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Isle Muslim harassed in public after comments by Trump

Dan Nakaso
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Shereen El-Kadi, 36, a marketing manager who grew up on Oahu, wears a traditional hijab, or headscarf.

A 36-year-old marketing manager who wears a traditional hijab said she was harassed for her Muslim religion by an unidentified man who made offensive comments as he followed her from Alakea Street to Bishop Street.

Shereen El-Kadi, who grew up on Oahu, graduated from Castle High School and holds a master’s degree in creative writing from the University of Hawaii, said the man sang a profanity-laced song around 8:15 a.m. Tuesday that included the lyrics, “We’re going to hang a Muslim in the White House today. … We’re going to hang a terrorist Muslim in the White House today.”

As they stood at a downtown intersection, El-Kadi said an unidentified “brave woman behind me” asked the man to stop, but he responded with more profanities and the phrase, “I’m an American.”

El-Kadi, who often promotes events at her mosque, did not contact police “because I didn’t see his face,” she said. “I was afraid to make eye contact. I just wanted to get away.”

But she described her experience on Facebook, “where I have a lot of Muslim friends and a lot of friends who aren’t Muslim,” she said. “I honestly wanted my friends to be just aware.”

The experience came after Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump this week called for a ban on Muslims entering the United States. And it was similar to two other incidents that El-Kadi and her younger sister endured in January on Oahu right after terrorists attacked Paris’ Charlie Hebdo magazine.

“One guy on Ward Avenue called me a terrorist when I walked by,” El-Kadi said. “Another guy was telling us that we were going to die.”

In all three instances, the people who made the comments were men but El-Kadi declined to describe them further, saying, “I’d rather not make generalizations and play into the same kind of prejudice.”

Kapali Lyon, chairman of UH’s department of religion, said it’s rare for Muslims to face blatant antagonism on Oahu.

Lyon frequently writes letters to Department of Motor Vehicles officials on behalf of Sunni Muslims to verify that they are required to keep their heads covered.

Some Muslims he speaks with are “sometimes suspicious of the reasons they don’t get jobs or they don’t get things that other people do who are not Muslims,” Lyon said. “But overt acts seem to be very rare. I think Hawaii’s just a more diverse place than any place else on the mainland.”

El-Kadi worries that publicity about Tuesday’s incident could lead to more harassment.

But, as she wrote on her Facebook page, El-Kadi also hopes that the experience, “which was supposed to create hate, instead generated some awareness from those watching.”

She added, ”It’s wrong to blame an entire group of people for the actions of a mentally ill few.”

162 responses to “Isle Muslim harassed in public after comments by Trump”

  1. Ken_Conklin says:

    The headline on this “news report” is absurd, and vicious. There is zero evidence that Trump’s statements had anything to do with whatever might have been said to this woman. I’m not defending Trump here — I’m defending good journalism and attacking the absence of it in this so-called “news report.”

    I have read and re-read this article, and the name of Trump is never mentioned except in the article’s headline.

    The woman herself never mentioned Trump, and she never told anyone that the person who harassed her mentioned Trump — I’m sure the woman would have said so if Trump’s name had been invoked. I’m sure the woman herself would have spoken Trump’s name if she blamed Trump for the harassment; but there’s nothing in the body of the article saying that she ever mentioned Trump or attributed the harassment to Trump’s statements. According to what’s reported in the body of the article, the woman did not report that Trump’s name had been used by the harasser, and she did not herself even name Trump as the person who she imagined inspired the harassment.

    The writer of this article, Dan Nakaso, did not mention Trump at all in the body of the article. So who is to blame for the ridiculous headline? Shame on the headline writer and especially the editor who allowed the headline to be published. This newspaper is trumping up stupid conclusions to fan the flames of anti-Trump sentiment. This newspaper is harassing Trump.

    Regular readers of the comments might have noticed that I, Ken Conklin, am often harassed. Maybe UH Professor Jon Osorio says something and I write a comment disagreeing with him. Then a couple of crazies who love to harass me start calling me names including the fact that I am h-a-o-l-e. Should I therefore blame the harassment on Osorio? Or what would be even worse, should a newspaper editor write a headline saying Osorio is the reason why commenters are harassing Conklin? How ridiculous would that be!

    • richierich says:

      I’m pretty sure the San Bernardino shootings had a lot more to do with this woman’s harassment then Republican candidate Donald Trump’s comments.

    • seaborn says:

      Paragraph 6 mentions Trump.

      • justmyview371 says:

        Paragraph 6 doesn’t mention Trump as causing this guy’s actions.. It merely mentions Trump in passing. Readers are the ones drawing a connection which would be the readers’ error.

      • joseph007 says:

        Can’t believe that there is no better “news” than to run 1 woman supposedly “harassed”. Must be a slow news day. The writer seems like he just wanted his name in the paper, so he can justify his paycheck.

