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Trump accuses Obama of ‘inflammatory’ roadblocks


    President-elect Donald Trump spoke to members of the media, Dec. 21, at Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Fla.

PALM BEACH, Fla. >> President-elect Donald Trump accused President Barack Obama today of throwing up “inflammatory” roadblocks during the transition of power and his administration of treating Israel with “total disdain,” further straining the veneer of civility between the incoming and outgoing leaders.

Although Trump didn’t detail his complaints in his morning broadsides on Twitter, the president-elect has made it clear that it didn’t sit well with him when Obama recently boasted that he would have won the election if he’d been running. Trump’s largely respectful tone about Obama since the election evaporated in his latest tweets.

“Doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory President O statements and roadblocks,” Trump tweeted. “Thought it was going to be a smooth transition – NOT!”

Trump also took direct issue with the Obama administration’s decision to let a U.N. Security Council resolution critical of Israel pass.

“We cannot continue to let Israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect,” he said in a two-part tweet. “They used to have a great friend in the U.S., but … not anymore. The beginning of the end was the horrible Iran deal, and now this (U.N.)! Stay strong Israel, January 20th is fast approaching!”

Trump and his team have until now been largely complimentary of the way Obama and his people have handled the transition. The president-elect’s complaints about the treatment of Israel came a few hours before John Kerry was to make his final speech about Mideast peace as secretary of state — remarks that some Israeli officials panned in advance. The administration’s decision not to veto the U.N. resolution aggravated an already strained U.S.-Israel relationship.

A dispute erupted Monday between Obama and Trump, spurred by Obama’s hypothetical musings that had he run again, he would have been victorious. Obama suggested he still holds enough sway over the coalition of voters who elected him twice to get them to vote for him once again. Trump’s response to that was “NO WAY!”

On Tuesday, Trump tweeted: “President Obama campaigned hard (and personally) in very important swing states, and lost. The voters wanted to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

Obama swept most key swing states in his two bids for the White House, but Trump’s Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, fell short.

Later Tuesday, Trump thanked himself for a surge in a key gauge of consumer confidence. He wrote on Twitter that the Conference Board had reported that its consumer confidence index had climbed to 113.7 in December.

Trump noted that’s the highest the index has climbed in more than 15 years, then added, “Thanks Donald!”

Associated Press writers Laurie Kellman in Washington and Julie Pace in Buffalo, New York, contributed to this report.

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        • Trump , during the campaign, said he was going to clean the swamp in Washington, and get rid of all the special interests. Now, his own business empire and his children are now those special interests are ensconced in Washington. He also has appointed many Wall Street Billionaires, fossil fuel executives and billionaires, and corporate billionaires to his cabinet and administration. Washington is now ripe for the influence of special interests, conflicts of interest, scandals, and corruption.

      • No OD, the President-elect is concerned about the predicament he’s being saddled with. Unfortunately, there’s likely more to come. Don’t you find it to be disingenuous to make policy changes a few weeks before one leaves office? The administration has had 8 years of inaction but now finds it necessary to act (in support of the Palestinians. Suddenly there is a sense of urgency? What happened to leading from behind?

    • Trump hasn’t even taken office yet and he’s already acting like some kind of spoiled stepchild screaming about every little thing. I give him a year before congress decides they have had enough and impeaches him.

      • I’ll give him eight years and America will be great again. Obama just can’t go quietly. Just like a little kid calling other people names. Bye bye Barry and Bobby.

        • Tweety Trump won the election by repeated lies and vicious name-calling. Now his mean-spirited supporters are accusing Obama of being “Just like a little kid calling other people names.” That’s pathetic.

          BTW, since Reagann the US has been against illegal Israeli settlements in Palestinian areas. Regardless of Netanyahu and Trump’s little tantrums over the US abstaining from a unanimous security council vote, Obama was consistent with this policy. His refusal to do Netanyahu a politicak favor by acting against US policy could be payback for Bibi’s weasely actions over the past two years. So what, Bibi quit whining.

          It’s also time for Trump to quit whining, put on his big boy pants and prepare to govern. Tweeting more insults won’t MAGA.

