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Clinton seizes historic primary win


    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gestured as she greeted supporters at a presidential primary election night rally, Tuesday, in New York.


    Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., spokeat a rally Tuesday, in Santa Monica, Calif.


    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, second from right, greeted her husband, former president Bill Clinton during a presidential primary election night rally, Tuesday, in New York.

NEW YORK » Powered by a solid triumph in California, Hillary Clinton declared victory in her yearlong battle for the heart of the Democratic Party, seizing her place in history and setting out on the difficult task of fusing a fractured party to confront Donald Trump.

Clinton cruised to easy victories in four of the six state contests Tuesday. With each win she further solidified Sen. Bernie Sanders’ defeat and dashed his already slim chances of using the last night of state contests to refuel his flagging bid.

The victories allowed Clinton to celebrate her long-sought “milestone” — the first woman poised to lead a major political party’s presidential ticket. Standing before a flag-waving crowd in Brooklyn, the former secretary of state soaked up the cheers and beamed.

“Barriers can come down. Justice and equality can win,” she said. “This campaign is about making sure there are no ceilings, no limits on any of us. This is our moment to come together.”

Clinton had already secured the delegates needed for the nomination before Tuesday’s contests, according to an Associated Press tally. Still, Sanders had hoped to use a victory in California to persuade party insiders to switch their allegiances. Sanders picked up wins in Montana and North Dakota, but Clinton won substantially in California.

Sanders nonetheless vowed to continue to his campaign to the last contest in the District of Columbia next Tuesday.

“The struggle continues,” he said.

Clinton’s victory in California assured her a majority of pledged delegates — those chosen in primaries and caucuses. That’s notable because Sanders has argued that his White House bid remained viable as long as he stood a chance of winning a majority of those delegates. He would have needed a landslide Tuesday to reach that goal.

Sanders is under intense pressure from top Democrats hoping to coax him gently out of the race, win over his voters and turn to the task of challenging Trump.

Despite the pledge to soldier on, there were signs Sanders was listening. In his typically passionate remarks, the socialist firebrand repeatedly noted “we are in this together” and argued that a tenet of his campaign was that “we will not allow right-wing Republicans to control our government.”

Sanders said he called Clinton to congratulate her on the victories.

The senator planned to return home to Vermont today, before coming to Washington Thursday for meetings and a campaign rally.

Sanders is downsizing his campaign. About half the staff is being laid off with most of the jobs involving field staff and advance aides, according to two people familiar with the plans. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to speak publicly about the layoffs. Campaign officials declined comment.

President Barack Obama called both Sanders and Clinton late Tuesday, congratulating both on their campaigns. The White House said Sanders and Obama would meet Thursday, at Sanders’ request, to discuss “how to build on the extraordinary work he has done to engage millions of Democratic voters, and to build on that enthusiasm.”

Clinton and Sanders are also expected to connect in the coming days, Clinton’s spokesman said late Tuesday. Their campaign managers spoke earlier in the day, signaling that conversations were underway about the road ahead.

As the Democratic race was wrapping up, Republicans were unraveling anew. Despite handily winning GOP contests in California, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota and Montana, presumptive nominee Trump was in damage control mode over his race-based attacks on a Hispanic judge that had party leaders in fits. After one senator rescinded his endorsement and House Speaker Paul Ryan called the comments “racist,” Trump sought to calm worries with a rare, scripted victory speech.

“I understand the responsibility of carrying the mantle and I will never, ever let you down – too much work, too many people, blood, sweat and tears,” Trump said, reading from a teleprompter at a rally at one of his golf courses in suburban New York City. “I will make you proud of your party and our movement, and that’s what it is, is a movement.”

Trump went on to preview what Clinton has ahead of her: He blasted her as the defender of a “rigged” political system. He promised to deliver a longer speech on the Clintons “probably Monday.”

“The Clintons have turned the politics of personal enrichment into an art form for themselves. They’ve made hundreds of millions of dollars selling access, selling favors, selling government contracts, and I mean hundreds of millions of dollars,” he said.

