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Protesters rally at Honolulu airport against Trump’s immigration order

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    Scores of people at the Honolulu International Airport held signs to greet travelers and protest President Donald Trump’s executive order to ban immigration from seven predominately Muslim nations.


    Scores of people at the Honolulu International Airport protested President Donald Trump’s executive order to ban immigration from seven predominately Muslim nations.


    Protesters gathered at Honolulu International Airport today to rally against President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Around 100 protesters gathered at Honolulu International Airport today in protest of a recent executive order signed by President Donald Trump that banned certain refugees from entering the United States.

Outside the International Arrivals gate, protesters held signs that said “No Ban! All are Welcome” and “Refugees in. Trump out.”

Trump’s executive order included a 90-day ban on travel to the U.S. by citizens of Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia or Yemen, and a 120-day suspension of the U.S. refugee program.

“No hate. No Fear. Refugees are welcome here,”chanted the dozens of men and women to the arrivals.

Clare Hanusz, former Hawaii chapter chair of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, said she contacted Customs and Border Protection and they reported that no one has been detained in Hawaii or sent back.

“We will take them at their word on that,” she said.

“I’m here as someone who is concerned about immigrants’ rights; someone who is concerned about human rights; someone who is concerned about the constitution and the rule of law,” Hanusz said, “because what is crystal clear is this executive order is both illegal and unconstitutional.”

Today’s demonstration was initiated by a group called the World Can’t Wait. A local group called Hawaii J20, which was formed in response to the Trump administration, also helped organize the event.

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      • All of the refugees have already been sponsored. All of them.

        Ignorance like that shown in the comment is a terrible burden on society.

        Learn something today.

        • some of that sponsor thingy are full of you know what. I’ve relatives working cases where these head to the State’s welfare office.

        • $20 Trillion Gov. deficit and no one cares, turns a blind eye of what’s happening and today everyone expects the handouts once in the USA even though sponsored. There is a reason why the US has a deficit problem is because of lax politics being PC by both parties. The money bleed/handouts have to be curtailed not only with migrants that arrive legal or non-legal but having better trade deals, bringing back jobs to America the Land that I Love! You put US citizens to work and the Gov. collects more taxes so what’s so hard to not see giving handouts is a lose lose preposition, not only giving services/money to people but the government can’t collect wage taxes them not earning a living working.

      • There were a little over a hundred people from those areas that were detained and questioned out of THOUSANDS. What happened after the detainment has not been stated by the government. Going forward many people traveling to America will be “vetted” creating an unnecessary and time consuming process for workers as well as the people coming to the U.S. If they catch just one who may be the one to create harm to the American people would that be worthwhile. There will always be those who say not.

        Is it safer for the American Citizens to have this occur, I believe so. For the outsiders not American Citizens having this happened to you is sad due to all that has happened since 9/11. Our rights and privacy has all been invaded since 9/11. We are being controlled to a great degree cause of 9/11.

        People who wants to control the populace knows the importance of controlling the mainstream media. People believe they are the information of truth. What we view as Americans is totally different by people of other nations who are controlled by their mainstream media. CNN is a globalist media and are directed to a global view. Interesting to see movies where characters portraying leaders, viewing CNN for some of their up to date info.

        One thing seems out of whack. Appears that mainstream media has more negative critic about President Trump than positive critic. Is the 80/20 rule seems about par, no it is more like 95/5 in favour of negative critic. Is it not about half of the votes came in for both parties separated by a few million people. The half not for Trump, a real representation of how they feel, such that is been played out by the protestors and mainstream media.

        One thing is for certain we the American people will know in about 2 years what a great president he is becoming or another one who’s legacy is no where close to their election promises.

  • I think these protestors need to find something to do with thier lives…. Maybe get a job…
    Also, this Hawaii J20 group needs to get a grip. As spoken on your website “Trump and his appointees stand in opposition to the values we embrace as residents of Hawai‘i nei” speak for yourself and don’t speak for all the people in Hawaii.
    I support the fact that we need to have a stringent vetting process to screen out potential radical terrorists. If any of these protestors ever have a terrorist ruin their life, I can assure you they’d be singing a different song right now!!!

  • “We are a nation of immigrants.. but we are a nation of laws”

    “Our nation is rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country…

    Illegal immigrants take jobs from citizens or legal immigrants, they impose burdens on our taxpayers…

    That is why we are doubling the number of border guards, deporting more illegal immigrants than ever before, cracking down on illegal hiring, barring benefits to illegal aliens, and we will do more to speed the deportation of illegal immigrants arrest for crimes…

    It is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws that has occurred in the last few years.. and we must do more to stop it.”

    [Standing Ovation]

    -Bill Clinton, State of the Union, 1995

    This is the hypocracy of the left. The traitorous MSM is pathetic.

  • While I can appreciate the efforts of the groups, World Can’t Wait and Hawaii J20Has has anyone among them stepped forward and offered to sponsor any refugees? If I recall there was a requirement (at least I remember there was) that an immigrate and/or a refugee required a sponsor. Regardless, this may be the right time to step up and volunteer to be a sponsor. Sponsor would insure that the immigrant or refugee in question fill out the appropriate paper work to be receive into our state including Dept. of Health clearance, accommodate or arrange temporary living quarters, assist in seeking employment, application for citizenship and insuring compliance for same. After all is said an done, the sponsor can be released from responsibility of said immigrant or refugee. I’ll pose same inquiry to John Kelly, Secretary of Homeland Security.

      • I’m sure there may be some who want to confirm the exact requirements and will reach out to Homeland Security to confirm that this is being applied to all refugees. Thank You.