        • Pocho says:

          I’m appalled that the C&C of Honolulu allows Muslims to wear the Habib for the driver’s license or State Id because of Religious reasons! FootBall is my Religion so why can’t I wear my Packer hat taking my driver’s license photo?

    • Boots says:

      You are probably right. The press has a motive to create a us vs them mentality. Recently read another account of some Muslim group complaining that their march was not given any attention by the press because it was stressing anti Isis sentiment. Didn’t fit in with the popular view of Muslims.

      • justmyview371 says:

        That’s because the press are rabid liberals and democrats who don’t report the news but slant it to their political views. The press wants liberals to remain in charge.

        • Boots says:

          lol, I think someone has been listening to Fox and Rush 24/7.

        • seaborn says:

          LOLOL Keep getting your “truths” from Fox. LOLOL

        • joyce1 says:

          Actually, Trump is doing so well because people are very tired of the media telling us what to think. I believe most people who support Trump don’t really care for his rhetoric, but like the idea that someone is not afraid to say what he feels and is not afraid to take on the media.

    • kolohepalu says:

      Trump made comments; the lady was harassed. It does not say, “woman harassed because of Trump’s comments”. Trump’s comments and the support they have generated give good insight into the mentality of your average red=state, right-wing voter.

      • eros_et_logia says:

        Your comment provides insight into your very limited cognitive abilities.

        • kolohepalu says:

          As opposed to who? You? Sure. Run along now, Fox is on.

        • kgolfinghawaii says:

          You are correct. Then in the same paragraph they list how she was harassed twice back in January, Trump wasn’t a candidate then and hadn’t been quoted saying anything. The guy you responded to is very small minded for sure. Then again he is probably an “open minded liberal”

        • justmyview371 says:

          It also shows YOU lack any intelligence and can only insult people gratuitously.

      • joyce1 says:

        Funny how liberals blame FOX when it is the ONLY conservative channel in a TV landscape filled with liberal media. Left wing news on TV dominates the air waves and is the norm in America, but liberals cry about little old Fox news. lol

    • from_da_cheapseats says:

      I read and appreciate Ken’s comments and find them to be reasonable. I read Trumps comments and find them to be consistent with Donald Trump architecture – pretentious, ugly and self aggradizing. As seen in NYC, Corner of 57th and 5th Aveneue, go take a look. If I had to leap to judgement, Trump strikes me as the fattest, greediest pig in the trough. Sure he’s a capitalist and he’s unabashed, but greed is my top of mind impression. As for putting blame on Trump, as the SA headline writer did, it isn’t accurate in terms of the linking the incident what the woman said that was in the article, but in truth Trump is there in spirit, calling attention to himself, pandering for votes, rather than solving the problem in a realistic way.

    • HIE says:

      The headline doesn’t say that Trump’s comments had anything to do with the harrassment. The headline simply gives a timeline. Get a grip.

    • allie says:

      Ken is spot-on. That said, I fear that Hawaii’s famous record for tolerance and peaceful relationships between different cultures. races and religions is under assault. WE are not immune from the growing fear on the mainland.

    • kimo says:

      Aloha Conklin. You’re correct. The title of the article, “Isle Muslim harassed in public after comments by Trump,” does imply a causal connection. However, implications aren’t necessarily invalid. Much depends on the argument, the evidence, the logic.

      The writer, Nakaso, makes a case for this chronological connection: “The experience came after Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump this week called for a ban on Muslims entering the United States. And it was similar to two other incidents that El-Kadi and her younger sister endured in January on Oahu right after terrorists attacked Paris’ Charlie Hebdo magazine.” In other words, this and previous events may be related in terms of time sequence.

      You’re also correct in saying that El-Kadi mentions neither Trump nor the harasser in her statements. However, given the context or circumstances of her statements, such as ”It’s wrong to blame an entire group of people for the actions of a mentally ill few,” one can infer that she’s referring to both.

      The strength of implications is determined by logic, by the writer’s and reader’s ability to extrapolate from data. Thus, in the end, it’s a judgment call.

      You’ve made a strong case for your judgment. However, in this case, I agree with Nakaso. Trump’s statements may be responsible for this incident.

      The message between the lines in Nakaso’s article? El-Kadi says it best: ”It’s wrong to blame an entire group of people for the actions of a mentally ill few.”

      • username_required says:

        She also claims to have been harassed in January before Trump entered the race. So the headline could have said “before” or “before and after.” So why just “after”? Maybe for clicks?

    • localguy says:

      Rookie, cub reporters, can never be expected to write good journalism. Basically material for the fish wrappers or lining a cat’s litter box.

    • rytsuru says:

      You are perfectly right. The actions of extremists is behind what will continue to be a growing movement of prejudice against Muslims in our county. Mr. Trump as a candidate and an American is allowed to spew whatever venom he chooses and we as a people are supposedly at liberty to not vote for him. Even if Mr. Trump were to win the popular vote, the Electoral College exists to prevent someone wholly unqualified to be president (again, supposedly).

