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Ala Moana shooting victim dies; Suspect still at large


    Dae Han Moon, 20, is wanted by police for second-degree murder.


    Shooting victim Steve “Stevie” Feliciano.

A 20-year-old man who suffered a gunshot wound to the head at Ala Moana Center Sunday night has died.

The Honolulu Medical Examiner’s Office has yet to release his identification. However, the victim’s former high school football coach had identified him as Stevie Feliciano.

Police said Feliciano died Wednesday, according to an updated police report filed shortly before 9 p.m.

Police reclassified the case to second-degree murder. The shooting suspect, Dae Han Moon, 20, remains at large.

In the ongoing investigation, police have learned two other male suspects allegedly threatened a witness to the incident. Police arrested one of the two males, 21, Wednesday afternoon on suspicion of hindering prosecution.

At about 7:30 p.m. Sunday, police said, Moon and his friends got into an argument with Feliciano and his friends on the fifth floor of the shopping center’s Ewa Wing parking structure. Police said the argument intensified, and Moon grabbed a gun from his vehicle and fired.

Moon and his friends fled before police arrived.

Feliciano, a 2015 Moanalua High School graduate, suffered a gunshot wound to the back of his head and was transported to Queen’s Medical Center in critical condition.

His former coach, Jason Cauley, said he was unresponsive on life support.

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  • He was on life support from the start so this was inevitable. I pray for the family in this tragedy. Several people know there the executioner is and I hope someone comes forward.

    • Its “here little piggy come out come out wherever you are”. Our over paid politicians should change the law because we are an island state and they guy will eventually be caught. He is just wasting tax payer dollars right now by wasting the cops time. They should add 5 years of incarceration for every day he hides near Keaumoku Street. Plus anyone who does not turn themselves in should be automatically sent to Arizona to dine on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches 3 times a day if convicted. Much cheaper than prison here.

      • If he‘s hiding on Koreamoku Street, he‘ll be caught soon enough. Those “relaxation therapy parlors” don’t want to get raided for harboring a fugitive — even if he is a paying customer.

    • Yes it is a senseless loss of life but capital punishment is no answer. Does not prevent emotional outbursts and really does little to prevent future killings.

        • It’s cheaper to feed a person for life than to pay for the lawyers for the endless appeals that happen when someone is on deathrow.

        • Actually Pgkemp, it really doesn’t unless you want to do away with appeals and just hang them high. Pirate is correct as a general rule. There might be exceptions such as that case where the person wanted to die, but these are relatively few and far between.

        • Right, capital punishment won’t stop hotheads and druggies. Perhaps better mental health programs would be more effective at decreasing crime.

          And there is a significant number of cases in which a person on death row is found to be completely innocent years later. Can’t pardon and make amends to someone who’s already been executed.

        • Sadly, regarding making amends for wrongful imprisonment, how well a hapless inmate is compensated depends entirely in which state they were imprisoned. Just a thin state line can make the difference between millions of dollars to see you back on your feet – to nothing but a handshake and a fare-thee-well by the warden.

          And also sadly, Hawaii ain’t one of the better states (though we don’t have to worry about misapplication of the death penalty here).

      • I have to agree capital punishment isn’t a deterrent. I remember reading studies that it doesn’t prevent future crimes in general, except of course it prevents the person executed from committing crimes. It also isn’t the ultimate punishment IMO since it’s fairly humane and life in prison is worse than death. Add to that the arbitrary nature of it and I’d only be for it if it was applied equally across the board (ex. all murderers would receive it, rather than a select few)

        • Capital punishment isn’t a deterrent, but it will bring down our prison population. We have a catch & release program in which most of the criminals are repeat offenders, therefore prison overcrowding. 3 strikes your executed is the way to go.

        • Who gives a crap about deterrent? If Stevie was your son, or brother, or nephew, or cousin, or friend how would you feel? Easy to be smug and smart about what is right, what may happen, lets be politically correct before we condemn this MOFO – but w-t-f would you do? An eye for an eye!!! This murderer will shoot his gun again believe me! Do we want to deter him? FN no!!! dis guy needs to go down down down!! I hope the cops shoot this fckr with his cohorts in attendance and maybe even his parents!

        • For those that dismiss the death penalty as a medieval relic and of no deterrence value whatsoever, I have to disagree, and here’s why.

          There simply has to be something to hold over a prisoner serving a life term without parole to prevent him from committing a murder (or additional murders) in prison. How many prison amenities can you withdraw before it is deemed “cruel and unusual” punishment by the ACLU or the courts? The last and final “amenity” you can take from lifer is his life.