In her remarks, Clinton was similarly hard-edged, saying Trump was “temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief.”

“When he says let’s make America great again, that’s code for let’s take America backward,” she said.

Clinton now has 2,184 pledged delegates — or more than half of the 4,051 total. Sanders has 1,804.

When including superdelegates, or party officials who can back any candidate, Clinton’s lead is much bigger — 2,755 to Sanders’ 1,852.

It takes 2,383 to win. Clinton crossed that threshold Monday, according to the AP tally

Sanders and some in his army of die-hard supporters expressed frustration about the survey. As he addressed supporters in Los Angeles, the crowd chanted “Media is corrupt.”

Both Clinton and Trump made overtures toward an energized and passionate pool of voters. Trump noted he and Sanders both oppose the president’s Pacific Rim trade deal, and he sympathized with frustration for having “been left out in the cold by a rigged system of super delegates.”

Clinton thanked the senator for driving the debate over economic mobility and income inequality and tried to show she absorbed some of his message. Mostly, she expressed empathy of a candidate who knows the bitter taste of defeat.

“It never feels good to put our heart into a cause or a candidate you believe in and come up short,” she said. “I know that feeling well. But as we look ahead to the battle that awaits, let’s remember all that unites us.”

But for Clinton, the night was largely about marking the moment.

Her campaign produced a video to introduce her speech, chronicling women’s rise in politics from the suffragettes through Clinton’s concession to speech to then-Sen. Barack Obama, eight years ago Tuesday when she thanked supporters for helping her put “18 million cracks” in the “highest, hardest glass ceiling.”

Associated Press writer Ken Thomas in Los Angeles contributed to this story.

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    • Oh, yes! So happy this lady will defend the downtrodden (while wearing a $12,995 designer outfit). However, to be sure she will bring much needed honesty and transparency to government (as noted below).

      “The State Department on Tuesday defended its estimate that it would take 75 years to fulfill a request from the Republican National Committee for emails of three top Hillary Clinton aides, and said that length of time is “not an outlandish estimation.”

      Evidently, transparency is a very, very, (very squared) complicated thing in the digital age. One can only hope that the IRS will be equally “transparent” in it’s speed of audit.

      • Wow – people upset about emails. Clinton’s opponent think Mexicans are all rapists, thinks we should murder children of “suspected” terrorists (and he thinks he can judge criminals based solely on race), hates women, and thinks some eople are unfit for public service simply because of their race. And yet Clinton shouldn’t get the White House because she used private emails? If Trump wins, this country deserves what it gets.

        • Clinton has not been charged with breaking any laws. She has been exhaustively investigated for not using the right email server. I can live with her mistake. Trump terrifies me and my Mandan people would never vote for a racist unable to understand America. Trump’s vast ignorance is daunting and dangerous for America. Fox News loves to entertain ignorant listeners and to manipulate them as it is good for ratings. It is all a cyncial game. Trouble is, Trump is really a danger. The game playing is over. This is for keeps.

        • allie, yes the Donald is dangerous but so is Hillary if she does not abandon her hawkish ways. The Donald should he become president will probably be very ineffective due to his zero political experience. His first lesson will be that he will not be a dictator but only a president. I don’t think he realizes this.

        • Doubtful Boots. Trump is an embarrassment and will embarrass our country if he were president. The guy just can’t keep his mouth shut and has a problem sticking his foot in his mouth.

        • For control: You don’t think Clinton embarrassed the country as Secy State? Reset button, Libya, Benghazi?

          For Ryan: the issue isn’t use of private email as much as her exposing classified information, some above the Top Secret level, by using her own email server. She had a clear responsibility, by law, to protect classified information, yet she willfully chose not to do so. Since then she has repeatedly lied about the matter.

          Almost as bad as her failure to protect national secrets is the probability that she set up this email server to avoid freedom of information requests in a calculated attempt to avoid scrutiny by the public.

          For Allie: Neither was Richard Nixon charged with a crime, but at least he had the sense to resign when the evidence of his wrong doing was clear. I don’t expect Clinton to have even that much character.

