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In Thanksgiving pause, Trump calls for national healing


    President-elect Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos posed for photographs at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster clubhouse in Bedminster, N.J. on Nov. 19.

PALM BEACH, Fla. » His Cabinet beginning to take shape, President-elect Donald Trump is offering a Thanksgiving prayer for unity after “a long and bruising” campaign season.

“Emotions are raw and tensions just don’t heal overnight,” the incoming president said in a video message released on the eve of the national holiday. He continued, “It’s my prayer that on this Thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country strengthened by shared purpose and very, very common resolve.”

Trump, who was gathered with family today at his Palm Beach estate, was expected to pause for a day after a two-week scramble to shape his nascent administration from scratch.

He injected the first signs of diversity into his Cabinet-to-be the day before, tapping South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to serve as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and charter school advocate Betsy DeVos to lead the Department of Education. They are the first women selected for top-level administration posts. Haley is the daughter of Indian immigrants, so she also would be his first minority selection after a string of announcements of white men.

The South Carolina governor has little foreign policy experience, yet Trump praised her as “a proven dealmaker.” DeVos, like Trump, is new to government but has spent decades working to change America’s system of public education.

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson on Wednesday said “an announcement is forthcoming” on his role, which would make him the first black choice — possibly as secretary of Housing and Urban Development — but he also suggested he’d be thinking about it over the Thanksgiving holiday.

“I feel that I can make a significant contribution particularly to making our inner cities great for everyone,” Carson wrote on his Facebook page.

Trump is also expected to select billionaire investor Wilbur Ross Jr. to lead the Commerce Department, a senior Trump adviser said Wednesday, speaking only on condition of anonymity because the adviser was not authorized to disclose internal deliberations. The 78-year-old Ross, who is white, is chairman and chief strategy officer of private-equity firm W.L. Ross & Co., which has specialized in buying failing companies.

Wednesday’s picks came as Trump worked to distance himself from the “alt-right,” a movement of white supremacists who continue to cheer his election. His first appointments included chief counselor Steve Bannon, who previously led a website popular among the alt-right.

Trump today was with his family behind closed doors at Mar-a-Lago, his Palm Beach estate. He’s spending the Thanksgiving holiday there after a week of interviewing potential appointees in New York, punctuated by announcements of members of his national security team.

“It’s time to restore the bonds of trust between citizens, because when America is unified there is nothing beyond our reach,” the president-elect said in his Thanksgiving message, which was posted on social media.

The nasty campaign season included clashes between Trump and his new Cabinet selections.

“The people of South Carolina are embarrassed by Nikki Haley!” Trump wrote in March. Haley denounced several of his campaign comments and urged voters to “reject the siren call of the angriest voices.”

DeVos, who is from Michigan, told The Associated Press in July, “A lot of the things he has said are very off-putting and concerning.”

On Wednesday, however, Trump and his colleagues had nothing but kind words for each other. And while other Republicans largely praised the Haley pick, DeVos faced immediate criticism from left and right.

The president of the National Education Association, Lily Eskelsen Garcia, said in a statement that for years DeVos “has lobbied for failed schemes, like vouchers — which take away funding and local control from our public schools — to fund private schools at taxpayers’ expense.”

And Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, tweeted, “Trump has chosen the most ideological, anti-public ed nominee since the creation of the Dept of Education.”

At the same time, some conservatives warned that the longtime Republican donor, who along with her husband has spent millions of dollars to promote candidates who favor charter schools and school vouchers, also supports the Common Core education standards that Trump railed against during the campaign.

DeVos addressed criticism head-on, posting a “Q&A” statement that said directly about Common Core: “I am not a supporter — period.”

Trump will be sworn into office in less than 60 days. Beyond his Cabinet, he must fill hundreds of high-level administration posts.

He is expected to stay in Florida through the weekend.

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  • The fact that he is now addressed as PRESIDENT ELECT TRUMP means God is still looking out for us as his election, against ALL odds, was made possible only by the divine hand of Providence.

    PRESIDENT ELECT TRUMP is wisely using this very limited time envelope before taking the oath month after next not only to staff his administration, but also to invoke the power of healing. ADULTS of all political persuasions will heed his call for unity. Self pitying Snowflakes and others of an immature mind set will resist the call.

