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Judge blocks Trump’s halt on immigration from Muslim nations


    Protesters assemble at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York on Saturday after two Iraqi refugees were detained while trying to enter the country.

A U.S judge temporarily blocked the Trump administration from enforcing an executive order that would have led to the deportation of refugees and visa-holders from seven mostly Muslim countries.

The ruling by U.S. District Ann Donnelly in Brooklyn came at an emergency hearing Saturday night, hours after the American Civil Liberties Union and other groups sued to halt the Jan. 27 order. The order halts efforts to deport refugees and visa holders from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

The executive order, aimed at stopping would-be terrorists from entering the country, led to people being detained at airports from Dallas to Atlanta to New York, and sparked an outcry by foreign officials, Democrats in Congress, executives in Silicon Valley, and immigration lawyers, who said it violated the U.S. Constitution. Protests erupted at airports across the country.

The ACLU and other groups filed the suit on behalf of two refugees barred entry at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport, including Hameed Khalid Darweesh, an interpreter who had worked for the U.S. military in Iraq. He was later allowed to enter the country. The groups also brought an emergency request “to prevent the imminent repatriation of dozens and dozens of refugees, visa-holders, and other individuals from nations subject to the January 27 executive order.”

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      • Emperor Trump is not above the law of the land, the Constitution of the United States, and the other branches of our government, the Senate, the Congress, the Judiciary, and the Fourth Estate, the press and the media.

        • Of course you are referring to the same actions a.k.a. executive orders that King Obama was so fond of using. You criticize one without criticizing the other despite the exact same use Presidential power. What a hypocrite.

        • d_bullfighter – Wrong as always.

          Mr. Trump is making up orders that are clearly unconstitutional.

        • The executive orders of President Obama were based on logic, not like the Donald which are based uon imaginary fears.

        • Where was all the uproar when The Incompetent One ruled unilaterally for the past 8 long years? “I’ve got a pen and a phone”. Oh, yeah, that was different, eh? Typical Liberal hypocrisy on display.

        • Hopefully, Trump will continue his destruction of the Republican Party before John McCain, Lindsey Graham and other normal members of the GOP impeach and convict him. 2018 is looking like a great year for the Democrats!

      • Trump is creating more enemies at home, among the people wHo did not vote for him, those abroad, among Muslim nations, Mexico, and our European Allies. Trump, Pence, Bannon, and all of his advisers and cabinet are quickly becoming the most hated and despised Administration ever in this country

      • Probably right as most people voted for sweet Hillary. But when it comes to crookedness, I don’t think anyone can compare to the Donald who will take conflicts of interest to an entirely new level. Just think we are going to have normal relations with Russia so that Exon can make tons of money drilling oil there. Wonder how much money the new SOS will get from that? Meet the new swamp, ten times as big and deep as the old swamp. And polluted too with all those oil spills. lol

        • I’ll take oil spills over terrorist attacks any day! When are the democrats going to grow up and start to think about the United States and stop whining because your candidate was not elected!

        • katk234 – This isn’t whining about the election. It’s opposing a wildly out of control ignoramus who is soiling on the Constitution.

          It might help to learn something today.

        • Boots, just another extreme butt hurt leftist , who continues to rant for the sake of “feeling good”. Speaking of Crooked Hillary, how’s the Clinton Foundation doing? You know right? Her foundation where foreign governments gave to the Clintons so that they may enrich themselves with? Pay for play?

        • Andrew1 – I’m sure in your brain, the Clinton Foundation has something to do with Trump’s unconstitutional actions regarding resident aliens.

          It doesn’t of course, but good luck with your fantasy.

          Changing the subject always works when your argument falls apart. I’m going to take a wild guess that you were not the President of your university Debating Team?

      • katk234, why do you and your kind continue to slur Clinton. The topic today is Trump’s ban on Muslim refugees. You are like Trump and his mafia, distract and deflect from the real important issues. Slimey evasive fascists

        • And I hope YOU and the weak ACLU will stand up and be responsible for any deaths that potential terrorists cause.

