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Firefighters rescue 60-year-old woman who slipped and fell in Alakai Swamp

A 60-year-old Kauai woman is recovering after the Fire Department helicopter airlifted her out of the Alakai Swamp when she injured her ankle.

The Kauai Fire Department reports the woman slipped on the boardwalk and fell, injuring her left ankle at about 1:20 p.m.

Another hiker splinted her ankle and responding firefighters applied another split over the existing one before carrying her to a landing zone, where the Fire Department helicopter took her to a Waimea ballpark, where an ambulance took her to the Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital.

5 responses to “Firefighters rescue 60-year-old woman who slipped and fell in Alakai Swamp”

  1. NanakuliBoss says:

    She needs HELP ALERT. ” Hello, I’ve fallen and can’t get up”!!!. OK ma’am, let me run your HMSA plan thru to see if it will cover the helicopter,firetruck,ambulance, and personnel, okay? It looks like $15,769.00. Ma’am you still on? Shut up, I’ll crawl out.

  2. wrightj says:

    Good thing she was still on the boardwalk.

  3. Cellodad says:

    We already pay for these services. Emergency services are among the things that a good society provides for its citizens and we fund it with our taxes. (Citizens likewise have a responsibility to be knowledgeable, prepared, and mindful of risk inherent in outdoors activities.)

  4. famlb says:

    Bravo to her for stilling getting out there and getting some exercise. Accidents happen. I’d rather support someone like this lady than the one sitting at home, eating poorly, never exercising and then develops lifestyle diseases that are far more costly than a sprained ankle and helicopter rescue.

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