    • Please leave your god out of this. I’m interested in him than I am Allah, Thor, Odin or Zeus.

      If you want to give credit to god for the things you like, then you also have to hold him responsible for the things you don’t.

      Donald Trump won for a number of reasons, including the fact that the DNC chose to both cheat and disenfranchise their own voters. Time will tell what kind of President he will be. I hope he is a great one. If he’s not, will that also fall on your god?

      • Ain’t that First Amendment rum?

        Ain’t it a pip?

        Ain’t it just the bee’s knees?

        Our Founders were rightfully in awe of God without whom our small and badly outgunned army – – up against THE foremost land and sea power on the planet – – would not have had a chance of prevailing. Indeed for quite awhile Washington’s greatest skill was leading his rabble in hasty retreat.

        Is it any wonder, then, that standing in awe of all that God had done for them, they would make as the very FRIST part of their FIRST Amendment this rigid prohibition:

        “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion [the ‘establishment’ clause] or prohibiting the free exercise thereof [the ‘free exercise’ clause]”

        In other words those who believe in Almighty God made sure that Congress would not impose any specific religion upon folks like you nor could they prohibit folks like me from freely exercising my religion.

        In this spirit please allow me to wish you a joyous Thanksgiving and may God prosper the work of your hands and bless you on this happy day.

        • Apologies for my lousy small motor skills.

          FIRST not FRIST.

          Watching me attempt to type would bring tears to the eyes of a statue

        • thos says: “In this spirit please allow me to wish you a joyous Thanksgiving and may God prosper the work of your hands and bless you on this happy day.”

          Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful and joyous day, and a wonderful and joyous life as well. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

        • Outstanding Thos! No worry bout the small stuff. Peace and a Joyful Thanksgiving to you and your Family!

      • Sad to say Thos has no idea of God, certainly not of the Christian God or Jesus. Perhaps maybe of Allah? One of the few good things about the Donald is that he is anything but religious. It is nice to finally have a republican president who doesn’t wrap himself in God. (because he thinks he is God)

        • Boots says: Thos has no idea of God, certainly not of the Christian God or Jesus.

          Well, Boots, here’s an idea that I’ve often heard expressed: God writes straight with crooked lines.

          In other words He often chooses very imperfect beings to get His work done.


          OK, consider a well educated Roman citizen, a Jew, one Saul of Tarsus. Perhaps you’ve heard of him. He relentlessly persecuted members of a strange, almost cult like sect (whose members worshipped a condemned man who had been crucified and who called themselves Christians) with the greatest zeal. Had anyone told Saul back then, before that fateful trip to Damascus – – that one day, because of his extensive travels and writing, Christianity would prosper and spread as never before and that he would today be known as Saint Paul – – he would have thought the person daft and likely have taken great offense.

          See even though we think we are such hot shots and know everything, God has on many an occasion reminded us that His ways are NOT our ways, not that we hotshots are willing to accept that, of course, as your writing so well exemplifies.

          Now to the present. Is PRESIDENT ELECT TRUMP, for all his many faults, destined to become a modern day Cyrus, to lead an errant people (us) away from our corrupted, secular ways and back to the arms of a loving God who has watched over our 240 experiment in self governance with loving care? Who can say? Sure as heck not yours truly. But I can hope.

          Happy Thanksgiving, Boots.

        • …..when the time comes ,will you still have the same idea….”Thor and Odin Rock”? Bet you’ll change your tune,betcha! Because,you shall worship no other God …..simple as that!The All Mighty God Knows who belongs to him and those who do not…..enjoy your money while you can.

        • Hey! where’s Klast3 and The Gang? Wanted to remind him and them , the results for Michigan are IN! Donald Trump gets 10,704 more votes. & Counting the 16 Electoral Votes,which goes to President Elect Trump,a total of 206 Electoral VOTES! YAAAAAAAAY! via,Detroit Free Press!

          Is this the “Landslide” Klsatri was talking about?
          Remember his numbers,which I stated were “Pure Fiction and Assumptions”?

        • Why should I change? Thor was one of my favorite comics as a kid and the Avengers were entertaining as a movie. Loved that scene where the Hulk beat up on Loki calling him a puny God.

