficult to envisage this being taken as an early option, if at all.

          2. Prevent the Chinese from selling Treasuries by refusing bond transfers, and/or banning US banks from allowing currency transfers. The intention would be to hinder China’s plans to provide finance to commodity suppliers by transferring dollars and Treasury bonds to them, or simply selling down their holdings. The danger is this course of action will eliminate the dollar’s role as the world’s reserve currency for all foreign holders. The subsequent dollar crisis would likely escalate out of control.

          3. Introduce exchange controls, restricting the return of offshore dollars in the belief that domestic purchasing power would be preserved. That would simply accelerate a collapse of the purchasing power of external dollars, increase the attractions of the yuan and gold as settlement currencies, and create shortages of imported raw materials for the US economy. The ghost of Smoot-Hawley would rattle its chains again.

          4. Create more false flag operations, severe enough to encourage foreign speculators to maintain their dollar reserves.

          The deep state is unlikely to accept that it’s Check Mate to China and Russia. Increasing desperation and the deep state’s groupthink place a high probability on the fourth option, another false flag operation, or a variant thereof. The world is at a critical juncture already with Syria, where the super-powers are at war through their proxies. Let’s just hope the fears expressed in this article over the senselessness of America’s future actions are overstated.

        • Boots, you know nothing about the economy. Get back to your gig scrubbing the toilets at the Sheraton Waikiki.

        • Ike, please cite a credible source that shows Trump supporters are the are “one of most undereducated and underemployed voting blocs in decades.”

        • Comey says there’s no intent by Hillary but just being sloppy. How could you trust her with secret info is beyond me. I feel Comey and the Rigged political system just doesn’t want Trump as a leader. This Rigged system will be fine having Kaine taking the place of Hillary when she gets impeached. No doubt about this

        • Pocho you are absolutely right…we should trust Trump, you know, because believe him, he knows more about ISIS than the generals.

        • Pocho, strange, Colin Powell and John McCain don’t want him as a leader too…neither does Paul Ryan. The Bushes won’t even say they would back him (well Barbara said no way). But I guess it’s all rigged, right?

      • Hey Cricket Mahalo nui for the link Brah!
        I seen have seen Brunell Donald -Kyei on Fox News ,she is an unadulterated to the point,no nonsense, spot on attorney!
        Good One!
        Hey Cricket,question: why ? again why? doesn’t the SA report the interview of “Obama Encouraging Illegals to Vote” ?? Where is it?I’m telling you, he’s is so desperate he’ll do anything to protect his legacy……(what ever that means,chuckles) even break the law! Which law you say?
        The Law to uphold the constitution. To protect and serve the people of America…… To Protect our borders from foreign and domestic threats!

        • >>>why? doesn’t the SA report the interview of “Obama Encouraging Illegals to Vote” ??

          Uh, maybe because it never happened?

        • Fact is Comey and the FBI have lost credibility, can’t be trusted. We need a special prosecutor to go over all the evidence and see if the FBI was completely honest with their outcome.

          Special prosecutor will also compare what Hillary did with others in government. If they were prosecuted or punished in any way and Hillary was not, FBI is corrupt.

      • Thanks for the link. She’s articulate and otherwise intelligent, but she’s made one big mistake: She allowed Trump to fool her into thinking he can get anything done. He’s an administrative incompetent.

        See the lies, distortions, and flip-flops he’s made regarding the past week’s FBI email re-investigation. Pretty much summarizes his whole campaign history.

        Your problem is you believed Trump’s and other Republicans’ lies about the emails and the Clinton Foundation. They’re educated, and knew they were feeding you lies.

        The solution: Get educated, learn to read critically, and don’t give liars the time of day.

        • sarge, Trump lied when he said they found “65,000 Clinton emails” on Weiner’s computer. He lied to you when he said “They’re gonna prove that she deliberately used a private email server to evade justice.”

          He also lied about the Clinton Foundation being “crooked” and a way for Bill and Hillary to get rich.