    • Hapa_Haole_Boy says:

      This is an important point. Note that the Trump paragraph may have been inserted after this comment was made. Comments not supported by the facts should not be passed off as fact, let alone part of the title of an article.

    • FARKWARD says:


    • bsbsbsbs says:

      I’m calling “bs” on this women and “bs” on this article’s headline!

    • amela says:

      Trump on Ken Conklin.

  2. kekelaward says:

    This is known as “Taqiyya”, which is an acceptable policy to believers of this system. Get used to it. I seem to have missed any collaboration by anyone else that this actually occurred.

  3. Tita Girl says:

    Any harassment this woman may have faced has NOTHING to do with Trump. And rather than the media presenting such a lopsided view, they need to provide the entire Trump quote. The section that reads “until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on” always seems to be missing. Obviously, the people in charge of immigration aren’t doing a good job.

    • inverse says:

      Trump’s secondary qualifiying statement does NOT change the racist slant he is trying to convey. Okay for him to say increase restrictions in US immigration policy, including the Syrian refugees that supposed to come to the US and possibly Hawaii, according to the govenor, but NOT the outright banning of all Muslims. Trumps words carry weight throughout the world and BECAUSE of Trump, the desire and motivation to attack and kill Americans in the US by Islamic radicals here and abroad will increase like Charlie Hebdo in France. Yes,Trump goes over the top so that he can dominate the news cycle, however at the cost of increased hatred and anti American sentiment that will equate into increased terrorism and death against Americans is irresponsible. Trump has shown he would make a terrible president of the US as like Obama, he has too many hidden personal agendas that interfere with leading the US.

      • Winston says:

        Islam is not composed of a “race”. Blaming Trump for the hatred of western civilization ignores the fact that radical islam pre-dates Trump, George Bush, or any other contemporary politician. (Not defending Trump, just the truth that radical Islam has a built-in hatred and bigotry which finds sympathy in a shockingly large portion of the Muslim world. Islam is the problem, not Donald Trump.

    • kolohepalu says:

      Yeah. The people in charge of immigration are the problem. Do you read?

    • Boots says:

      It might be a bit much to say this harassment has nothing to do with the Donald. He has after all fed into the paranoia surrounding Islam and Muslims in general. But that is why the Donald is so lovable. Everything is black and white. No grays for him.

  4. Maipono says:

    Is SA trying to defame a Republican candidate? The real question is will SA ever write a favorable article about a Republican candidate?

    • Boots says:

      Perhaps when there is a republican candidate where there is something favorable to say. Shame republicans would never chose an Eisenhower today.

      • Winston says:

        Seems important to keep things in perspective by listing democrat “accomplishments. Here they are:

        Inflaming an ever increasing racial divide.

        Impoverishing the largest progressive run state, California, with the highest percentage of those living under the poverty line.

        Ignoring our soon to be insolvent entitlement programs (Social Security Disability next year).

        Presiding over the slowest economic recovery, the lowest labor participation rate in 4 decades.

        Squandering US influence in the world at the expense of vital national interests, particularly the Middle East.

        Negotiating a nuclear agreement that will set of a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and actually shelter the Iranian nuclear weapons program.

        An immigration policy that amounts to the dissolution of our borders in order to import democrat party voters.

        Use of the IRS like a sort of political gestapo to shut up conservative groups.

        Supporting the sale of baby body parts.

        These appear to be the guiding principles of the Democrat party, either by design or by ignorance, aimed at a slow destruction of the country.

        • Boots says:

          Same old cut and paste. Shame you cannot come up with anything original. Shame you don’t bother to list your source. which is it? Rush or Fox?

        • Winston says:

          Boots/Ehalp: Truth does hurt, doesn’t it. Sources? Do I really have to spend time educating you? OK: Polls on racial division, simple facts anywhere regarding the plight of California’s poor people and the state’s financial situation, Congress and math on Social Security disability insolvency, Middle East? any news paper, nuke agreement, self-evident, immigration- border patrol is overwhelmed as we speak, IRS? Admitted targeting conservatives, baby parts, hour after hour of ghoulish video.

        • GorillaSmith says:

          Great post, Winston.

          Man, how badly do the libs hate being confronted with the facts?

        • NanakuliBoss says:

          Comment area is cool. You can insert you BS and gargle and feel good believing a few morons will listen.

        • kolohepalu says:

          Look at a map- where are there blue patches? Where there is education and diversity. Red? Backwards-az$ and essentially lily-white.

          Thank you for again illustrating the prime problem with red-state voters in this country. Parroting non-truths and prejudice as fact instead of thinking independently, panicking at the prospect of ‘Murica not being primarily caucasian Judeo-Christian. Members of a shrill and shrinking minority.

        • Winston says:

          Kooli, Dead on racists and wrong given the US South and West are hardly lily white, yet in many places are generally red states. However, if you want to focus on the blue areas on the map you’ll also find high crime rates, minority ghettos, and gated liberal communities where rich democrat progressives hide from the people they claim to care about.

          Every one of the bullets above is backed by facts– that you either don’t know or don’t want to know.