        • Illegal settlements? That really depends on your point of view, yours appears to start in 1948. The Israeli point of view goes back much further.
          Israel believes the area belongs to them. It’s the land that Moses lead them to thousands of years ago, where they founded the city of Jerusalem and built the temple mount. Muslims later took the area from the Jews by force, destroyed the temple and built a mosque in it’s place.
          They have been fighting over the holy land even since.

        • Trump the adolescent tweeter will have four years of temper tantrums tweeting away at 3:00 in the morning. We really are in good hands with an emotionally immature, thin-skinned, vindictive bratty child as the Commander In Chief.

        • “Illegal settlements? That really depends on your point of view, yours appears to start in 1948.”

          Yes, it’s my view, the view of every US administrations since before Ronald Reagan, the consensus view of the international community, and the view of most American jews and nearly half of Israelis.

          Aside from right wing religious nut jobs in Israel, the only grouo of Americans who don’t view the settlements add illegal are right-wing evangelical Christians nut jobs who idolize Old Testament judaism and ignore the Gospel teachings of Jesus. MAGA

      • It amazed when Obama boldly said that the election had nothing to do with his policies or his Presidency. If he and Michelle hadn’t interfered in the election, Clinton would have been elected.

        • At one pint I though that Trump could do more with saying less, now Barry Obama chooses not to “Change the Guard” in Presidential fashion but rather choosing the antics of a Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson playbook. Time for him to “Shut up”.

        • A_Reader – You’re still writing about Al and Jesse? You need some new black folks to write about. Can’t you find any others?

        • IRT justmyview: I agree. I believe an important turning point was when the President seemed to yell angrily at a black audience telling them (almost threatening) that they better get out to vote to continue his legacy, etc. IMO, that speech motivated many to vote against Hillary. Recall that a large percentage of the population, including many Democrats, felt the country was headed in the wrong direction, with CA being a big exception; the large immigrant vote strongly supported open borders and our welfare system, which is a gold mine from what they were offered in Mexico.

    • Inflammatory roadblocks? Trump is the master of that kind of activity. Obama has been more than gracious to the clown. Obama is embarrassed that a man as ill-informed as Trumpp could be elected to anything. Obama was good to sit in a chair next to the depressing fool.

  • It’s no longer that Barry’s the worse President ever because Barry is “the” WORSE. The bottom line is that it’s: All due to his Arrogance. And never takes responsibility for his failures even to his last days in the White House.

    • Glad to see you finally see the light since you too sound like you’re getting tired of Trump’s whining and incompetence. You’ll have a lot of time to grumble about the new president soon and probably will wish Barry was back in power since you don’t know what you lost until it is finally gone.

      • Really. Seems like you know how TheDonalds going to lead the Nation vs.Barry’s track record to date. I admit I don’t know what the future holds… and I don’t pure judge as Barry, AL, Jesse,Frederick, etc. Or for that matter the Democrats and Libertad always do.

        • It was just a matter of time before you brought up Al Sharpton. You really need some new black folks to comment about. Don’t you know any others?

    • lol, you haven’t seen the worst. The new president will be the most corrupt president of all time. He is not even in office yet and already he is facing major problems with his trust. Also has he given in to Turkey yet? Be proud of your choice. As for Obama being worst, we shall see if under the Donald the stock market can maintain its growth under Obama or even exceed it. Only question in my mind is whether the Donald continues the republican tradition of making the prior republican president look good.

      • Stock market?

        You really want to bring that up?

        President Elect Trump has not yet taken office, but as a measure of investor enthusiasm for his thus far successful rescue attempt, the thirty Dow Jones Industrials are now already within kissing distance of TWENTY THOUSAND!

        • “Dow notches 17th record close since US election, ends about 25 points away from 20,000” Not doing too bad since the election.

        • thos: Everybody keeps equating the value of a person with money and the stock market, letʻs not forget the golden rule, penned by one of the wisest of all time, King Solomon, “A good name is more desirable than great riches, and loving favor is better than silver and gold.”

        • But since the election mortgage rates have gone up, bond yields have gone up, inflation is going up, gas prices going up, housing sales going down, more people unable to afford the increasing mortgages, manufacturing production going down, unemployment icreasing. The 20,000 sock market peak, is the top before we see everything get worst.