          You should be angry that he lied to you non-stop for the past year, and for letting you and all Republicans down in this election. But don’t worry, he’ll fade from the political arena soon after, will be irrelevant.

        • Correction: Trump said “650,000 emails” to be inspected. So he LIED 10 times more. He’s 10 times more a “jerk.”

          Don’t vote for a “jerk!”

    • Aloha Ike, and now the Clinton Foundation to be “cleared” or the Clinton Housemaid to be provided immunity by the FBI? A lot more to come in the next two days. All to eventually find the Clinton & Friends guilty of breaking American laws. What do you believe?

      • Trump is a loser! Trump is a loser! His business will go bankrupt again and I hope all the bank executives remember how he talked down to them and to all the politicians that he got favors from.

        • Just think if the Donald became president, he could bankrupt the nation. lol Why anyone would vote for this clown is beyond me. I appreciate the fact though that the Donald has deviated from past republican candidates and didn’t wrap himself in God. I also appreciated that he didn’t look upon Russia as the evil empire.

          The republicans will hopefully learn from this but sadly they probably won’t.

    • Comey’s statement should Trump’s mouth up. Now his new line will be rigged as usual after complimenting the FBI. I’m glad his spending time in Minnesota. Who’s his strategist?

      • Unfortunately, if any other federal employee, contractor, or military member did half of the things Clinton did with her emails they would have had their clearance yanked and later terminated because they can do their job without a clearance. Big double standard for the rich and powerful at work and the FBI’s credibility continues to erode.

  • I think it was a long shot because early reports were that the e-mails were not set to or received from Clinton. The propriety of the FBI director sending out a letter so close to an election will be debated for years, but clearing Clinton will tend to off set that (except in the mind of Clinton’s closest allies for whom revenge will be on their mind).

    • Probably not too much damage to Clinton, at least not enough to change the outcome of the election.

      The good thing is, Trump once again showed what an ldiot he is, distorting facts, making a big deal of the investigation, proving again that he’s not connected to reality.

  • Haaaaaaaaa! I love IT! I fear it’s too late for James Comey to once again come to the rescue. Hey ! it is what it is ! I’m glad that he was diligent & it shows in his integrity or what’s left of
    Still doesn’t explain why so many heads in the FBI are resigning because of this case and how Mr.Comey concluded it!
    Ultimately there is just too dirt with the Wikileaks dumps alone for Hillary to overcome! Not even the Niagra Falls can wash all the dirt of the Clintons,it’s already out there!
    Anyway? What was that Carole King Song “It’s Too Late”haaaaaaaaa,but all the same , Thanks for the attention James Comey job well done! And remember Folks “No Vote?No Grumble”.

  • Trump will now go on an offensive against the FBI and charge corruption on their part like they way he will charge corruption on election officials and continue to claim that the election is rigged. This while not having any solid evidence that our election system is rigged. Remember, Trump praised the very same FBI for bringing up the new development. Now he will make a 360 degree turn and condemn the FBI. This is how Trump operates. He praises what works for him while attacking all that does not fit his opinion or support him. He contrives conspiracy theories like he changes his clothes. This man claims that the other party is a liar but his stance on everything changes like he changes his socks. His bold-face lies during his campaign speeches and even during the debates shows that he likes to call others liars while lying himself. His supporters will continue to support him even when his claims are found to be baseless and twist it to fit their agenda. Even his own party has shown that they do not support him. Trump is simply grasping for a lifeboat but he can’t keep up with his own lies that have burned him. Loose lips have sunk his ship.

  • Trump is a liar and he has been caught in his own web of lies when recordings verified what he has denied. He will now decry the FBI after he had praised them. His ship is fast sinking.

  • Guess the FBI director is now hedging his bets and wants to keep his job. Of course there wasn’t anything new in these emails, he only opened his mouth because he wants to work for Trump and get a raise.

      • The president can fire the FBI director.
        “There are no statutory conditions on the President’s authority to remove the FBI Director.”