      • I’d be remiss if I did not include that she has American Blood on her hands. Imagine pleading for help and being tortured then finally murdered…how horrible the 4 Americans left to die. She is a traitor and people praise her….unbelievable.
        Donald trump vs Crooked hiLIARy…easy choice….I vote for the AMERICAN Donald Trump who is FOR the American People!

        • Sad to say, we all have blood on our hands for allowing G W Bush to steal the presidency. 9/11 plus something like 70 people killed in Benghazi attacks. America needs to end the dominance of its military industrial complex.

        • Boots…you fail again to see the difference between fighting a war and hiLIARy not providing PROTECTION when it was ASKED for by the TORTURED & MURDERED Ambassador and his security personnel….*sigh*

        • Actually, all of the many investigative committees found otherwise. But no matter what the evidence, you just keep writing what you’ve manufactured in your head.

          No matter how many times you write that, it will never become true.

      • I’m assuming you mean an audit of Donald Trump, and his exorbitantly mysterious, if even existent, tax returns of the last 10 years????

        • We need an audit of the Clinton Foundation and the transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street.Trump’s speech on Monday will be awesome. The Clinton’s will be fully exposed.

        • But this Republican Party is none of those things. Today’s G.O.P. is to governing what Trump University is to education — an ethically challenged enterprise that enriches and perpetuates itself by shedding all pretense of standing for real principles, or a truly relevant value proposition, and instead plays on the ignorance .

          Conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt said on Wednesday that the Republican National Committee should ask Donald Trump to withdraw his candidacy or change the convention rules to prevent his formal nomination.

          “The Republican national committee needs to step in and step up and talk to him about getting out of the race,” Hewitt said on the Hugh Hewitt Show.

          The alternative, he said, is a guaranteed victory for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton — and the loss of Republican control of both houses of Congress.

          The Ds need nothing, nothing at all…

        • How about your Cuz Anthony Weiner if you want to go there.By the way his wife is Huma Mahmood Abedin an American political staffer. She has been a long-time aide to Hillary Clinton, and was U.S. Secretary of State Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff at the State Department. Wowzer!!!

        • Duh, Sarge, I know,…I formerly worked at the US State Department and on the hill as general counsel to a US Senator. It is one thing to have carnal relationships between consenting adults, but your your uncle was manipulating and coercing boys….huge difference, or do I need to explain to you this profound difference.

    • Surely you Jest! Not only her email server issue but Hillary could also be indicted for corruption charges ? The question is whether The DOJ will do it’s JOB and prosecute…….. so much for transparency.Ha!ha!ha!

      Yes! Me too I want to see a Woman president one day,but not this Woman.

        • How can a Clinton supporters have any self esteem? Listen carefully to Mr Trump on Monday and do a little research on Hillary. We have already heard all the negatives on Mr Trump and he is still leading the pack.

        • Actually sarge, you should be asking what is happening to republicans? How could they be so brainwashed that they vote for someone who has Zero experience, and is corrupt? Trump University, the republican idea of a good education?

        • Sarge–Today’s Republicans have stymied every effort at reforming immigration, at achieving true equality for women, at ending the scourge of racist drug laws and criminal sentencing rules. The Republican Party has generated a wave of laws designed to make it harder for black Americans and other minorities to vote. It’s not that Republicans don’t want to deport millions of Mexicans and ban Muslims from our shores. They just don’t like to talk about it in the open.

          So when Donald Trump started to attack Mexicans, Muslims and anyone else who popped into his head, Republican leaders may have thought it was bad tactics. But all that talk this year about the “Republican establishment” being aghast at Trump for his outlandish ideas was nonsense.

          Given the cowardice of his fellow members of the party of Lincoln, Trump is, naturally, doubling down on running for racist in chief.

          On Monday, Bloomberg Politics reported that Trump told campaign surrogates in a conference call to keep up the attack on Judge Curiel. And on Tuesday, he said in a statement, “It is unfortunate that my comments have been misconstrued as a categorical attack against people of Mexican heritage.” His evidence for his tolerance was, as usual, that he has lots of Mexican-Americans working for him.