  • We should have the death penalty. I would like to be the judge in this case when they find this jack@@@ of a guy. Can’t begin to think as a mom and losing your child like this. I feel for his family, god bless his ohana. Find that Moon and punish him good with the death penalty.

    • Kind of a knee jerk reaction. If you knew the process for the death penalty and how it’s applied you would hopefully see that there’s so many issues with capital punishment. Everything from unequal application to the appeals process to it not being a deterrent. I’m not saying I want to go easy on criminals, but unless it’s applied more efficiently and equally, I don’t see the need for it. I do however see the need to tougher sentences, just not the death penalty.

      • Good morning Mori, I’m with Tahitigirl. Justice is not about those that oppose the process but for the victim and the victim’s loved ones. If the process is flawed then let the judicial system review and change the process. Punishment should fit the crime regardless of the psychological deterrent effectiveness. Just my opinion.

        • Morning’ saveparadise, are you saying the state should automatically pursue capital punishment or just that it should be an option? What if the victim’s family doesn’t want capital punishment but life in prison instead? I’m not against capital punishment itself, it’s just that there are far too many issues with the process for it to be considered a valid form of punishment. I’m also of the opinion that life in prison is worse than capital punishment but I understand how others feel differently. If the justice system can fix those issues I stated earlier, capital punishment would be far more legitimate IMO.

        • Yes capital punishment should be an option and yes the final option could be left to the family if it would provide them closure. Again, the process and issues involved should not be a deterrent for justice just as the penalty itself is not much of a deterrent for the crime if what you say is indeed true. Capital punishment is legitimate as is incarceration not just as a deterrent but for justice to be carried out for a crime committed. Aloha.

        • I’m glad to see incidents like this have struck a nerve and made people realize it is wrong to take capital punishment off the table. No one is saying that it necessarily applies in this or any other case — but it should be AVAILABLE.

          Right now, Hawai‘i does not allow capital punishment as a judicial remedy. There are some crimes so heinous that only capital punishment is a suitable punishment. It’s for those rare cases, that we must bring this back this option — if only as a deterrent. If just one potential criminal thinks twice about committing a violent crime because he or she fears the death penalty, it will all have been worth it.

      • Yes, I agree. I still remember Dan Inouye stating the reason why the death penalty was done away with in Hawaii. A study was done and it was discovered that something like 90% of the people executed were Hawaiian and the other 10% were various other minorities. He said there were no white people put to death. I think he was wrong on this as I think there was one. Close enough though.

        And no, Hawaiians are not any more crooked than anyone else.

        • Executions were rare in the Territory hon but frequent in ancient Hawaii as any study of ancient, pre-contact Hawaii reveals. Executions of Hawaiians by Hawaiians I guess is different from the Territory that represented all races executing a criminal? I am not for execution but I like the facts to be aired. And no, Hawaiians were not essentially more criminal than any other race. But that said, and for whatever reason, they broke serious laws more. That is just a fact. We are in a similar situation in Chicago , for example, where black American are overrepresented among those committing violent crimes. Just a fact.

      • Death Penalty, is not so much a deterrent, rather there are some people so evil in our society, the only thing society can do is execute them or else they will either inflict great harm or be a burden to society as every breath they take in prison is about perpetuating evil. People like Charles Manson come to mind. In this case there are way too many factors to even consider the death penalty as it was spur of the moment but for predators who stalk, torture and kill innocent victims, and there have been a few in Hawaii over these past decades, AND forensic evidence is overwhelming (NOT just ‘eyewitness’ testimony) there should be the death penalty available in Hawaii. With Dahmer, he should have been executed as the evidence of all of the body parts of his victims was in his house, yard, etc but some prisoner actually did what society should have done and that was take out Dahmer while he was in prison. In Dahmer’s case or incredible brutality and number of murders, there was NO point in allowing him to live, even in prison.

    • Since it is the fifth and newest floor, who knows if all the surveillance cameras are in place yet? That floor isn’t even on Ala Moana Shopping Center’s website map yet.

  • This lowlife will be caught. It’s only a matter of time. Sooner or later he’ll slip up. Some one will turn him in or he’ll get tired of hiding out. Unless he has vast financial resources or some heavy connections, he’s toast.

      • Yeah, sure thing allie. But I really doubt he’ll be going out for pizza in Waikiki when his face is plastered all over the news. Then again, stranger things happened. Just be safe. I don’t want to read about some young college coed from North Dakota who got shot while trying to wrestle a murder suspect to the ground.

