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Honolulu police officer arrested in sex assault case, treated for injuries


    Jessie Laconsay

Honolulu police this afternoon arrested a fellow officer on suspicion of first-degree sexual assault after issuing a public plea for help in locating him.

Police arrested Officer Jessie Laconsay at about 1 p.m. in the Mokuleia area and taken to a hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.

Laconsay, who has been with the department for 10 years, is now on leave without pay, a police spokeswoman said.

Earlier today the Honolulu Police Department issued a photo of the officer and a news release asking the public’s help in finding Laconsay, whom police said is a suspect in a sex assault investigation.

The arrest comes as the department has been under fire for its handling of domestic violence incidents involving officers and its chief is under investigation for alleged civil rights abuses.

“Sadly, it’s a continuation of incidents and problems and crimes involving our county law enforcement officers, and it seems like the Honolulu Police Department needs a change in leadership,” said state Sen. Will Espero, a Democrat. “It’s quite appalling.”

In recent months, a grand jury began looking into allegations of civil rights abuses and corruption within the agency.

The department also came under scrutiny this year when Honolulu Police Chief Louis Kealoha sought to promote a major who had been arrested in 1994 for domestic violence. The major later declined the promotion.

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell recently appointed an attorney involved in anti-domestic violence work to serve on the Honolulu Police Commission. Loretta Ann Sheehan, the appointee, said she intends to work toward improving public confidence in the department.


The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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        • The fact is, far too many of HPD officers have been implicated in crimes. This latest incident is just another in a very long line of offenses committed by those who are tasked with enforcing the very laws they are sworn to uphold. It is embarrassing, it is worrisome, and it undermines the public’s confidence in it’s Law Enforcement officers. It is way past time to admit that corruption and lawlessness is deeply entrenched in the HPD. Shameful. What is Louie (is he part of the problem?) and the Honolulu Police Commission doing to root out these bad eggs? NOTHING, it seems.

        • How do you root out pedophilia or other fetishes? You could check their work computers I guess for child porn or other weird stuff, but unless it shows in their work performance or unless they exhibit that kind of behavior, then you don’t know who is like that. Do you know if your friends or work buddies have fetishes? Probably not unless you caught them exhibiting that kind of behavior. Hard to tell.

        • Espiritu should give it a break in asking to change HPD’s leadership, we all human beings and no ever knows what another will do. I’d agree with Espiritu “if” there were some strings being pulled to hire this perpetrator or giving him a long leash. Come on now, if only our US President or elected officials were like the New Philipine Presidente! The closes thing we could get is TheDonald!

    • NanakuliBoss says: “What happens off duty I’d not HPD problem. It’s his family and parents.”

      Oh, and on more person… the person he allegedly sexually assaulted.

      Now that you mention it, it is HPD’s problem, being a suspected felony and all.

        • Don’t forget the officer who shot himself while in a toilet stall. Hahaha! That one was really odd.

        • Or the officer who shot himself to death while trying to show his gun to someone else at an outdoor barbecue. Regarding the officer who shot himself in a Target bathroom, sounds like he had to go really bad and in the process of pulling down his pants his gun was about to fall and possibly in an attempt to catch the falling gun he accidentally pulled the trigger. He had a Glock with no safety lever and read online if a Glock is about to fall or falling down, better to just let it fall as the internal safety will not allow gun to fire after it hits the ground. Just a guess because HPD never publicly released the details.

    • Cops are cops 24 hours a day and have a certain stand to live up too. If guilty sexual assault is not OK. If guilty he should go to jail.

  • At least the public disclosure is somewhat of an improvement. Anybody old enough to remember Lisa Au from the late 70’s/early 80’s? The police told the public they suspected she was killed by someone “posing” as a police officer. My gut told me they knew it was one of their own. Of course the “police imposter” was never caught. At any rate, the openness from the police about this current guy is welcome.

