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Commenting Guidelines

  1. Commenting rules
  2. Thank you for sharing your views with the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Please observe the following simple rules:

    • Be civil in addressing and referencing other commenters and stay focused on the subject at hand.
    • Objectionable content is forbidden. Such comments can be reported by clicking on the report button found on every comment. For more on what we consider objectionable, refer to section 6.
    • The Star-Advertiser reserves the right to remove any comment for any reason. We may also block individuals who break these rules from commenting further.
    • Any comments you post and your use of comments is subject to the Terms of Service.

  3. Who can comment on
  4. Anyone who is logged into their account can comment. They must be respectful of other commenters and mindful of our commenting rules. Commenters may not create or maintain multiple accounts and may be blocked from commenting for doing so.

  5. Can I edit or delete my comment once it’s posted?
  6. Comments can be edited for 15 minutes after posting. Individual comments can not currently be deleted. You can request that your commenting history be removed at any time.

  7. How can I report a comment as abusive?
  8. Look for the report button on every comment. Select the reason for your report such as spam, inappropriate content, abusive behavior, or other criteria and submit.
    If the comment does not violate any of these guidelines, do NOT report it.
    If a comment is disparaging to a public official, includes erroneous information, or you just disagree with it, do NOT report the comment. These types of comments are not in violation of our community guidelines.
    Excessive flagging of comments that do not violate our community guidelines may also lead to a suspension or termination of an individual’s commenting privileges.

  9. My name is not correct on my profile. How can I fix this?
  10. Please contact us, and we’ll update your name.
    Call our Customer Service Center at (808) 538-NEWS (6397).
    Or Email us at

  11. Why are some of my comments missing?
  12. We encourage free expression, regardless of viewpoint, but require that such expressions be respectful of other commenters and relevant to the stories on which they are posted. We reserve the right to remove or hide any comment from public view.
    In particular, do not submit a comment that is abusive, defamatory, disrespectful, illegal, or disparaging (whether on the basis of disability, ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, traits with which people are born, or otherwise).
    Do not submit a comment that attacks or threatens another person, threatens or promotes violence, invades another person’s privacy or proprietary rights, or uses profanities (including veiled expletives).
    Do not stalk or harass another person, dominate the conversation, discourage participation by others, or mock, bait, bicker, taunt, or belittle others.
    Comments with spam or self-promotional links are not allowed. Comments in all-capital letters, all-bold, or all-italic postings, excessive blank space and objectionable profile photos are not permitted.

  13. Who will see my Star-Advertiser profile and comments?
  14. If you choose to comment on Star-Advertiser, your comments will be visible to all logged-in Star-Advertiser readers. You may request that your commenting history be deleted at any time.

  15. Who can I contact with additional questions or concerns about commenting and profile?
  16. All commenting feedback should be sent to

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