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2022 Election: Dennis Masaru Nakasato

Name on ballot:

Dennis Masaru Nakasato

Running for:

Honolulu city council – District 6

Political party:

No answer submitted

Campaign website:

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Current occupation:




Previous job history:

United Air Lines—-Flight Attendent

Previous elected office, if any:

Hawaii State Represenative…..State Senator

Please describe your qualifications to represent the people of Oahu.

A concerned citizen willing to get involved…legislative experienced as a member of the respected bodies as well as leadership positions….as tourism chair in the house finally got the T.A.T. tax passed, resulted in creating thousands of jobs in the advertising/hospitality industry….as tourism chair in the senate, passed the convention center bill, and created hundreds of construction/management/supply jobs….while in the house, the food bank for the needy was thought of and created…a whole new way of helping feed those who need food…..

What is the most pressing need for the people you seek to represent, and what will you do to address that need?

In our council district 6, we need to get control of the Monster Homes…the people who buy the property outbid the locals who cannot match their money…they then build these huge homes that changes the complexity of the neighborhood, raises property taxes, take all the street parking and have ever changing tenents who don’t care for the neighbors….and to top it off, the owners don’t even live there…the homeless are running rampant in our lower kalihi/china town areas…they dirty our streets and sidewalks, have fights among themselves, do drugs and create an enviroment that people are afraid to walk by….crime, we are an older neighborhood with a lot of seniors….very easy targets for those who rob/steal from them…We need to enforce/create laws that hopefully stop this madness….enough excuses for these violators who prey on others…

Rising inflation has significantly worsened Hawaii’s already high cost of living. What can be done at the county level to help Oahu residents cope with high consumer prices?

At the county level, not too much….everything is superseded by the higher authorities like the State and even the Feds….I know firsthand…I was there at the State level.

What specific solutions do you propose to combat homelessness and to make housing more affordable to residents?

This is a very controversial for it involves human rights….we need to put the physically handicaped and mentally ill in homes where they can get property care and supervision…recently a lot of assaults are being done by the mentally imparied….sometimes the general safety of the general public should supercede that of a few….give families experiencing hard times, decent housing, JOB training and advice not to make so many children who in turn will rely on govt to take care of them…the vast majority left are able bodied who only TAKE, TAKE, TAKE…they should be able to do community service in return for Free Food, Medical care and shelter….We middle class people give/volunteer the most to help others….Land is scarce in Honolulu proper like the rest of the state….Suppy and Demand has always and will continue to drive prices….we can condemn land and buildings, but building materials and labor cost money….What is affordable? Different meaning to different economic status…

What reforms, if any, would you propose to make local government more transparent to the public?

It all starts from the top….Leader ship should take responsibility for their actions, and not say “my mistake or sorry”…to easy to say, but the damage is already done…leading to.less public trust.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, what should city government do to help protect residents’ health?

Not being in the medical field, I think the Govt, city/state is doing OK.

What should city government do to help residents who have been economically affected by the pandemic?

Help them get on their feet…govt can only help for so long….some people take advantage of the help.

Do you support or oppose the current plan to stop construction of the rail project in Kakaako instead of near Ala Moana Center? Please explain.

So who’s going to ride to Kakaako? We need to consider the final destination where people want to go to….what do you do in Kakaako? catch a cab, bus or walk to your final destination? On to Ala Moana.

Do you support or oppose using new city funds to cover any shortfall in HART’s construction or operating costs? Please explain.

We cannot keep paying for the inept people who run the rail construction….costs overrun on a Billion $ project shouldn’t cost Billions, maybe Millions…still too high, but too late to stop. Need people who have experience in construction and not political appointees who are smart and well connected but know nothing about actual construction operation/costs….can they read a blueprint?

Do you support or oppose the plan to dismantle the Stairway to Heaven? Please explain.

I have never been there or seen the stairway so it isn’t apporate me to answer

Is there anything more that you would like voters to know about you?

Thank You….I plan to hold office for just one term, then not seek reelection….this way, I do not intend to accept/solicit money or endorsements from special interest groups, unions and powerful people who want you do do things that they want…(they don’t give you money or campaign help because they love you). I want to do what I feel is right for the people of Hawaii without the fear of not having their help in the next election. Due to my lack of personal funds, organizations like yours who advocate good govt by being fair to all parties involved is greatly appreciated, You are fair enough to give people like me a chance to get our messages to the voters…I cannot pass everything by myself, but at least I can start a dialogue going…..as a added note, may I thank my high school sweetheart and wife of 56 years for tolerating me and raising our 4 kids when I was off flying and later doing politics. She lost her dad in 1951 and mom in 1953…she had nothing when we got married a age 18, but managed to keep our family together….I owe her my life….thank you for allowing me to recognize her devotion to family…and THANK YOU and THE STAR ADVERTISER for giving me a chance to get my message out….Dennis

Do you support or oppose the newly revised city law to combat vacation rentals that violate zoning regulations, and do you think it can be effectively enforced?

If the neighborhood in question says its OK….so be it…..the rentals give our visitors an option to the high hotel room rates…It will hard to enforce….is it worth while while hiring additional inspectors?

Do you think more needs to be done at the city level to manage tourism? If so, what would you propose?  

As a flight attendent for 35 years and chairman of the Tourism Committees of bodies I understand that it is all about final destination and how you are treated there….we spend millions to get them to come to Hawaii and if we put too many restrictions on what they can do and at what cost….they will go else where…this will result in tremendous loss of tax revenue that fund many of our public/govt programs….I have seen places just as beautiful as Hawaii and maybe even more, but our people and our Aloha keeps bringing them back. Let’s not lose that Aloha, with high prices and treatment to them….

What can city government do to mitigate the affects of sea-level rise on Oahu?

Not much…how can we fight mother nature and millions if not billions of years of the earth evolving? Have you seen Holland and the dikes?

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