          I have no fear of facing God. I believe in Jesus which is a reason I voted for Hillary. What did Jesus say about a Rich man getting into Heaven? One thing I am sure of, the Donald will have more to fear from God than I. I haven’t stiffed my employees, contractors etc. in my business dealings. Just remember God is not a Republican. Bet you didn’t know that. 🙂

      • Your god embraces a man who put an alt-right nut case in the White House (Bannon) and a man (Trump) who fomented violence at his rallies?

        If that’s true, then god either doesn’t exist, or he’s a mean spirited piece of garbage. Take your choice.

        • That’s It? Lost for Words? Must be suffering from post election blues!Haaaaaaaaaaaa!
          But isn’t that just great! Donald wins in a “Landslide”,(your words,not mine) with Michigan putting the icing on the Cake! Too bad you fell for all that dribble & the Fake Polls the MSM was spewing! Sad, many,NAY, Millions fell for it too!
          Hey did you save that picture of the “Morning after”? still waiting…..
          C’mon now accept defeat,it’s over. Let’s all be Americans,so that you,Boots Keaukaha, Allie and the rest of the “Hateful gang of 8”, can all come together & “Make America Great Again”.

        • Pay attention klastri! It was Hillary’s Camp that were responsible for the violent protest…. and may i remind you,protesters were payed by George Soros,who in fact “Fomented” the violence at Trumps rallies. C’mon brah.

        • MoiLee – Mr. Trump is already revealing the many lies he repeated during the campaign. Now he’s nominating unqualified sycophants to cabinet positions and is inviting a constitutional showdown over his foreign dealings. He’s a psychotic. Enjoy gloating while you can. It won’t last long.

        • Just curious Moi, what did you like best about the Donald? Be honest now. Was it how he stiffed the people he worked with? Was it his economic expertise where he filed bankruptcy numerous times? Perhaps you just love debt. No balanced budgets for you, 2 Trillion or bust? I know you just love adulterers when they are republican. 🙂

          I hope you are well off as the Donald will probably follow the example of G W Bush and end up crashing the economy big time. I am making plans to leave Wall street after 40 years of being in it.

        • thos – From the Washington Post:

          If you have any sense, you’re coming to the realization that it was all a scam. You got played. While you were chanting “Lock her up!” he was laughing at you for being so gullible. While you were dreaming about how you’d have an advocate in the Oval Office, he was dreaming about how he could use it to make himself richer. He hasn’t even taken office yet and everything he told you is already being revealed as a lie.

          You got scammed. You aren’t bright enough to figure that out yet, but it’s true. Enjoy your gloating while you can.

    • More likely God is throwing up. Here we have a president that doesn’t bother reading daily briefing memos. Do I have to remind you what happened when the last president disregarded these memos? (9/11) I wonder if the target will be Trump towers? Time will tell.

      I wonder how much he will charge to rent out the Lincoln bedroom or will he just be satisfied with everyone staying at his hotels? I will be sad to see Michelle’s garden be replaced with a miniature Trump tower.

      • Boots says: “I wonder how much he will charge to rent out the Lincoln bedroom or will he just be satisfied with everyone staying at his hotels?”

        It was Bill and Hilary Clinton who rented out the Lincoln Bedroom, NOT Donald Trump. That’s hardly comparable to someone staying in one of his hotels, which is his core business.

        If Donald Trump got into the room-renting business AFTER taking office like Billa nd Hilary did, you might have a point. Otherwise, what do you want him to do? Shutter his hotels and businesses and lay off thousands and thousands or hardworking people trying to support their families?

        Honestly, your constant hypocrisy and “rah-rah everything democrats do, regardless of how inept, dishonest, and corrupt,” undermine whatever points you’re trying to make. I suggest you start focusing on ethics and actions instead of party affiliation. Had the democrats not cheated Bernie and disenfranchised their own voters, you’d likely be gloating over your team’s victory right now.

        • Where have I been a hypocrite Kalaheo? Hay its not me who has said lock her up and then changed his mind. It is not me who said he would fight the law suits against Trump University and then folded. I have been pretty consistent with the Donald. While I considered him the best republican running, the fact is he is still a clown full of Voodoo. Voting for the Donald is like going to the town butcher for brain surgery. I know I will be proven right.