    • IRT Pocho, fully agree with your post. Right on. Yep, the Hawaii born Punahou educated President of the United States has truly shown his true self. Auwe.

    • Like a cornered rat, the current occupant of the White House, – – trapped in a shrinking hour glass and watching the previously gullible public, now sick of his endless lying, turn on him and begin to attack his “accomplishments” of the last 8 years with President Elect Trump their triumphant leader – – is going to pull out all the stops in his frantic effort to finish ‘transforming’ (destroying) the country he hates more than any other on the face of the planet, America.

      Said occupant is now more dangerous than at any time in the last 8 years, so batten down the hatches and stand by for heavy weather for the next 32, 350 or so minutes until we finally get a patriotic AMERICAN for president and emerge from this dark nightmare we have summoned up to torment us.

      • All of Thos’ vague accusations against President Obama are just hot sweaty air and smelly lies, devoid of facts and reality, just just like his celebrity anti-hero, stinky Donald Dumpster.

        Obama helped to save the Global economy, has expanded Healthcare saving hundreds of thousands of American lives, brought troops home saving thousands more, has repaired America’s damaged reputation and strengthened alliances abroad, and has been scandal-free in the face of a hostile, oppositional Republican Congress intent on doing nothing. Obama was hampered from fixing flaws in the Healthcare law and implementing other important policies to repair infrastructure, develop clean energy, create more jobs, close Gitmo, etc..

        In contrast, Trump is poised to violate the US Constitution’s Emoluments clause and commit “high crimes and misdemeanors” the moment he takes the oath of office. He has frightened our allies and emboldened white supremacists, he is proposing unnecessary tax cuts for the wealthy that will balloon the deficit.

        These are the facts and the reality. Perhaps you don’t want to acknowledge them because they threaten the fragile little fantasy bubble you live in. Perhaps because you are ignorant. Perhaps because your idea of a great America is a land of institutional privilege for European-American men. Perhaps you hate the fact that an African American president has been capable and gracious and able to do so much in the face of ugly racists. Perhaps you fear Obama’s record of accomplishment and his popularity. Perhaps you fear that your pampered hero, Tweety Trump, with his China-doll ego, his ignorance and his obnoxious ways, won’t measure up.

        Whatever the reasons, thos, the fact is Obama has been a good president, a good husband and father, and a good man. Trump is a greedy, reckless, boasting, self-centered, insecure jerk.

        • If you actually believe that pack of pathetic lives, you have just handed the NORMAL people of this country – – the electoral majority that is sweeping Trump into the Oval Office – – a huge advantage.

          It is called the Sword of Truth and woe betide those who foolishly think a thin tissue of fiction will shield them.

  • An offspring from a dysfunctional family as a result of a one nighter more often than not breeds a dysfunctional child…that child will stay a child thruout their whole life.
    Bad things happen.

        • sarge you are incapable of recognizing truth or fact. You live in your own self deluded bubble of far right extremist nonsense

      • What part of dysfunctional family do you not understand?

        There is no soap opera that could compete with the truth concerning POTUS 44.

        A rebellious teen on Mercer Island, Stanley Ann Dunham, thumbing her nose at decency to show her ‘independence’, gets herself impregnated by a black male – – and some have speculated it was Jimi Hendrix – – her parents panic, make a hasty move to racially tolerant Hawaii where they locate at UH a foreign exchange student from Kenya who will – – for cash on the barrel head – – agree to marry their daughter and claim paternity for record purposes. Said ‘father’ soon abandons mother and ‘son’ and heads to New England where, without benefit of divorce of either his American or Kenyan wife, he takes up with yet another woman. After dragging her son halfway around the world, like a tumbleweed, in pursuit of her “career” as an academic, the mom returns to Hawaii where she dumps her son on his grandmother to finish raising. Meanwhile the kid’s alleged “father” returns to Kenya, spins a lot of self serving lies to get a high ranking government job but thereafter keeps getting demoted in large measure because of his [1] deep and glorious thirst for the high octane distillate product for which Scotland is known and [2] love of driving fast cars, a combination that finally does him in. Afterward the “son” visits Kenya and upon discovering the ‘dream’ of his self aggrandizing father – – sweet talking himself into one position of prominence after another – – figures he too can run a conn back in America and how? By endlessly playing the race card while promising to forgive “white guilt”, a combination Democrat Party types find irresistible.

