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Five-0 Redux

Partners in crime

I love when two strong, determined, and successful men are forced to work together in order to accomplish a seemingly impossible task. While I wished it was McG and Danno fighting over who wasn’t going to ride shotgun, watching Lt. Comm. Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and Capt. Lou Grover (Chi McBride) come to a reluctant truce this week on “Hawaii Five-0” was almost as satisfying.

After last week’s cuteness overload with McG and crew entertaining sweet baby Joan, I hoped this week’s episode would be another solid one, filled with all the elements we love: bromance, good humor and cool action. And between kidnapping a big time Yakuza boss, gunfights on the backs of galloping horses and lots of SWAT and Five-0 firepower working together, I was not disappointed.

To add to the new bromantic union between two alpha males, there was some great backstory added to McBride’s character. Much like Danno’s storyline, Grover uprooted his teenage daughter and moved to Hawaii to take over the HPD SWAT Team.

My one question? Where is Momma Grover? Perhaps another episode may reveal what seems to be a tragedy in Grover’s life. When his daughter, Samantha (Paige Hurd), said, “We’re going to be happy here, Daddy,” I immediately thought there was a reason she said that — as if something caused them to not be happy where they were living before moving to paradise.

I did love the fact that while Grover puts more gruff than groove into his tone and delivery, he was incredibly sweet with his daughter. What’s with this show and hard-edged cops and their daughters? They certainly understand the term “Daddy’s girl” more than possible.

I absolutely loved the opening of “Akanahe” (“Reluctant Partners”), with elusive Yakuza boss Sato (Louis Ozawa Changchien) being unceremoniously kidnapped by our fearsome four in Tokyo. When the team ripped off their ninja ski masks, I know fans were thrilled to see McG, Chin, Cath and Kono, all there to find out where Adam was being held – or where they could find his body.

Good thing Sato’s a smart man. It’s scary to think what Kono (Grace Park) would have done to him if he hadn’t given her the good news that Adam was alive. Sato just helped him fake his death out of respect to his father Hiro, and to help him escape the Yakuza crew loyal to his brother Michael, who Adam killed while protecting Kono.

You got that? I know, leave it to the writers to make it even more complicated than usual. In typical “Five-0” fashion, they cashed in on the concept of prolonging the storyline while viewers are hooked. Bottom line is, after Kono was told she’d never see Adam again, like any lovesick girl she, of course, has to find him.

And while I might be contradicting myself, I do want her to find him! So go, Kono, follow your heart — again. Have a tearful goodbye, again, with cousin Chin. Say aloha, again, in a dark alley and have Chin worry about you for another eight episodes. Yes, if you find him you could both be in danger, but we’d never forgive you if you didn’t try to reunite with your love. If Adam is out there, danger be damned. Kono knows what she wants and if we have learned anything about her, it’s that she’s going to get her man, dead or alive.

And speaking of strong women who know what they want, Catherine (Michelle Borth) appeared in her official spot on the Five-0 team. Chin even had a chance to give her some gentle rookie ribbing when she tried to make the magic table work. It was great to see she used her Navy training to help solve the crime. It seems as if her particular areas of expertise will definitely come in handy with the team.

Cyber and computer crime, as well as the type of terrorism this episode started to explore, is a reality in our world, which makes complete sense for the team to have a computer expert like Cath on their side. They did utilize Danno’s funny hacker friend, Toast, on this case, but Chin only made mention of him. It’s really Cath who brought in the big guns to stop the insane deeds of evil hacker Ian Wright (guest star Nick Jonas).

Jonas was an interesting choice for the stoic-faced alleged victim, Ian Wright. Jonas’ lack of facial expressions and laissez-faire attitude helped create the perfect two-dimensional sociopathic villain. All evil all the time.

I cheered every time McG caused him to bleed as he and Grover tried to get information. I know, I’m sure I will get more hate mail than the folks who created the ObamaCare website for wishing Mr. Jonas bodily harm, but really isn’t it a compliment, oh hordes of half-clothed tweens who love themselves some Jonas Bros, when I say he played the perfect emotionless villain? Jonas was the perfect sociopath; selfish, smug, and egomaniacal to the core.

Yet the ending belonged to McG. His acceptance of Grover seems to include the start of a budding friendship. While these new partners in crime may hit a few rocky patches, their relationship will now be based on mutual respect and not about a battle of wills.

