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6 men held in Waikiki mugging

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 04:24 p.m. HST, Nov 24, 2013

Police arrested six men for allegedly beating and robbing a 25-year-old man in Waikiki early Saturday morning.

The suspects include two 20-year-old men and two 21-year-old men from Kaaawa and two 23-year-old men from Kaneohe.

The incident occurred around 4:35 a.m. The suspects were located on Wilder Avenue a short time later and arrested on suspicion of second-degree robbery.

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HAJAA1 wrote:
6 to take down 1? Pathetic losers.
on November 24,2013 | 12:09AM
RetiredWorking wrote:
At least no one can say that they all from town side.
on November 24,2013 | 06:41AM
paniolo wrote:
Totally agree...Losers cannot go mano-a-mano.
on November 24,2013 | 07:34AM
serious wrote:
I live in Waikiki and I only go out at night with a group and avoid the"groups" of young men who just gather on the street corners. Too bad we don't have the bicycle police when Obama was here.
on November 24,2013 | 08:24AM
sak wrote:
on November 24,2013 | 01:57PM
mokebla wrote:
Hawai'i liberal laws won't lock them up, they'll be out before you know it to do it again.
on November 24,2013 | 02:42AM
gary360 wrote:
Yep, some judge will give them probation and maybe community service. Should lock their a**e* up for 10 years. Talk about punk action.....geez.
on November 24,2013 | 04:28AM
eoe wrote:
Please donate an additional $1000/yr to the state treasury to fund your tough on crime stance. We already lock up more people than any other country in the world. We lock up 4X more people per capita than "police state" China. Maybe we need to lock up 5X, or 6X? Either way that costs money, so get out your checkbook.
on November 24,2013 | 07:26AM
joseph007 wrote:
eoe, the problem is we lock up the wrong people. having a stick of marijuana should result in a ticket not prison time. lock up the violent creeps, others on house arrest with leg monitors, REAL community service, (cleaning up highways, ditches, parks, etc.) would be sufficient for these non-violent criminals. others, prison for a long time.
on November 24,2013 | 08:53AM
sak wrote:
Our Prisons are Country Club's compared to China and those other countries, are the reasons for the differences.
on November 24,2013 | 02:01PM
Anonymous wrote:
Can Hawaii bring the "Chain Gang" system to use on criminals here ?? No room at the jail, so they should do their community service for all to see.
on November 24,2013 | 05:20AM
stingray65 wrote:
The problem is that, they are protected by the Law!! Which is stupid!!! Victim, is just a victim or a target!! Someone, someday, will just be out there and put them away like Bronson Movie. It only take one vigilante, then someone will copy and finish them all...
on November 24,2013 | 08:43AM
syhud wrote:
Loser, loser, loser, loser, loser and loser. Probably all somewhere tonight drinking and celebrating their new found celebrity status. To late for their parents to get involved. Sad…………..
on November 24,2013 | 06:15PM
paniolo wrote:
Another news site listed their names and said a 7th person was involved. Come on SA, list their names so the parents, relatives and friends know who these fine young gentlemen are. Maybe then the parents will know their sons aren't the "good boys" they thought they were.
on November 24,2013 | 06:17PM
Papakolea wrote:
The names are on KHON's website. Anthony Hawkins (23), Paul Kaaialii, Jr. (23), Brett Palermo (20), Keanookanalu Feliciano (20), Cody Gaceta (21), and Kyle Harvey (21). I bet their families will blame the victim and claim that these guys are loving sons and brothers who would give you the shirt off their backs...everybody loves them...they're always trying to make people laugh...blah, blah, blah. This needs to be tried in federal court as a hate crime. State court is a waste of time.
on November 24,2013 | 07:37PM
Shellback wrote:
According to another news site: The six men arrested for robbery were released early Sunday morning pending further investigation. My thoughts: Why were they released? Those six thugs are probably now hiding at a friend's house. I seriously doubt that the police will ever find those six thugs again.
on November 24,2013 | 08:05PM
environmental_lady wrote:
What further investigation needs to be done? The six were caught and then released. They should be forced to pay restitution to the man the beat up. Now he can't even work due to his injuries and may end up homeless. This is cruel and outrageous!
on November 24,2013 | 09:21PM
control wrote:
Before we pass judgement we should first find out more details on the story. KHON interviewed the victim and also interviewed one of the group of young kids. Both interviews are on the KHON site. The kid had a iphone video of a portion of the fight, showing the victim as the aggressor in the video. Unfortunately there isn't much to go on but there are still of a lot of questions. The 25 year old victim said that the locals were in their truck and yelling obsenities at him before stopping and getting into a fight. The local interviewed didn't explain why they stopped their car and got out. The video is only one sided, didn't show the entire altercation. KHON should have also asked to see what was on the kid's phone to see if there is more to the altercation, who videos a fight but a witness or someone involved, maybe the kid wanted to video them beating someone up and only showed the portion to make it look like the victim was the aggressor. I think the truth is somewhere in between but this is shoddy journalism IMHO, only sensationalizing it to get viewers and ratings. The news people should first do a complete investigation before putting it on the news, there is probably a lot more than is told. The kid is all shibai, saying that they are good kids....KHON should have asked the kid why they stopped then, at least ask more detailed questions to get the real story.
on November 25,2013 | 07:45AM
paniolo wrote:
The guy they interviewed also said HPD patted them down and didn't find one dollar on them. 7 guys and no money at all? No more money for grinds or gas? Even some homeless get one dollar on them. From the video, it was so short, it couldn't be the complete footage because the victim had scrapes on his knee and elbow, black eye, pukas in his head and a fractured wrist. Didn't see that all happening on the video. The guy that shot the video probably going put um on YouTube. More shame for Hawaii. If the guys are innocent as they claim, then, why only tell KHON2? I would think they would go to all the news media that reported this incident. You like clear your name, you go to all the sources, not just one. If people don't read what's on KHON2, they wouldn't know there's the video.
on November 25,2013 | 12:39PM
RetiredWorking wrote:
paniolo, if you saw the tape, you can see Adrian Dady get kicked in the head. When you hit the ground, that accounts for the scrapes on knees and elbows. Fractured wrist could occur from blocking a head kick. Punches could explain the black eye. Only speculating, like everyone else. Video showed a few seconds of a 1 on1 fight. Blame HPD or KHON for the edited video. I smell retraction!
on November 25,2013 | 05:19PM
joseph007 wrote:
the men were NOT HELD. released pending investigation. as usual. headline was either falsely put in or trying to mislead people. or a kaneshiro supporter. in any case these guys should be indicted as a hate crime. victim MUST go to Federal officials cause city won't do anything.
on November 25,2013 | 10:12AM
hawaii_io wrote:
Young punks making the Windward Side look bad! You dumb idiots think you bad, gotta jump an innocent man who's all alone minding his own business....I'm sure your Ohana is so proud of all you stupid punks!!!
on November 25,2013 | 04:08PM
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