      • Just to clarify, my comment was about having an individual of the aforementioned group(s) stepping forward to sponsor a refugee (one-to-one) vs an agency of our government. Regardless, I will snip tool my original comment and forward to John Kelly for clarification.

  • Look around guys. Do you see mostly white people living in Hawaii? Most of us living here have descendents that immigrated here that were not white. Do you really think the Donald after disposing of Muslims, Mexicans will think nothing of disposing Asians or anyone else not meeting his criteria of what (white) Americans should look like? Think again. This is just a start of a very slippery slope.

    • I was eating dinner at restaurant in Kapolei tonight and said to my Caucasian wife “look around us, THIS is America! Isn’t it amazing. We may be the only people in here without ethnic diversity.” If Trump wants to reform immigration laws, fine but it has to be lawful and abide by the constitution. Not led by his arrogance and ignorance.

    • old surfer, you got to much sand and water in your ears. It’s people like you who divide this nation of ours. but of course that is your whole intent isn’t it?

    • Brah … l’m a local boy, but have lived in In the mainland; Minnesota, California, North Dakota, and Louisiana. I saw mostly white people. I also have been to/traveled to 35 states and several Asian countries as well….what’s your point?

    • Hey paranoid liberals, Asians, Hispanics, or anyone else who is focused on killing Americans should be kept out of our country. Don’t use this situation to try to make people think that this is all about some racial, ethnic, or religious discrimination. If any of your family members were ever assaulted, or killed by terrorists I am sure you’d be singing a different tune….

    • @ oldsurfah

      1/30/17, 3:35 AM
      Chris Kyle’s Iraqi interpreter: Democrats are using emotion to argue. It’s a weak weapon.


  • How ridiculous they are – Many Hawaii people don’t want mainland people, legal foreigners, and Pacific Islanders coming here. They say it is too crowded here, traffic is too congested, there is no affordable housing. Yet these people want to take in refugees.

  • illegal immigrants have no rights in America. Why don’t you folks who don’t like it emigrate out of here with the rest of those illegal immigrants. Hillary lost get over it, or don’t, you make such fools out of yourselves it’s actually quite comical, all you do goodie white folk.

  • I’m willing to bet that 95 of that 100 didn’t even know what they were protesting about other than that the President is a Republican and their pick didn’t win…

  • “because what is crystal clear is this executive order is both illegal and unconstitutional.” Why didn’t Hanusz state the violation since it is crystal clear? These protestors should be asked that question and I imagine everyone of them don’t know the answer.

  • The fake media doesn’t mention that its a “temporary” ban, until these people can be properly vetted. They also don’t mention that in 2015 Obama had a 6 month ban on any Iraq citizen coming to America…I didn’t see any liberal protesting that!

    • Tell that to the people trying to return to their life and work. Tell that to the 79-year-old grandmother stuck for 9 hours at the airport.

      This executive order was not well thought out. Sad.

      • The problems are just starting for Trump. His staff is inexperienced and incompetent, and Trump doesn’t understand or value the law or Constitution. He’s going to find out to his regret that he is not the King, as he was in Trump Tower.

  • The sad fact is that Mr. Trump is a loathsome coward. He’s always been a coward, which is evidenced by the fact that he made up a medical deferment to dodge the draft – and he subsequently could not remember what his medical problem was. So rather than serve, he ran away.

    Understanding his remarkable cowardice makes this new evidence of his cowardice less of a shock.

    Trump has no idea what he’s doing – absolutely none. And his inexperienced and incompetent staff seems even worse. So having them stumbling into clearly unconstitutional actions is going to happen over and over again. The ACLU and others are going to blanket his administration with law suits every time he soils the Constitution – like he clearly did this time -and protests against him will multiply

    Worst President Ever. And he won that awful award in less than two weeks. Great work!

    • I don’t remember means “None of your Business”. Yes, the ACLU will sue on everything, just like you’ll bad mouth everything about Trump. Obama received a Noble Prize when he didn’t deserve it. Now Trump is the worst President of all time. I’m no Trump lover, but Obama was certainly one of the worse problem. The PROBLEM was that Clinton was a bad candidate. And the Obamas constant yelling and screaming didn’t help. Next time the Democrats need to come up with a better candidate if that is possible and be responsive to the concerns of all Americans, not just liberals.

  • Why don’t you guys protest about homelessness or the elimination of local Agriculture in favor of building housing most kamaianas cannot afford? Not having a roof over our heads and the inability to produce our own food is a more pressing issue in Hawaii. Let’s not do a Congresswoman Gabbard and put Syria and her political aspirations over the needs of our state!!!

    Take care of our Aina first!

  • If you ask them what they are protesting, you’ll find they rant and rave in an incoherent manner… loudly repeating the same talking points. Most of them do not know what they are protesting and can not carry on an intelligent 2 way conversation to explain it to you.

  • It’s okay. As someone I know once said, it’s gotta get worse before things get better.

    The Republic Party has a lot of cracks in it. Donald needs to keep doing what he’s doing, so the cracks get bigger.

    We are all watching a historical event happening. Stay tuned. Great tv.

  • I would bet none of these protestors would welcome any of these immigrants to live in their homes, give them good paying jobs, and take care of them. If you guys are welcoming them, are you willing to support them? Nah, cannot even take care of the local homeless people… not even our veterans who have sacrificed for you…

  • These people are so ignorant holding up sign like “this nation was built on immigration” While this is true, this was an empty country. But now it is an overcrowded nation and each new immigrant makes it more overcrowded and life miserable -never curs-ed the darn traffic , the high home prices, urban sprawl and loss of nature everywhere?

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