        • Too Late Keolu! Muslim immigrants or children born to them have attacked the US 3 times from within in just the last 2 years. Boston Bombers, Orlando Club Killer and San Bernadino Killers. It’s far from an “imaginary fear” as Boots suggests.
          How many times does it have to happen before common sense prevails? Had the ban stayed in place after 9/11, none of the 3 attacks could even have occurred.
          Constitutional protections for non-citizens? Wow, the US is truly a generous country. Trump need only re-word his order to remove any reference to religion. The ACLU should be ashamed of themselves, Allowing large numbers from muslim majority nations into the US is like playing Russian roulette with the American lives. The FBI and DHS has already stated they can’t be properly vetted.

    • Trump thinks the US Constitution is his own personal piece of toilet paper. After a couple of months he’ll be so frustrated that he’ll be ready to either resign or go full-on dictatorship mode like Vlad Putin did to Russia.

      • Reminds me of when I bought a roll of toilet paper with obama’s mug on each sheet and sent it to my in-laws. They thought it was hilarious!

    • How quickly these anti-Trump people forgot that some of the 9/11 terrorists came into the U.S. for flight school. So innocent and proper it may have seemed, yet leading to successful and unexpected destructive plan. Go ahead Trump, let them in and hold the opposing State government leaders accountable for any and all act of terrorism in their State.

    • Trump suspends the issuing of U.S. visas or travel permits to folks from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. No American was killed inside the U.S. by anyone from those countries between 1975 and 2015.
      Yet, nearly 3,000 Americans were killed by citizens from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt during those same years, including those killed in the 9/11 attacks. The citizens of those three countries can still get U.S. visas and travel permits.
      Also, Trump has refused to rescind ownership of his business holdings in those countries. Conflict of interest?

  • it does not mean nothing, still no refugees can come in this country anyway this is just Muslims stuck at a U.S. airports so commie lawyer groups like the ACLU and others still cannot block a presidential order of freezing no new entries in the U.S. from other mid east countries so this is nothing to make a big deal out of the what the AP writes, these refugees have no constitutional rights like U.S. citizens.

    • President Trump took over a country that was about as divided as you can get. In fact, if the politics of division had not been employed, we would have had Hillary at the helm. Democrats blew it. So their answer, become even more divisive. Does anyone believe that rioters breaking windows and burning cars, injuring policemen, etc., is going to gain more support for Democrats?

      • It will be itneresting to see just what the Donald does. Yes this country was divided but it has been divided since the Vietnam war. Today the problem seems to center around that jobs are disappearing. You think the Donald is really going to bring back jobs? Why? And if so, will employees be used? A major problem today is that workers are being replaced by robots. This is only going to increase Just think when artificial intelligence takes over. You cannot stop progress.

  • This is why we have a Judiciary. ACLU lawyers filed a suit and asked for an emergency ruling because Trump was illegally planning to deport people who arrived with valid visas, or who are resident aliens. ACLU lawyers will fight him at every illegal turn.

    People who are completely ignorant of the Constitution and the law will be writing here that the judge is wrong … blah, blah. Their writings help validate their ignorance. Trump is wrong. The judge is right.

    Trump is going to quickly learn the limits of his power. He not a king. He is, however, profoundly mentally ill.

    • Trump is not Emperor, he is accountable to the American people, the Constitution of the United States, the judiciary, the Senate and Congress, and above all to truth, ethics and morality.

    • Klastri enjoy it now. When Trump appoints a conservative to the supreme court all the stupid decisions by the liberal judges will be overturned. Cant wait.

      • Hitaxpayer – So you think that conservative judges can’t read the Constitution?

        You are another one who knows absolutely nothing. All three of the judges that Trump has hinted about would rule against him here.

        Here’s a good question for you …. what is the mistake of fact or law made by the judge who stayed Trump’s clearly unconstitutional executive order? Take your time. You don’t know anything about this, so your answer should be entertaining!

        Learn something today.

  • The ACLU is deploying volunteer lawyers to international airports all across the country. I’ll be there again tomorrow. Lots of folks at airports now, protesting against Trump. It’s remarkable how hated he is.