        • The man was President of the United States for eight years.

          What have you accomplished with your miserable life?

        • @ thos
          Totally & emphatically agree with your TRUTHFUL post!
          @ sarge22
          yes I agree…Truth Hurts….PERIOD!

          @ KKKlastri
          BLOVIATE only begins to describe an angry racist narcissist like you. I cannot believe you have humans who can tolerate you…even animals would shy away from you….sad.
          But for me the bottom line is PE TRUMP WON wooohooooo!!!

          OH YEAH! January 20, 2017 #MAGA

        • Keonigohan – You need to ask your fourth grade teacher about the meaning of the word racist. You always get it wrong. Always.

        • @ KKKlastri
          YOU are a classic RACIST…pretending others are when YOU are THE RACIST.

          I once said the only LEGACY Obama can brag about is that he’s the first half Black & half White potus and YOU called me a racist for that!
          I spoke the TRUTH! Your twisted version of the World is simply…you’re NUCKING FUTS.
          Eat LOST in a LANDSLIDE!
          WeThePeople WON!

          January 20, 2017 #MAGA

        • Why does thos go to such pathetic length (depths) to make President Obama look bad? Envy?

          Perhaps he doesn’t want to acknowledge President Obama’s many accomplishments because they threaten the fragile little fantasy bubble he lives in. Perhaps because he is ignorant. Perhaps because his idea of a great America is a land of institutional privilege for European-American men. Perhaps he hates the fact that an African American president has been capable and gracious and able to do so much in the face of ugly racists.

          Clearly, thos fears Obama’s record of success and his popularity. Perhaps he fears that his pampered hero, Tweety Trump, with his China-doll ego, his ignorance and his obnoxious ways, won’t measure up.

          It’s likely that thos’ distorted beliefs are fuelled by latent racist fear and fury that President Obama’s many accomplishments threaten the white supremacist world’s view. “Obama can’t be a success. He just can’t be. He’s illegitimate. He’s one if them, not one of us. I’m not the failure, he is. I’m not a racist, he is.”

          When it’s just a few folks like thos, this way of thinking is pathetic. When the numbers grow, it gets to be uncomfortable. When it’s the president elect, it threatens our democracy and world stability.

        • DannoBoy makes the mistake of asking: Why does thos go to such pathetic length (depths) to make President Obama look bad?

          The current occupant of the White House needs no help from yours truly or anyone else to look bad and why not? Because a man entrusted by Americans with the power to be their president who hates America is the very definition of bad.

          In that context one notes you, DannoBoy, were unable to offer up ANY evidence that the numerous facts about his bizarre, dysfunctional “family” as presented were in any way untrue or even exaggerated.

      • Not a nice thing to say but there is some truth in the statement. If it wasn’t for a loving maternal grandmother and grandfather, who accepted and looked after him and raised him as their own during his most formative years, even though physically he looked completely different from them, it would have been a whole other story. Some poster called it a fluke, and there was some luck involved, HOWEVER the combination of the grandparents, private school Punahou, some solid friends to support while he was in Hawaii (in Hawaii if you are ‘different’ you NEED friends) and a certain personality and intelligence; and although I don’t agree with most of his policies and initiatives, you have to admire what he accomplished. However the landscaped in the US has changed and Obama swung the nation in one extreme direction and like Yin and Yang, Trump is going to swing it completely the other way.

        • He is a trained lawyer; like all lawyers they will say anything to sell or have you accept their version of the event as the truth. Even if their client or cause is guilty or stupid they will defend it until the Grubber subject like yourself will come to accept it….boy he got you hook and sinker, another Grubber subject. Clinton, in one of her campaign trails, mentioned that he grew up in the ghettos….NO he did not, he grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was traveling the world while the others were struggling in the ghettos of the inner cities of America…..

  • Obama has really disrespected the wishes of the American people by taking executive actions opposite what the next administration requests. We have spoken, we don’t want his failed policies to be the direction of America, instead, he stubbornly continues to stab Israel in the back. Mr. President, you should be doing what is right for your country, by peacefully transitioning to the Trump Administration, instead, you will be solidifying your legacy as the worst president in American History.