        “… Sessions was the only FBI Director removed from office. President William J. Clinton removed Sessions from office on July 19, 1993, citing “serious questions … about the conduct and the leadership of the Director,” and a report on “certain conduct” issued by the Office of Professional Responsibility at the Department of Justice.”

  • Everyone needs to understand that there are websites out there that present unreliable information, so try to stay with credible news sources. Most of all, use good common sense whenever you read anything. Remenber that our country guarantees freedom of the press and free speech. Don’t abuse these privileges. Listen to everyone’s opinions with respect and try to understand differing points of view.

  • This is so ridiculous. We are expected to believe that in 7 days they have gone through 650,00 emails? I think pressure was put on Comedy, instead this move makes me so disgusted in our government that it is depressing. Even without this investigation, aClinton should not be allowed to be president. It has been documented that the Clinton Foundation paid for Chelsea ‘s wedding, Clinton had her maid print out sensitive government emails, etc. The corruption and collution between the administration, Clinton and her cronies, the DNC, is mind blowing.

        • I operate from a wide body of knowledge and readings, not like many here, who subscribe to vantages that only reinforce preconceived notions and opinions–huge difference. The later is called ideology.

        • dragoninwater – There you go again, thinking and writing about me. Don’t you find that very, very odd? I certainly do. But I’m flattered – as odd as it is.

          I never think about you. Not ever.

    • Edward Snowden was asked about this, in his reply via twitter he said an old laptop could go through the 650,000 emails in a matter of minutes or hours. It was suspected that the emails were duplicates of stuff the FBI already had. That’s all this was. the FBI confirming that there was nothingness here.

  • Obviously good news for the Clinton camp but…it doesn’t mean Huma is in the clear. He specifically mentioned Clinton is clear but that doesn’t necessarily mean the investigation is closed. I believe they could have a case against Huma since there might be classified emails on the laptop she shared with her pervert husband. By now it is too late for any more surprises.

    • A conservative fellow I know did. Last year he bet me Clinton would be indicted by the end of Oct. We bet on it. Indictment didn’t happen. He swore it would happen by the end of the year. Didn’t happen. He paid me $100. Then this latest fiasco erupted. He instantly wanted a new bet. I tried to beg off, but he insisted. Now I’m $200 richer…

      • Lucky you. If this would have been anyone else in the government sector holding secret clearance they would be sitting in prison or on the run like Snowden.

  • It comes down to this. We are all to blame for allowing our presidential election come down to the 2 most divisive candidates in history. Especially due to our alliance with the two party system. we need to do away with both parties especially when polling shows that most people are not voting for a candidate, they are voting against a candidate.

    I can’t believe out of our great country we’ve narrowed down the field to these two. Come on America!!!!
    The world is laughing at us. We are better than this!!!!

    • Our government has pushed for globalism. Time to let them get a taste of their own doing, outsource most inept government office jobs to Asia and India. For all the remaining government jobs requiring physical presence except for first res-ponders and the military, bring in all the H-1B immigrants! 90% of the government workers are inept and severely overpaid and can be replaced with grade school children to perform their duties!

  • 650,000 e-mails and they only went through some, if they went through them all it would take a year or two to investigate every e-mails, so now we know comey is being a liar and is afraid of the Clinton corruption machine.

    • A friend of mine said just the opposite. His view (which he posted elsewhere):

      “I don’t talk about my job (cough, “professional career”) on here, like, ever. But for those who don’t know one thing I do (cough, “manage”) is processing and analysis of sensitive email and data collections. I’ve been in this business for a long time, doing this thing basically since it became a business.

      Ok, with that out of the way:

      The FBI took 8 days to announce that the latest email “find” was “largely duplicative” of previously scrutinized data. I could’ve told them this in 12 hours or less.

      It takes less than 12 hours to process, deduplicate, and search a data collection, collections much larger than the “Clinton Server” volume, including all sorts of advanced reporting on content of the email and its potential relevance tailored to any investigation.