        • sarge22 says:

          Good job Winston just keep stating the facts. The racists are exhibiting their true colors. Repetition is a great learning tool.

        • seaborn says:

          Winston, get over the selling baby parts spew. You are referencing an edited video by the notorious group, Live Action, which has used much creative freedom in making other unique anti-Planned Parenthood videos. Women having abortions are given a choice if they want the usually kidney bean sized fetus donated for research. The fetal tissue is used in trying to find treatments for illnesses such as Parkinson’s Disease and H.I.V.

      • lee1957 says:

        More likely they would elect JFK.

    • kolohepalu says:

      Write a favorable article about using prejudice to drum up votes? How about one on giving tax-breaks to the wealthy while our middle-class shrinks to nothing?

    • jkjones says:

      Not a chance. They are left-wing PC whackos and BO apologists.Look by the time Hawaii rises to vote in Nov’16 the presidency will have been decided.Thank God and 6 time zones for making Hawaii irrelevant.

  5. inverse says:

    So many things wrong with this story. No way youmcan directly equate Trump to this woman’s harassment, yet Trump’s racist rhetoric, similar to the justification to intern all AJA during WW2 HAS incited racist behaviors for many with that predispostion. Trump’s call,to ban all Muskims entering the US is DANGEROUS and will incite more to attack Americans like in San Bernadino, Ft Hood, etc. There is also another side, which is the issue if assimilation. Muslims who live in the US have to also understand the idea of repesting American culture and values so is it possible to live the Muslim faith and not have to wear the head covering in public? Why is that only Muslim females have to wear the head covering and not males?. Unforunately there will be more attacks in the US by islamic extemists and their sympathizers and racists like Trump will feed on the fears of people and the animosity toward all Muslims in the US will increase. Is there middle ground? Knowing the brutal murders of innocent people that have occurred in the US , France and elsewhere by Islamic extremists, can praticing Muslim’s living in the US ‘adjust’ their outward appearance and not wear the traditional head covering in public? If the religion is so rigid that the rule of the head covering cannot be adjusted while living in the US. therein lies the problem of such a rigid, absolute, religion allows racists like Trump to thrive in his bid to be the Preident of the US. PS: If Trump gets the Repub nomination, most like H clinton will be the next US president because all non Caucasian voters in the US will not vote for Trump and will be like how Obama defeated Romney.

    • inverse says:

      Dang Ipad, hard to not mispell and no spell check. ‘….the idea of RESPECTING American culture….

      • seaborn says:

        “So many things wrong with this story.” So many things wrong with that paragraph. But, youmcan (your word from second sentence) always reread your post before pushing the “send” button.

    • advertiser1 says:

      Are you suggesting that Muslims adjust their appearance simply because of these uneducated, unthinking morons?

      • Boots says:

        Well if they want to avoid harassment, they might want to look like everyone else? Of course if I was a terrorist, I would strive to look like everyone else and fit in. Then go Boom.

        • ellinaskyrt says:

          Saying it again: Maybe you shouldn’t wear a yarmulke if you don’t want to be harrassed in the street/taken from your homes/brought to a concentration camp/burned to death. Maybe you should keep quiet so as not to attract attention. Maybe you shouldn’t tell people at all so that they don’t find out until too late that six million people were murdered.

        • Winston says:

          Seems like there may be a hidden distinction between the two groups in question: One harbors a significant population which hates the very essence of their host culture/western civilization and is willing to support violence against it — and the other one doesn’t/isn’t. There, found it.

        • jimmyhouse67 says:

          Define everyone else. Black, white, brown? Suit, sagging jeans, bathing suit? Yarmulke, head scarfs, hoodies? We are built on individuality and freedom of religion, speech and expression. Why should she be required to look like everyone else? Describe the ideal Everyone Else for me please. jimmyhouse67@aol.com

  6. palani says:

    Kapali Lyon, chairman of UH’s department of religion, said it’s rare for Muslims to face blatant antagonism on Oahu.

    The same is true throughout the U.S. mainland. The President’s condescending lectures and his Attorney General’s “greatest fear” are totally unfounded distractions from the Administrations’ foreign policy failures.

    • HIE says:

      Yeah…tell that to the Sikhs who were mistaken for Muslims and gunned down in Michigan by the typical angry white male you see at Trump rallies….

    • Boots says:

      And what specific failures are those? I know he didn’t go in and bomb the hell out of other countries and sent in lots of troops. But that really never worked in the past so why should it work now? Actually I think his Iran deal is a big success along with dropping the silly restrictions against Cuba. If only republicans had half the success that Obama had.

    • Winston says:

      You are correct. In effect, Mr. Obama’s speech was an indicator of his low expectations of the American public. The man seems so disappointed in us mortals, but, from Olympus, the petty squabbling that goes on must look pretty trivial.

