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Na’i Aupuni cancels Native Hawaiian election

  • Healani Pale held a sign in front of the state capitol on Nov. 13 in protest of the scheduled Na‘i Aupuni elections. (Star-Advertiser file)

  • Native Hawaiian community leader Walter Ritte publicly disenrolled from the Native Hawaiian Roll and withdrew hiscandidacy from the Nai Aupuni Native Hawaiian election and ‘Aha on Oct. 28. Alika Desha, Kalaimoku and Chancellor,Royal Order of Kamehameha, gave his support to Ritte, with wife Loretta.

Facing a potential court battle that could go on for years, Na‘i Aupuni announced this morning that it will cancel the Native Hawaiian election and proceed to a four-week convention in February.

All 196 Hawaiians who ran as candidates will be offered seats as delegates to the convention, or ‘aha, said Na‘i Aupuni President Kuhio Asam.

“Our goal has always been to create a path so that Hawaiians can gather and have a serious and much-needed discussion about self-governance,” Asam said at a downtown Honolulu press conference this morning.

“We anticipated that the path would have twists and turns and some significant obstacles, but we are committed to proceeding to the ‘aha where this long-overdue conversation can take place,” he said.

He said the board of the nonprofit Na‘i Aupuni — considering the delay it faces from a lawsuit that accused the election of being race-based — decided that the most effective route going forward would be to offer to convene all of the remaining delegate candidates and allow to organize and achieve Hawaiian self-governance.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Dec. 2 granted an injunction blocking the Na‘i Aupuni Hawaiian self-governance election while the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals considers the lawsuit challenging it.

“Clearly our lawsuit (Akina v. State of Hawaii) has brought an end to a discriminatory election,” Keli’i Akina, president/CEO of Grassroot Institute of Hawaii, said in a statement. “Now, in a desperate move to bypass their failed election and ignore their voter base, Na‘i Aupuni is undercutting its own efforts to even look like a democratic process.”

Akina said changing the rules multiple times erodes the credibility of Na‘i Aupuni.

“Our legal team is carefully reviewing all options and remains committed to preserving the Aloha Spirit,” he said.

Asam said Election-America, the contractor hired to run the election, has been told to stop taking ballots, to seal any ballots already received and to prevent anyone from counting the votes.

Na‘i Aupuni attorney William Meheula said the ballots will never be counted, thus making the litigation brought by Grassroot Institute of Hawaii moot. He said the group will take steps to dismiss the lawsuit.

In addition, Asam said, Mediation Center of the Pacific has been hired to serve as facilitators to lead the initial “instruction week” and assist with organizing the delegates, who were informed of the group’s move this morning.

The confirmation deadline to participate in the convention is Dec. 22. An email will request that the candidates confirm whether they intend to accept the terms and attend the ‘aha in Kailua during the the month of February.

Asam said delegates will receive information during the first week regarding constitution building, federal Indian law, international law regarding de-occupation, decolonization, the rights of indigenous people, U.S. Constitution issues that relate to Native Hawaiian self-governance, the ceded lands claim, background on Hawaiian Home Lands, kingdom law and constitutions drafted by sovereignty groups.

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  • Ecstatic at this news!!!!!! Thank you Na`i Aupuni!!!!!!!! The delegate candidates will meet, discuss, possibly make governance proposals, up to the Hawaiian people to accept or not accept. Our self-determination process moves forward. HOLOMUA!

    • Kuhio’s paraphrased statement left out one of the most critical issues to be examined. And that is whether or not the INIA (Indian Non Intercourse Act) is applicable to the maheles, including the land holdings of the ali’i trusts that originated in the early days of the kingdom. Remember the maheles were intended by Kaui as a process to return taken lands to owners originally taken from them by the earlier monarchs. It’s time for the ali’i trusts to pay up as no one else is going to do so. Not the public for sure. Not the state for sure and certainly not congress. Congress is way ahead of the game and not about to be hoodwinked by some local yokels on the hustle.