    • I remember that case. That poor girl was killed in a most heinous way and the suspicion fell on a possible HPD officer. HPD then never vehemently deny that so the suspicion grew. Now we’ll never know since the suspect died years ago.

    • I know the case very well and it still bothers me. Enough that I want to write about it. (btw: don’t jump to conclusions about the case the way the some of the higher-ups did. There’s a lot more going on with that case.)

  • HPD is really going down the tubes with Kealoha leading it. Just one thing after another, this is Caldwell’s fault for putting the unions in charge of the department. Cops think they can do just about anything and get away with it. Justice only seems to happen when the federal prosecutors get involved. Kaneshiro and Caldwell are afraid to take any action against unionized public employees for fear of losing their re-election bids. They saw what the unions can do when they oppose a politician, look what they did to Abercrombie. All the campaign money in the state couldn’t save him once the public worker unions flipped on him.

    • Doesn’t matter who’s chief…people are people…some are going to f * # k up and make the wrong choice.

      The problem is an intransigent union, a screening process that doesn’t really seem to dig deep into what motivates someone to become a cop (just for bennies and a secure salary; getting a gun, badge and authority to play power and ego trip on others; or a true calling to serve and protect?)

      I wonder if there’s a full time counselor/therapist on call to discuss personal issues/stresses with cops and whether or not, like the military, it’s frowned upon and considered “career suicide” to seek assistance?

    • You got that one wrong. Aber had the construction unions locked and all the money he needed for his election campaign. Ige really ONLY had HSTA financially backing him. HGEA took a NEUTRAL position between Ige and Aber and endorsed neither. Despite having way more air time in advertisements, Aber lost because the public despised him for his arrogance during his term as governor. Aber’s support of same sex marriage did NOT play a major role in losing the election because other than the religious fanatics like McDermmot and Slom, Hawaii voters thankfully are very tolerant for people who are different. Hope Aiona learns that lesson if he is running for mayor, senator or whatever.

  • The vast majority of police officers I know or have interacted with are good people, professionals doing a tough job. In the past officers have helped my sister change a flat tire, whet over to quiet down a loud party next door, just good guys. Hate to hear stuff like this. In every group of people you are going to have some bad apples. It just seems that HPD has been having more of their share of them.

  • “Sadly, it’s a continuation of incidents and problems and crimes involving our county law enforcement officers, and it seems like the Honolulu Police Department needs a change in leadership,” said state Sen. Will Espero, a Democrat. “It’s quite appalling.”

    So Espero believes that sexually assaulting a teenager by a off duty police officer could be stopped by better leadership or training? If you are a pedophile then how is better leadership going to change that? Espero wants chief Kealoha out so badly that he will cite anything that happens with a police officer as the chief’s fault. I don’t think the police department screens their applicants for pedophilia or other weird fetishes or disorders.

  • “Sadly, it’s a continuation of incidents and problems and crimes involving our county law enforcement officers, and it seems like the Honolulu Police Department needs a change in leadership,” said state Sen. Will Espero, a Democrat. – If nothing else at least Espero is willing to admit Kealoha should be replaced, the only politicians so far to have the sac to call for his resignation.
    Caldwell won’t even suspend him while he’s being investigated by the FBI and federal prosecutors. why? Shopo likes Kealoha, therefore Caldwell like Kealoha.

        • YES…Espero cannot even take care of his own….the State Sheriffs an DPS is in shambles….He should look what is happening in his own house before being so critical of others….His critical remarks are made to deflect attention away from his own shortcomings for not shaping up his own States Law Enforcement Departments.

  • Espero is really way over his head in trying to deal with these problems. He just has criticisms and no recommendations for remedies .

  • There are so many worthy candidates that are eliminated from the hiring process. The first and foremost should be common sense and integrity. Older applicants have these attributes more so than the young. However, older applicants are not so easily swayed into being brain dead thugs like the younger applicants are, and are undesirable in the departments eyes.

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