      • Boots says:

        Well why wouldn’t he have low expectations of the American public? I mean come on. Open your eyes. The leading republican candidate for president at this time is a person with zero public experience. The other candidates in the republican clown car are not any better. Poor republicans. But this is what happens when you abandon your values.

        • Winston says:

          Trump is very troubling. I believe he will fall by the wayside and make room for the excellent alternatives running in ghe Republican field. However, since we’re discussing candidates. Why is it that one would support a woman who would lie to loved ones about the cause of their death AT THEIR FUNERAL? Why would one support a person who deliberately exposed national secret/sensitive information (999 classified emails, so far) FOR PURPOSES OF PROTECTING HERSELF FROM CONGRESSIONAL AND PUBLIC SCRUTINY? Why would one support a person who, as Sec State, presided over implementation of the foreign policy disaster we are in the midst of now? Your anointed candidate can not be trusted with high office and the polls show it.

        • seaborn says:

          Winston, there you go getting all upset over Hillary’s deleted email messages. Go back to 2007, and ponder the 22 MILLION emails of Bush’s that were deleted by Karl Rove. Oh yeah, and Jeb Bush deleted 300,000 of his own emails just a while back in 2015. Not much attention was given to the Republicans doing wrong, eh??

  7. bluhawaii74 says:

    Nonsense story. Never happened.

  8. hukihei says:

    The Roman Catholic nuns who educated me all wore headcoverings and were honored and respected in this community. Why women should be asked to forgo this act of modesty and renunciation as is suggested by one of the commentators is ridiculous. Perhaps we should all start wearing headcoverings again while attending Mass, in solidarity with our Muslim sisters. It’s a sad day when folks are criticized for such a beautiful practice.

    • saywhatyouthink says:

      Come on Hukihei, when’s the last time you saw a Nun open fire with an automatic rifle in a christmas party? When’s the last time you saw A Nun strap a bomb to her chest and walk into a packed cafe to blow it up? I can tell you that if Nuns throughout the world started doing such things, they would not be honored and respected in the community.

  9. Bdpapa says:

    Its not acceptable what this lady went through. However, these are trying times. She handled it well until she did the Facebook thing, thats kinda weird. I don’t understand that. I would think she wouldn’t want to attract attention.

    As for Trump, he’s a major distraction. I keep wondering if he is on the Democratic Party’s payroll.He’s certainly making the Democrats look unbeatable, at this time.

    • Boots says:

      I think the republicans are doing that to themselves. There is not a single republican I would ever consider voting for. They all seem like a bunch of hateful clowns. Why anyone would vote for a party that no longer believes in its own values is beyond me.

      • Winston says:

        Well, a thinking person might consider democrat values and their outcome and reconsider. Here they are:

        Seems important to keep things in perspective by listing democrat “accomplishments. Here they are:

        Inflaming an ever increasing racial divide.

        Impoverishing the largest progressive run state, California, with the highest percentage of those living under the poverty line.

        Ignoring our soon to be insolvent entitlement programs (Social Security Disability next year).

        Presiding over the slowest economic recovery, the lowest labor participation rate in 4 decades.

        Squandering US influence in the world at the expense of vital national interests, particularly the Middle East.

        Negotiating a nuclear agreement that will set of a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and actually shelter the Iranian nuclear weapons program.

        An immigration policy that amounts to the dissolution of our borders in order to import democrat party voters.

        Use of the IRS like a sort of political gestapo to shut up conservative groups.

        Supporting the sale of baby body parts.

        These appear to be the guiding principles of the Democrat party, either by design or by ignorance, aimed at a slow destruction of the country.

        • Boots says:

          Love your cut and paste from Rush/Fox. Keep up the independent thinking. lol But doesn’t make you proud that the republican party has now surpassed the democratic party? They now believe in Big Government. They believe government exists to help you. Good Thing Uncle Ron is no longer around. lol

    • ellinaskyrt says:

      These are trying times. Maybe you shouldn’t wear a yarmulke if you don’t want to be harrassed in the street/taken from your homes/brought to a concentration camp/burned to death. Maybe you should keep quiet so as not to attract attention. Maybe you shouldn’t tell people at all so that they don’t find out until too late that six million people were murdered.

  10. from_da_cheapseats says:

    I’m saddened, as this is not America and this especially is not Hawaii. It is brave of El-Kadi to speak up, and she is to be admired. Thanked as well, for showing the right path by words and actions.

  11. Keolu says:

    How would an American be treated in the Middle East building a church and walking the streets? Instead of harassment, the American would be dead.

    • islandsun says:

      Thats right she is lucky to be here and if not she can split. Maybe if more Muslims would acclimate better and report their fellow criminal fanatic Muslims, the US would be a better place.

    • advertiser1 says:

      She is an American walking the American streets.

    • kolohepalu says:

      First, if you had been to the “Middle East”, which is a gigantic region, you would know that people are generally more respectful and tolerant than your average red-state American voter. Second, no one from the Middle-East has been sending their army into our country or bombing our weddings with drones. Don’t fall into the us vs. them mentality the so-called conservatives are trying to cultivate.