          And I am not “rah-rah everything democrats do. I was angered by the democrats planning on just coronating Hillary as their candidate. I was a Bernie supporter and was seriously considering voting for Jill or Johnson but decided against it.

          Fact is democrats have a significantly better record of running the economy and the Donald will not be an exception. You cannot Cut revenue, increase expenses, and expect to balance the budget. It is a shame you republicans refuse to acknowledge this. Why are you so against republican principles? Just remember Kalaheo, its been well over 50 years since a republican president submitted a balanced budget to congress. And don’t forget that 9/11 happened under a republican president. So much for national security they have been preaching all these years. Now again we have a republican president who can’t be bothered with daily briefing memos. Well don’t say you haven’t been warned.

          I love your statement about ethics after the Donald has stated he is above it all.

          Enjoy the recession that will soon be coming. Its what happens when Voodoo is followed.

        • Boots, you make the joyous fact that God loves each and every one of us even more remarkable. Please, for your own well being, use this day to focus more on your abundant blessings than on your harbored fears. A Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

        • Boots says: “I love your statement about ethics after the Donald has stated he is above it all.”

          You keep doing that. You keep putting words into President Elect Trumps mouth, but don’t back it up because you’d rather attack the candidate that beat yours rather than admit your “team” put up a poor candidate Andy undermined and disenfranchised their own voters.

          If you and the rest of the DNC robots had actually risen up against the corporate insiders at the DNC you might have gotten Bernie, but for you and people like you, just seeing “D” after their name is enough, but not everyone does that. Next election cycle, you need to appeal to those people instead of telling them “you’ll vote for who we tell you too.”

          And I was criticizing your lack of ethics

        • I notice you still haven’t said where I have been a hypocrite Kalaheo. But as for back up I will just post the following:

          Below is an attempt to catalogue the more clear-cut examples of conflicts of interest that have emerged so far; the most recent entries appear at the top.

          That Las Vegas Labor Dispute
          That Blind-Trust Issue
          That Hotel in Washington, D.C.
          That Argentinian Office Building
          Those Companies in Saudi Arabia
          That British Wind Farm
          Those Indian Business Partners
          That Envoy From the Philippines

          This is from the pinko commie Atlantic . I am most concerned the blind trust issue which I shows how out of touch the Donald is.

          That Blind-Trust Issue

          Though precedent alone is not legally binding, history dictates that politicians typically divest themselves from assets that might pose conflicts of interest upon entering office. Having ruled out selling his company, Trump could form a blind trust, turning over management of his holdings to a lawyer or other trustee with whom he will have no contact, as Michael Bloomberg did upon becoming the mayor of New York City (although, given how much of Trump’s portfolio is real estate, he would still likely retain enough substantive knowledge to render the trust blind in name only). Another option is for politicians to diversify their holdings so broadly that their growth tracks with that of the economy overall, as President Obama did in 2008.

          Already, Trump has run afoul of these precedents on several occasions. Throughout the campaign, when asked how he would mitigate conflicts of interest, he responded that he would transfer his assets into a blind trust operated by his three adult children, Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric. However, doing so does not fit even the most basic definition of a blind trust: As his close advisers, members of his transition team, and, well, his children, Trump’s family members do not have nearly the distance from the president-elect required of a blind trust.

          Moreover, even if one does take take the president-elect at his word that his children will be entirely separate from his administration, events since his election strongly suggest otherwise. Rumors quickly emerged that Trump had requested security clearance for not only his three children but also his son-in-law, Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner, who owns his own real-estate company as well as The New York Observer. His children further undermined even the appearance of a blind trust—Ivanka by sitting in on a meeting between her father and the Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe as well as a phone call between Trump and the Argentine president Mauricio Macri, and both Ivanka and Eric by appearing with their father at a business meeting with three of the family’s Indian business associates in New York.

          Enjoy the latest upstanding republican president who will continue the republican tradition of making the prior republican president look good. lol

        • Boots says: “I notice you still haven’t said where I have been a hypocrite”

          Actually, I have said it over and over in various comments. You’re just pretending I haven’t.

          Look up above here. This is what I said ““rah-rah everything democrats do, regardless of how inept, dishonest, and corrupt, undermines whatever points you’re trying to make. I suggest you start focusing on ethics and actions instead of party affiliation.” And simply hand-waving it all away by saying “Sometime, somewhere, a republican did something worse, therefore anything anyone on my team does is okay” is the height of hypocrisy.