        • By young how many years are you thinking? Allie has been at UH…as an undergrad/grad for like over 10+years. Let’s not forget “she” claimed to have been invited to walk-on to the Wahine Volleyball team.

        • You might be surprised who comes in..especially after 10:00. I won’t have to tell you about the, um, pims who come in and ask me if I want a job and some quick cash. Things are crazy in Waikiki at night.

      • I’m sure the airports were on the look out for him and even if he tried to leave right away, he’d have to show ID and unless he had a passable fake ID ready the night of the shooting, I don’t see how he could leave without being noticed. Maybe a private plane but I doubt it unless he’s really well connected. He could just be hiding out in one of his croonies apartment and never leaving. I’d bet someone is helping him.

        • If this guy was smart and some resources, he would get as much cash as he can and ditch his personal credit cards for debit cards, and be like Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible, John Malkovich in the Line of Fire or Bruce Willis in the Jackal and go in disguise like wear a natural looking wig that gives him long hair, high quality makeup to hide his acne scarred skin, light moustache and goatee which is the style for many, glasses and ditch his T-shirt and shorts with a dress shirt and long pants, etc. If he had access to fake ID to match all of this he could purchase plane tickets with his untraceable debit card and leave Hawaii for the mainland or Asia. Was just in the news that Hawaii’s tourists hit a record high in the last months of 2016 so Honolulu Airport literally has many, many thousands of male Asians boarding planes every minute and hour of the day.

  • Bring back the death penalty. Make it an option for all prisoners where the state would pay off the family of the prisoner $50k if they elected to do so. This would save taxpayers $$$, help with overcrowding.

  • After his murder conviction and sentencing to life incarceration, have Criminal Moon serve his life sentence at hard manual labor in one of Dictator Kim’s North Korean gulags. If he’s lucky he’ll live 5 years or less, and probably die of exhaustion or starvation.

  • Reward money for info leading to his arrest would probably do the trick….what’s the old saying……no honor among thieves. It would probably help if the SA would publish the penality for aiding a fugitive. Make the guy soooo hot that no one wants to have anything to do with him.

    • Yeah that’s a good idea. I’m wondering why there’s no reward offered yet? Maybe someone with more knowledge would be able to explain. If figure this guy has got to be receiving help. He doesn’t seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer so I don’t think he can evade capture on his own.

  • What caused this fight among the two groups? For someone to be so enraged as to pull a gun and shoot someone, there has to be a reason. Peer (group) pressure? The police must know the identity of the other members of both groups. What is their story??

    • Have to wait but some speculate a drug deal gone bad. Doubt stink eye by itself would be motivation to pull out his gun and shoot. Don’t think it is racial thing. If it was a drug deal gone wrong, doubt all of the witnesses to this shooting and their families want to readily admit this to police.

      • That is a really good point. The heat is on and we will be hearing conflicting versions for sure. Moon will plead not guilty and Green or Breiner will claim he is innocent.

      • Got to give you a high five. Wait for the facts learning from the mistakes made by the Democrats and Libertards in the likes of Barry, Al, Jesse and Fredericka.

    • Very valid reasoning. The story also says they threatened a witness. They had fled the scene so how could they have threatened a witness after the fact to hinder prosecution unless they knew the witness well enough to contact them later? Much much more to this story than has been printed up to this point.

      • Good point, I was thinking the same thing. Hong Kong mafia. They come to Hawaii and bring in their so called gangs and they are not afraid of our laws because we have no death penalty. I saw a picture of this Moon guy with a T-shirt and a guy with a rifle. These Hong Kong kids think they can do what ever. This coward couldn’t fight one on one he had to pull a gun and kill this young man. What a jack@@@. I hope he gets caught soon and what the hell, put him to death how he had no remorse when he shot Feliciano in the back of his head. Death, death sentence. Bring back Charles Bronson and he will do the job.

  • The shooter would be smart to turn himself in because I am sure that as we speak they’re people looking for him who want to take the law into their own hands.

  • My condolence to the victim and his family. I think Hawaii should pass the conceal carry law because law abiding citizens go through the process of completing required training and documents whereas as criminals don’t. So, criminals can arm themselves and the law abiding citizen CAN’T. If Hawaii has conceal carry, wouldn’t the criminals think twice on who’s armed and who’s not? If the victim and his friends were armed, we wouldn’t be looking for a suspect.

  • With a mug like that he won’t be able to hide for very long. He almost certainly is hiding in the home of a relative or friend. If he were walking the street, he’d be in jail already.
    At his age he’s going to be someone’s girlfriend in jail for the next 10-15 years. Death might very well be preferable in his case. Perhaps he should shoot himself in the head next.

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