      • Keolu says:

        No they pose as Americans and then hijack planes and fly them into heavily populated buildings.

      • Winston says:

        A laughably incorrect slur in comparing republican voters to Sharia-supporting, suicide-bombing, hand-chopping, women’s right-suppressing, theocracy-supporting segments of the Muslim world.

        And are you blind to the irony of your “us vs. them” statement?

        • kolohepalu says:

          Wrong. Again.
          1. the segments you refer to are infinitesimally small- average Muslims are certainly more tolerant than your garden-variety redneck
          2. “us” is thinking people- which I understand you would feel excluded by- but it is ironic only to people such as yourself.

    • jimmyhouse67 says:

      She’s born and raised here. She’s as local as anyone else.

  12. mikethenovice says:

    My puppies are love with her picture.

  13. mikethenovice says:

    My India doctor here in Honolulu wears a head cloth on his head from the time he arrived in America, back in the year of , 1981. His phone was showcased on September, 12th, of 2001. To cite that most are safe to be with.

  14. Bothrops says:

    Front page, second section for this? One incident, uncorroborated? I am sure it happened but the press used to need two sources. This is about one deluded possibly deranged individual harassing a woman because of her faith. Disgusting but not a news story. Give us an article with some meat to it, if there is a general problem of increasing harassment about some of our fellow Americans. This is pablum.

  15. fiveo says:

    I am not sure that I find this woman’s claim to be credible. There is no evidence that this alleged incident occurred.
    My suspicion is that this was fabricated.

  16. LanaUlulani says:

    My great grandfather was Muslim via Morocco.

    It’s not all about her.

  17. Winston says:

    This lady was harassed due her religion. The story went on to link such behavior to Donald Trump’s outlandish statements on Muslim immigration, implying a link. Fair enough. However, what the journalists did not do is more telling: The woman was not asked about her reaction to the violence inspired by Islam in San Bernadino or Paris. Given that Pew polling shows that approximately 13% of American Muslims (overr 300,000) support violence in the name of Islam, this seems a reasonable question. Neither was she asked about the potential dangers of Muslim immigration to the US, given that this view, approving of violence, is held by much higher percentages of the population in the Muslim countries from which immigrants commonly come. So, why didn’t the SA reporter ask it? The answer is that the newspaper and most of the media are captured by the politically correct, liberal narrative aimed at achieving a political objective rather than delivering truth to the public. This is the state of journalism in this country. We deserve better.

    • NanakuliBoss says:

      Trump is a moron. He has a strong following of dysfunctional morons.. with this said, it’s putting fear in the second place GOPhers. Just what does this party represent?

      • Boots says:

        What does the republican party represent? How about deficits don’t matter or a vast expansion of the federal government?Uncle Ron would not be a republican today.

  18. ALLU says:

    That lady and any one of any religion can walk with me in public any day. I’ll make sure no morons harass him or her. She can also dress however she wishes and watch out anyone who wants to harass her. Harassment is a crime in the state of Hawaii. Arrestable? Absolutely.

    • ellinaskyrt says:

      You are awesome. Thank you.

      • ALLU says:

        What’s happening now happened during WWII when the Japanese were forced into internment camps. I wasn’t even alive when that happened, but it appears it is happening again, only now with Muslim people being the target. Ignorance and fear breeds hate. Some of the comments here are quite disturbing and sad. But for every ignorant and scared person there will be someone like you and myself who are united by justice and the belief that we are all created equal.

    • jimmyhouse67 says:

      ALLU, thank you. It’s always the few ignorant individuals that make it bad for the rest of society. There are far more individuals that would walk with this woman rather than spew hatred her way. I would hope that includes everyone who posts here as she is not the problem, and for those saying she should be part of the solution, start looking in the mirror. jimmyhouse67@aol.com

    • SANSEIBEAR says:

      ALLU, mahalo for standing up for what’s right!

  19. Waterman2 says:

    So this women, this Shereen El-Kadi, is also willing to publicly state that she is for American Law over Sharia Law ?
    If so, why the headscarf ? I don’t doubt that there are Muslims who are peaceful Americans, possibly many, but they need to stand up strongly against this insanity of Jihad killing. They must become part of the solution in this tide of violence
    propagated by violent Muslims. Remember, Silence gives Concent, and there is no doubt that much of the contact among these violent crazies happens in various Mosques.

    Please, for peace among all the people that are Americans, get up and denounce the violence loudly and clearly. As it is going now, the crazies on both sides, including the press, are having too much sway..

    • Winston says:

      Very good point. I may have missed it, but what statements condemning terrorism and violence have we heard from Muslims living here? Maybe clear pronouncements along these lines would ease some of their fellow citizens’ concerns.

  20. BHH says:

    Just another liberal bull crap article that has no basis in fact.

  21. ellinaskyrt says:

    Given Lee Cataluna’s column about carpetbaggers and the vitriol here, as well as the racism spouted by carpetbagger haole extraordinaire, Ken Conklin, I have to wonder: how many of the dozens of ugly comments are from folks flown here, not grown here? Because there is too little aloha and wisdom here, and far too much stupid prejudice.