        • OXTAIL? Racist?……let’s see.#1. Trump wants to protect you by properly vetting muslims that are coming in from hot zones like Syria.
          #2. The Wall. Protecting our borders against Mexican Drug cartel.Who are spreading their poison through out the US? Felons & Murders too? Because no one is doing anything about it?
          #3.Deportation: Deporting Millions of Illegals (Key Word “Illegal”) who simply ignore the process.Illegals who don’t wanna get in back of the line… everybody else.Seriously?
          You know? Donald said that they could come back, if they come in LEGALLY? Right! RACIST??

        • Sarge, nobody wants to listen to a liar like Trump so anything coming out of his mouth is only fantasy to most of us. we don’t believe in the easter bunny and we don’t believe anything trump says.

        • as for trump leading the pack, you are correct, he is leading the pack as the most unpopular candidate in recent times. More americans don’t like the guy and while people don’t like Hillary that much Trump still is the least popular candidate.

      • How sad you are for not being able to differentiate between specific policy issues and one being a racist. Security, immigration, etc…are policy issues and we can all agree to disagree on what are the best measures to address those issues but there for your beloved Donald being a RACIST? No doubt whatsoever.

    • Isn’t it almost tragic that some will turn this historic event (yes folks, it’s historic no matter how you want to bend it), as a forum to show their sexist and racist color. There’s a classic headline from Washington paper with the caption “Ryan, racist” that highlights the full hypocracy of the Republicans. While publicly appearing to denounce racism, they’re endorsing it. I guess that’s also historic. What happened to the party of Lincoln, Eisenhower, Reagon? When did all these people decide being a racist is something to be proud of? Yes Democratic Party is full of warts, but at least they continue to make historic strides in being inclusive.

    • One can hope. I just pray that her hawkishness can be kept under control. I am tired of wars to support our military industrial complex. In the final analysis, this is just socialism for the rich, the transfer of wealth from the middle class to the very rich.

    • agree…and she is a strong early childhood education advocate! I am so thrilled for her and all Americans. I want to see the foul-mouthed, ignorant Trump defeated in a landslide. Shame on Republicans for allowing such a fool to be their candidate.

      • She’s a total fraud and under investigation by the FBI. The Republican elite haven’t allowed Mr Trump to be their candidate. The people have. Similar to Bernie’s quest on the Democrat side.

        • *Yawn*, we keep hearing these claims but nothing comes out of it. As for Bernie, no, a majority of people voted for Clinton and not Bernie.

    • Most ethically challenged? Have we forgotten Trump University already? Or how about Bridge gate? Hillary is not my choice but republican record on ethics and honesty is far worse.

      Country has always been for sale. It is what happens when you feed the worlds largest military and prison industrial complexes. What a waste.

        • Hmmm, 4 federal bankruptcies in 20 years (an exorbitant amount) and the cost to tax payers???? A cool half-billion dollars, I think your view of the world is the one that is minuscule….

        • While I agree that Hillary’s millenarianism is a major concern, I don’t view it as corruption so much as this country being controlled by a military industrial complex. Should the Donald ever become president, I suspect he too will soon fall under its spell. This needs to be broken.

        • Uh really Boots? You’re majorly concerned that someone has a belief in the future and societal change? (millenarianism)

        • @ boolakanaka…open your eyes. BIG difference between a suit and PROTECTING AMERICAN LIVES…*sigh*

        • Please. Where was this moral indignity when Bush placed exponential lives at risk, Keoni???

        • What’s Bush got to do with it? You can do better then that. Open your eyes/wake up.

        • Homie, my eyes are open. Sarge what have you done for a living, or what’s your education level. The large segment of the population supporting Trump are white, uneducated disenfranchised folks…sounds like you!?

    • There is this classic movie called “All The President’s Men”. I really encourage you to watch it to really know what “ethically challenged” is.

