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Fact check: Trump wrong that 2 killed during Obama speech


    President Donald Trump spoke at the Jan. 26 Republican congressional retreat in Philadelphia. President Trump incorrectly claimed in a television interview that two people were shot and killed in Chicago during then-President Barack Obama’s farewell speech.

CHICAGO >> President Donald Trump incorrectly claimed in a television interview that two people were shot and killed in Chicago during then-President Barack Obama’s farewell speech.

Trump referenced Obama’s speech in an interview Wednesday with ABC News and said, “Two people were shot and killed during his speech.”

“They weren’t shot at the speech. But they were shot in the city of Chicago during his speech,” he added. The portion of the interview in which Trump made the remarks was not televised, but was included in a transcript that ABC posted online.

Chicago police records show no one was fatally shot in the city on Jan. 10, the day of Obama’s speech. There were five shootings, but none occurred while Obama was speaking.

Trump has criticized Chicago for its soaring violence, saying on Twitter this week that he would “send in the feds” if the city can’t “fix the horrible ‘carnage.’”

During Wednesday’s interview, he said the nation’s third-largest city is “like a war zone.”

Chicago ended 2016 with 762 homicides — or an average of two people killed per day, a rate that was widely reported at year’s end. It was the highest number of homicides in the city in two decades and more than Los Angeles and New York combined.

There were 3,550 shootings, a nearly 50 percent increase over 2015. The majority of the shootings occurred in only five of the city’s 22 police districts. Those five districts, located on Chicago’s South and West sides, are poor and predominantly black areas where gangs are most active.

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    • I guess because he was off by a day or two, that negates the thousands of murders that happened throughout the past year. How dare someone try and make a point the Chicago is rife with violence.

        • No, the point is we want to nitpick everything he says. Yes he’s a loudmouth, but look at the bigger message he is trying to get across. The whole point was that Chicago is so violent that he thinks it needs federal intervention. However, some hotshot “journalist” had to dig into the non-televised transcript and pick out the faulty number. Look at the big picture of what Trump is trying to accomplish. All our presidents lied. Yes, even Obama.

        • You’re absolutely correct. He tells whoppers and repeats those he hears on Fox News (Bill O’Reily) verbatim in his policy statements. He does’t read, so his understanding of issues comes from his selected TV shows. He makes claims about anything he doesn’t like (Chicago murder rate, DC murder rate, crime in John Lewis’s district, etc., etc. ad nauseam) Only his weak-minded followers rush to make excuses for him (present company included) because they follow the same fact-free MO in their discussions.

    • IRT Larry01, CBS reported that the Chicago Police reported 5 killed and 41 wounded from Saturday, Sunday, and Monday the New Years Weekend. Hawaii born ex-President gave his speech on Monday January 2, 2017.

      • He probably got that information from the media to begin with.
        I still think his integrity & judgment is way better than Hillary’s.
        Two people killed vs. five people shot = there’s still a problem in Chicago.

        • Wht we do know is that on the former President’s watch thousands of mainly Blacks died from being shot by other Blacks in Chicago. Hard to dispute that fact. Its unfortunate that the issue was addressed, yet every opportunity to discuss a police officer shooting was discussed ad nauseam.

        • Nice try latenightroach! Supporters like you of the Chump are now stooping even lower to come up with excuses to back this liar!

        • Has anyone noticed how Trump, whenever he tweets or speaks, he always tweets/speaks in hyperbole, exaggerates, in generalities. I am going to make America Great Again. Crooked Hillary. In his inaugural address, “The country is in a mess, there is carnage everywhere”. No specifics, no how or when, no factual references, only superlatives especially about himself.

        • @Valleyisle57
          Stooping lower?
          No one is lower than his opponents…”I’ve been thinking about blowing up the White House”, demonstrators destroying property, people being harassed and assaulted. Get a grip libtard.

      • Trump wants everyone to Great Fox News. Great, if you believe all the fake news and phony analysts and talking heads, like Bill O’Reilly, who make up all kinds of fascist right wing facts and conspiracy theories that validate Trump and the far-right.

    • It’s big news when the president blatantly lies. It’s really big news when he does it repeatedly, so everyday is a big news day as long as Trump’s in office.

  • Ok SA, where’s your fact check of the Media’s news of Doctor Martin L. King’s bust was removed from the Oval Office. Biased reporting to it’s fullest with nothin but articles trying to put our POTUS in a bad light!

      • yup, since January 20 inauguration of Vladimir Trump:
        a. fake news from media reporter – 1
        b. fake news from supreme leader Trump & his admin (“alternative facts according to Kellyanne) – 100000000000000… & counting

        • My comment is awaiting moderation.
          @ MrMusbi
          ICYMI FBI cleared Gen. Flynn of any wrong doing with Russia. Stop your blah blah.

