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World Smile Day is worth grinning about

Do you ever catch yourself smiling inwardly or outwardly when you type a colon and a closed parenthesis that magically turns in to a happy face on your computer? Read More

Upscale dining options key to happiness at senior living communities

Some senior-living communities create a restaurant-style dining plan. Read More

No gaps in understanding: Here’s your primer on Medigap Coverage

Each year Medicare has an open season for making plan changes. Here’s what you need to know before you act. Read More

Column: Which flu shot is right for you?

There is a flu vaccine to meet many different needs. Read More

3 ways Social Security benefits can grow after retirement

Once you begin receiving social security benefits, there are three common ways benefit checks can increase: a cost of living adjustment (COLA); additional work; or an adjustment at full retirement age if you received reduced benefits and exceeded the earnings limit. Read More

Disrupt Aging: Ross Shimabuku comes home to care for mom and dad

New KHON2 morning anchor Ross Shimabuku’s career has taken him across the country, covering four Super Bowls and the 2001 World Series along the way. But as his parents aged and his father began suffering from dementia, Shimabuku knew it was time to come home and help with caregiving. Read More

Ann Dowd on ‘Handmaid’s Tale,’ Aunt Lydia and miracle of forgiveness

Everyone’s favorite Aunt is probably not dead. Ann Dowd says she reports to work on the third season of “The Handmaid’s Tale” in October. Read More

Earwax poses unrecognized risk in long-term care

Seniors’ ears should be checked regularly to ward off cognitive issues that arise from wax build-up. Read More

Retirees go back to school to live out golden years on campus

A growing number of retirees are opting to spend their golden years living close to a university campus — or in some cases, on it. Read More

Positively Young: Sept. 11 a reminder of personal resilience

Make conscious changes in your life to foster your resilience. Read More

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