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                                Ka‘onohikaumakaakeawe Kananiokeakua Holokai Lopes was congratulated Thursday by her halau when she won the 2024 Miss Aloha Hula title. She also is pictured below left dancing “Kanani Holokai” in the Hula ‘Auana portion of the competition.
Family legacy continues for Miss Aloha Hula winner

Ka‘onohikaumakaakeawe Kananiokeakua Holokai Lopes is the fourth consecutive Miss Aloha Hula produced by Ka La ‘Onohi Mai O Ha‘eha‘e and the second daughter of the kumu to win the most coveted title for a solo hula dancer. Read more

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                                Kumu hula Tracie Lopes, right, and kumu hula Keawe Lopes of Ka La ‘Onohi Mai o Ha‘eha‘e of Oahu won the first-place overall award late Sunday at the 60th Merrie Monarch Festival at Edith Kanaka‘ole Stadium in Hilo.
Top 3 halau reflect on their Merrie Monarch success

In a harsher art or sport, having the top three finishers in the year’s ultimate competition each separated by a mere single point might be occasion for them to rage and plot revenge. Read more

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