    • Winston says:

      You do realize, don’t you, that islam spans many races? Seems, by singling out haoles, you show your own bigotry.

    • kolohepalu says:

      Yes. It’s pretty obvious. They are members of a loud and bitter minority. They would just love Hawai’i if it weren’t for all the brown people and liberal thinking. Well hey- there’s plenty of room in the red states- do us a favor and move- again.

  22. Junkflyer says:

    Yes, they must because of Trump. Couldn’t be because of the San Bernadino, Paris, or the countless terrorist attacks by Muslims against the Western world.

  23. wrightj says:

    Hawaii has a warm climate. Wearing a black headscarf might
    make me hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable.

  24. Snowmantoo says:

    e sista, consider yourself lucky you not one f……. haole growing up on Oahu in the 50’s and 60’s!

  25. Qbcoach15 says:

    According to experts at the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center who monitor hate groups and anti-Muslim sentiment, Trump’s call on Monday to halt the entrance of Muslims to the United States is driving online chatter among white supremacists and is likely to inspire violence against Muslims.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/12/donald-trump-white-supremacists-216620#ixzz3txArvi91

  26. Morimoto says:

    So all three that harassed her were men but she declined to describe them further to avoid making generalizations and playing into the same kind of prejudice? Can we assume all three fit a certain demographic? Are we so PC these days that we refuse to even describe someone based on anything but gender.

  27. sparkslawoffice says:

    I stand with Ms. El-Kadi. End discriminatory harassment.

  28. butinski says:

    One only has to look at Trump’s calling card: Make America Great Again. By “Great Again”, he is pandering to the less educated, less wealthy, unsatisfied white folks. They harken back to the good ole days when being white meant more assumed entitlements than non-whites. Little by little, they see the country’s population growing more darker, more non-Christian. They see their blue collar jobs being eliminated by cheaper labor costs overseas, less and less of U.S. products in stores. That is what the Donald’s message is inciting. Well guess what, those good ole days will never return. More and more non-whites are asserting themselves, not afraid to speak up. Statistics indicate that in a few more years, this country will become more non-white than white. It’s a trend that some are afraid to admit, thus the support for the Donald. The last hurrah.

  29. hawaii_laulau says:

    1) So I noticed that Ryan in the congress started to wear a beard. Whats that all about.
    2) I noticed a “very observant Muslim girl?” walking on King Street with a hajib, which I thought was a sign of modesty, so then I noticed her jeans which were the tightest jeans I ever saw, as my dad used to say “painted on”.
    3) My friends say you wear clothes so people notice you.
    I think everyone should wear what ever they like.

  30. alohacharlie says:

    I will make sure to follow any person dressed like a person of the Muslin faith with my camera at the ready should anything like this ever happen when I am around. I would of course let the person know why I am following them at a safe distance and if they object I would quickly withdraw.

  31. Hapa_Haole_Boy says:

    Kudos to this brave woman for holding her own in the face of such comments. Hawaii has always been a tolerant place, it’s too bad a few bad apples make the rest of us look bad.

  32. Marauders_1959 says:

    Verbal harassment isn’t as bad as muslim’s harassment of terrorism or beheading.

    • seaborn says:

      Then, verbally assault the Muslims that are doing the acts of terrorism and beheadings. The lady in the article hasn’t been accused of either, and shouldn’t be harassed.

  33. 808warriorfan says:

    Whoever did that to this educated lady needs to have a serious attitude adjustment … I VOLUNTEER !!!!!

  34. lokela says:

    Wow no Aloha here. Hang in there Shereen.

  35. loio says:

    IF this incident really happened (see “Clock Boy” story and the many made up tales of discrimination from the BLM crowd which have been shown to be such), regarding which I have my doubts, then I feel bad for this woman. And while I am a Republican, I do not support Trump (I’m pulling for Rubio and if not him then Cruz, with Fiorina as VP), I do not think it is a good idea to allow the Muslim population in this country to rise significantly, as it is right now and has for the last 10 years at least. The religion is incompatible with a pluralistic, tolerant Western society. And try as some might to say that it’s just a few bad apples, Google “Pew Research survey U.S. Muslims” and you’ll get a recent survey which is frightening, in terms of how big a percentage of them feel about violence against other Americans for jihad, death to non-believers, sharia law, etc. We don’t want to end up like France. Sorry, but they brought this on themselves. When one or two M&M’s turn out to be fatally poisoned, again and again and again, sorta makes you lose your desire to finish the bag or buy some more. Islam has NEVER been a religion of peace. Ever. So, I’m with Trump and the majority of Americans right now … cool it, big time, on letting Muslims in. On ounce of prevention is worth an pound of cure. Can’t trust them to serve in the military (see Ft. Hood and see stories of how the command tent of the 101st Airborne was blown up, along with its senior leadership, when a good Muslim solder tossed a couple hand grenades in. Stay where you are folks, this place is not for you.

