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Asians, whites fare better than other kids, report says

By Associated Press

LAST UPDATED: 02:16 a.m. HST, Apr 01, 2014

NEW YORK » In every region of America, white and Asian children are far better positioned for success than black, Latino and American Indian children, according to a new report appealing for urgent action to bridge this racial gap.

Titled "Race for Results," the report is being released Tuesday by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which for decades has worked to improve child well-being in the United States.

The foundation also produces annual "Kids Count" reports, with reams of state-specific data, but these generally have not focused on race.

At the core of the report is a newly devised index based on 12 indicators measuring a child's success from birth to adulthood. The indicators include reading and math proficiency, high school graduation data, teen birthrates, employment prospects, family income and education levels, and neighborhood poverty levels.

Using a single composite score with a scale of one to 1,000, Asian children have the highest index score at 776, followed by white children at 704.

"Scores for Latino (404), American-Indian (387) and African-American (345) children are distressingly lower, and this pattern holds true in nearly every state," said the report.

Patrick McCarthy, the Casey Foundation's president, said the findings are "a call to action that requires serious and sustained attention from the private, nonprofit, philanthropic and government sectors to create equitable opportunities for children of color."

The report, based on data from 2012 including census figures, described the challenges facing African-American children as "a national crisis."

For black children the states with the lowest scores were in the South and upper Midwest, with Wisconsin at the bottom. The highest scores were in states with relatively small black populations: Hawaii, New Hampshire, Utah and Alaska.

Among its recommendations, the report urged concerted efforts to collect and analyze race-specific data on child well-being that could be used to develop programs capable of bridging the racial gap. It said special emphasis should be placed on expanding job opportunities as children in the disadvantaged groups enter adulthood.


» www.aecf.org

David Crary, Associated Press


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Cricket_Amos wrote:
These are meaningless categories. If you made up a different set, you would get different numbers. Categories are not real things and making policy based on them is misguided. What you need to do is to define measurable individual properties, such as family income, crime rates, single motherhood, etc. and use them to make decisions about individual people. This is real science, not this phony category business.
on April 1,2014 | 06:02AM
Morimoto wrote:
What do you mean "meaningless categories"? The "categories" cited in the report are measurable, such as family income, HS graduation data and teen birthrates. You're suggestion that you use "measurable individual properties" doesn't make sense since that's what this study is doing, using categories including family income, which you repeated in your suggestion. Did you even read the article? Seems to me you want to disagree with the method being used for the sole sake of disagreeing as you don't understand the concept of this "study"
on April 1,2014 | 08:32AM
thos wrote:
QUOTE the findings are "a call to action that requires serious and sustained attention from the private, nonprofit, philanthropic and government sectors to create equitable opportunities for children of color."…. collect and analyze race-specific data on child well-being that could be used to develop programs capable of bridging the racial gap. UNQUOTE

It is feel good junk like this that insures second class citizenship will continue for black kids.

There are no “programs capable of bridging the racial gap”

To give these kids equal opportunity will require that their mothers abandon promiscuity and demand that would be fathers of their children marry them BEFORE the kids arrive on scene.

And that is not going to happen until the Democrat Party decides to liberate these black plantation s l a v e s by ending welfare schemes crafted keep blacks “in their place” which is to say beholden to government services and the party of government services.
on April 1,2014 | 06:15AM
Grimbold wrote:
The obvious differences in behavior are to a part caused by differences in the genes. A 0.1% difference in genes can effect a large handicap for different races. Recent research shows that races have different mentalities. Look at South America and Africa. Conclusions are not allowed because they are not politically correct because they would prove that race matters.
on April 1,2014 | 08:02AM
HD36 wrote:
True. All you have to do is watch track and feild.
on April 1,2014 | 09:30AM
EducatedLocalBoy wrote:
Grimbold, you sound frighteningly like Adolph Hitler and his henchmen when they referred to themselves as the "Master Race," and people of color as the "Mud Races." The Nazi's experiments in eugenics which was a guise for Nazis having indiscriminate sex with multiple women was a horrible failure. Interestingly enough, the Nazis found a way to follow their political alliances and differentiated between Asians who were Japanese, who something akin to the Master Race and Asians who were Chinese, who were something akin to the Mud Races.
on April 1,2014 | 11:02AM
EducatedLocalBoy wrote:
Thos, promiscuity is not the problem. Whites and Asians engage in reproductive behavior just as much as blacks and Hispanics. The difference is that with Hispanics they listen to the Pope and refuse birth control. Blacks decline to use birth control for reasons I don't understand. Probably it is so because welfare moms can get more money, because under the welfare system the more illegitimate children she has the more welfare money she gets. The answer is simple, but one that Catholics and radical Christians don't believe in --- Require welfare women to have abortions after the first child or else be denied welfare. A similar cure is to require tubal ligation for welfare moms after the first child or else cut off welfare, and require them to tell who the father of the child is with the father being required to have a vasectomy for the good of society. It sounds incredible but the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling that it is legal for State governments to order people sterilized for the good of society is still the law of the land. In that precedent setting case,
on April 1,2014 | 11:17AM
EducatedLocalBoy wrote:
What I was stating before the Star Ad.'s compute glitched and gave me the "kill pages" message was that in that precedent setting case, the U.S. Supreme Court stated that it was legal for States to sterilize retarded people in order to stop the continued propagation of retarded people, in order to stop the retarded people's drain on the resources of society,i.e. welfare.
on April 1,2014 | 11:33AM
richierich wrote:
Perhaps Obama should start taking fathers away from the children who have them and start distributing them to children that don't. You know, just to make things a little more fair.
on April 1,2014 | 06:20AM
lokela wrote:
Just look at the backgrounds of non whites and Asians. Most come from a totally different environment. Mainly uneducated, in poverty and basic non homelife. And it's a cycle that hasn't been broken for decades. A lot try to depend on sports to get out of those situations. Some do but also some revert back to the bad boy or girl mentality. Make millions blow millions. Brushes with the law and you call these role models? Just a cycle that never ends. Not saying non whites and Asians don't have those problems. It's that most seem more motivated to succeed in different ways. Different kind of life cycle.
on April 1,2014 | 06:42AM
Grimbold wrote:
lokela, didn't you read that Asians do better than whites?
on April 1,2014 | 08:03AM
HD36 wrote:
Do the check how many black families are single parent? That might have something to do with it. Do they check how many black children are educated to game the welfare system?
on April 1,2014 | 09:29AM
mijoeca wrote:
The groups that excel are the groups that apply themselves and the ones that don't excel don't apply themselves. Simple as that.
on April 5,2014 | 08:36AM