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Police sergeant witnesses killing of autistic 6-year-old in Louisiana

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These undated file booking photos provided by the Louisiana State Police shows Marksville City Marshal Derrick Stafford, left, and Marksville City Marshal Norris Greenhouse Jr. (Louisiana State Police via AP, File)

MARKSVILLE, La. » A police officer who witnessed two city marshals open fire on a 6-year-old autistic boy and his father told investigators he didn’t fire his own weapon because “he didn’t fear for his life,” according to a court filing released today.

Marksville Police Sgt. Kenneth Parnell III’s statement was disclosed in documents released by Louisiana Attorney General James “Buddy” Caldwell’s office following the indictment on murder charges of the two marshals, Norris Greenhouse Jr. and Derrick Stafford.

The document also said Parnell’s body camera shows that “Christopher Few’s empty hands are raised and visible inside the vehicle when gunfire becomes audible.” Few was critically wounded by two gunshots, while his son, Jeremy Mardis, received five gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police say Stafford, a full-time police lieutenant, and Greenhouse, a former police officer, were moonlighting as deputy city marshals in Marksville on the night of Nov. 3 when they fired at least 18 rounds at a car driven by Few.

Stafford and Greenhouse were arrested on second-degree murder charges last month but not formally charged until Thursday. The indictment handed up by an Avoyelles Parish grand jury charged Stafford, 32, of Mansura, and Greenhouse, 23, of Marksville, with one count each of second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder.

“The body camera video is approximately 13 minutes and 47 seconds long. At approximately 26 seconds into the video, the driver, Christopher Few’s empty hands are raised and visible when gunfire becomes audible,” the document states.

Caldwell vowed Thursday to “continue (a) detailed and thorough investigation as we prepare for trial.”

The boy’s grandmother wept as state District Judge William Bennett read the indictment aloud in court.

“We don’t get Jeremy back, but we got what we wanted today,” Cathy Mardis said.

Earlier, she spoke to the news media outside the courthouse, calling for the release of the body camera footage of the shooting and describing the pain the shooting had inflicted on the family.

“It’s been pure hell. I can’t explain what it’s like to bury your 6-year-old grandchild,” said Mardis, 46, of Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Bennett lifted a gag order on people involved in the case but prosecutors declined to disclose any additional details about the incident or describe what the video depicts.

Defense attorneys said prosecutors haven’t turned over any evidence for them to review yet.

George Higgins III, an attorney for Greenhouse, said, “We’ve yet to see any evidence for ourselves. I just know there’s a lot more to this story than what has been talked about.”

Jonathan Goins, a lawyer for Stafford, declined to describe his client’s account of the incident, but said evidence will show he “acted in a very lawful way.”

State Police Col. Mike Edmonson cited the video when he announced the arrest of the two officers, calling it the most disturbing thing he’s seen. But he gave no indication of what’s on the video.

Last month, an attorney for Few told The Associated Press that video from another officer’s body camera showed Few had his hands up inside the vehicle and didn’t pose a threat when the officers opened fire. The judge hearing the case then swiftly imposed a gag order, keeping those involved from speaking to the media.

Cathy Mardis said she has not seen the tape and can only imagine what is on there but added: “I thank God the tape is there.”

“I want justice for Jeremy. I want justice for Chris,” she said. She said the family had an open casket funeral for her grandson even though there were signs of trauma on his body.

She quoted the funeral director as saying, “Don’t touch his head. It might fall back apart.”

The grandmother wore a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-shirt, in honor of her grandson who loved the characters. Standing by her side outside the courthouse was Samantha Few, the mother of Chris Few.

Cathy Mardis spoke lovingly of her grandson. He was autistic and non-verbal but very bright, she said.

“He was the most loving child you could have met. He was always smiling and happy. He taught himself to read at 3 years old just from watching YouTube,” she said. Jeremy Mardis has a younger sister who still cannot understand what happened, the grandmother said.

“She’s still asking to see her brother every day,” she said.

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  1. Keonigohan says:

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      You mor0ns just don’t get it do you? These LEOs were arrested and charged. That’s all people want. They want the opportunity for justice to be served. When LEOs are able to execute with impunity, then the President of the country, no matter who it is, should inject their voice.

  2. paniolo says:

    Any Black Lives Matter protests in the planning? I don’t think so.

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      Why would they?

      Any right to life protests? How about save the whales? Why not pull together your cohorts from the Association of American Ridiculous Statement Enthusiasts?

  3. 64hoo says:

    the 2 city marshals who shot the man and his son, I wonder if they will release the body cameras to the public a year from now so we can see it. or does the T.V. news only show a white officer killing a black person, instead of black officer killing white person’s.

    • pohaku96744 says:

      Yeah, black cops kill white people and that’s OK. What about the Federal cop that shot killed that kid at Mcdonalds, Obama don’t care cause he is not black, just a Hawaiian who was getting the better of punky scared white federal cop….carpetbagger!

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    What no rioting or lootings? Oops, pardon me!

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