  • Upon reading of Ms. Clinton’s primary win, a cold chill of fear engulfed my very soul! This old buck has been through many trials and tribulations in this lifetime but has never been afraid of the future of our great country as I do now. Pray this is just a figment of an old buck’s imagination! God Bless America, that this great land be guided by those who love her for what she stands, liberty, justice for all and not for self -seeking personal agendas!

    • Oh please. While Hillary is not my candidate, she probably will offer better guidance than someone with zero political experience and believes he will be God and not just a president.

        • Yes lets look where America is now. In a far better place than where it was prior to Obama taking over. I suggest you get informed.

        • Keolu, yes Hillary does have political accomplishments. She was elected senator of NY. Have you ever been elected senator of NY? Any state?

        • She also got people killed in Benghazi and possibly leaked top secret documents by not following protocol for US security.

          Getting elected is not the same as getting something done after being elected.

          And no, I’ve not been elected. I choose not to be a participant in legalized crime.

        • Keoni, you effete simp, that information has been reported in the Fiancial Times, The Economist, NYT, among others….sorry not in your usual MAD magazine offerings.

    • We are left with a choice between an out of control egomaniac (trump) and a corrupt lifelong politician (clinton). I don’t know if I can even narrow it down to whom I dislike least. Our country may be nearing rock bottom. I may have to sit this one out.

      • “”. Clinton’s apparent success, couple with Trump’s ongoing verbal suicide, has a broad swath of voters contemplating alternatives. Not voting only leaves the choice to rabid robots like those commenting here and throughout countless other forums nationwide. Actively support Gary Johnson and there’s hope yet!

        • funny joke. Say, I can sell you some new land on the big island for you at a cheap price. Johnson? I think if there were a “none of the above” that would win hands down over Johnson.

        • This is the only viable option for people who don’t want a two-faced war hawk or an megalomaniac racist to be President. Die-hard Democrats will say third-party voting will take away more support from Hillary than it will from Trump, which will result in Trump becoming President. If that’s the case, so be it. The Democratic Party has only itself to blame.

        • I don’t know Richard, The libertarian team will probably drain a lot more republican voters than democrats. Might even be the start of the libertarian party replacing the republican party as a major party. One can only hope. Should this happen the republican party will have only itself to blame for abandoning republican values.

        • That is a good point. There are many in the Republican Party who despise Trump but value the small-government principles that the Libertarian Party offers. Similarly, there are others in the Democratic Party who loathe Hillary but value the Libertarian spirit of commitment to civil liberties. Even without taking the presidency, it would be a tremendous victory if Gary Johnson could take just 10% of the popular vote this November.

        • Ron Paul was the last great hope and look what TPTB (the powers that be) did to him.

  • So many women support her and it makes me wonder. Why do women want someone with such poor character representing them? The most undeserving person and the poorest example to children. But I guess in this day of the Khardashians, character doesn’t matter anymore.

    • Poorest example to Children? Makes little sense. Quality of an example I would think would be how the children turn out. I think Hillary’s kid turned out fine especially when compared to some of the Bush kids.

        • Hey doo–fus, how do you think Trump finances his casinos and hotel—duhhhhh-wall street.

        • Sarge, Donald Trump is a habitual liar, and the thing about habitual liars is that they lie habitually.

          Trump’s first bankruptcy was in 1991 after he borrowed a stupidly irresponsible amount of money to finance that monument to excruciatingly bad taste known as the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. Trump is such a good manager that the casino’s slot machines began failing during its first week of business. Never one to let reality stand in the way of his confidence, Trump had financed the $1 billion project largely with junk bonds, which meant very high interest payments. Trump did not make enough money to meet his interest payment and so was forced into bankruptcy. His ownership of the casino was diluted, and he ended up having to give back 50.