      • Part of the confusion in our Hawaiian community is the cobbled-together lunacy of legal theories. Talk is cheap and it needs to stop. Please go do your homework before you go about blathering nonsense. It is very detrimental to our political movement. Hawaii was an independent Kingdom in 1848-1852, when the Mahele was enacted and concluded. No other government exercised political jurisdiction over the Kingdom, so it is ludicrous to suggest any U.S. law would have any effect whatsoever on disposition made during the Mahele. The coup of 1893 and faux annexation of 1893 were lawless acts admitted to by the US in Public Law 103-150, but the US has since exercised its power to keep Hawaii as its possession, and that claim is recognized by the UN and globally. One could argue that laws passed since 1898 might implicate US law, but certainly not before then.

      • Ultimate power is in the people. Consent of the governed is the operative principle. If Hawaiians decide they want to organize themselves into a government, nothing can stop them. Put us in prison, do what you want to do, nothing will stop us.

        • “us’? Umm no hon. Most native Hawaiians do not think you represent them at all. You represent yourself. It is ok to meet at Zippy’s and to have a good discussion. You do not speak for all Hawaiians. Or most.

        • allie, I KNOW you don’t speak for Hawaiians. Saying we should go to Zippy’s and have a good discussion is arrogant and dismissive, just continues the historical pattern of marginalizing Hawaiians. That kind of thinking is not constructive.

      • Not true, the silent majority of Hawaiians support an improvement in their conditions. If the delegates can show that actions will create benefits for the average Hawaiian home. They will participate and support in huge numbers

    • The plan is for the group of 196 racists to write a governing document (Constitution) for the phony Hawaiian tribe. But then, if they hope to apply for federal recognition, they will have to satisfy the requirements in the new regulation now being written by the Department of Interior. One of those requirements is to HOLD AN ELECTION to ratify the Constitution. So once again, the ratification election will be illegal according to Rice v. Cayetano if it is paid for with government money. So OHA cannot pay for the election. I’ll bet Bishop Estate (Kamehameha School) will pay for it, thereby claiming it is a “private election.” And then there will be another lawsuit … and so the soap opera continues. Even if the ratification election is privately funded and the tribe gets federal recognition, then comes the trick where OHA has promised to hand over all its assets (about $620 Million) to the tribe. Can a state government agency give its assets to a race-based group whose members must all be of the favored race? Sounds like another lawsuit (14th Amendment Equal Protection clause). So far as I know no state has ever handed over hundreds of millions of dollars to an Indian tribe, whether or not the tribe is federally recognized.

      • This new strategy must really burn you up huh Ken. You know the local politicians support the Hawaiian people’s right to self determination. What’s the difference if OHA controls the land and money or the Hawaiian government does, they both represent the same group of people. OHA will just act in concert with the Hawaiian government and there won’t be darn thing you or people like you can do about it. Don’t you love it? I know I do.

      • Our ratify process will be on Hawaiian nationals, not only ethnic Hawaiians. We know where the ones are, and are not stupid to get this done. It is a long process, but like many things good – will be worth the wait. aloha to you sir.

    • The Hawaiian “Studies” Department here at the UH has condemned this phony group and ordered Hawaiians to ignore their meetings which do not represent Hawaiians at all. You must obey your superiors hon. They are the new, well-paid tenured ali’i.

    • Too bad US stole Hawaiians’ land and sovereignty, its laws exercise jurisdiction over our political lives, and we have to beg resources from the public pot, derived from resources stolen from us, in order to even conduct an election of our representatives. If not for that, we wouldn’t have to subject ourselves to the indignities and humiliations, the ridicule of lookers-on and gawkers whose lurid fascination with our struggles is their entertainment. There is no greater example of political buffoonery and more concerning, fascist bigotry, than what is going on with current election for US president. Judge not lest ye be judged.