Still, it was McG’s determined face in the last scene when he realized Wright was watching him via ATM camera, meaning Wright could be anywhere in the world yet always watching McGarrett, told us that no matter how long it will take or where it will take him, McG will get his man. And I have a feeling Grover and the rest of the team will be right there with him.

Redux Side Note:

Hawaii-based actress Melissa Puana-Martin returned in her small role as the Governor’s Assistant this week. Puana-Martin may only speak one or two lines when she is seen on screen, but she has served two governors over the course of the show’s four seasons. This week, she was seen in the CBS promo that played all week; with her authoritative voice, I’m sure folks will remember this dark-haired beauty if “Hawaii Five-0” decides she needs to play a bigger part in a future episode. I had the pleasure of interviewing Puana-Martin during the 2012 hiatus, and many of the “Hawaii Five-0” fans have met her at various public events.

This week it was TNT Wednesday, with replays of “Maʻemaʻe” (“Clean”) and “Ka Hakakā Maika‘i” (“The Good Fight”) on Nov. 13.
Wendie Burbridge is a published author, playwright and teacher. Reach her via Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

19 responses to “Partners in crime”

  1. DanseuseDivaH50 says:

    Great way to start my morning and now I figured out how to post here too! Merci 🙂 As usual I agree with your observations. I can’t wait for next weekend with Carol Burnett 🙂

  2. jlopie1 says:

    I loved this episode! Even though it was impossible not to miss Danny, I didn’t dwell on it all episode because there was enough action and MCGrover to keep my mind occupied! So glad the writers gave Chi McBride so much to work with – we really got to start to know the man! I was incredibly surprised and pleased beyond words that Catherine was used in such a way this week! It’s exactly how I had hoped the writers would incorporate her into 5-0. Nick Jonas surprised me in a good way. Very well done and convincing – did anyone catch the Miami Vice reference? The Crockett and Tubbs comment when McG and Grover caught up with him in the airport? As far as Kono and Adam – Kono is one stubborn gal! She’s not coming home without Adam. I honestly wanted to hog-tie her and throw her in the van to get her back to HI, but I’m sure we’ll have a fantastic episode ahead of us that will return her full time to 5-0, so I can be patient.

    So, is Ian going to be the new dastardly villain Peter Lenkov spoke about in an interview? The one to keep Steve and team busy since WoFat is licking his wounds in jail? This could be interesting!

  3. LindaStein says:

    Ok…first off, I have to say I missed Danny and I’m not going to pretend that the Steve/Grover team made up for Danny not being there for me because no one could
    ever replace Danny in my heart. But these two guys were awesome together. The fighting between them was epic in the way Steve and Danny’s bickering was in the beginning before the underlying affection existed between them. I agree, these two will now begin to work with a mutual respect for each other but I really hope they don’t make them into some new bromance on a professional level. I think it does Steve good to have to fight against someone who tries to keep him in check. And please tell me that someday Grover and Danny have a little chat about their mutual struggles in life. Moving so far from home to the island, single fatherhood, pre-teen and teenage daughters, and having to deal day to day with a certain over enthusiastic hyper-active ex-Navy SEAL. That conversation I’d pay money to see!

    LOVED seeing Kono again and even more so when the thugs removed their masks
    and revealed Steve, Cath and Chin. If only Danny could have been there too it
    would have been perfection. Having almost the whole team together in one room
    again felt so good but it was just too fleeting. Can’t wait until January when it stays intact for good. You’re right Wendie, a little frightening to wonder if Kono really would have shot Sato if Steve hadn’t stepped in. But I’m a little tired of all these faked
    deaths though. Doris was faked and is alive. Hiro was faked but then he was actually killed, and now Adam. Do we trust Sato at his word that Adam is alive? I guess we’ll have to see.

    I thought the use of Catherine in the episode was very well done too. She did exactly what many of us were hoping she’d do. Manned HQ, ran the magic table, liaised with Naval intelligence while Steve and Chin were in the field yet STILL had a major hand in solving the case and saving the plane. If they continue to use her in this way it makes total sense to me especially when Kono comes back and joins the team in the field.

    As for Nick Jonas, I knew he was an actor on Broadway but I’d never seen him
    perform before. I did not expect him to be that good. I was expecting it to be OK, a singer trying to be an actor can come off as wooden and hesitant. But he really nailed it, in my opinion. That ending was a twist I NEVER expected. I kept looking at the clock thinking “there’s only 10 minutes left…there’s only 5 minutes left…how are they
    going to catch him in time?” Never occurred to me that they wouldn’t! I hope TPTB keep that door wide open!