          @ NB
          For this January and up to the 24th, 40 murder victims on the books w/ over 200 plus shooting victims. SO FAKE news saying POTUS Trump was wrong that there wasn’t 2 deaths…ok.
          You miss the BIG picture…again…sigh

    • Pocho – You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. It was not the “media’s news” whatever that means in your brain. It was written by an individual reporter who immediately retracted the story and apologized.

      Mr. Trump is a mentally ill narcissist who lies all day, every day, and never retracts or apologizes. He is delusional.

      You should be ashamed of yourself for voting for him.

  • The facts don’t matter any more. Only Trump’s truth matters.

    The fact is, coherent truth and may exist in objective reality, but “alternate fscts” flourish in the incoherent minds and distorted beliefs of flesh and blood humans. This has been the case throughout history, whether it is superstition, delusion or shared ignorance. It remains true.

    For us Trump supporters, the truth is whatever our glorious leader says is true, no matter the “facts” because he won. He won. He won. Yippee!

    Trump is our glorious leader. To make America grwasat again, all must fall in line and yield to him. Mexico, China, the Unions, the Congress, the media….even the truth must bow down before him.

    This is the @realDonaldTruth: the country adores Trump, media lies and all problems are Odumbo’s fault. Sad.

    Trump is great and he will make us great. But how can America ever be beautifully safe and great and classy again if people are allowed to tear our saviour down?

    If people think we have put a foolish, lying egomaniac in charge, this would be scary and make America into a global laughingstock. NO WAY! NOT TRUE!

    Trump’s Truth is marching on!

    • Hey Danno. I wish you’d refrain from referring to BHO as “Odumbo” I find it offensive and counterproductive. You’re diminishing a great man who could have brought us heaven on earth were it not for those obstructionist republicans.

      • CEI, you just don’t have the stomach to do what it takes to make America Great Again.

        So you think it’s wrong for Trump loyalists and everyday Americans to be “angry”. You find us “offensive” now? Lame. Sad.

        Maybe you should get with the program and start following the comnand Steve “Dark Lord” Bannon’s gave to the MSM to shut up, getvout of your bubble and listen to the ordinary angry American people like me.

        Regardless, you’d better get out of the way, CEI, because Trump’s beautiful, classy freedom train of greatness can’t be stopped.

        Lord Bannon is the engineer on Trump’s luxuriously well-appointed choo-choo. He has stoked it with anger and resentment for months and it has left the station and is picking up steam!



  • Not many articles supporting Trump. Why are they all negative? I can’t recall hardly any negative articles about former President Obama. Very few negative articles about Hillary as well. There seems to be a pattern here. Do you believe that the MSM being 90% for Democrats has an effect on voters?

    • Okay. So, maybe some in the media are rock-throwers. While some public figures actively avoid areas with rocks on the ground, another one spits them by the dozen into the audience every time he opens his mouth. If you don’t want the media calling you ridiculous, don’t say ridiculous things on camera. Ditto if you don’t want them calling you a liar.

  • Cry cry cry ! How many died in Chicago while Hussain was playing golf in Hawaii ? Fact check that. The real point is that he did nothing about it for 8 years. That is what matters.

    • Exactly, waterman2.

      If Odumbo had really loved America, he would have taken bold decisive action to ensure that no one in Chicago died. Some might claim that would have taken a miracle because people people die all the time, but that’s just more lame excuses for Odoodoo’s failures.

      My mom and dad, and both my wife’s parents died while Oblabla was in office. Nasically he killed them so he could go play golf.

      Trump is a real leader who will finally make sure no one dies in Chicago.

      And he’s such a good manager that he’ll keep anyone in Chicago from dying even when he plays golf.


  • America has gone from a President with class to a President that is a complete ass. Life proves that sometimes you have to taste bad, so you can appreciate good again.

  • Trump is simply unable to be truthful about anything. He’s a psychotic. He lies about things that are easily checked and debunked, and even when he knows his audience knows he’s lying. That’s called pathological lying, and he’s done it his entire adult lifetime.

  • Media is focused on the wrong thing. The real issue is that the violence in Chicago needs attention. As an aside, the media could have fact checked Obama, Hilary, etc. and found many half truths and yes, lies. But then again, the fact check for SA is that they’re left biased which they should disclose.

    • Why didn’t Obama get off his a$$ these past EIGHT years and do something about it? Also Raul was his friend when he worked in Obama’s administrationso Obama could have easily addressed this. Blaming Trump after he has been in office for less than a month, when the blame falls squarely on Raul and the former Obama administration. That is the FACT.

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