  36. justmyview371 says:

    Don’t blame Trump for this guy’s actions. I’m sure this guy has been anti-Muslim for years.

    • SuperBob says:

      He sounds like just another homeless guy that are running all over downtown shouting obscenities and anything else that comes into their mentally ill mind. This likely had NOTHING to do with racism but played well by the Muslim lady who plastered it all over her social media……..

  37. samidunn says:

    I think the killing of 14 people had more to do with it then Donald Trump.

  38. st1d says:

    the harassment occurred after two world trade center attacks, after the boston marathon bombing, after the beheading of a british soldier in london, after a double decker bus was bombed in london, after the charlie hebdo massacre in paris, after the stadium bombing and theater hostage murders in paris, after the san bernadino murders, which were all perpetrated by radical islamic terrorists.

    oh, yes, as the reporter noted it also occurred after trump’s suggestions. the editor is clearly prejudiced politically as exposed by this misleading headline suggesting that it is solely the trump statement that is the cause of harassment. it is the same deft distraction tactic that obama and clinton employed blaming a video for benghazi.

    yet, harassment because of religious beliefs should never be tolerated or condoned by american society. kudos to those who physically insert themselves to stop the harassment and to protect innocent muslims from being further attacked.

  39. dixylicious says:

    Get it together Advertiser. This headline is a total joke!

  40. saywhatyouthink says:

    It is her own Muslim people and their actions that have turned ordinary Americans against Islam. She’s got to understand that after all that’s happened in the world since 9/11, just the sight of a woman in a hijab conjures up all kinds of fears in a lot of people. Is she a terrorist? Is she planning to attack innocent people? Does she have a weapon or a bomb? Right or wrong, that’s what people are thinking and Trump has put his finger on it. He may not say it in a politically correct fashion but he is saying what a lot of people are really thinking but too afraid to say themselves for fear of being viewed as a bigot. These are all real concerns in today’s world as evidenced by recent events in France and the US. She misrepresents the Islamic terrorism problem when she describes it as the actions of a “mentally ill few”. I think most Americans realize that the problem with radical Islam is much more far reaching than that. There are whole countries in the middle east and northern Africa, some of whom our government calls ally, where the vast majority of the Muslim population openly hates America and celebrates any act of terrorism that occurs. Under these types of circumstances, what really does she expect? Americans are tolerant of other cultures, probably more so than any other people but we are not immune to well founded fears.

  41. Jiujitsu_Fighter says:

    Irresponsible reporting by the writer to blame this incident on Donald Trump’s comment.

  42. Papaya123 says:

    Try haole day.

  43. readergirl says:

    Thank you jimmyhouse67 and ALLU! I have gone through some of these posts and I can’t believe some of them, saying she made up the story, etc. What if she was their sister, mother, cousin? They would be furious. Plus I love how some people are saying “not that I’m supporting Trump but….” Wouldn’t it be funny if the woman who stood up for her, stood up for her now and came forth and gave her story!

    • sarge22 says:

      This wouldn’t be a story if Trump’s name wasn’t in the headline. SA is trying hard to sell papers and attack Trump. End of story. People in Hawaii are harassed every day by nut jobs. Let’s have a few stories about road rage. Donald Trump made me do it. C’mon man.

  44. SteveToo says:

    How can you get a drivers license picture w/your head covered? It would be useless to a cop trying to ID the person.

  45. SueH says:

    What’s the issue?? Haoles get harassed by locals every day and it doesn’t make the newspaper.

  46. halopino says:

    Horrible headline! “Isle Muslim harassed in public after comments by Trump” Dan Nakaso’s putting personal opinion obviously! So if Trump hadn’t made any comments this wouldn’t have happened!?? Horrible journalism…

  47. wn says:

    I don’t see anything regarding why victim does not mention the prior events that may have led towards the reaction by these individuals…and please don’t blame Trump…jeeze talk about a slanted spin…now don’t go taking my “slanted” O(eyes)as being profiling…me “Japanee man’ so there…

  48. jee2014 says:

    This article just seems to been written for sensationalism. What this article does not touch upon is that only three made their sentiments known but what of the possibility that there are probably many more others in Hawaii that bear the same sentiment but are not vocal about it? So the author should have expanded on that issue rather than simply just focusing on the harassment theme. At the same time, he should have asked what she thought of the San Bernardino event and also should have provided an opportunity for her to condemn what had happened.

  49. karen chun says:

    How terrifying for her. What low animal harasses a woman?

    • amela says:

      Ken Conklin said Trump on my friends. Boy there seems to be a lot of Muslim haters out there. I’m a local guy with Muslim friends so any time any place brah!

  50. CEI says:

    Good thing there are no examples of Muslim “harassment” of non-muslims in America.

  51. sukebesan says:

    Stop complaining – nobody feels sorry for you. Please leave Hawaii if you are angry or feel harassed.

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