    I know I’ve said this before but so far this season is not disappointing me one
    bit. Yes, I would far prefer to have Grace and Scott back on the show 100% full time but so far I think TPTB have done an admirable job in keeping Kono’s story alive and interesting and they have worked Scott’s absences in very well. I liked that little one sided phone call between Steve and Danny about Papa Williams and his new mid-life-crises car purchase. Great little set up for when Mama Williams shows up in Hawaii in the new year. Yes….Season 4 is ranking right up there with Season 1 for me and it can only get better once the entire team is together full time again!

    Mahalo Wendie for another great review!

  4. Robin Jane Bridges says:

    What Linda said. LOL!! I did enjoy last night’s episode. I laughed, said uh oh and missed Danny.

  5. Dina says:

    well we ALL missed Danny- that goes without saying- HOWEVER, Peter and Crew gave us one of the BEST episodes this season to help ease us from our separation anxiety of Danno….. The writers also delivered something many of the fans have been craving continuity!! a mere sec extra of scene- a mention in dialogue does soo much to continue a story arc! Thus we have Danny in NJ visit family- very plausible he hasn’t been back since Matt (YES PETER WE ARE MISSING THAT STORY AND RACHEL’s hint hint!) and it also sets up the visitation of Danno’s mom!! (yes Scott was off doing his thing- as he should- and kudos for #h50 allowing him to have time to do it! ) In the same vain, Grace returns from her “absence” again brief but powerful and continues the story until the actress returns full time- again kudos!
    and Nick- WOWOWOW love the new villain CANNOT wait to see him return! Loved the mention again of Toast!- will be EPIC if Toast and Ian go toe to toe on something ;=)
    Steve and Grover- DYNAMITE!! all around brilliant dialogue- and they worked very well off each other. LOVE CHI think he has been one of the best casting for the show.
    There are fans that will argue how Peter is breaking up the team and other shipping nonsense- all I can say is Peter- if your reading- and hope you are. The team you have assembled this season is awesome – the writing is great, your closing in all the “gaps” and giving us NEW things to enjoy and think about. You and your team are doing great by WHAT YOU ENVISIONED for the show and giving the actors things that they need personally and professionally- thank you! Looking forward to the rest of the season.

  6. KAD1228 says:

    We have a consensus. I missed Danny!

  7. KAD1228 says:

    Sorry! Computer doing its own thing!!

    Having Danny in the opening would have been sheer perfection but I was happy to see Grace and can’t wait for her return!!

    I thought this was the best episode so far! I love edgy Steve and Grover brought out that edge perfectly! I really enjoyed watching the these 2 strong alpha males begrudgingly rely on each other and realize they’re not so very different from each other! Here’s to the start of a new friendship!!

    I liked how they used Catherine – seeing her do what she does best, intel, was excellent.

    Nick Jonas was great. I found the ending shocking – it’s scary to think that this could, and probably has happened somewhere. I was a little surprised that Steve didn’t get the criminal. The look on Steve’s face was priceless especially when it ended with good luck! I’m hoping Nick comes back and Steve catches him!!

  8. Angela Gerstner says:

    Don’t hate me, fellow fans of Danno, but I felt so well-entertained by this fantastic episode and enjoyed the hilarious arguments between Steve and Capt. Grover so much that I admit to not having missed Danno nearly as much as I should have as a fan who calls the McDanno bromance her favourite element of the show.
    I guess this statement shows you how much I loved this episode. Actually, those 43 minutes felt like only 30 minutes or so 😉

    Now I don’t need to comment any further because you, Wendie, have said it all for me in your excellent review. Mahalo!

  9. edmattes763 says:

    My random thoughts … Chi McBride is an excellent addition to this show. I really am intrigued to find out about his family and why they moved to Hawaii. Hopefully both he and Danny will make Steve realize that someone is innocent until proven guilty and McGarrett will be reigned in a little. I find it interesting that Gov. Denning is on a first name basis with Steve, but he still calls Grover “Captain.” Hopefully Denning will trust Grover to do the job too. I am one that hopes that Kono is successful in bringing Adam back to the island. And now I’m looking forward to one of the all time greats of TV … Carol Burnett. And then after her, H50’s commemoration of Pearl Harbor.

