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Incidental Lives


Incidental Lives: Family-run business thrives on a set of old-school values

If you want to do business with Miller Industries, you’ll need to pick up the phone and have an actual conversation with an actual human being or, better, stop by the shop on Kalihi Street, where you can have that same actual conversation face to face with one of those human beings. Read More

Incidental Lives: Kaimuki resident’s documented walks unite community

There were any number of moments when Sue Shishido Saffery might have realized that her modest personal project had taken on a life of its own, but it may have been when a woman she had never met before in person asked her to walk by a house in Kaimuki and snap a photo for her. Read More

Incidental Lives: Parents and school unite to reduce garbage

When Carolina Veith first enrolled her children Vincent, 9, and Lucia, 7, at Mary, Star of the Sea School last year, she spent time observing the everyday life on campus to get a sense of what she and her children could expect. Read More

Incidental Lives: John Fink reflects on 4 decades of broadcast life

On a recent afternoon, amid the last bites of a late lunch, KFVE general manager John Fink’s thoughts drifted back some 22 years to a University of Hawaii volleyball match at the Stan Sheriff Center. Read More

Column: Transplant survivor breathes easy thanks to friends and family

Admittedly, Sean Keoni Craig was not a well man when he and a group of friends set out for Los Angeles in September to celebrate his 52nd birthday at the happiest place on Earth. Read More

Incidental Lives: 73-year-old finds joy and happiness in the long run

At an age when some men are compelled to take stock of their lives and make peace with the goals they will leave unfulfilled, Motoharu Watanabe raised his head, blinked his eyes and saw a future delimited in glorious expanses of 26.2 miles. Read More

Column: Display artist makes space for the spirit of the season

The Kealoha Arms condominium in Makiki was constructed in 1970 and rises seven walk-up stories with 32 units ranging from studios to three-bedroom units. There’s a pool. A nice recreation area, as well. Read More

Incidental Lives: Shopping mall troubadour shares music to lift spirits

Frequenters of Oahu’s malls know that the best musical bargains in town come not in local showrooms and concert halls, but in the far corners of bustling food courts and upon the unforgiving surfaces of cheap public seating. Read More

Column: Lawyer toils to find lost immigrant children

What for many would have been a momentous decision requiring weeks, maybe months, of careful deliberation followed by weeks, probably months, of careful planning, for Kay Lorraine instead crystallized in an instant and was executed in less time than it takes to prep and smoke a good Texas brisket. Read More

Incidental Lives: 72-year-old new lawyer starts quest for justice

Among family, friends and even casual acquaintances, 72-year-old Honolulu resident Kay Lorraine is well known for meeting challenges with a shrug, a smile and healthy dose of humor. Read More

Incidental Lives: St. Francis alumna makes the world her comfort zone

The controversial French novelist Andre Gide, in his novel “The Counterfeiters,” famously wrote, “One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight, for a very long time, of the shore.” Read More

Incidental Lives: Volunteer at Queen’s has shared half-century of service

When Queen’s Medical Center super-volunteer June Anderson suffered a stroke last year, it marked, as far as collective institutional memory can confirm, the first time in nearly 50 years that Anderson was unable to make it for a scheduled shift. Read More

Incidental Lives: Mom, tutor join forces to help girl beat dyslexia

Kapiolani Barber and her husband, Bruno Stempel, knew their daughter needed help, but three years of following every lead and researching every angle had left them with more questions than answers. Read More

Incidental Lives: Specialist urges early preparation for disasters

Dennis Hwang holds a bachelor’s degree in geology, a master’s in geology and geophysics, and, just to keep things interesting, a juris doctor. Read More

Incidental Lives: Altruistic engineer pitches in at school

Today and Wednesday, a contingent of volunteers from the design firm Stantec will converge on Puuhale Elementary School to spruce up the campus and share some quality time with the students. Read More

Column: Volunteer helps others with mental health issues

The symptoms first appeared when she was 3 years old but Susan King was too young to fathom that anything was unusual. Read More

Head of La Pietra finds direction in exploring the uncharted

During a recent eighth-grade English class at La Pietra School for Girls, in a class discussion on Iranian author Marjane Satrapi’s autobiographical graphic novel “Persepolis,” head of school Josh Watson broached the idea of revolution and whom, should conditions ever merit, the students might look to overthrow. Read More

Teacher inspired a career in writing

Late in the evening of my 50th birthday last month, lying in the dark with my 1-year-old son sleeping soundly on my chest, I opened the email app on my phone to discover a most unexpected artifact of my youth. Read More

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