          You unwavering support of this rail mess is a perfect example of this. You would lose your mind if Donald Trump and his developer friends were squeezing the struggling families of Oahu for this corporate welfare fiasco funded by the most regressive tax imaginable. And you’d be right to do so, but because all the principles in this despicable project vote D, you are an advocate for it.

          Try being ethical. We already have enough partisan sheep.

  • thanksgiving is a good time to call all americans, democrats, republicans, independents to come together and help make america what it should be – great again, for all americans.

    happy thanksgiving, america.

  • You know what, I’m going to give him a chance. I’ll just post using names like Tonald Dump, O’dumpster, stuff like that. Oh and the old”worst president ever”. But to put a Neurosurgeon in charge of inner city housing because his black?? Or a billionaire investor for Commerce?? The Swamp is Flooding.

  • Where is all this Misogynist stuff,the left were spinning about President Trump? These were all lies of course!Spun by the MSM or should i say,the
    As Time goes by,this President,time and time again have proven them all wrong!

  • This president elect is working to get the government to run hopefully more efficient and under budget. No mention the long hours he is putting in, very few reporting of his 100 day plan to start, about all his appointees having to agree on a 5 year waiver of not becoming a lobbyist after serving, how he will plan rebuilding the country’s infrastructures, etc. etc.

    Again mainstream media reporting the negatives of Trump and creating the rhetoric to keep the people on the Hillary side looking all so good doing what they are doing with their protest and remarks of how they are the right one. It appears a few thousand of people trying to make the American people believe otherwise more like the continuation of the propaganda the globalist are directing from these crybabies.

    Where is Obama and Clinton denouncing the breaking of laws by the protestors. Yes, injuring others and damaging property.
    Okay to protest but not breaking laws while protesting. If these 2 people are for the good of America get on the news everyday denouncing the protestors who break the laws.

  • So Trump, who ran a hate-filled, racist, xenophobic and misogynist campaign in which he attacked people based on their disabilities, sex, race, sexual orientation and appearance, wants healing. Trump, whose election was cheered by white nationalists and neo-nazis, wants “to restore the bonds of trust”! The scale of his hypocrisy is as enormous as his ego.

    With absolutely no foreign policy or national security credentials, Haley will be steamrolled by Trump’s pro-Putin inner circle (Gen. Flynn, Paul Manafort, Page Carter, etc). But what can you expect from a President-elect who can’t be bothered to attend daily national security briefings.

    Ben Carson’s only experience in housing is owning a house.

    Unlike the Haley and Carson, DeVos has experience in the field she’ll oversee — and it’s all bad. She has caused major damage to public education in Michigan and will inflict immeasurable damage on American public education.

    • Both Dr. Carson and his spokesperson explained that the doctor was not qualified to run a government department and would not do so. Both were quite emphatic about it.

      Now Dr. Carson says that he’s qualified. So was he lying before, or is he lying now?

  • This just shows what a fricking IDIOT this man is … all the fracture he’s created; all the hurt he’s caused and he thinks one comment of “I’m calling for National healing” is going to work … No one person in the history of this country has ever created this kind of hurt and division … he hasn’t even apologized for the hurt he’s caused and expects everyone to work in harmony …



  • So funny Boots uses the word “Hypocrite,because we all know…”Boots= Hypocrite.
    When he moves to Australia,than, I may believe he’s on the verge of restoring his credibility. OR,until he “Walks the Walk and Talks the Talk”….. I’m not biting.

    • Thanks to all, especially those who have contributed positive energy to this colloquy on this blessed day.

      Lucky we live America.

      God bless America.

      Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Some say that the media has lost credibility. Media should never be allowed to become irrelevant. Anyone in the business who spends even a minute too long mulling “consensus of the media” according to the polls simply does not belong. Separate negativity from fact, build objective reporting on the irrefutable principle of accountability.

    While there are many deceptive and unreliable media on the internet, trust that the greater majority of Americans will never depart from the course set by well established and credible media.

    Remember the foundations of the First Amendment — freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition. Nothing is above our constitution. Remember the media’s responsibility to our country that is woven into everyone’s lives, that is critical to our guaranteed freedoms and rights.

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