    • Shame you don’t believe in freedom, certainly not the constitution. So you want the Donald to just bow down to big Ben? Will you enlist if a new war breaks out? As for failed policies we shall see if under the Donald the stock market rises as much as under Obama, the unemployment rate drops as much, etc. Face it the Donald has his work cut out for him if he expects to surpass Obama. More likely, he will be like past republican presidents and just crashes the economy.

      • I’m sorry Boots (erhornP) you must be very distraught that your candidate didn’t win, we understand, you will feel better soon when America changes direction and the nightmare known as the Obama Administration finally ends. Have faith.

      • My my my, Bootsie, but you do sound desperate.

        What happened to all your ultra cool, ultra confident sarcasm?

        Maybe you don’t like riding a horse that has been left in the dust?




        • Who was it that shamed black voters if they did not vote for Hellary? Who was it that said vote for Hellary or you are a sexist? Who was it that said “It’s been a long time coming but change has come to America?” Arrogant and pompous to leaders of other nations till he leaves. Aloha oe. See ya.

  • …………let’s see? Where is this Story? Is it here in the SA? You ask Why? Because It’s right here in Honolulu!

    Headlines reads: “Hawaii Restaurant Cafe 8 1/2 Tells Trump Voters You Cannot Eat Here, No Nazis”.

    I’m telling you folks the Liberal Lunacy has hit our shores in the worst way! Spreading their Socialist Divide,Dividing our Islands even further apart! How Crazy is that! The Ownwers,Cafe 8 1/2 are from San Francisco (The most Leftest County in the Union) and staunch Hillary Clinton Supporters are telling customers if you voted for DJT you cannot eat there! Auwe! Who are these people?
    Man! We better get a grip….

    • They can get away putting up signs like that in their windows cause they know Hawaii is a tried and true Blue State. Never been there myself but I bet they have good business and ain’t afraid to tell everyone of their true political colors. More power to them but I hope in doing so they lose a bit of business even though being a bit minuscule.

    • ..on these Sore Losers! I mean Really folks ,who would risk the livelihood of their business? Liberal Democrats!
      These people,the Liberals Do Not Represent me,nor Do Not Speak for Me! We who lived in Hawaii’s for generations or indiginies like myself have seen the past and what racial divide has done to our people. Now we have Robert & Jali Warner,owner of 8 1/2 Cafe causing the same divide!Hila hila! No Aloha and darn right….. Not Pono!
      Go to Drudge Report ,Facebook, Fox or to read the full story!
      …….. IMUA

    • Do they realize that they are being discriminatory? This is like the south in the ’50s. I did not vote for Trump but I will not go to that restaurant ever!

    • IRT Moilee: New World we are moving to now…Trump has freed Trumpers to voice their opinions and not worry about consequences…Seems the Lefties are following suit and joining in and becoming the thing they hated…Evolution I guess…#MAGA

  • Actually Trump;s tweet says “inflammatory President O statements AND roadblocks,” not “infammatory roadblocks.” I guess AP decided the actual quote didn’t make Trump sound dumb enough, so they just changed it.

  • Mt. Trump has exposed his remarkable personality defects constantly throughout his campaign and afterwards. His inability to control himself from ranting on Twitter let everyone know how to get under his incredibly thin skin to set him off into a rage. That is going to continue non stop for four years, or until he is impeached or resigns.

    Trump is obviously a psychotic. Every person who voted for him should be ashamed of what they did.

  • To quote the current occupant of the White House: “Elections matter”.

    Vastly amusing to watch said occupant forced to eat his own words now that his entire program has been rejected by an electoral voters who do indeed want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  • How did Republicans go from a) full, pants-on-fire panic when they asserted that Iran would have a working nuclear weapon within a year to b) calling the Iran deal that shutdown Iran’s nuclear weapons program “horrible”? The only way to find a logical consistency between those beliefs is to assume that Republican’s single acceptable alternative to the 6-nation deal with Iran would have been a full-scale war with Iran. Did they learn nothing from the disastrous outcome of Bush’s war of choice in Iraq, the fallout of which will be a couple more decades of chaos in the Middle East? In spite of trillions of dollars spent, I don’t think the US has won a war since Reagan went to war with Grenada.

