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Alan Pflueger sentenced to 15 months on tax charges

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 01:02 p.m. HST, Oct 11, 2013

A federal judge sentenced second-generation car dealer Alan Pflueger this morning to 15 months in prison on tax evasion charges.

Pflueger pleaded guilty after being accused of failing to report as income hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal expenses his company paid for him.

U.S. District Judge Leslie E. Kobayashi also fined Pflueger $40,000 and ordered him to perform 200 hours of community service.

Pflueger, 46, whose full name is Charles Alan Pflueger, has until Dec. 6 to turn himself in to begin serving his prison term.

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dlum003 wrote:
That family is as crooked as a dog's leg. It's obvious they feel the law doesn't apply to them, or are at least above it. They bear very close monitoring until they're gone. Shame on them.
on October 11,2013 | 12:33PM
allie wrote:
agree...but they are Hawaiian. Got their money from a wealthy Hawaiian great-grandma
on October 11,2013 | 12:41PM
gobows wrote:
yea!...blame the Hawaiians!
on October 11,2013 | 01:33PM
allie wrote:
Not blaming anyone. But the family is part Hawaiian. Just saying
on October 11,2013 | 02:40PM
Leinanij wrote:
All Lies likes to put down Hawaiians every chance she gets. She's afraid we'll take away her freebies. Just sayin.
on October 11,2013 | 03:25PM
dlum003 wrote:
Does your inventory of stupid ever run out? STHU ... sir.
on October 11,2013 | 04:21PM
allie wrote:
My facts are right. I stand by them
on October 11,2013 | 04:31PM
hanalei395 wrote:
The facts you should stand by are that you're a foreigner in Hawai'i, who also has an extreme hatred for Hawaiians.
on October 11,2013 | 05:19PM
Slow wrote:
Can I get a kiss auntie allie? Show some aloha.
on October 16,2013 | 10:27AM
HAJAA1 wrote:
Don't you just love when these greedy folks get sent to jail? I mean, the guy is absolutely LOADED (unlike most of us), and yet he STILL wants more. Unreal.
on October 11,2013 | 12:34PM
beachbum11 wrote:
What about Dad? Steal, cheat, murder and free!
on October 11,2013 | 12:55PM
pauliboy wrote:
on October 11,2013 | 12:34PM
Slow wrote:
Very good, pauliboy.
on October 16,2013 | 10:28AM
agile wrote:
There was a story on tv news yesterday about a youth paddling Club and they showed a brief shot of Pflueger as having some sort of hand in donating or supporting the club. Wanna bet he saw this sentence coming and was trying to make himself look like "Mr. Community Supporter"??
on October 11,2013 | 12:34PM
richierich wrote:
And what have you done for the community? By the way, His son is one of the youth paddlers.
on October 11,2013 | 12:42PM
primo1 wrote:
More like tax write off.
on October 11,2013 | 12:48PM
duckwarrior wrote:
I thought the same thing after seeing this story today. Call the news cameras, show him what a 'great' guy his is! Too bad keahi tucker didn't end the segment with something like "tune in for tomorrow's broadcast for updates on mr Plfuegers prison sentence".
on October 11,2013 | 03:43PM
localguy wrote:
He will meet lots of new friends in prison who will teach him new skills. He will be very busy with his new friends. Be afraid of prison Alan, be very afraid.
on October 11,2013 | 12:36PM
GooglyMoogly wrote:
What prison do you think he's going to?
on October 11,2013 | 04:54PM
allie wrote:
very bad family
on October 11,2013 | 12:40PM
gobows wrote:
unless you're married into it
on October 11,2013 | 01:34PM
richierich wrote:
Don't drop the soap.
on October 11,2013 | 12:42PM
2NDC wrote:
He won't do any hard time. He's rich. The rich guys end up at "Club Fed". It will be like a 15 month vacation for him.
on October 11,2013 | 01:00PM
serious wrote:
True, he can dine with the Illinois (D) governors.
on October 11,2013 | 01:07PM
gobows wrote:
should take his car dealership away.
on October 11,2013 | 01:35PM