      • “US stole Hawaiians’ land and sovereignty,”
        What twaddle. The queen was overthrown by her own subjects. She had one and only one job to do: preserve the kingdom. Don’t blame Uncle Sam because she could not hack it.

        • A few traitors, a dozen or so, backed by the US armed military, against the Queen’s loyal subjects, 38,000 of whom evidenced their loyalty and opposition to the traitors by affixing their names to an anti-annexationist petition. I do blame the US because it abandoned its own ideals, allowed imperialist greed to trump well-established principles of international law. U.S. Public Law 103-150 is an official apology and admission of its guilt in that regard, end of discussion.

        • Hookupaa: “backed by the US armed military,”

          More distortion. A SINGLE detachment of Marines from ONE Warship; hardly the entire US armed military.

        • Oh, so the traitors were backed by armed military, but the size of the armed contingent is what makes it less objectionable and okay. I see. Thanks for the clarification.

        • This SIZE of the contingent is of absolute importance in any war fighting posture of readiness. You should not have to have this spelled out for you,Hookupaa.

        • Really? Did her own subjects also get the US congress to annex Hawaii too? Since Hawaii did not have armed troops to defend it, 1 detachment of Marines was all that was needed. Hawaiians are a peaceful people.

        • saywhatyouthink says: “Did her own subjects also get the US congress to annex Hawaii too? Since Hawaii did not have armed troops to defend it, 1 detachment of Marines was all that was needed. Hawaiians are a peaceful people.”
          Once she allowed herself to be overthrown by her own subjects, the Kingdom was low hanging fruit for any of the five great powers. Hawaii is lucky Uncle Sam picked the fruit, lest she become, say, a Japanese protectorate.
          As for peaceful, are you saying Kamehameha held seminars by way of conquest of these islands? What rubbish!

        • What specific history are you alluding to? Read U.S. Public Law 103-150. In it, the U.S. admits it stole Hawaii’s national lands and sovereignty and apologizes for it. The law recites the relevant history, the history that led to the inescapable conclusion that the U.S. was obligated to apologize and make amends. You need to do your homework before you tell others to read their history. You sound like you’re in denial. We’ve had it and are fed up with those who can’t accept the truth of U.S. history, keep trying to pervert it to suit their predetermined political views. The truth shall set us free. Bring it!

        • Hookupaa: “Read U.S. Public Law 103-150. In it, the U.S. admits it stole Hawaii’s national lands”

          WRONG! Nowhere in that feel good, misbegotten (and totally unnecessary) “apology” does the USA claim to have STOLEN Hawaii lands. It was not any American that over threw the queen; it was her own subjects. Maybe if she had not been so aloof and done due diligence in controlling and tamping down the kind of intrigue that attends ALL monarchies, she would not have wound up behind the 8 ball. But the truth is she did not and so wound up a failed monarch who FAILED to preserve the kingdom that was handed down to her by all her – – dare I say – – MALE predecessors.

        • “Misbegotten” or not, our elected congressmen approved this Law and President Clinton signed it. Here are the relevant passages from U.S. Public Law 103-150. Let people decide for themselves who is speaking the truth.

          Whereas, on January 14, 1893, John L. Stevens (hereafter referred to in
          this Resolution as the “United States Minister”), the United States
          Minister assigned to the sovereign and independent Kingdom of Hawaii
          conspired with a small group of non-Hawaiian residents of the Kingdom
          of Hawaii, including citizens of the United States, to overthrow the
          indigenous and lawful Government of Hawaii;

          Whereas, in pursuance of the conspiracy to overthrow the Government of
          Hawaii, the United States Minister and the naval representatives of
          the United States caused armed naval forces of the United States to
          invade the sovereign Hawaiian nation on January 16, 1893, and to
          position themselves near the Hawaiian Government buildings and the
          Iolani Palace to intimidate Queen Liliuokalani and her Government;