    • Re: ” I don’t think the US has won a war since Reagan went to war with Grenada”
      I would say that the US won the first Iraq war, under G. Bush the elder.
      It was started with clear cut goals, an exit strategy, and it was successfully executed.

      I read the Iran deal and I thought the inspections parts were terrible. Possible to get around with modest effort.
      I do not think that war was the only other option, I believe they were suffering from the sanctions.

      Some have commented that there was pressure from other countries who wanted to do business with Iran.
      I think the French were in there making a deal almost as soon as the ink was dry.
      Arguments have been given that we could have carried on with the sanctions alone if necessary.

  • Barry’s bloated ego will not allow him to leave office quietly. The man truly believes that he has been God’s gift to the world, LOL. He’s trying to leave with a legacy but he recognizes that it may not happen so this is effectively his temper tantrum.

    • 2liveque ! STOP IT with The Racial “Cracker” slurs. Take your Racist Okulele back to where you came from!
      Trump is The POTUS for the next 8 years,get used to it! “America Love It Or Leave it” Or Better yet? Move to California….this is where you belong. Hila hila!

    • I’ve been called a lot of things but “crackers” takes the cake. My skin is pretty dark and stays dark. Whatevehs, all kine bs coming from the Hellary Syndrome losahs.

  • Your Comment has been sent for Moderation.

    Braaaaaaah! PE Trump will need more than a case of Charmin to clean-up the enormous mess of this administration. Of course “This is by Design”. Instead of going thru the usual “Changing Of The Guard”ever so humble? Barry is going to continue making trouble,even after he leaves office. This is a President like NO Other before him!
    btw….with the recent Star Wars Craze?
    Watch the new Star Wars Episode 6 (or was it 7 lol)”The Rise Of The Community Organizer”. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! “I’ll Be Back”.

    January 20th couldn’t come soon enough. Yes Israel! “Stay Strong”.

  • Obama should keep his promise of a smooth transition. His acts do appear to be done purposely to make Trump’s transition to the WH difficult. He continues to undermine the will of the people.

    • Perfect assessment nalogirl. He is also planning to do something to the Russkies that cannot be undone by the incoming admin. Stay tuned as he sets the tone for name calling and more retaliation.

  • According to a Pew Research poll, 37% of the public views Trump as well-qualified. Majorities continue to say Trump is reckless (65%) and has poor judgment (62%), while 68% describe him as “hard to like.” Only 40% approve of his cabinet choices; at the same point, Obama’s choice’s had 71% approval.

    Recent polls have given Obama a 60% favorable rating compared to Trump’s 38%.

  • The only thing worse than a solipsist is a solipsist in the Oval Office. Drumpf stays up till the wee hours crafting mindless tweets while crucial daily security briefings are used only to line his birdcage.

    • Whoa, there all of you great posters! The outgoing POTUS BO is not what you think he is, but what he really is will shock all of you and me. He is a TRAITOR to the USA and its people (hey, that includes the left, right and the middle). He was or still is a MUSLIM by belief. He is not who we think he is and someone also mentioned in an earlier post the word “ANTICHRIST.” What he did in 8 years and what he is doing right now are indicators that support the thought he maybe the ANTICHRIST! A few years ago someone mentioned that POTUS BO might be the ANTICHRIST, and I laughed my behind off. Not anymore. BO and MO are one of a kind – they don’t like the USA. They have no hope and wish you also feel the same way. But lo and behold, we have a light in not to distant future in PE TRUMP. We are now going to be blessed with a brighter future. Hey, what’s so bad about building the wall, draining the swamp, building new infrastructure, having more jobs, better healthcare, safer communities, best military in the world and a great USA? All positive things….look at the brighter side of things and we will all benefit from it. WHETHER YOU ARE A REP OR A DEM OR NON-VOTER, we all will share in the successful future that lies ahead and begins on Jan. 20, 2017. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL THE POSTERS – BE NICE TO EACH OTHER EVEN THOUGH WED MAY DISAGREE AT TIMES. KUNG HEE FAT CHOY

  • Kids will be kids no matter who they are or their agendas! Some with their fancy quotes and seemingly intellectual capacities but can’t hide the kid in them. Good or bad! Only they can decide! Look in the mirror and let honesty prevails!

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