GooglyMoogly wrote:
Yes. All of his employees should be punished for his crimes. What world are you living in?
on October 11,2013 | 04:56PM
pgkemp wrote:
should have been longer........
on October 11,2013 | 01:10PM
willman wrote:
Would you buy a car from this family? Over the years I think that they ripped off their customers as well as the government. Shame on all of them. He will probably serve soft time for stealing.
on October 11,2013 | 01:11PM
gmedley wrote:
His dad probably grounded him. "I don't care what you think about me- this dicussion is about YOU! YOU'RE GROUNDED! Except for work- you are not to leave your room! And no hanky-panky with the ladies!"
on October 11,2013 | 01:18PM
inverse wrote:
I bet Plfeuger Sr is not mad at the son for cheating the IRS, the dad is only mad at his son for getting CAUGHT and convicted. Reminds me of the old Hawaii 5-0 and McGarrett's epic battle with 3 generations of the criminal Vaschon (Harold Gould was one of the actors) family. To bad in real life innocent people on Kauai had to die because of the greed and arrogance of this family.
on October 11,2013 | 02:51PM
Rakone wrote:
Good for him - this is why their dealership CHANGED their name to Pacific Honda. Honda didn't want the Pflueger name associated with it....smart move.
on October 11,2013 | 01:54PM
Rickyboy wrote:
WOW father gets away with "murder" but son gets prison for tax evasion. Wha goes around... .
on October 11,2013 | 02:05PM
allie wrote:
on October 11,2013 | 02:41PM
kiragirl wrote:
Good news. No one is above the law.
on October 11,2013 | 02:16PM
Leinanij wrote:
If Alan Pflueger can go to jail, why can't we send AIG chief executive Robert Benmosche to jail? He and AIG received $85 billion from American taxpayers and less than a week later, he and AIG executives went on a “retreat” to the luxurious St. Regis Resort in Monarch Beach, Calif., where they ran up a bill of almost a half-million dollars, including $150,000 for meals and $23,000 in spa charges. They then gave themselves average cash bonuses of $121,900 each. We are crazy if we think that putting a local tax cheater away is going to make a difference. Put Benmosche and his Wall Street buddies in jail and then we can all feel like justice was done.
on October 11,2013 | 02:21PM
beachbum11 wrote:
That will never happen if your buddy is in charge. No name mentioned.
on October 11,2013 | 04:24PM
gsc wrote:
He should have went to court like his Dad . Who got found not guilty.
on October 11,2013 | 03:03PM
inverse wrote:
Big difference is the father was up for murder or manslaughter which was a State crime but the son was going against the IRS for Federal income tax evasion. Even Al Capone could not avoid spending jail time for federal tax evasion. It could be said that a person with lots of money and a great lawyer has a better chance of getting away with murder than someone who tries to defraud the IRS.
on October 11,2013 | 03:38PM
GooglyMoogly wrote:
Thank you, inverse. Most people see the word "court" and don't realize different charges go to different courts. The IRS is very thorough, indeed. If they bring your case to court, there's an excellent chance you're already guilty.
on October 11,2013 | 04:59PM
HD36 wrote:
It's the only court in the nation where you're presumed guilty unless you're found innocent.
on October 11,2013 | 05:40PM
loio wrote:
family tragedy, ongoing, please leave them alone.
on October 11,2013 | 06:39PM
Slow wrote:
No lolo. Despise, ridicule, mock and shun the Pflueger cancer.
on October 16,2013 | 10:32AM
iwanaknow wrote:
boycott all their businesses?
on October 11,2013 | 07:33PM
hanalei395 wrote:
Boycott Honda? Impossible.
on October 11,2013 | 08:06PM
detroit wrote:
he and his family have made so much $$$ off hawaii for decades. he tried to save a small amount of his fortune from taxes. he has no common sense. or morals.
on October 11,2013 | 08:31PM
CloudForest wrote:
on October 11,2013 | 11:39PM
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