          Whereas, on the afternoon of January 17, 1893, a Committee of Safety
          that represented the American and European sugar planters, descendents
          of missionaries, and financiers deposed the Hawaiian monarchy and
          proclaimed the establishment of a Provisional Government;

          Whereas the United States Minister thereupon extended diplomatic
          recognition to the Provisional Government that was formed by the
          conspirators without the consent of the Native Hawaiian people or the
          lawful Government of Hawaii and in violation of treaties between the
          two nations and of international law;

          Whereas the Republic of Hawaii also ceded 1,800,000 acres of crown,
          government and public lands of the Kingdom of Hawaii, without the
          consent of or compensation to the Native Hawaiian people of Hawaii or
          their sovereign government;

          Whereas the indigenous Hawaiian people never directly relinquished their
          claims to their inherent sovereignty as a people or over their
          national lands to the United States, either through their monarchy or
          through a plebiscite or referendum;

        • Clinton signed it. That says everything that needs to be said about this worthless, feel good malarkey. An untrustworthy, womanizing, congenital lying chunk of white trash who subsumed the White House in one scandal after another. No wonder he is the first elected president ever impeached. Given his dereliction of duty, small wonder that his real legacy are the smoking ruins of WTC, Pentagon, and a hole in the ground in rural Pennsylvania resulting from the coordinated 9/11 air attacks he invited for 8 years. And HE is the one you are compelled to turn to to validate your position. At the risk of repeating BAH HUMBUG!

        • Public Law 103-150 passed the Senate by a vote of 65-34. It passed the House of Representatives by a 2/3rds voice vote. There are 538 members of Congress. It was adopted by Congress on November 23, 1993, signed by President Clinton the same day.

        • Hoo, the U.S. Supreme Count decided on March 31, 2009, “Here, the State Supreme Court incorrectly held that Congress, by adopting the Apology Resolution, took away from the citizens of Hawaii the authority to resolve an issue that is of great importance to the people of the State.” This decision defanged and left the Apology Resolution without any teeth. U.S. Public Law 103-150 is without any power in a Federal Court.

        • Whoa James Kuroiwa, still going after the Hawaiians? The Apology Bill has most definitely not been overturned, Justice Kennedy stopped the elections process but did not issue a formal opinion. It is up to him and the rest of his colleagues to decide. Until then, you’re just trash talking without any legal basis.

        • Hoo, please look at the posted date, “March 31, 2009” or some 6 years ago. The case was Hawaii v. OHA No. 07-1372. The Apology Resolution and its 37 Whereas were decided not to have standing in the Federal Court.

      • Actually, our loss as a people closely parallels stages of grief — (1) shock and denial; (2) pain and guilt; (3) anger and bargaining; (4) depression, dejection, reflection, loneliness; (5) an upward turning; (6) reconstruction and working through; and (7) acceptance and hope. At any time, any one of us may experience one or all of these stages but as a lahui, we are upward turning, working through and reconstructing, full of hope. Please do not denigrate our efforts by referring to them as a circus.

    • No, I don’t have to have it spelled out for me because armed aggression is armed aggression. If you can show me, chapter and verse, in the laws in effect at that time, as authority for your position that the size of the armed force excuses its otherwise unlawful acts, I would be very interested. Seems to me Congress would not have passed Public Law 103-150 if you were correct. I feel compelled to challenge the dismissive, insulting put-downs and unfounded, untruthful, and misleading statements being made about our efforts to assert rights of political self-determination.

    • I can tell by your remarks that you do not know Mr. Kanahele. We are good friends, he knows my position on these and many related matters, and we have great respect for one another. Neither he nor I are chief pretenders, neither he nor I would deign to have the other, or anyone else, for that matter, report to the other. You are very misinformed about our Hawaiian leaders, what we stand for, how we regard one another.