      The Clinton email “scandal” and the ensuing investigation was either f-ing amateur hour or a Dean Smith-style Four Corners Offense designed to keep a fake scandal on top of the news cycle until the eve of the election. The decision-makers at the FBI are the ones that should be in jail.”

  • This is truly amazing. It took the F.B.I. more than a year to comb through 50 thousand or so of Hillary’s emails before F.B.I. Director Comey reached HIS conclusion that Hillary had no intent to violate the law. It took the F.B.I. about two days to comb through several hundred thousand emails on Weiner’s computer for Comey to reach his conclusion that there would be no charges against Hillary. How is it possible for the technology to change that much in one year? I wonder what Job Comey was promised in a Hillary Clinton administration.

    • Maroon! Donald lied to you again!

      As he always does, he picked a number out of the air. “650,000 emails that’ll prove Hillary tried to evade justice!” WRONG!


  • Apparently congress or the senate seems powerless to do anything about the crooked Clintons.

    If this is the truth and nothing legally can be done, America can be taken over by a bunch of crooked, power hungry group of people, as being done by the President, Department of Justice, FBI and the IRS.

    It will end what America was built upon and a new dawn of government is being created right before our eyes. A silent coup is now in process of over throwing the foundation of what our country was built upon. Check and balances will no longer be part of our political system. In turn the inalienable rights of the people will be a thing of the past.

    • Republican senators and congressmen CAN do something. They can stop the false accusations. Hillary Clinton made a very careless mistake in using her private server. So the GOP, in an attempt to “win,” keeps on wasting taxpayers’ money and everyone’s time on pushing for endless investigations.

      NOTHING criminal has ever been found. The only people saying “criminal” are Trump and his illiterate followers. The followers should go back to school (not Trump U, go to a real school) so liars like Trump, Pence, and their entourage can no longer lie to the American people.

      Make America Honest Again!

  • Cover rear-end by Comey with revelations that Weiner’s email could contain sensitive data lest may/could have been revealed by WikiLeaks. Wants to continue his job as Chief of FBI in the new administration. Comey’s loyalty certainly is not of the highest of integrity? He’s gotta go!

  • MOST Federal Employees would already be doing 20+ in prison for what she did. Don’t vote for a “Ruling Class” candidate. We had a revolution to rid ourselves from that kind of abuse of power.

    Libertarian Votes Count!

  • Is the main reason the FBI is not advising charging her because there is no intentional illegal purpose discovered, just that she was very loose and of poor judgment? Is this good? She still is untrustworthy, just not smart enough to be charged.

  • Ever notice, when it became clear the HRC was cleared by the FBI and going to sweep through Tuesday, markets responded with clarity and authority???? Very telling…

  • As Shakespeare said, “something is rotten in the State of Denmark.” I am sure the Clinton machinery had a lot to do in changing this idiot a.k.a. Comey, mind about not pressing charges but talk to the field agents that did the actual investigation and they will tell you that Clinton should have been indicted and or, formal charges should have been brought against her and they still believe that is the case.

    Not only that, any or all of the Secret Service agents assigned to Hillary DESPISES her with a passion as she is a hypocrite behind the scenes and none of them look at it as a plum job assigned to her compared to her husband. Agents relished the idea of being assigned to Bill but he is the extreme opposite of this female felon……how she can stand in front of an audience and smile etc…knowing she is a criminal is beyond these agents…..

  • As Shakespeare said, “something is rotten in the State of Denmark.” That needs no further explanation or clarification when referred to the FBI’s latest review of Clinton’s email accounts.

  • Buahahahahahahah, literally by the minute, large swaths of the electoral map are turning blue. Nevada, Florida and North Carolina are now blue. If NV or FL go early, no sense in even doing the rest of the election, as it means Trump has entirely, not even mathematical, lost any chance to win. See–

    Cricket crew….buahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.

  • It’s interesting how e-mail and private correspondence between Democrats and their campaigns and some targeted candidates were “hacked” and released to the media.
    Some entity trying to influence our elections? So far no information released on Republican candidates. Strange?

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