    The most important thing to do now is to stay and then strike down Trump’s policies of ignorance.

    For an old trial litigator, this reminds me why I went to law school. Thousands of lawyers are rising up against Trump.

    Join the ACLU!

    • It’ll take another major terror attack for you people to see the light but you probably still won’t get it. Go ahead and fight all you want in the meantime protecting foreigners of countries that support terror instead of supporting the safety of American citizens. We’ll see who wins out in the long run.

        • Exactly. And if any readers here are lawyers, please volunteer your talent with the ACLU to help stop Trump.

          Lawyers are needed to post at international airports to represent detained travelers. We’re going to muck up the system to the breaking point and then some. The fight is on.

        • Only loser lawyers comment in this section so you are wasting your valuable time. You might give ikefromeli, your loser buddy, a call. I hear he’s looking for work. The Trump train is rolling with a few bumps.

        • sarge22 – You call this a few bumps? Having one of the first things you do get stayed? And his legal troubles just got started.

          You think defending the Constitution against an obviously psychotic President who wants to be a tyrant is wasting time? It’s the most fun I’ve had in 20 years!

          Yes sir … you are a Trump supporter?

        • Yup More entertaining than the comics. I see you start very early. Can’t sleep since Trump beat HiLIARy? The three branches of government will work things out. Haven’t seen any black helicopters lately.

        • sarge22 – You obviously can’t see what he’s doing. Enjoy marinating in your ignorance.

        • Carson Holloway, PhD, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, stated the following in his Mar. 26, 2015 article “The ACLU’s Betrayal of Civil Liberties,” posted on
          “The ACLU is trying to deprive other organizations of freedoms that it would insist upon for itself. Their work is not a defense of equality—it is an effort to impose a certain view of morality on the country by law… This organization, despite its name and origins, is now committed to a version of civil rights that cannot help but erode traditional American civil liberties.

          The motto of the ACLU is, ‘Because Freedom Can’t Defend Itself.’ The irony today is that freedom needs to be defended from the ACLU.”

          Mar. 26, 2015 – Carson Holloway, PhD

        • sarge22 – Dr. Holloway works for The Heritage Foundation.

          That’s all that needs to be said about him.

      • Yes, of course. It’s my fault that Mr. Trump is a psychotic who violates the Constitution. Great analysis.

        The Constitution will win out in the long run. It has so far.

        The ignorant (like you, for instance) don’t understand that.

        • It actually involves mostly a major personality disorder if you want be more precise, but still apparently pathological. However, it may even extend to some delusional thinking (psychosis) given the alternate reality espoused.

        • ICEEBEAR – That’s a really good observation. I’m working this week (maybe this whole year) as a volunteer attorney with ACLU, and another lawyer on my team is the general counsel of a pharma company – she’s an M.D., J.D. who is board certified in psychiatry – the horsepower of the teams forming now is remarkable. She had exactly the same long distance diagnosis that you did. Are you a doc?

          She (and others) has concluded that Trump actually believes his own lies. Trump makes up the fantastic things he does, and then imagines that he heard those things from other people, which then reinforces what he made up. It’s a remarkable personality disorder for a President.

        • Sarge22, suffers from the same disability as Trump and his mafia, fascist, white supremacist fanaticism

    • latenightroach: “It’ll take another major terror attack for you people to see the light…”

      Exactly. And that must be Trump’s cunning plan. You can see that somethong is behind his brilliant choice of which muslim countries he put on the banned list and which he left off.

      Why else would Trump’s list not include Pakistan (home of the Taliban terrorists) or Saudi Arabia (the home of 9-11 attackers and other terrorists, sharia law and radical islamists, wahabists, etc..)?

      Some have whined that Trump did this because of his close business ties with the Saudis. Of course it is, and what’s wrong with that? You don’t attack rich powerful friends, even if they are the #1 exporters of terrorists, that’s just how business gets done. But there may be more to it.