  • Yeah ,yeah I got the email too!
    Well the supreme courts shot them down…what do you expect? Let’s just cancel the voting process! Everybody & all the delegates gets in!…NEXT MOVE!
    I voted ! With a Blank Ballot!
    The thing i found to be flawed was the “Transparency” part. All of the Candidates/delegates on the ballots? I’ve never Heard of any of them ,in my whole LIFE!! Who are these guys? again! we have Gov. Waihee endorsing a few. For him, he may know them .But I DON”T!….I have questions. Questions like: What’s their qualifications, experience, business background etc….that kinda stuff works for me! IMUA

    • What have you done for your Country Hawaii except sit on the sidelines and ridicule those who try? Why don’t you know the candidates? Their profiles were available on the Na`i Aupuni website for everyone to see and review, the same as any other election. Moreover, many of them are outstanding and well known in our Hawaiian community. They are civic leaders with great accomplishments. Why don’t you know them? Don’t you do the minimum of informing yourself on issues? If you didn’t know any of the candidates, you sound like a lazy Hawaiian. Stop being lazy, do your homework, do something to make a difference instead of sitting on the sidelines and taking cheap shots at those who try.

      • Cheap shots ! Funny guy… This what is mean by “Crabs in Da Bucket”.Are you one of those Crabs? Some got 2 bios ,! i got 2 maybe 3 email solicitations. Solicitation!! NOT BIOs. So Pay attention! Though i do agree with Hawaii regaining it’s Sovereign rights. I Don’t believe in the process,on how it’s done. Further more,I don’t believe ,that we should be classified as a TRIBE to achieve this. ie; Like the American Indians.They were forced to take this option!!
        For my fellow Crabs in da Bucket. We are one Nation! Kamehameha saw to this. He united all of Hawaii nei .A nation of Hawaiians….not Crabs in Da Bucket! IMUA

        • No, you pay attention. They were on the website. If you don’t have computer access, get with a friend. If you care, you do what it takes to get the job done. Care enough, Hawaiian, do your homework and don’t make excuses. Enough of that. We need to be strong, show initiative, do our homework, do whatever is necessary to build our nation. I’m not a crab, you are. You are the one throwing stones at people trying their best to move us forward. I am criticizing you because you have the capability about doing something to get involved. Do it and stop grumbling. Just do it.

        • Navajos and Apaches are only reported to be in the New Mexico area since the 1400s, but you dont place that criteria upon them—why?

        • Anyone who was not born here in Hawaii has no interest in preserving the Hawaiian culture. That’s sounds like you, allie.

  • It seems that Na‘i Aupuni is essentially ignore the Supreme Court ruling against the election as race-based. It isn’t having an election but is going ahead with the convention, which if I understand the candidate qualifications correctly still excludes some qualified persons. If I’m wrong,Na’i Aupuni or someone else needs to explain why the convention isn’t race-based.

    • Wrong. Na`i Aupuni is in complete compliance. Justice Kennedy said no counting the votes, no announcing election results. So Na`i Aupuni will neither count votes nor announce election results. There will be no election. Who’s gonna stop the Hawaiians from having a convention to discuss our political destiny? Now that would be a complete violation of the U.S. Constitution, which confers the dual rights of free speech, and to peaceably assemble. If you oppose that, fine. But Na`i Aupuni is in complete compliance with the Supreme Court’s order, and its plans to proceed are in accordance with rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

        • It’s not racism. It’s about a nation of people endeavoring to re-establish what was wrongfully torn asunder by an imperialist country that didn’t honor its own political ideals. Race is a western construct, and it’s true meaning in the context of Hawaii’s indigenous peoples is being perverted. I am kanaka maoli and I am not racist. How can I be? I have a parent who is not kanaka, I have a half-brother who is not kanaka, and nobody could love them or be more devoted to them than I. It is not about racism. It is about love of our kupuna and what they stood for. It is about our homeland and trying to survive in it. You need to study race theory in all it permutations. Trying to insinuate that we are being discriminatory is a perversion of what it truly means. More importantly, without understanding the truth of our dilemma, we will indeed be a held back and divided people here in Hawaii. Please think more deeply about this.

