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People lose their sense of smell as the years go by

Because metabolism slows and activity declines, it's normal for elderly people to want less food. What families may not know is that, as people get older, the way food tastes changes. Read More

Many factors are key to seniors’ mental, physical fitness

More than 2 million Americans are 90 years of age or older, making them part of the fastest growing age segment of the American population. It is estimated that by 2050 this age group will increase to 10 million Americans. Read More

A fast-paced sport is adapted to benefit older folks

On a recent morning in London, Lara Thomson practiced spinning on benches, swinging from metal bars and balancing off raised ledges -- all elements of a daredevil discipline known as "parkour." What was unusual about the scene is that Thomson is 79. Read More

Village concept allows boomers to age in place

Aging baby boomers want to stay in their own homes as long as possible, and a way to do that, the so-called village concept, is catching on. Read More

You made it this far … eat right and keep going

Many (perhaps most) of us "post-midlifers" took health and safety for granted during the first half of life. However, the second half brings some of life's greatest challenges. Read More

Plantation life didn’t leave much time for music lessons

Whenever Richard Afuso visited his mother-in-law at her Kauai nursing home, he noticed that music would lift her spirits. Read More

Kailua woman ministers worldwide via the Net

At age 80, Sylvia Waiwaiole-Hopfe has found her calling in an unlikely place -- the Internet -- through her online ministry, "Reaching the World for Christ." Read More

Tennis teacher shows his students how to love the game

Tennis is not Joe Ahue's only sport. He also golfs -- he had a hole-in-one in 1983 -- and surfs most days. He could have a few more sports going by the time he turns 77 in May. Read More

Polo? Yolo! Skydive Hawaii president enamored with sport of kings

Frank Hinshaw, president of Skydive Hawaii, has made 1,200 jumps from planes cruising as high as 15,000 feet, but these days polo is what gives him an adrenaline rush. Read More

Aiea resident beat a prognosis of one year left to live

William "Willy" Pelayo, now 57, had contracted a virus at 37 that resulted in cardiomyopathy, a type of progressive heart disease through which the heart can become abnormally enlarged. Read More

Computer skills help seniors stay connected

Jean Davis is a wired senior. The 86-year-old came to the digital world 14 years ago when a son decided she should have a personal computer. Read More

Companies seek harmony across generations

CHICAGO » There's a sense of urgency to the quest for workplace harmony, as baby boomers delay retirement and work side by side with people young enough to be their children — or grandchildren. Read More

Telling safe supplements from snake oils

Mix equal parts fact and fiction and you have the simple recipe for profitable sales in the dietary supplement business. Read More

Teacher shares a passion for math

Carl Wheeler admits to being a math geek. His love affair with numbers began early in life. Now at age 81, the retired math teacher continues to tutor math students at Kapiolani Community College and spends his summers assisting teachers in South Africa. Read More

‘Governor’ inspires paddlers with his passion

In the midst of Kailua Canoe Club's impressive streak of four consecutive O‘ahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association titles notched between 2009 and '12, co-head coach Kathy Erwin was asked to explain the secret behind the club's success on the water. Read More

Swim, bike, run

In the spring, when Jane Kirton turned 70, her husband and a friend treated her to eight weeks of heart-pumping group workouts with a training program for the 15th annual Na Wahine Sprint Triathlon. Read More

97-year-old’s love for tennis knows no bounds

George Abe moves gingerly toward the tennis ball during his regular morning doubles match but doesn't hit it over the net until the second bounce. Read More

Disabled more able to see world

Paris, Cairo, Sydney, Denpasar, Beijing — disabled travelers are traveling the world thanks to knowledgeable resources, state-of-the-art technology, and extra planning and foresight. Read More

‘Uncle Alika’ is a natural at teaching

The afternoon school bell rings. Alika Raneses calls out to a moon-faced third-grader, exchanging greetings and good-natured teasing. The 69-year-old Ala Wai Elementary School part-time Hawaiiana teacher — "Uncle Alika" to the kids — grins when the boy says he's taking an after-school hula class. Read More



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