  10. Luna McAwesomesauce says:

    Summed up the episode perfectly. I really enjoyed it, and it moved along so quickly it was over in a flash. I will definetly be rewatching this one over and over again.

    an amazing one, and yeya again, as usual ! love reading you !

    I loved the episode ! i missed Danno, yes, I did, but i had so so so much fun with McGover that it was OK 🙂
    McGrover and his daughter made me think abt Danny/Grace – cute, sweet ohh well love those scenes 🙂

    Kono dearrr i loved to see her back ! i’ve missed her ! 🙂 love that the team goes there and wanna help her ! can’t wait to see her back in a few episodes
    as for Adam, IMO both ideas are great : if he is dead, its amazing to develop Kono’s character and story but well i’ll miss him ! if he’s alive, i’ll be happy too and will love to see them together

    Cath in the team was perfect ! happy they used her skills and she is a huge help to the team ! wld love to see her sometimes in the field tho, she’s a badass like Kono and those too wld be perfect working together ! not a lot yeah, like her in the HQ but sometimes 🙂 th guys have to rest time to time too lol lol jk 🙂

    one of the best ep ! it was really amazing !
    and i agree with some of u, Peter and the writers and doing a PERFECT job for his s4 ! kudos to them ! I’m loving it so so much ! Thank you !!!

    Mahalo Wendie again !xo

  12. lovedepp deppi says:

    Oh Wendie, this review was an ace in the hole… again 😀 so detailed, girl, you have some professional writing skills, so emotional but also strong & direct, i loved your choice of words in every sentence 🙂 learning some heavy expressions from you while reading your weekly reviews, thank you for an other great article, babe <3 ….WAS AWESOME & ENJOYABLE!!

  13. alavenia says:

    Great review Wendie, I loved the episode and I hope we will see a lot more of McG and Grover, they are great together!!!!!!!

  14. Diane says:

    Thanks Wendie for the review. I loved McG and Grover together. I did miss Danno as well, but he will be back next week, and I also can’t wait until we see his Mom. Love Catherine, on the team. Yes, I’m a convert, I’ve always loved Catherine on the show, but a little leary of her being on the team. I think she will fit in well, can’t wait until Kono is back and all five are there. I heard Kono would be back in episode 12. Can’t wait for Carol Burnett, she has always been one of my favorites. Her being McG and Mary’s aunt, I’m hoping another episode down the line with her as well. I’m really enjoying the season, and the ratings have been pretty steady, no matter what shows the other networks throw at them. I like Fridays because I can relax and not have to rush off to bed, but I was a little worried, with what all the nay sayers were warning about. I think it works well on Fridays.

  15. Sam says:

    Loved your review.
    I know I’m in the minority, but I didn’t miss Danny. Why? Simply because he wouldn’t have been in it more than Chin or Cath would have been. They also were barely in it, time wise, but important. Danny was on vacation in Jersey, and I was perfectly fine with that. This was way better than having him there for a minute and then Joe lost him on their trip to the computer specialist in 4.05.
    I was so well entertained by McGarrett and Grover that I really didn’t miss anyone. But I’m glad we will get Danny back next episode.
    That said I completely agree with the rest of your review. Great work as always.

  16. AussieJo says:

    Wendie, Grover has a son too. He referred to him when they were at the hackers house serving the parking fine. Steve hears gunfire, reacts and Grover, rather unkindly asks him if he’s pavlov’s dog or something, The gunfire is from Halo, “My son plays it all the time.” And I hope Adam is alive. For the simple and shallow reason that Ian Anthony Dale is eyecandy personified and he and Grace Park are gorgeous onscreen to gether.

    • Amy Denton says:

      Absolutely, AussieJo. Ian is just GORGEOUS!!! Who cares if the reason is shallow, it’s TRUE! 🙂

  17. pauldunn1 says:

    I agree that this was another good ep. Seems like this season most of them are good which is very good. I think the move to Friday night also was a good idea. Thank you for your usual great review and back stories.

  18. Nao says:

    Nice episode, suspens & humour are a very good mix 😀
    But i feel bad because i love Danno so much and make a good episode without him but with another very good actor (with a similar relation to McG) isn’t a good thing for McG/Danno’s duo. Season 4 is pretty good but Danno’s character is just nonexistent 🙁 I have no hope in Danno’s future. I’m pessimistic because i’m disapointed by his absences and cause the show is as always good even without him. I can’t blame Scott Caan but it’s like he doesn’t care about H50. OK charity or plays are very important but I guess all of this isn’t incompatible ?