        • Hookupaa says: “without understanding the truth of our dilemma”

          The dilemma is one you created for yourself when you elected to swan dive into the bottomless depths of the pool of industrial strength self pity. How your noble ancestors must weep to see you spineless weaklings. They memorized star maps, taught themselves a level of applied mathematics on which they bet their lives in courageous, risky, open ocean voyages. And what to you self pitying wimps do? Shut down a telescope project that would have afforded a window on the universe. Your noble ancestors had a thirst for knowledge and you unworthy progeny have contempt for knowledge and throw away priceless opportunities to lead humanity your noble ancestors could only dream of. You evoke both pity and disgust. How soon the divine spark of your honorable, fore-sighted ancestors has become extinguished. BAH HUMBUG!

        • So this about TMT for you? And because you support it you’re condemning our efforts to assert our rights to political self-determination? I don’t see any self-pitying people up there. I see well-organized, committed Hawaiians putting their lives on the line for something they believe in. I see them up there, month after month in the cold climes, digging in because they believe. Have you personally ever acted so heroically? Are you willing to go up the mountain and confront these Hawaiians because you believe in TMT? The only others up there are construction crews being paid big salaries, scientists advancing their academic careers. And of course, I believe there are still those who are truly filled with wonder at the opportunity to see into far galaxies and stars. I have heard many express their love and wonderment of astronomy and of course Hawaiians were great astronomers. The question is, at what price do we undertake these explorations? Our cultural practitioners feel, with great conviction, that another telescope after a dozen already built, this newest one one of the biggest on the planet, is too dear a price. There are laws and U.S. Supreme Court cases that have dealt with indigenous sacred sites. These are sincerely held beliefs worthy of protection, the same as protections accorded other religious faiths. Opposition to the telescopes has been ongoing since the 1960’s, so this latest development should come as no surprise. The only difference is that opposition has organized, become more solidified, garnered more support, and so now they are commanding attention. Clearly, this is an example of how good people, with vastly different perspectives, can easily be on opposite sides of an issue. I have close friends, Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian, who hold opposing views. It is easy to dismiss our political efforts because you are disappointed with another issue. Please reconsider.

        • Hookupaa asks: “So this about TMT for you? And because you support it you’re condemning our efforts to assert our rights to political self-determination?”

          Answer: Nope.
          This is about an ancient race of noble courageous, sea faring, knowledge thirsting, heroes whose unworthy progeny have failed to meet up to the high standards of their ancestors, who have instead immersed themselves in self pity and VOLUNTARILY donned the sacred mantle of VICTIMHOOD.

          And yes I do recognize there are genuine opinions in opposition to each other in re the addition of another telescope. What I do not understand is why there are not more descendants of the kanaka maoli speaking up in favor of being strong leaders in the continued exploration of our universe. This is an historic opportunity to grab the reins of LEADERSHIP, which is the task of a great people.

      • Hoo, Na`i Aupuni committed a historical error of giving up. Their decision will set back, probably forever, the opportunity to form a racial and separate Native Hawaiian government. It is a mandate by the DOI to form a legitimate Native Hawaiian community government before any government to government negotiations to occur. Now, the decision by Na`i Aupuni has destroyed that opportunity.

        • James Kuroiwa, you are no friend of Hawaiians, as you’ve demonstrated as claimant in a lawsuit against the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and other entities that serve Hawaiians. If you had your way, Hawaiian programs would disappear or be completely dismantled. Consistent with your past endeavors, you have wrongly, erroneously and unfairly characterized our efforts to form a government by suggesting they’re about handouts and casinos, and the DOI, a shoddy, deameaning caricature of what political self-determination really all about. Someday I hope you will truly understand.