          Trump himself was on the hook for nearly $1 billion in the deal, according to the New York Times, a sum that exceeded his net worth. He was forced to sell a fair amount of his personal property, including a yacht, as well as the failing air-shuttle service he’d been attempting to launch for some time. As Boston bankruptcy attorney Ted Connolly put it, Trump used the bankruptcy proceedings to negotiate away his personal liabilities while leaving the business saddled with debt. Unsurprisingly, the casino endured further financial problems, including bankruptcy. Trump’s ownership stake was diluted steadily, and he eventually was removed from the board. By the time of the casino’s most recent bankruptcy — which is to say, the bankruptcy it currently operates in — Trump could plausibly say that it wasn’t really his business any more, in spite of the fact that

          The fact of the matter which you cannot run from, taxpayers underwrite his numerous financial failures….period.

        • Are you talking about Donald’s son-in-law?!! Cause his father went away for a very long time on federal charges….get your facts straight, doooo-fus.

  • The ” Butcher of Benghazi ” has no shame and so do all of those who believe in this POS…surely they have their head stuck up there butts.

  • Presenting Hillary Clinton, a Obama Clone, as Secretary of State refused the call for help in Bengazi, Libya – 600 attempts. Resulting in dead Americans, including the Ambassador. She has used her unsecured email line for Top Secret (our national interest) for her emails. Even Russian Premier has ordered his intelligence chief to releasse the Hack top secret message from Hillary’s email account. An admitted hacker of Hillary’s email account has turned evidence to the FBI.
    Our Muslim President, Barack Hussein Obama, has hinted he will “pardon Hillary Clinton, if she is indicted, in Januaru 2017 when he leaves office.
    As for Bernie Sanders, the Democratic other Communist nominee. . .

        • Where did I blame your hero? A little touchy aren’t we? Just pointing out that if one criticizes Hillary for Benghazi, then one should also never forget the republican record. My position is that we have to end our addiction to the military industrial complex.

        • “….She also got people killed in Benghazi…” Guess who wrote that? What a hypocrite!

        • Shillary’s priorities will be to allow illegal immigration and to build transgender restrooms.

          She has accomplished nothing of significance during her time in office.

        • Keolu, what have been republican accomplishments? I will start. Eisenhower built the interstate highway system.

        • As I thought, boots cannot identify a single accomplishment of note attributed to Shillary.

      • Boots spoken like a true clone of the Democratic party. One thing is very clear – Hillary, Obama and the Democratic party are cowards!.
        Hillary did not want to take action to help our American brothers in Bengazi because it was at a time the Presidential general election was right around the corner. Any action taken, would not help her messiah, Barack Hussein Obama.
        No matter what you say about President George W. Bush, he was not a coward. If the Bengazi incident happened on President Bush watch, today those 6 Americans including the American Ambassador would have been rescued and alive today.
        Cowardice continue with your muslim messiah President Barack Hussein Obama who warned Syria if they cross the red line, America would take military action. Assad’s Syris cross that red line, and Obama retreated with his usual Democratic coward rhertic. .
        Boot you yourself sounds like a gay person. . .a typical Democrat.

        • Murano you pillock simp, here is a suggestion, how about attempting to finish Intermediate school– you go the intelligence of a can of corn.

        • blackmurano – Are you bitter and angry because you can’t spell or construct coherent sentences?

  • hiliar and bill promoted arresting and extending prison sentences for “super predators” liberal code words for inner city black youths. hiliar attacked every female victim of bill’s sexual assaults and sexual harassments calling them trailer trash and worse.

    democrats are proud to support the first female felon racist and defender of rapists and sexual harassers.

  • God help us if she wins.

    Her priorities will be allowing illegal immigrations and inviting them to vote and collect welfare. Her second initiative will be to force private businesses to create restroom for people who are confused about their gender and then her third priority will be to raise taxes so we can give away free college tuition.

    • You make a mockery of God. To invoke his name over a political difference trivializes everything. If you think God listens to your political carp, then you are so sadly mistaken. I supposed you wished for 8 years of Obama because God sure listened to you on that one. Maybe God is testing you again to see if you’ll correct your sinful ways?

      • Nice strawman. You completely ignored the rest of my comment.

        Her priorities will be allowing illegal immigrations and inviting them to vote and collect welfare. Her second initiative will be to force private businesses to create restroom for people who are confused about their gender and then her third priority will be to raise taxes so we can give away free college tuition.

