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Charitable dollars and ‘sense’

Since the last time we talked about charitable gifting, the tax laws have changed. Some aspects of charitable gifting will be impacted, so you’ll want to do some planning soon, well before the calendar year comes to a close. Read More

Look back to study future of target-based funds

If you have been thinking about how to make investing easier on yourself or your employees, check out target-date funds, a subject we’ve been discussing the past two weeks. Read More

How older patients can dodge pitfalls entrenched in health care systems

Being old and sick in America frequently means a doctor won’t ask you about troublesome concerns you deal with day to day — difficulty walking, dizziness, a leaky bladder, sleep disturbances, memory lapses and more. Read More

3 ways to slow down your perception of time

Some may remember this line which was the opening of a daytime drama series called “Days of Our Lives.” It was one of the longest-running soap operas that spanned more than 50 years. Read More

Target-date funds might help manage 401(k)s

In my June 19 column, I wrote about target-date funds, which some believe can help employees manage their 401(k) investments. Read More

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