        • Or, Hoo, you may begin to understand the truth on Hawaiian history and accept, as I have accepted, to love my Country as an American.

    • The complaint was that the election was using State funds from OHA. Any one can have a private election and make it based on anything they want. Shriners, Masons and so forth elect their leaders all the time. But you can bot use State (Public) funds. That is why the use Rice vs Cayetano as precedent. So no election, funds used for election results.

      The Aha moves forward/

  • The last paragraph shows quite a lot of subjects to catchup on in a weeks time. One would almost need to be an attorney to get through it all, but with 196 minds trying to be the best outspoken advocate , who would be the new king? Is it taro fields and fish and poi for the new kingdom? Can we carry on hawaiian tradition the way we currently are going about it in todays world? Why are they trying to reinvent the wheel? Just be happy you can still live here if you have your little piece of hard earned land. DHHL, OHA, you need to pass out the parcels of homestead land faster so hawaiians can begin to prosper !

    • JPC, you sound like a Grassroot Institute libertarian. That’s its official position: pass out the goodies and let everybody do their thing. That’s the underlying principle of deregulation in government, right? Stop interfering with people’s lives and let the market forces decide. That’s why Wall Street went bozonkers and America suffered a catastrophic economic recession. But getting back to passing out the goodies, don’t you think the beneficiaries themselves should decide whether they want to own their homestad lands in fee simple? Or do you think maybe they’ve learned their lesson from the Mahele, when private ownership was first instituted and nearly half of Hawaii ended up being owned by American businessmen by hook or crook? You see, keeping these homelands in trust for nearly 100 years has kept the land base intact for all those generations. No one could come in and tempt the beneficiary with money, the banks couldn’t foreclose, all the tricks of capitalism which divest the individual from the fruit his labors are rendered inoperative on the homesteads. Furthermore, taking a lesson from Native Americans on the U.S. continent who were forced to privatize their lands, within a few generations the lands were lost to outside speculators. The economic forces and pressures of rampant commercialism and profiteering have no effect, can never divest our people from their lands, as long as they continue to hold the lands in trust. So take your libertarian ideas and skedaddle. This may come as a surprise to you, but we know what we’re doing, and we’re not thinking only about ourselves, but all of Hawaii and Hawaii’s future generations. Hawaii is being sold to the wealthiest foreign speculators under your libertarian economic vision. We will hold our lands forever.

      • Mr “hook”, the references are to preserving trust lands against alienation using federal law to do so and not to distorted mirror images of those laws as found in state law and state constitution. no credit is due to the state in any of its forms for preserving the homestead trust lands from being taken. in fact some of it was taken by the state. many many many native Hawaiian lands were taken and are being taken as we speak by state, local government and the public. this shows that only federal law regulates land when it comes to native Hawiaians. This is unlike who regulates land when it comes to Hawaiians. Why does the Hawaiian marginalize the native Hawaiian? That is the problem, not whether or not the grossroot people do this or that or anyone does this or that. This whole thing would have been solved decades ago if not for this overthrow stuff.

      • That the whole idea hold on to your land why sell to foreign interests. This is what I am about, dont need a panel of hawaiians to say what is good for me or the rest of the state. In many foreign countries outsiders not allowed to purch land. If you didnt get a piece of land by now you are probably going to wait 20 more years for homestead to come into your life. Then when and if you are the fortunate one, you need to provide your own financing to build, that a bank will not help you out..

    • she is akamai. I am indigenous and believe me, I have seen the same shibai on the mainland. Hawaiians-or those claiming to be-came late to all of this. A few zealots try to speak for everyone or coerce them into silence. It all goes nowhere. It is sad, but Hawaii will survive!

      • Hmmn, your usuage of the pronvincial term mainland speaks volumes. I said it before, you are pretending to be native, my folks at 3 affiliated know of no Mandan citizen living in Hawai’i—telling.

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