        • You’re lying. No one is suggesting or proposing that the undocumented be able to vote. No one. Not ever.

          So just keep lying.

      • Real class, sarge22. Yup, invoke God whenever it suits you right wing nutjobs, like pulling out a soap to cleanse your filth. If you really want to know, think God is voting for Hillary, NOT because he thinks she’s better, but just to spite you.

    • And a successful businessman turned equally successful politician, with unquestioned integrity, fiscal sanity, and a socially liberal perspective. He’s not everything to everyone, but he’s a realistic something for all of us. Essentially, our only real hope for a gradually improving America.

      • Unquestioned integrity? He’s a racist. Even his fellow Republicans are being forced to admit that. He’s a small time con man who bilked people out of their life savings through “Trump University.” What are you talking about?

        • If you’d actually read for comprehension you’d have picked up that my reference was to someone other than the three candidates alluded to in samidun’s observation.

        • klas, when your wrong it might be wiser to just say it rather than spouting off your usual reply..

        • hawaiikone – If you want people to feel sorry for you, your plan is working.

        • Every time we mix it up, you lose. Best to pick on easier targets, since your repartee is extremely limited..

      • Successful, sure, guess claiming bankruptcy qualifies you as being successful. To me claiming bankruptcy only shows what a failure you are, so much that you can’t work your way out of financial straits without having to claim bankruptcy. With Trump America can claim bankruptcy in no time flat, guess to you that is how you improve America.

  • What a nightmare for America, HilLIARy has been nominated by the corrupt Democrat Party. Lacking the support of the party faithful, HilLIARy has to rely on the insiders and the media to support her candidacy, never mind that Bernie has the momentum to get nominated in the convention, the media is already starting her coronation as Queen of America. God help us all!

    • At what point did you drop out of school?

      Mrs. Clinton hasn’t been nominated because the party hasn’t held its convention. Don’t you read?

      Mrs. Clinton has about 3 million more votes than Mr. Sanders, and has won more primaries. Mrs. Clinton has enough pledged delegates and doesn’t need any insiders or super delegates. You think “the media” votes at the convention? What are you talking about?

      It might help if you had just a shred of knowledge before commenting. Just a shred would help a lot.

    • Better than Trump declaring he is god. Maipono you must not be good with numbers because Hillary has more votes than Bernie and has more delegates than Bernie. You need to quit whining and moaning and face it, your candidate didn’t get enough votes to win.

  • sanders should continue his campaign up to the democrat convention.

    if hiliar is indicted before the july 25 philadelphia convention adjourns the democrats have time to drop her nomination and confirm sanders as their candidate as the last candidate standing.

    if hiliar is indicted after the convention adjourns the democrats have a load of problems. who will be their candidate? how do they get delegates certified and together to cast new ballots for nomination? how do democrats certify state primary and general ballots in time for early primaries? if sanders drops out before the convention, the democrats will have to field candidates not vetted by the primaries already held.

    with lazar finalizing details of his immunity deal and pagliano’s immunity details about to go public, hiliar’s best hope is that obama pardons her by jan.09.

    • You keep writing this – as you have for many months – from a platform of complete ignorance. There was no crime.

      You are spectacularly unfit to write about the law. You know absolutely nothing about this. Zero.

        • Yes, I can admit that. But you are ignorant of the fact that something like 95% of all FBI investigations are closed without any criminal charges. There was no crime. Zero. No matter how you craft your fantasy otherwise.

        • The fantasy continues.”The FBI has publicly stated that it is working on a referral from the Inspectors General of the Intelligence Community and the Department of State in connection with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server….The referral was ‘a security referral made for counterintelligence purposes.” ….Records responsive to plaintiff’s FOIA request were obtained or created by the FBI in furtherance of a pending investigation being conducted as a result of this referral.”

        • klas, not being argumentative here. but could you provide a link to your assertion that approximately 95% of all FBI investigations are closed without a recommendation to indict? Seems like a substantial waste of taxpayer dollars if true..

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