      Trump and Bannon know that a terorist attack would be awful… if they got blamed for doing nothing to prevent it.
      Optics matter.
      Fulfilling promises (or looking that way) matters.
      Looking tough matters.
      Then, if an attack from Saudi Arabs does happen, Trump can hide behind his executive order, and use the tragedy to bash the ACLU, Dems and other losers. It will make him stronger and more glorious.

      Trump and Bannon know that sometimes, to make a big beautiful cake of greatness, you may have to crack a few all-American eggs.


  • SA, can you put all the Trump related articles on the side of the webpage? Just list the them by title and include only the significant ones as a regular article. Those fact check garbage, dems mad again, etc. are really just noise.

  • “The executive order, aimed at stopping would-be terrorists from entering the country, led to people being detained at airports from Dallas to Atlanta to New York, and sparked an outcry by foreign officials..”

    Don’t detain them… send them back !!!

    • Marauders_1959 – As is always the case, you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

      One plaintiff we are representing is an Iraqi who has been working as an interpreter for our soldiers. His association with the Army resulted in an attempt on his life and the certainty that he would be murdered if he remained in Iraq. He can’t go back.

      Learn something today. For you, anything would help. Anything.

      • So you admit there are Muslim terrorists in Iraq that want to kill this translator for helping Americans but you still want all Iraqi’s be allowed to enter the country? The FBI and CIA say they can’t properly vet Muslims so you want to play russian roulette with American lives. Your advocacy for Iraqi refugees is not logical and fails the common sense test.

    • Real battle will be fought at the airline ticket counters in the county where they depart from. El Air does this all the time. CPB, airports in US are subject to US rules so judge was right… for now. El Air stops them from getting on the plane. Rules are different for private entities in a foreign county.

      • Very recent trend in the airline industry, they are beefing up internal security. Lots are former CBP, DEA, and other Federal agencies. Their responsibities extend into foreign countries that their company flys into. They also have access to airline data base, something that they needed a warrant or subpoena before. They don’t need that now. Refusal of service is a powerful tool for private companies.

        • pohaku96744 – In Hebrew, the translation is: to the above, or skyward, depending on which scholar you speak with. I learned “to the above.” Seemed a good name for an airline.

  • A real shame republicans don’t respect and probably never bothered to read the Constitution. Perhaps now they will. Donald along with other republicans and people afraid of those evil Muslims, should really get some help for their emotional illogic. We were the ones largely responsible for igniting the middle east. We should be willing to provide refuge for those effected.

  • I think that Trump should let people in who already had green cards. However, entry into this country is not a right, and when you are not physically in this country, and have no citizenship rights, then you are not under our constitutional protection. Carter banned entry into this country from citizens of Iran, Presidents have that right. I would also like to add, as an anecdotal view, that every Somalian refugee that I have dealt with has absolute disdain for women, and acts like they are owed something from us. They can stay in their hellhole of a country.

  • Do not understand how a federal judge can halt a presidential action that involves national security. If we are being attacked by a foreign country, can a judge stop our military from responding? We are being attacked by terrorists from the 7 countries that are named in the presidential action, and a federal judge can decide to halt a presidential action against this?

    • You asked several questions that have different answers.

      I’m not sure why you made up that we have been attacked by a foreign country. That’s not what Trump acted on. He doesn’t know what he’s doing – obviously.

      With regard to this illegal Trump action, a federal judge can and must stop the executive branch from committing unconstitutional acts. So that’s an easy answer. The judge was correct.

      It night help to get your facts straight, and line up the terror acts we’ve faced with the countries involved.

      • Congress passed a law that gives the president that power during the Clinton years. That was why Obama short circuited our immigration laws. You are wrong.

      • How do you know that the terrorism is not state sponsored? Why should we even care whether or not terrorism is state sponsored? The president should be able to take action against any threats to the US. Why is the ACLU protecting non-citizens at the expense of US citizens.

      • The Boston Bombers immigrated from Kazakhstan, the San Beradino Killer immigrated from Pakistan and the Orlando shooter was born in the US to immigrants from Afghanistan.
        Does that answer your question? Clearly there’s a risk to allowing Muslims to immigrate to the US. Just how big no one really knows so better to err on the side of american safety. It;s only common sense.

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