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Police arrest suspect in death of Kalihi woman

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Police arrested Jhun Ley Irorita in connection with the death of Helen Prestosa.

The 25-year-old man sought by police as a suspect in the killing of a 39-year-old Kalihi woman missing since November was arrested Monday night in Waipahu.

Jhun Ley Irorita was arrested at 11:04 p.m. at a Waipahu home on suspicion of second-degree murder and resisting arrest.

No charges have been filed and he is being held at the main police station while the investigation continues.

On Monday, police issued a CrimeStoppers bulletin identifying Irorita as the suspect in the death of Helen Prestosa, who was last seen about 7 p.m. on Nov. 19 in Kalihi.

Prestosa was initially reported as a missing person, but police received new information and reclassified the case to a second-degree murder.

Sgt. Kim Buffett declined to say whether police have recovered Prestosa’s body, but said detectives need to talk to Irorita, who is a suspect in the case.

The suspect has a criminal record with convictions for four misdemeanor and two petty misdemeanor crimes.

Irorita was convicted of fourth-degree theft, a petty misdemeanor, in December and served two days in prison.

Prestosa was a a store manager at a Jack in the Box restaurant when she was reported missing in November.

Prestosa, who had been battling bone cancer, was last seen in Kalihi. Her family, concerned about her health because she needed medication, reported her missing the following day after she failed to show up for work in the morning at the Kalihi restaurant and the police issued a missing person’s bulletin.

A family member said she had never heard of Irorita before police named him as a suspect.

12 responses to “Police arrest suspect in death of Kalihi woman”

  1. cojef says:

    Possible robbery gone bad?

  2. mikethenovice says:

    An Milleniall makes the headlines in a not so good way.

    • aomohoa says:

      Is there ever a good way.? This is a sad selfish generation who want everything handed to them. They were told they are so wonderful so they can’t take any criticism and they don’t want to work for anything. They want it now.

      • allie says:

        ummm no. I never asked to be handed anything and I am a millennial. Your point describes some millennials but not most.

        • aomohoa says:

          You are the odd duck allie, if you are a real person. LOL you are not the typical anything. What I described is more that you must have heard about from your professors. This is the norm of a large percentage.

  3. islandsun says:

    Illegal immigrant? Send him back, no fly list

  4. residenttaxpayer says:

    He looks like a real ahole……

  5. joseph007 says:

    What, not “release pending investigation”? Probably not because it’s an election year for Kaneshiro. Police do a great job in catching these guys, and Kaneshiro and courts do the opposite in letting them go. What a system.

  6. wilikitutu says:

    Looks like a lot of petty theft. But he’s now a store manager so he may have turned his life around. The real question will be if he can explain that he did NOT steal an article in his pose session – or that it really belongs to him.

  7. mikethenovice says:

    His eyes look like he was hit on the head as a kid. I never hit my puppies. That’s why they are always smiling when I pet their head.

  8. WizardOfMoa says:

    Victim seems like a very hard working person wth severe medical problems. It hasn’t deter her from becoming a store manager. Sadly, her family and the world have lost one of the “good ones”! RIP!

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